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Malabika Shaw
"Gene Keys are a new codebook of consciousness."
Richard Rudd, originator of Gene Keys

Of 64 possible keys, we each have a distinct set of 11 Gene Keys, embedded in our DNA. They hold the secret to our greatest potential and purpose, and a compass to realize it.

Each key reveals the highest possible expression we may aspire to in each of the eleven aspects of our lives. They also warn us of the lurking shadows that are likely to keep us entrapped until we learn to own our power.

Our personal Gene Keys profile, paves a clear pathway for self realization and growth. We can create a life to express our genius in creative ways. We can build fulfilling relationships, and learn to prosper in the infinite abundance of the universe. It is possible.

How do I know? I too am on this voyage and watch in fascination subtle shifts taking place in the depths of my being. I love the potentials they reveal. Most of all, it very neatly ties up everything I have learned so far. It is an invitation to Personal Transformation.

Should you be called to study this priceless gift of evolving consciousness, I would love to be your guide -- not so much to teach, but to hold space as you discover your own truth, though your own experiences, at your own time and pace.

Here are the first few steps designed to help you get started.
Download your free Gene Keys Personal Profile from the top line on this webpage.

Have a free 20 min chat with me to ask more. I will direct you to resources that suit you best.

Schedule Personal Profile Overview & Guidance Sessions. Receive the highlights and a summary of your profile, of the Golden Path some specific directions to proceed.

Join Gene Keys Study Circle, whether or not you do the sessions.

Come to free weekly conversation with me and others on Clubhouse. To join Clubhouse, request an invitation for free membership here.
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Free 20 minute chat - On phone, WhatsApp, Facetime or Zoom. Mutually convenient time.

Join Gene Keys free presentation on Saturday December 11, 2021.

Monthly Study Circle Membership Price $100. Jan-April 2022. (included with Overview & Guidance below).

Two sessions by appt.
Price $250*, includes 4 months Study Circle membership.
*INR prices available for India residents.

Phone & WhatsApp: +1 515 720 9520
About Me: Malabika Shaw

I am a practitioner of various spiritual healing modalities for about 25 years. Since 2003, my main thrust has been SRT- Spiritual Response Therapy. This I teach in the US, and abroad. Since 2013, I offer SRT online for greater reach.
I am an ardent student of the exquisite body of knowledge of the Gene Keys. Having completed the Gene Keys Guide Program, I continue the voyage.

Besides teaching, I offer a Spiritual Mentoring Program entitled Be-Live-Love.

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