June 30, 2015
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We know it's early, but are you tracking the presidential polls for 2016? We are, and we've got the gender breakdowns for you in the presidential polling section of the Presidential Gender Watch site. For more information on women's voting behavior in previous presidential contests, check out our fact sheets on the gender gap in vote choice and gender differences in voter turnout.
Expert Analysis
Adrienne Kimmell, executive director of the Barbara Lee Family Foundation, corrects claims that same-gender races are gender neutral in her latest post.
Drawing upon past evidence from all-woman gubernatorial contests and recent attention paid to the historic presence of women presidential candidates for both major parties, Kimmell contends that "having two women candidates in a race highlights the role of gender, rather than neutralizing it." Read more here.     


See our Analysis page for more expert insights and commentary, including our latest On the Bias report discussing the gendered dimensions of displaying authenticity in political campaigns. 

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"I ran because somebody had to do it first." - Shirley Chisholm, 1st Black woman major party candidate for president   http://on.fb.me/1IoXw5P


Facts & Figures

Don't miss the latest facts and figures at Presidential Gender Watch. Here are some recent highlights:

This month's Gallup Poll finds 92% of Americans would vote for a woman for president. Support is strongest among millennials and Democratic voters.



In a Her Campus survey , 67.5% of college women report it bothers them that the US has not yet had a woman president; 69.4% think there will be a woman president in the next 20 years; and 40.6% say they would vote for Hillary Clinton in 2016.


 Jill Stein announced her candidacy for the Green Party nomination for president last week. Stein was the Green Party's 2012 nominee, winning 469,501 votes on Election Day. Learn more in our latest post.  


With Chris Christie's announcement today, the current field of declared major party presidential candidates is 11.1% female; two women are running among the 18 candidates in the race.

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