General information about certification workshops and trainings with
companion animals


Unless otherwise indicated, the events in the calendar can be either your introduction to Tellington TTouch or taken as a session of the TTouch Practitioner Certification Program in the  United States or Canada.

Six-day Trainings have a one-time introductory price of $750.00. For students attending their second through sixth trainings, the price for each session is $900.00.

Three-day Introductory Workshops are $400.00. Instructors may offer three-day trainings for those beyond the introductory level, in which case the price is $475.00.

Early bird discounts are usually available.

The majority of Canadian events will require payment of applicable sales taxes.   

General Information about 3-day workshops:

Select Advanced Practitioners will be teaching three-day Introductory Workshops. Each workshop reflects the needs of the animals present, so the content and context is always varied. A second workshop is never a repeat of the first.

Students may take a maximum of two three-day Introductory Workshops with Advanced Practitioners. Two such workshops will be equivalent to the first session of the six six-day training sessions required for certification. The two workshops may be separated by one long training of the ongoing program.

When taught by Instructors, the three-day Companion Animal workshops may be open to students of all levels, and may include work with a variety of species.

A maximum of four three-day workshops is allowed in the program.

Attendance at workshops or trainings with Advanced Practitioners or Instructors earns CEU's towards maintaining Practitioner status according to the Certification Program Guidelines.

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