Summer 2018 Newsletter
Hello Friends and Providers,

We've got lots of great new functionality to share with you in today's update! We hope Generations brings you all the benefits your agency deserves. Be sure to read today's release notes to see all that went into this update. Here are a few highlights and a look at what we are working on for a release later this year.  

Enjoy summer!
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Generations Telephony


Last Spring, Generations rolled out exception management which enables your agency to track and document those rare instances when service was provided but one of the following occurred:

  • Caregiver forgot or was unable to login or logout
  • Call from a non-matching client phone number
  • Exact location of service exceeded established setting
Now even greater functionality exists with NEW Voice Signatures for verbal confirmation of service.

In an effort to meet the needs of caregiving staff without access to a smartphone and/or a data plan, agencies can now simply check a box to enable caregivers to speak their names authenticating the service provided over the client's home telephone.

Forms 837p and 837i Coming Soon


The industry's widely used paper claim forms, the UB04 and the CMS1500, will soon be digital in Generations and available for all users. Please take this short survey so this functionality can be developed with your use in mind. Electronic billing originating from Generations will also be part of the solution when billing for Medicare Advantage services. More information to follow this Fall. 

More Data Storage

We've increased the file storage size to a whopping 20 MB per agency, per attachment. How much is 20 MB? According to this guyit's equivalent to 2 boxes of 3.5-inch diskettes. Half of you reading this are probably asking what is a diskette, while the other half are thinking that's a lot of discs, and per attachment? Yes, it's true! Scan the contents of those personnel and client files (to the smallest size possible for optimal results) and work towards being a truly paperless business. 

Steady work is being done in many states to get the EVV solution ready well before the Jan 1, 2019 deadline. If your agency is in New York or Tennessee and you'd like to work with Generations on a solution with Sandata (the state's aggregator of data) please contact a Generations sales associate to learn more. Sales associates are available via LiveChat. The Generations interface in Connecticut with Sandata continues to be refined with frequent updates. Ohio and Indiana are up next with multiple other states to follow throughout the year. Contact Lisa to learn more about efforts to bring an EVV solution in your state.
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