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General Assembly Update: Week Four
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2016 General Assembly
Constituent Issue Survey

If you have not had the opportunity to fill out my constituent survey, please take the time to fill it out online. I am interested to know your thoughts on the important issues that are being considered during this year's General Assembly Session. 

Please click 
to access this short survey.
VCTA- 2016 Cable Reports- New Kent/King & Queen- Senator Tommy Norment
VCTA- 2016 Cable Reports- New Kent/King & Queen- Senator Tommy Norment

VCTA  Cable Reports
 host, Lynwood "Woody" Evans's interview with Senator Norment  regarding the role of Majority Leader and Co-Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee  and legislation during the 2016 General Assembly Session.

Meet the 2016 General Assembly Pages from the 3rd Senatorial District: Peyton Emerson, Jack DeVore, Brendan Smith   

Senator Norment testified on Thursday before the Senate Education and Health Committee regarding the economic impact that would negatively effect Hampton Roads and the Commonwealth by what is now known as the "Labor Day" bill.

 Astronaut Mike Hopkins visiting 

As the first week of February comes to a close, the General Assembly session is nearing the halfway mark. By February 16, every bill filed by a Senator or Delegate must be acted upon by the chamber in which it was introduced. The next day, February 17, is crossover and at that point the Senate will begin considering the bills approved by the House and the House will consider those approved by the Senate.
Only about 40% of the bills filed in a given session will ultimately become law. In order to complete the process, every bill approved by the General Assembly must receive a majority vote in each committee and on the House and Senate Floor. Following this extensive process the legislation must then be signed into law by the Governor. 
This process ensures that every bill is thoroughly considered and that unanticipated consequences such as conflicts with additional sections of the code or higher than anticipated costs - can be addressed and rectified. 
SJ 101 & SJ 102
During this past week, two significant resolutions were before the Senate Committee on Rules, Senate Joint Resolution 101 and 102. I introduced both of these resolutions and I am proud to shepherd them through the General Assembly. SJ 101 would designate the Commonwealth of Virginia as a Purple Heart State and SJ 102 would designate August 7 in 2016, and in each succeeding year as Purple Heart Day. 

The Badge of Military Merit was established on August 7, 1782  by General George Washington to honor Revolutionary War soldiers who were injured or killed in combat. On Washington's Birthday, President Hoover revived  the presentation of this medal as the Purple Heart. 

As the son of an Army Colonel and Normandy Beach survivor, it gives me a tremendous amount of joy and pride to support the veterans of our Armed Forces. Since its inception, t housands of Virginia's have been awarded the Purple Heart, commemorating the sacrifices they have made in service to our nation. Since 2012, 14 states have become Purple Heart States. As the birthplace of General Washington and home to so many men and women who have served our nation, it is only appropriate that Virginia recognize and honor those who sacrificed for our nation. 
SJ 88
Every legislator finds a few core issues that they work for every year and one such issue that I have devoted much of my attention to through my career is education.  I have been fortunate to have attended Virginia's public schools from grade school through college, teach as an undergraduate and law school professor and I have had my children educated in our outstanding public schools. I have the privilege of serving as Chairman of the Senate Finance Subcommittee on Education and do my small part to improve our educational system.

This session, I introduced Senate Joint Resolution 88 which directs the Joint Legislative Audit and Review Commission (JLARC) to study early childhood development programs.  Currently, the Commonwealth spends $80 million per year on students who fail at least one grade between kindergarten and third grade. In fact one in eight children enter kindergarten without the basic skills needed to succeed in school. Children not reading proficiently in third grade are ultimately four times more likely not to graduate from high school. Through this resolution JLARC will begin to study specific childhood development programs from prenatal to age five, and will report to the General Assembly its findings to enable legislators to build a strategy for future childhood development investment. On Friday, February 5 this resolution received the support of the Senate Committee on Rules and will now be considered by the entire Senate.
Meet the Pages
During the General Assembly Session a number of young adults are given the opportunity to serve as Pages for House and Senate members. They are an essential part of session, assisting legislators with day to day duties, while they gain valuable knowledge about the Virginia legislature. This year there are three pages from the Third Senatorial District.

Mr. Peyton Emerson is from Williamsburg and attends Hornsby Middle School. Peyton enjoys participating in travel soccer and the playing the trumpet for his church band. Peyton is a member of the National Junior Honor Society and assists with the Jamestown Yorktown Foundation Salvation Army. Peyton's hobbies include biking, basketball, and playing FIFA with his friends on XBOX.

Mr. Jack DeVore is from Williamsburg and attends Hornsby Middle School. Jack plays football for Hornsby Middle School and is a member of the National Junior Honor Society and the James City County All-District Band. Jack's hobbies include golf, football, and music. 

Mr. Brendan Smith is from Poquoson and attends Poquoson Middle School. Brendan is a member of Boy Scouts Troop 28, the Junior Varsity Cross County Team, and is a Youth Sunday school teacher. His hobbies include soccer, student government, and community service.

The visitors to Capitol square last week included many friendly faces from home:
  • Ms. Robin Eaton and her son Reid, Quinton
  • Colonel Mike Hopkins, Astronaut that visited the International Space Station
  • Mr. and Mrs. Tom Miller, New Kent County
  • The Honorable Kristen Nelson, York-Poquoson Clerk of the Court
  • Ms. Marilyn Riddle, James City County
  • Mrs. Ann Robeson, York County
  • Ronald Thompson, Saint Stephens Church
  • William & Mary College Students, Virginia 21
If you are visiting Virginia's Capitol between now and March 12, please remember to stop by our offices in Room 626 of the General Assembly Building.

Please continue to send me your thoughts on important pieces of legislation. You may contact my office by sending an e-mail to or a letter to Senate of Virginia, PO Box 396, Richmond VA 23218-0396.  You can also call us at 804.698.7503.
I hope you stay safe and warm during Virginia's first substantial snow of 2016. 
Very truly yours,
Senator Tommy Norment
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