Vol 7, Issue 3, July 22, 2021
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In this week's edition: Gen-Z playing significant role in resignation trends; Report: Just out of reach, the elusive quest to measure the digital economy; Restaurant staff not returning to work because of conditions and poor wages; Hamilton Labour Force Information May 2021
Millennials Playing a Significant Part in the Great Resignation Trend
According to a recent survey in Canada from global staffing firm, 33 per cent of employed generation Z and millennial professionals polled reported plans to pursue a new job. The survey revealed that gen Z mostly wants a change so they can earn a higher salary (40 per cent) while millennials are struggling with low morale (31 per cent).

With the rise of remote work, many people are also quitting right now because they have the option to work for companies that they never thought possible. As a result, employers are feeling the pressure to retain employees.

Just Out of Reach: The Elusive Quest to Measure the Digital Economy
Digital technologies, from e-commerce to more efficient modes of communication, have been integral to economic growth and prosperity, but pre-digital era models and measurements fail to wholly understand its full impact. Understanding the impact of digital technology on workers, labour and the economy requires a new approach to capture the full range of economic activities that have taken place, and will take place. 

This latest report, Just Out of Reach: The Elusive Quest to Measure the Digital Economy, explores the literature on the digital economy, focusing on how we have come to know what we do about technology’s impact on labour and the economy more broadly. 

This report focuses on the approaches, frameworks, and specific measurements created to help conceptualize and measure the impact of technology, with specific attention to the ways technology either replaces labour or augments it. Using a method called a systematic review, our project team thoroughly reviewed, analyzed and synthesized 110 papers, reports, and other sources on how digital technology impacts labour. 

People Want to Cook and Serve Food. But They Also Want Decent Pay
Restaurants workers are not lazy. They’re not coasting on government subsidies. They’re just tired of jobs getting worse without compensation getting better. When you take the low wages and high demands of restaurant work, subtract the potentially lucrative tips that no server can make right now, and add the elements of physical danger and emotional abuse, it’s no wonder that this past year has caused a quarter of the workforce to bail. 

Hamilton Labour Force Information: MAY 2021

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