September 2019
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Gen. Smith goes to Washington, CAP cadets focused on Cyber, CAP Alum sets Guinness World Book Record, Alumni artist, CAP trivia, Andrews sisters or CAP cadets?, Alumni and Friends spotlight, Final Salute, Alumni swag for purchase and CAP's Annual Report
CAP Receives Air Force Association's
Highest Aerospace Education Award
The Vandenberg Award
Civil Air Patrol is the 2019 recipient of the Hoyt S. Vandenberg Award, one of the Air Force Association’s highest honors.

Named after the former U.S. general who served as the second chief of staff of the Air Force and also the second director of the CIA, the 2019 Vandenberg award recognizes CAP for its efforts to address the worldwide pilot shortage through its multi-program Youth Aviation Initiative.

“Civil Air Patrol is committed to identifying and developing young pilots,” said Maj. Gen. Mark Smith, CAP’s national commander/CEO.
Are you a member of the Air Force Association?
Yes, I am!
I am not, but would be interested!
Not at this time, but glad CAP has a great partnership with AFA!
CAP Video Corner
See What Our Fullerton (CA) CAP Cadets Have to Say About the Future of Cyber
Do you believe CAP should expand our opportunities in cyber training for cadets?
Absolutely YES!
Not right now - maybe in the future?
Not sure - I'm still trying to turn on my Commodore 64 computer!
CAP Alum Missed Goal But Still Earns Place
in Guinness Book of World Records
Pilot and CAP alum Dan Moore missed his goal of 110 airport landings in 24 hours, but he earned quite a consolation prize: a place in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Moore was trying to set the record at 110 landings as a tribute to the victims of the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2001.
"Total Force Partners" displayed in the Pentagon
"Total Force Partners" was a collaboration between Civil Air Patrol and CAP alum Rick Broome to create a 75th anniversary painting to commemorate the Civil Air Patrol. This painting, which hangs in the Pentagon, was a partnership between CAP & Rick to take a journey into the world of Civil Air Patrol and what it means to be a member of the Air Force auxiliary. The painting features an F-16 Intercept over Washington DC.
Test Your CAP History Trivia
Q. What two-time Medal of Honor recipient has a direct (immediate relative) CAP connection and what is that connection?

A. : Answer is Maj. Gen. Smedley D. Butler, USMC. His son, Smedley D. Butler, Jr., was a pilot at Coastal Patrol Base No. 2, Rehoboth Beach, DE, and actually received an Air Medal in 1948 for his CAP coastal patrol flying (having over 200 hours of coastal patrol time).
Hawaii CAP Cadets Dress in WWII Uniforms for History Event and Take A Moment to Remember the Andrews Sisters...
Alumni & Friends Spotlight
Col Kevin Sliwinski, Minnesota Wing, Retired USAF

What’s your family history of Civil Air Patrol?
My first knowledge of CAP was when my cousins were in CAP at Tinker AFB Oklahoma in the 1950’s. I was interested in CAP, but was not aware of any CAP units near my home in Chicago, IL.

I joined CAP in Indiana, Peru Cadet Squadron, and in 6 months was the Squadron Commander. I was the commander when the squadron moved on Bunker Hill AFB and was renamed. At the time I joined, we had three daughters, I was a Captain on active duty in the USAF, a Navigator and private pilot. I felt that CAP would be a way that I could be involved with my daughters when they were old enough. The following year, I was selected for pilot training in the Air Force and we moved to Craig AFB, Alabama. Following pilot training were assignments to Cannon Air Force Base, NM, Tuy Hoa Air Base, Republic of Vietnam, and Lakenheath Air Base, UK. During this time, I was active when I was near a squadron, but not in a leadership role.
Returning from England, I was stationed as a T-37 Instructor at Vance AFB, OK, and became active in the Garfield County Composite Squadron. I became Squadron Commander and moved the squadron onto Vance AFB and renamed it the Vance AFB Cadet Squadron.

In 1976, we moved to Offutt AFB, Nebraska. I joined the Offutt Cadet Squadron. My daughters joined CAP as they became old enough to join. I did become squadron commander. Our eldest son also joined CAP at Offutt when he was old enough. Elaine, our eldest daughter, completed her Earhart Award, and would have gotten the Eaker Award if it had existed at the time. Our youngest daughter and older son achieved the Spaatz Award in Nebraska. I did move to Nebraska Wing Headquarters and held the positions of Director of Finance and Vice Wing Commander. During the time between Col Bill Woodruff and Col Dennis Kumm, I was the interim commander of Nebraska Wing. I retired from the Air Force in 1980.
In 1986, I moved to Minnesota for a job with Northwest Airlines and joined the Viking Cadet Squadron. I was not in the Squadron very long before I was asked to move to Minnesota Wing as the IG, following which I was the Director of Finance, Chief of Staff, Valley Squadron Commander, Vice Wing Commander, Wing Commander, Chief of Staff again, Finance Officer again, and Government Relations Advisor which is the position I hold today. During this time, my younger son, Jeffrey, joined CAP and achieved the Earhart Award.

I retired from Northwest Airlines and we remained in Minnesota. I am currently retired and active with Civil Air Patrol, Northwest Airlines History Center, MN Aviation History and Education Center and the Air Force Association.

Current career?
USAF (Retired), Northwest Airlines (Retired)

Specific CAP experience/highlight that influenced your career or your life?
Because of my career in Aviation, CAP provided an ideal opportunity for me to be active with my children. It provided them with leadership opportunities unequal in other programs. All five of my children have benefited from CAP and are leaders in their communities.  
A Final Salute to these Current and Former CAP Members
Alumni & Friends Opportunities!
Sneak Preview -- Website Still in Progress
Alumni Items Available for Purchase
Vanguard Industries is now the exclusive provider of Civil Air Patrol Alumni and Friends merchandise. Every purchase goes to support the CAP Alumni Scholarship for Cadets. So buy a hat, pin, shirt, sticker and more and support America's future!
Civil Air Patrol Annual Report
Civil Air Patrol's 2018 Annual Report is ready for your review.

This annual report highlights Civil Air Patrol’s many missions for America over
the past year, accomplished through the vigilant efforts of our growing force of over 61,000 (now 65,000) citizen volunteers.

Their knowledge, skills and expertise help CAP safely fulfill critical needs of the U.S. Air Force — our Total Force partner.

The report also contains a list of 2018 donors and scholarship recipients.