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Here’s a few way to correct that…

  • If you do not yet have an email listed with ABYC and would like to add yourself, or update your email address, in our database, you may do so on the front page of the website in the bottom right corner. Simply input your information on the small form, and you will automatically be added. Easy peasy! BTW: Inaccurate emails are removed when mail is bounced back numerous times.

  • If you’re already in our database but still not receiving communication publications, then take a look at your membership profile on the ABYC.org website and make sure the emails listed are correct. Please check all emails that belong to your family.

  • If the information listed on your membership profile is incorrect, then email Sheila (sheila@abyc.org) in the front office with the correct email you wish us to use for communicating with you and your family. If spouses or junior members also wish to receive our email communications, please make sure we have accurate information for them as well.

  • Then, if all emails are correct, and you’re still not receiving our distributions, the items sent from ABYC may be going to your spam folder. You’ll need to “un-spam” them and then everything should work nicely. 

  • If you receive our emails and they are going to the wrong folder (or tab), in say Gmail, you can change the tab to Primary or uncheck all folders it has checks. In Gmail, hover your mouse over email and right click. On the top it allows "Move to Tab", select Primary or the location you prefer. 

Alamitos Bay Yacht Club communicates with our members through digital means. If you are not receiving the Weekly Reader or Sou’ Wester you are missing out on pertinent information that is crucial to our club, social events and our sailing community. 

Feel free to click the image above and download the flyer to help navigate any email issues or to share with a friend or family member. Sheila will also have copies of these in the front office. I can also email you one if needed.

Please contact us if you should have any questions. Our Communication team is more than happy to assist. 

Oh and don't forget we have an amazing General Membership Meeting THIS Friday night . All the information is below!


Stacy Massey
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Ramming Speed! Archaeology 300 feet below the surface of the Mediterranean Sea - Presented by Craig Walker

Remember the famous academy award winning movie Ben-Hur? The part where Charlton Heston is a slave, and is rowing the oars in the belly of a war ship, while the roman officers are banging a drum and yelling "Ramming Speed!"? It turns out that all of that was true.

The Global Underwater Explorers Battle of the Egadi Islands Project  
Craig Walker, GUE Exploration Diver, will report on the 2017 and 2018 Battle of the Egadi Islands archaeological project. This project, conducted in partnership with the Italian Government’s Superintendent of the Sea, is an ongoing effort to locate and recover artifacts from The Battle of the Aegates (Italian Battaglia delle Isole Egadi). The battle was fought near the Aegadian Islands, off the western coast of the island of Sicily on 10 March 241 BC, and involved 370 ships. It was the final naval battle fought between the fleets of Carthage and the Roman Republic during the First Punic War. Craig will outline the project, what a typical day is like, and the rigors of doing working dives at an average depth of 285 feet for as long as 6 hours. There will be a lot of pictures and video, and the equipment required to perform these technical dives will be on display.

Craig has been diving for 6 years and has over 1000 dives. He worked as an Exploration Diver on the Egadi project for Weeks 1 and 2 in both 2017 and 2018. He holds the following GUE certifications: Fundamentals Rec and Tec pass, Tec 1, Tec 2, Tec 2+, JJ-CCR, Cave 1, Documentary Diver, Gas Blender. When not diving he lives with his wife in Orange County and owns a wealth management firm there.

The dinner is Mediterranean Cuisine with Greek salad, chicken and more for $15.  Call Sheila to get your name on that paper plate!
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