Avoca grade school teachers recently trained on pronoun usage; principal recommends video from controversial provider

Per a school newsletter, Avoca teachers are being trained on gender theory and parents recommended to view a video by AMAZE, which recently made headlines, to teach children as young as first grade about gender pronoun usage.   

A newsletter sent April 5th by Jessica Hutchinson, principal at Avoca West (K-5), shared that in addition to receiving Gender 101 and 102 training earlier this year, district staff recently received additional training from Lurie’s Children’s Hospital, which opened the region's first gender identity clinic in 2013.

Per Hutchinson's newsletter "Pronouns are a way that we can affirm students, and also call on us to really consider the individual needs and preferences -- even if it's hard(er) work and new learning for us as staff to adjust our language" and recommended this AMAZE video.

AMAZE says it “takes the awkward out of sex ed. Real info in fun, animated videos that give you all the answers you actually want to know about sex, your body and relationships.” 

AMAZE offers a variety of other videos, including this one on porn and masturbation.

Colin Wright, an evolutionary biologist, weighed in last year on AMAZE, describing it as an "activist organization."

AMAZE videos also appear in lessons proposed for Illinois’ New Sex Ed courses by AMAZE’s partner organization Advocates for Youth, which are posted on this website

Illinois passed legislation last year for new Sex Ed standards and references Advocates for Youth on its website. The Illinois State Board of Education has until August 1, 2022, to formally publish the standards.  Per the new Illinois Sex Ed law, districts have some flexibility in adopting the standards and parents may opt their children out of Sex Education. 

What’s happening in your child’s class?  You might want to ask your child’s school what materials they are using and decide for yourself if you would like the school to handle Sex Ed or if you should.  

Read more here at Wirepoints.org.
NTPA Guest Speaker
C.L. Lindsay Regarding Student Rights in College

The New Trier Parent Association held a program in April featuring Higher Ed attorney CL Lindsay for New Trier families to provide tips for their seniors going off to college.  The event was well received – here are a few highlights from parents who attended:  

  • Regarding sororities and fraternities, avoid holding office as the student in an official position (i.e. Risk Manager, VP, etc.) to limit legal exposure.  Mr. Lindsay was general negative about joining these organization at all.

  • Never walk alone.  

  • Fake ID’s are a very serious offense.  Don’t use or make them; students can lose their driver’s license if caught.

  • Be mindful about social media posts as employers do look at social media -- even from 10 years ago – and can be grounds for dismissal.

  • Alert your child to watch their behavior in a workplace as there is NO time limit to someone bringing a lawsuit against them in a workplace. 

  • Parents should get Power of Attorney and a Medical Power of Attorney for your student prior to going off to college particularly in the state where they attend college.  The POA’s allow a parent/guardian to assist a child should they require medical care, hospitalization, etc. Have your student carry with them an electronic copy of the medical POA on their phone. 

  • You can also obtain a FERPA disclosure with your child that allows a parent/guardian to access their child’s grades and educational progress. 

  • Check that your current health insurance provides coverage in the state your child will attend college in and if your home owners insurance covers your child while in their dorm room. 

  • Have your student open a credit card in their name to build credit over four years of college so by the time they graduate they will have built a positive credit card score. Most will only qualify for a small, manageable amount. Have them pay off monthly. 

Best wishes to the Class of 2022!
Next New Trier Board of Ed Meeting - May 16

New Trier High School will hold its monthly Board of Education meeting on May 16, 2022, 6:30 P.M. at the Northfield Campus, Room C234.

The meeting is open to the public.

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