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Weekly Blog Update - 25 June  2017
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Recent Articles on Rootdig
Before Visiting the Courthouse

If you will be visiting a courthouse this summer, make certain:
  • you know the offices and their hours
  • you know what records are onsite and if any have been moved
  • you know the copy policy
  • you know the policy regarding use of digital cameras, phones, etc. 
  • you know what you are trying to find
  • you know where the nearest motel is
  • you have remembered your manners ;-)
Survived by 11 Sons!

James Kile was survived by 11 sons when he died in Illinois in the 1850s. Settling up his federal land warrant was interesting.

Bleeding Eyeballs at the Bottom of Trautvetter's Stairs

Newspapers say things that death certificates don't. Newspapers may be wrong as well. 
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Join Michael in Ft. Wayne, Indiana-- reserve your spot!

I'm looking forward to my annual trip to Salt Lake City--this August. It's getting close!  There's more details on our website.

No all towns are searchable.
You Can't Search Your AncestryDNA matches for some locations.

Apparently users of AncestryDNA cannot search their matches for some places of birth.

Casefile Clues Update

The latest issue of Casefile Clues analyzes two 1913 obituaries. for a mother and daughter who died within six months of each other. 

You can learn more about Casefile Clues on our website or our blog.

Casefile Clues discusses genealogy methodology in clear, organized, and to-the-point prose. 

If you'd like to learn methods and sources without the long winded academic prose, give us a try!

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