Issue 6.27
July 3, 2020
General Assembly Finishes
Out Session Amid COVID-19
The General Assembly gaveled out of session early on July 1, 2020 in what was the earliest ending in recent memory due to what has been an almost indescribable year to date. With little to no drama on the money bills (Budget, Grants in Aid, and Bond) as they were passed on June 29th, the General Assembly was left to close out a few bills on consent agendas.

As the General Assembly came back to session in January, members seemed poised to pass a series of legislation that included increasing Delaware’s minimum wage, expanding worker’s rights, and increasing the role and presence of private and public employee unions. Those bills largely went nowhere, and with the COVID-19 pandemic altering how the legislature would work, those bills were placed on hold until next year.

The same can be said for legislation the business community supported as well. Efforts to invest in clean water infrastructure, building a new high school in the City of Wilmington, modifying the state’s offerings of Association Health Plans and creating new workforce training platforms (more on that later) all took a pause as well.

That said, a number of bills important to the business community were introduced, and some were acted on in the final weeks of this session... Read more >
Economic Forecast with Stuart Hoffman
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The PNC Financial Group's Senior Economic Advisor Stuart Hoffman provided a positive economic outlook on both the country and Delaware's recovery following the pandemic – predicting a u-shaped recovery. Hoffman explained that this recession saw the deepest decline since the 1930's, but due to the immediate and aggressive actions by the US Treasury and the Fed, it should also be the shortest.

Message from the President
One view of the economy was shared on June 25th by the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities: “In the pandemic, the drop in payroll employment in April was huge and the turnaround in payroll employment in May reflects some lifting of pandemic restrictions in many states and some people returning to work. But the speed of the jobs recovery going forward will depend on the evolution of the virus and policymakers’ response, including the degree of social distancing measures and the extent to which policymakers continue to provide income support to unemployed workers and others struggling to make ends meet — as well as fiscal support to strapped state and local governments, which also stimulates economic activity.”

With spikes of the virus occurring in a few states and the public health situation very fluid, it’s important to keep close watch on “the data.” Read more >
Message from Chuck James
Dear Members,

Like many other businesses in our community, the Chamber has been faced with making difficult decisions in this time of economic downturn as a result of the current pandemic. The most recent decision by Chamber leadership is to eliminate my position, Senior Vice President of Membership. It is with great sadness to inform you that my last day at the Chamber was June 30.

I will miss all of you and my colleagues at the Chamber. I hope you will continue to be well. If we all pull together now, we will be stronger, more able to face our challenges, and emerge on the other side of this unique time better for the struggle.

Goodwill of Delaware & Delaware County

It starts with donations. More than 650,000 donations are made to Goodwill of Delaware and Delaware County each year, effectively contributing to their dedicated mission to “improve the quality of life for people with barriers to self-sufficiency through the Power of Work.” Goodwill of Delaware provides jobs in retail, industrial cleaning, staffing services, sustainability and recycling to nearly 1,100 individuals with barriers to the workforce. By offering training and in-demand job skills, Goodwill can provide these individuals with a paycheck while better equipping them for future opportunities. Read more >
Marvin S. Gilman Bowl

The Gilman Bowl was established as a tribute to small business leadership. It is named in memory of Marvin S. Gilman, who served as an exemplary leader and a paragon of small business in Delaware. The identity of the recipient of the Gilman Bowl is held confidential until its presentation at the Superstars in Business awards luncheon in November.

The State Chamber's Small Business Alliance is now accepting nominations for this award of distinction to an individual – not an organization – who has made outstanding contributions to the small businesses and nonprofit organizations of Delaware. Nominate someone >
2019 Honoree:
E. Thomas Harvey, III
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