Department of Massachusetts
General Order # 10

Keith Jackson Post 6538 (14 Members)  ​​​​ Post 1524 (12 Members)
Given prize to Post 6538 

Congratulations to the following Posts for attaining 100%+ in Membership for 2018-2019:

100% Membership Award Deadline: April 1-May 31, 2019: Post achieving 100% membership by March 31, 2019 will be entered to win a $1000.00 cash prize (1 winner) and two $500 cash Prize (2 winners). Note: Post must have a minimum of 50 members (prior year total) or more to qualify for this award. Post with 49 or less members will be entered for a chance to win $200.00. Note: All Post that achieved 100% prior to 28 December 2018 are eligible for this award.

May Council of Administration (CoA): Will be held on May 18th at Old Colony Post 1788: 22 Church St, Rockland, MA 02370-1848 at 10:30. 
Newspaper: The deadline for the next paper edition of the Department Newspaper is April 15th. All State Officer are required to submit an article, all District Commanders are required to submit a minimum of two pictures with caption (event and who is in the photo). Any post that wants to submit a photo is highly encouraged. Please send articles and photos to PSC Eric Segundo at 

Buddy Poppies: Commanders on all levels should begin organizing their 2019 Memorial Day “Buddy”® Poppy Campaign. Every Post is urged to order and distribute VFW “Buddy”® Poppies.

Installing officers are directed to see to it that the Post-Election Report forms have been completed and submitted to National Headquarters. If a Post-Election Report form has not been forwarded to National Headquarters at the time of installation, the installing officer shall complete and forward such report at the time of the installation of Post Officers no later than June 1. We encourage all Post Quartermasters to use the online Election Report process featured in the Online Membership System (OMS). Post-Election Reports received electronically will be forwarded to the Department Headquarters. Additionally, Section 413 of the National Bylaws requires that a properly completed District Election Report be submitted to National Headquarters prior to the convening of the Department Convention. 

Proof of Eligibility for all Newly-Elected and Appointed Officers: Post, District, Department Commanders, Adjutants and Quartermasters are reminded of the requirements of Sections 216, 416 and 516 of the Manual of Procedure with regard to proof of eligibility for all newly-elected and appointed officers. Elected and appointed officers shall not be installed or assume the duties of their office until proof of eligibility has been submitted and properly reviewed. Failure or refusal to submit proof of eligibility within thirty (30) days of election or appointment shall result in the office being declared vacant. 

Officers Duties: Attention of incoming Post Officers is directed to Section 218 of the Manual of Procedure which outlines the duties of various Post Officers. 

National Convention registration Fee: Attention of Post Commanders is directed to Section 222 of the National Bylaws and the Manual of Procedure, which provides that each Post will pay, in advance, a National Convention registration fee of twenty-five dollars ($25) which shall entitle the Post to a packet of convention information and materials and one identified registered delegate for the National Convention. Each additional delegate attending the National Convention will pay a ten-dollar ($10) delegate fee. Posts are encouraged to register their Post delegate(s) online through the Online Membership System (OMS) or by submitting their National Convention Post and Delegate Registration form that will be mailed to all Posts as part of the Election Report/Convention Registration mailing going out later this month. Registration forms for the 120th National Convention may be mailed to: Convention Registration, 406 West 34th Street, Kansas City, MO 64111. 

Post-Election Report: Attention is directed to Section 217 of the National Bylaws and the Manual of Procedure covering the nomination, election and installation of Post Officers. Post-Election Report forms are being mailed to Post Quartermasters with instructions that they complete the form online through the Online Membership System (OMS) or they can complete the form and return directly to National Headquarters immediately following the election of Post Officers but not later than June 1. 

Delegates: Section 222 of the National Bylaws and the Manual of Procedure provides that delegates and alternates for the District Convention and Meetings, Department and National Conventions shall be elected at a regular meeting in April. Posts are entitled to one (1) delegate and one (1) alternate for each thirty (30) members or fraction thereof in good standing in the Post as of March 31. 

District Convention: Pursuant to Section 403 of the National Bylaws and the Manual of Procedure, each District shall hold an annual District convention for the purpose of electing District officers, such convention to be held not less than ten (10) days nor more than seventy-five (75) days prior to the convening of the Department convention. 

Pursuant to Section 403 of the National Bylaws – Regular Meeting, Districts shall hold at least two (2) regular meetings each year for purposes of transacting business and conducting schools of instruction. 

Pursuant to Section 417 of the National Manual of Procedure, District officers shall not assume the duties of their office until the Department Commander is installed. 
District officers shall not be installed or assume the duties of their office until proof of eligibility has been submitted and properly reviewed in accordance with Section 416 of the Manual of Procedure. 

Trustees Report of Audit: Attention of Post Commanders is directed to Section 218 (a) (11) of the National Manual of Procedure, Officers: Duties and Obligations. Trustees Report of Audit must be prepared in detail within thirty (30) days from the end of each quarter, one of which ended March 31.

////Original Signed////
Keith M. Jackson 
State Commander 
Together We Can Build a Stronger VFW! 

The VFW Needs YOU: As a grassroots organization, the power of the VFW is in its membership. That means all 1.7 million of our members. We are stronger together and effective because of what our collective efforts accomplish. Part of being great advocates means renewing your membership and we encourage you to do so. We also encourage you to consider becoming a Life Member of the VFW as a permanent show of your support. If you are not yet a member, we encourage you to join. Renew your membership or become a Life member. Please click here to join.
Statewide Events

Dates to Remember
7 April Auxiliary President Banquet, Northampton Elks at 12 PM
14 April District 5 Banquet, Dedham VFW Post 2017 at 11AM
28 April Loyalty Day Ceremony Barnes Air National Guard Base 12 PM 
4 May Joint Legion Post 20 and VFW Post 115 100th Year Anniversary 887 South
Main Street Attleboro
5 May District 12 Banquet, Whitman VFW Post 697 at 12 PM
5 May District 7 Banquet, WWII Club Northampton at 12 PM
5 May District 6 Banquet, Freetown VFW Post 6643 at 12 PM
12 May Red Sox Game Fenway Park at 1:05 PM
18 May Council of Administration, Rockland Post 1788 at 10:30 AM
18 May Dilboy Post Grand Reopening Banquet Somerville, MA at 6PM
19 May District 15 Banquet, Natick Post 1274
26 May Memorial Day Ceremony at Borne, 12:30 PM
6-9 June State Convention, Doubletree by Hilton Leominster, MA

District Meetings
8 April District 12 Meeting Post 6258 7:30 PM 
14 April District 5 Meeting Post 2017 10 AM
14 April District 9 Meeting Post 1995 1 PM
14 April District 15 Meeting Post 662 10:30 AM
14 April District 18 Meeting, Post 10334 10:00 AM
21 April District 7 Meeting Post 754 12:00 PM
21 April District 11 Meeting Post 650 2 PM
28 April District 8 Meeting Post 3329 2 PM
05 May District 5 Meeting Post 5188 10 AM
05 May District 10 Meeting, Post 2346 10:30 AM
05 May District 18 Meeting, Post 1012 10:00 AM
12 May District 9 Meeting Post 9566 1 PM
12 May District 10 Meeting, Post 6712 10:30 AM
13 May District 12 Meeting Post 1788 7:30 PM
19 May District 6 Meeting Post 6643 1:00 PM
19 May District 11 Meeting Post 905. 2 PM
19 May District 15 Meeting Post 1274 10:30 AM

State Officer Assignment
13 April VFW 7272 Bellingham Elections (Jackson)
13 April VFW Post 929 Framingham Safety Presentation (Jackson)
13 April New Hampshire Testimonial (Jackson)
13 April Maine Commanders Testimonial (Najarian)
14 April District 5 Banquet (Jackson)
27 April 75th Anniversary Ceremony of Exercise Tiger, New Bedford (Jobe)
27 April Rhode Island Commanders Testimonial (Jackson)
4 May  VFW Post 115 100th Anniversary (Jackson)
5 May District 12 Banquet (Jackson)
5 May  District 7 Banquet (Jobe)
5 May District 6 Banquet (Wood)
18 May Dilboy Post Grand Reopening Banquet (Jackson)
19 May District 15 Banquet (Jackson)
19 May William F. Davitt 90th Celebration (Najarian)
26 May Memorial Day Ceremony Borne (Najarian)

Candidates for Department High Office 2019-2020
Department Commander - Jeff Najarian, Post 1788
Department Sr. Vice Commander - Russell Jobe Post 6538
Department Jr. Vice Commander - Doug Wood Post 6539
Department Quartermaster - John Larney Post 1526
Department Chaplain - Fr. Joseph J. Gallick Post 697
Department Judge Advocate - Michael Raymond Post 2498
Department Surgeon - James Morrissey Post 3264
Department Surgeon - Christine Tron Post 545

I wish you and your family good health and happiness with many blessings. 

Thank you all for your continued support! 

////Original Signed////
Keith M. Jackson 
State Commander 
Together We Can Build a Stronger VFW!