Department of Massachusetts
General Order # 7

DECEMBER TOP INDIVIDUAL RECRUITER:    Robert Hardy Post 529 (10 Members)
DECEMBER TOP POST : Post 1018 (15 Members)
Congratulations to the following Posts for attaining 100%+ in Membership for 2018-2019:
Town                    Post  Percent                
Framingham         929    107.31%
South Hadley        3104  135.61%               
Boston                  144    105.74%                
South Boston        6536  105.40%
Leominster           1807  103.75%
Mansfield              3264  103.12%                
Westford               6539  102.98%
Townsend             6538  102.85%                
Somerville             529    100.78%                
Ashburnham        5509  100.00%
Boston                  1018  100.00%
Bradford               675    100.00%
Hull                      1787  100.00%
Lexington             3007  100.00%                
Ludlow                 3236  100.00%                
Medway               1526  100.00%
Needham             2498  100.00%                
Rochdale             7556  100.00%
Scituate                3169  100.00%
Somerset             8500  100.00%
Southborough      3276  100.00%                
West Roxbury      2902  100.00%       

Department Commander’s Early Bird Award Winners: The Department Commander held a contest as an incentive to get as many Post to 100% by December 28 th . The drawing was conducted at the Foundation meeting that took place on December 29 th at the Department Foundation Meeting. The drawing was also live on Facebook.
Congratulations to Needham Post 2498, Mansfield Post 3264, and Leominster Post 1807 who won $500 with 50 members or more category and Framingham Post 929 that won $200 with 49 members or less category.

Commanders Message: Happy New Year! As the publishing of General Order #7 we are currently behind 464 members from this time last year I am asking all leaders at the Post, District, and Department to engage in membership and let’s do a big push to get a rid of this deficit. As a reminder we still have the 100% Membership Award Deadline: March 31, 2019 which is all Posts achieving 100% membership by March 31, 2019 will be entered to win a $1000.00 cash prize (1 winner) and two $500 cash Prize (2 winners). Note: All Post that achieved 100% prior to 28 December 2018 are eligible for this award and the Post must have a minimum of 50 members (prior year total) or more to qualify for this award.

1. January Council of Administration (CoA): Will be held on January 12 th at Millbury VFW Post 3329 located at 16 South Main Street Millbury, MA 01527 at 10:30. The convention Corporation will meet at 0900 prior to the COA. The foundation meeting will begin 30 minutes after the COA.

2. Voice of Democracy/Patriot’s Pen/Teacher of the Year Banquet: Will be held on January 27 th at the Doubletree by Hilton Leominster located at 99 Erdman Way Leominster, MA 01453. Cost of banquet is $30.00. Deadline for banquet ticket purchase is 14 January 2019; no tickets will be sold after that date.
3. March Council of Administration: Will be held on March 16 th at Pepperrell Post Millbury VFW Post 3329 located at 16 South Main Street Millbury, MA 01527 at 10:30. The convention Corporation will meet at 0900 prior to the COA. The foundation meeting will begin 30 minutes after the COA.
4. Newspaper: The deadline for the next paper edition of the Department Newspaper is January 15 th . All State Officer are required to submit an article, all District Commanders are required to submit a minimum of two pictures with caption (event and who is in the photo). Any post that wants to submit a photo is highly encouraged. Please send articles and photos to PSC Eric Segundo at .

5. Post Commanders: Attention of Post Commanders is directed to section 218 of the Manual of Procedure, "Duty of Trustees." Trustees Report of Audit must be completed in detail at the close of each quarter, one of which ends December 31, 2018. Commanders are reminded that accurate and complete records shall be kept by all persons handling Post funds, including the Club Manager and Bingo Chairman. These records shall be
audited by Post Trustees in the same manner as Post Quartermaster and Adjutant records.

6. District Meetings: All District Commanders are reminded that if a District meeting is cancelled due to inclement weather, they are to immediately notify the Department Representative, the State Adjutant and their respective Posts Commanders. WE do not want anyone to have an accident due to inclement weather.
7. Buddy Poppies: Commanders on all levels should begin organizing their 2019 Memorial Day "Buddy"® Poppy Campaign. Every Post is urged to order and distribute VFW "Buddy"® Poppies.
8. Attention is directed to Section 213 of the National Bylaws concerning any Post in arrears for any financial obligations to County Council (if applicable), District, Department and National for fees, dues, poppy money, supply money, failing to have the office of Quartermaster properly bonded in accordance with Section 703, failing to ensure that the Post is properly insured in accordance with Section 709, failing to submit properly completed quarterly Post Trustees Report of Audit, Post-Election Report for the ensuing year, or other obligations, shall be deprived of all representation in County Council and District meetings; County Council, District, Department and National Conventions. Such representation shall be restored promptly upon proper adjustment of such deficiencies.

9. Trustees : shall not be eligible to serve as an elected officer, Adjutant or on a committee whose books, records and accounts are audited by the Trustees. Among the duties of the three (3) elected Post Trustees, they shall:
a. At least monthly, review the Monthly Report of Receipts and Expenditures of the Post Quartermaster.
b. Within thirty (30) days from the end of each quarter, properly audit the books and records of the Post Quartermaster, Post Adjutant and any activity, clubroom, holding company or unit sponsored, conducted or operated by, for or on behalf of the Post and submit a Post Trustee’s Report of Audit to the Department Quartermaster for referral to the Department Inspector.
c. The Report shall be in accordance with and upon such form as may be prescribed by the Adjutant General. The audit shall be signed by the Post Commander and Trustees, who shall, by their signatures, certify to the accuracy of the information contained therein.
d. Perform such other duties as may be incident to the office or may from time to time be required by the laws and usages of the organization or lawful orders from proper authority.

10. Proof of Eligibility Requirements for Officers: All Posts, Districts and Departments should be reminded of the provisions of Sections 216, 416, and 516 of the Manual of Procedure that officers, elected and appointed, shall not be installed or assume the duties of their office until proof of eligibility has been submitted to the respective Adjutant and properly reviewed.

11. Discipline of Members: Attention of All Members is directed to Section 901 of the National By-Laws, "Discipline of Members." Members who have committed offenses recognized by the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States may be subject to disciplinary action. Members are reminded that acts of Sexual Harassment, Racial or Sexual Discrimination, and all other conduct prejudicial to good order and discipline or conduct determined to be unbecoming of a Member will not be condoned. In general, harassment and discrimination consists of any form of verbal, non-verbal, or physical conduct that is sufficiently severe and/or pervasive enough to have the purpose or effect of creating an intimidating, hostile, or offensive environment or otherwise interfering with another’s ability to participate in VFW events. All Members should be treated with dignity and respect.

12. Vacancies and Removal of Elective Officers or Committee Members: Section 220 of the National By-Laws, "Vacancies and Removal of Elective Officers or Committee Members" states "Any elective Post officer removed by the Department Commander, by reason of failure to pay current dues or by vote of the post under the provisions of this section, shall not be eligible to serve in any Post office in the same administrative year in which the officer is removed."

13. Post Commanders: Section 203 - Regular Meetings – All Posts shall held at least one regular meeting each month. Failure to comply can result in immediate revocation of the Post Charter notwithstanding the provisions of Section 211 of the Manual of Procedures.
14. National By-Laws and Manual of Procedures 2019 Edition: Post Commanders are reminded that the new edition became effective 24 August 2018 with many changes. It is recommended that all Post Commanders purchase a copy from National Headquarters.

15. Have You Heard About the VFW’s Partners in Patriotism?: Would you like to support the VFW’s life changing programs for veterans, service members and their families and reduce the amount of mail you receive? The VFW has an option that allows you to support VFW programs on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis, as well as reduce expenses and eliminate the fundraising mail. It is called Partners in Patriotism. As a member of Partners in Patriotism, you choose a set dollar amount for your donation (minimum amount of $10) that is either charged to your credit card or set up as an Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) from your bank account. Once you join the VFW’s Partners in Patriotism, you will only receive the Quarterly Supporter newsletters to keep you informed of the many efforts your monthly gifts are making possible. If you are interested in joining Partners in Patriotism, you may contact Donor Services in the VFW Development Department at 1.833.VFW.GIVE (1.833.839.4483) or email us at with "Partners in Patriotism Application" in the subject line.
16. VFW Foundation Community Support Grant: The VFW Foundation Community Support Grant is open. Qualified Posts and/or Auxiliaries may receive grants of up to $1,000 to support local nonprofits or important outreach projects in their communities. New to the grant this year, an applicant may be eligible to receive up to $500 in additional funding by organizing a community service project that involves a local branch or affiliate of a VFW national corporate supporter (e.g. Burger King, Sport Clips, Walgreens, Humana, Ace Hardware, etc.). To view application guidelines or to apply for the VFW Foundation Community Support Grant, please visit For questions, contact Jason Couch, Grants Coordinator, at or (816) 968-1174.

17. Recent changes to the VFW National By-Laws, Manual of Procedures and Ritual establish that Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised shall be the parliamentary authority on procedural matters not governed by the VFW By-Laws and Manual of procedure. Newly revised Robert’s Rules of Order is readily available at local
book stores and online retailers such as Barnes & Noble and Amazon.

18. VFW Friends of Freedom: If you are not already a member of the VFW’s online community, please visit and look for the gold banner that says "Find Out What’s Happening" to sign up. As a member of the VFW’s Friends of Freedom, you will receive special emails with breaking VFW news, legislative alerts and unique opportunities to help the VFW in assisting our nation’s veterans, service members and their families. You may also visit and click on "Read VFW success stories" to learn how the VFW is fighting for veterans’ rights, assisting veterans in need, educating our youth and aiding military families across the nation. Check back often to see newly posted stories!

19 Walgreens No-Cost Flu Shots Now Available: Be prepared for the upcoming cold and flu season! Now through March 31, 2019, all VA-enrolled veterans are eligible for free annual flu shots at their local Walgreens or Duane Reade pharmacy. While this immunization program is limited to VA patients, Walgreens offers flu shots to most VFW members and their families through other coverage programs, such as TRICARE, Medicare and many health care plans.
20. All Districts/Posts: All Districts/Posts Commanders wishing to have the State Commander attend a function are requested to forward their request to the State Adjutant for review of calendar of events. Once this has been accomplished, a reply will be forwarded to the respective District-Post on the status of the request.

21. POW/MIA Flag- Official Display Days: Public Law 105-85 (November 16, 1997) indicates the days that federal agencies, military installations and U.S. post offices are required to display the POW/MIA flag. The days are: Armed Forces Day, May 18, 2019 (third Saturday in May); Memorial Day, May 27, 2019 (last Monday in May); Flag Day, June 14; Independence Day, July 4; National POW/MIA Day, Sept. 20, 2019 (third Friday in September); and Veterans Day, Nov. 11. To purchase a POW/MIA flag, go to

22. Dates to Remember:
12 Jan - Council of Administration Meeting
12 Jan - Yellow Ribbon 772 MP Co Holiday INN Taunton, MA
13 Jan - District 8 Membership Drive Uxbridge Post 1385
15 Jan - Newspaper Submission Deadline
19 Jan - Auxiliary Council of Administration Meeting Needham Post 2498
21 Jan -Martin Luther King Day
27 Jan - Voice of Democracy, Patriot’s Pen and Teacher of the Year Banquet
3 Feb - Four Chaplain’s Day
9 Feb - Yellow Ribbon 151 RSG Great Wolf Lodge Fitchburg
14 Feb - Salute to VA Patients Bedford VA 1PM
16 Feb - Auxiliary Midwinter Conference Abington Post 5737
18 Feb - President’s Day
19 Feb - USCG Reserve Birthday
2-7 Mar - Legislative Conference Washington, DC
8-10 Mar – Commander in Chief Visit to Massachusetts
9 Mar – Commander in Chief Banquet Doubletree in Milford, MA

23. Candidates for Department High Office 2019-2020:
Department Commander - Jeff Najarian, Post 1788
Department Sr. Vice Commander - Russell Jobe Post 6538
Department Jr. Vice Commander - Doug Wood Post 6539
Department Quartermaster - John Larney Post 1526
Department Chaplain - Fr. Joseph J. Gallick Post 697
Department Judge Advocate - Michael Raymond Post 2498
Department Surgeon - James Morrissey Post 3264
Department Surgeon - Christine Tron Post 545

24. District Meetings:
Jan 20 - District 5 Needham Post 2498 10AM
Jan 20 - District 12 Bourne Post 5988 10:30AM
Jan 20 - District 15 Westford Post 6539 10:30AM
Jan 20 - District 6 North Attleboro Post 443 1PM
Jan 20 - District 11 Gardner Post 905 2PM
Feb 11 - District 12 Middleboro Post 2188 7:30PM
Feb 17 - District 10 Townsend Post 6538 10:30
Feb 17 - District 8 Millbury Post 3329 2PM
Feb 17 - District 9 North Adams Post 996 1PM
Feb 17 - District 11 Westminster Post 7389 2PM
Feb 24 - District 7 Holyoke Post 801 12 PM
 Thank you all for continued support! I sincerely wish you all a Happy, Healthy, and Prosperous New Year.

////Original Signed////
Keith M. Jackson
State Commander
Together We Can Build a Stronger VFW!

Newspaper: The deadline for the next paper edition of the Department Newspaper is January 15 th . All State Officer are required to submit an article, all District Commanders are required to submit a minimum of two pictures with caption (event and who is in the photo). Any post that wants to submit a photo is highly encouraged. Please send articles and photos to PSC Eric Segundo at
The VFW Needs YOU: As a grassroots organization, the power of the VFW is in its membership. That means all 1.7 million of our members. We are stronger together and effective because of what our collective efforts accomplish. Part of being great advocates means renewing your membership and we encourage you to do so. We also encourage you to consider becoming a Life Member of the VFW as a permanent show of your support. If you are not yet a member, we encourage you to join. Renew your membership or become a Life member. Please click here to join.
Important Information
Statewide Events

Council of Administration Meeting
Saturday, January 12th 2019 10:30AM
Charles F. Minney Post 3329
16 S. Main Street
Milbury, MA

Voice of Democracy/Patriot’s Pen/
Teacher of the Year Banquet:
Will be held at the Double Tree by Hilton Hotel on 99 Erdman Way, Leominster, MA 01453 on 27 January 2019 at 1PM. Cost of banquet is $30.00. Order tickets at

Candidates for Office