Like so many others, Jake Smith couldn’t resist the magnetic pull of Tahoe’s soaring peaks and piercing blue waters. He was drawn to Tahoe in the mid 70s, leaving city life and his job-with-a-future behind. He became a ski patroller at Alpine Meadows and an avid backcountry enthusiast. In the winter of 1982, Jake lost his life in an avalanche. The peak north of Emerald Bay where he laid down fresh tracks was later named “Jake’s” in his memory.
Jake’s Peak tells another story about the irresistible attraction of Tahoe and the need to protect it. “You know the cliché: Your Tahoe bartender and carpenter both have advanced degrees.”
Many of us know someone like Jake, or maybe you were drawn to Tahoe like he was. Millions flock to the Basin each and every year.

While Tahoe receives more annual visitors than our country's most popular national parks, it doesn’t have the same protections to keep its environment healthy and thriving.
Photo: Billy Davis c/o Tahoe Quarterly
For more than six decades, the League to Save Lake Tahoe has worked to preserve the Tahoe Basin's delicate ecology. This magnetic place is here for all to enjoy. Yet, with that privilege comes a responsibility to Keep Tahoe Blue so future generations can experience a clean and healthy Tahoe too.

Please join us. Together, we will Keep Tahoe Blue.
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