December 2, 2015
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Monday, November 30th marked what would have been the 91st birthday of Shirley Chisholm - the first Democratic woman and African American to win delegate votes at a national party convention in 1972. Chisholm was also awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom posthumously last week. In honoring her legacy, President Obama said, " When asked how she'd like to be remembered, she said, 'I'd like them to say Shirley Chisholm had guts.' And I'm proud to say it - Shirley Chisholm had guts." See our interactive timeline of women who've run for president for more details about Chisholm's bid.
Expert Analysis

The Gender Demands of Being Commander-in-Chief
In the wake of terrorist attacks abroad and a greater sense of global insecurity, today's presidential candidates have not only shifted their focus to foreign policy, but have heightened the rhetoric they use to credential themselves as the next Commander-in-Chief. Meeting that credential may present different hurdles to women candidates, argues PGW expert Kelly Dittmar. Read more here
Likeability, Revisited: Shaking Hands and Kissing Babies
PGW expert Erin Souza-Rezendes questions how Bernie Sanders' campaign style might be received by voters if Bernie were Brenda. Research shows that likeability and electability are not independent of eachother for women candidates, but they are evaluated separately for men who run for office
. Read more here.
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Via @GenderWatch: Who's coming to dinner? Women voters weigh in.  #GenderWatch2016 

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Don't miss the latest facts and figures at Presidential Gender Watch. Here are some recent highlights:
In the latest CBS News/YouGov poll, over 80% of Democratic voters in IA, NH, and SC see Hillary Clinton as "ready to be Commander-in-Chief," compared to less than 70% who say the same about Bernie Sanders. 

A new report from the Center for American Women and Politics and the Higher Heights Leadership Fund details the status of Black women in American politics and the influence of Black women voters in the 2016 election.

A new Washington Post-ABC News poll finds that Hillary Clinton bests the top Republican presidential candidates when it comes to voters' trust that they can handle the threat of terrorism.
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