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March 14, 2018
by Rusty Selix
As I announced last week to our members, it is time for me to pass the torch to my successor Le Ondra Clark Harvey. She began working for California Council of Community Behavioral Health Agencies in January as the new Director of Policy and Advocacy. That is the position I had filled for the past 31 years.

After just two months on the job, it is already clear she has the capabilities to most effectively represent the nonprofit behavioral health provider community, building on her years of experience both as a licensed psychologist in Los Angeles County, and as the chief consultant to the Business and Professions Committee of the California State Assembly. As I have gotten to know her and see her in action with legislators and key staff members, it is clear she has stronger relationships than I do among key legislative staff and members, and has all the skills necessary to be an effective advocate with a strong and growing base of knowledge...
A statewide tax on the wealthy has significantly boosted mental health programs in California’s largest county, helping to reduce homelessness, incarceration and hospitalization, according to a report released Tuesday.
Revenue from the tax, the result of a statewide initiative passed in 2004, also expanded access to therapy and case management to almost 130,000 people up to age 25 in Los Angeles County, according to the report by the Rand Corp. Many were poor and from minority communities, the researchers said...
The Affordable Care Act--Obamacare--put mental health care on par with physical health, as far as health insurance goes. But insurance does not automatically mean a lot of providers are available. 
And a recent report shows a shortage of mental health (behavioral health, in their lexicon) workers in California.
Janet Coffman at the University of California-San Francisco led the reporting team; she joins us...
Uber announced it was rolling out a service aimed at helping healthcare providers summon rides for patients. Now it's Lyft's turn to up the ante. Lyft announced Monday that it is expanding its partnerships with healthcare providers to provide the ride-hailing service to doctors and hospitals who want to arrange transportations for patients who can't get to appointments. Lyft is...
There are a number of clinical issues involved in treating seniors with new and lifelong mental illnesses. A loved one may develop one of these conditions as they age, or they may have received a diagnosis long ago and remained stable on the same psychiatric medication for decades. In the latter case, however, their treatment plan may need to be adjusted as the aging body processes...
What do you do when grief becomes a mental health issue? Recently I lost a friend to suicide, and it made me think of all the other losses I’ve suffered. Two memories stand out in my mind–the death of my maternal grandfather to cancer and the death of my paternal grandmother to a stroke. One was a mental health issue, the other was not. There are several things people can do when grief becomes...
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