October 20, 2015
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Mark your calendars! Presidential Gender Watch will continue our live debate coverage and analysis on Twitter during next Tuesday's GOP debate, starting at 8pm ET on CNBC. Follow us @GenderWatch2016 and join the conversation using the hashtag #GenderWatch2016.  
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Embracing Gender: It's Debatable
In her latest post, PGW Expert Dr. Kelly Dittmar  discusses gender dynamics evident in the Democratic debate and media coverage of it, analyzing the ways in which gender identity is - or should be - part of the conversation.  Read more here .   

Storify: #DemDebate with #GenderWatch2016
Did you miss Presidential Gender Watch's live-tweet last Tuesday night with debate coach Chris Jahnke? Don't fear - we archived the best of our conversation using Storify. Take a look at the tips, insights, and reactions among our experts and followers. Find and share our Storify here and don't forget to join us on Twitter for the next presidential debate on October 28th.  

Check out our latest installment of  On the Bias , where we ask a basic question that can help to identify gender bias:  would we treat (or react to) a behavior in the same way if it was performed by a male or female candidate?
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Facts & Figures

Don't miss the latest facts and figures at Presidential Gender Watch. Here are some recent highlights:
Gender differences are evident in voters' trust of the top Democratic candidates on gun policy in the latest national poll from  CNN/ORC; 50% of women and 37% of men trust the Clinton on gun policy, while 17% women and 25% men trust Sanders.

There is an 8-point gender gap in the latest CNN/ORC poll of registered Republicans, with Republican frontrunner Donald Trump earning support from 23% of women and 31% of men. Second-place-candidate Ben Carson matches Trump's support  among Republican women voters. 

There is a 17-point gender gap in the latest ABC/Washington Post poll of the Democratic primary race. Among likely Democratic voters nationwide, 61% of women and 44% of men identify Hillary Clinton as their   top Democratic choice. 

Who's in for next week's GOP debate? FiveThirtyEight takes stock of recent polls to identify the Republican candidates poised to make the cut, based on CNBC's published criteria for eligibility.
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