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Weekly Blog Update - 21 February 2016
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Recent Articles on Rootdig

Photograph of the week
This week's photograph is actually a photograph of a portrait. George Trautvetter was born in 1798 in Wildprechtrode, Thuringen, Germany, the son of Erasmus and Anna (Gross) Trautvetter.

The portrait of him was probably made in the 1860s when he lived in Hancock County, Illinois. It is in the possession of a descendant.   

Citation of the Week

1856 Iowa state census, Scott County, Iowa, Davenport Township, p. 516 (stamped), entries for apparent Antoine Cavatselle household [households are not numbered]; digital image, Ancestry.com (http://www.ancestry.com : accessed 1 October 2011); images were made from "microfilm of Iowa State Census records" obtained from the "State Historical of Iowa via Heritage Quest" and published as "Iowa State Census Collection, 1836-1925."

C is for Critique

Critique your summaries and conclusions to see if you have left anything out, have flaws in your logic, or interpreted something incorrectly. Imagine that as the reader of your summary or conclusion you don't know anything about the people or records being discussed. 
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Casefile Clues Update

The latest issue of  Casefile Clues  analyzes an 1889 will from a German immigrant, focusing on what the will says, what it does not, and where research should go next. 

You can learn more about Casefile Clues on our website or our blog.

Casefile Clues discusses genealogy methodology in clear, organized, and to-the-point prose. 

If you'd like to learn methods and sources without the long winded academic prose, give us a try!

Tombstone of the Week

This is the tombstone of Joseph Neill in the West Point Cemetery, West Point, Hancock County, Illinois. Buried next to his parents, Joseph is not buried next to his wife. 

She married again after his death and is buried in the Western United States with her husband.

Couples are not always buried together. 
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