2015 Generator Users Group, Issue 1

The first annual meeting of the Generator Users Group (GUG), held Nov 4-5, 2015 in NV Energy's Beltway Complex and Conference Center, welcomed 70 participants and featured 20 presentations. The speakers, including four IEEE Fellows and one ASME Fellow, each were expert in their field, several having world-wide reputations. CCJ ONsite's coverage of the event, compiled by IEEE Fellow Clyde V Maughan, president, Maughan Generator Consultants, is divided into the following four subject areas:
  • Stators and magnetic cores.
  • Stator windings.
  • Rotors.
  • Testing and general. more   
GUG presentation recaps: Stators, magnetic cores

  • Stator winding/core failure
  • Core mechanical isolation problems
  • GVPI issues
  • Stator magnetic cores: design, deterioration, failure
  • Testing of wedge tightness and stator cores     more


GUG presentation recaps: Stator windings
  • Stator winding problems
  • Partial-discharge problems
  • Electromagnetic interference testing
  • Partial-discharge testing of stator windings
  • Copper oxide issues in water-cooled stator windings
  • Stator winding tests     more
China hosts global ACC meeting to share know-how, innovation
The conference was organized to share technical information between China and the rest of the world, which has many more ACCs and decades of experience in construction and operation. The most significant information benefiting participants included:
  • Descriptions of current design and operating practices.
  • Problem-solving scenarios and approaches.
  • Innovative applications and future directions for dry cooling.
  • Significance of overlooked operating details. more 
REGISTER TODAY! Only six weeks until the 501F User Group's 2016 conference
Russ Snyder, president and chairman of the 501F Users Group Inc, took vacation last week from his day job as plant manager of Cleco Power LLC's Acadia Power Station to bring the agenda for the independent, user-controlled organization's 2016 conference and vendor fair within a step or two of its final form. The meeting will be held February 21-25 (Sunday through Thursday) at the La Cantera Hill Country Resort in San Antonio, Tex. The program is world-class and the event a "must attend" for any 501F owner/operator. more