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"Anchor the best of my talents and abilities to serve generously in the reservoir of your grace."

~Joyce Rupp

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February 2017
Generosity comes from the center... 

"A spiritual life is simply a life in which all that we do comes from the center, where we are all anchored in God; a life soaked through and through by a sense of God's reality and claim, and self-given to the great movement of God's will." ~Evelyn Underhill

We know that generosity is not a fleeting sentiment, not a spur of the moment kind of idea. When we nurture generosity, we realize it comes from somewhere deep, deeper than us even. It is a blessing from God whose claim on us calls forth our generosity. Evelyn Underhill's words speak to the essence of the lives we live and the lives we give over in God's keeping. Such is the heart of discipleship-being anchored in God and letting everything else flow from our connection to our Source. So the question everyday becomes, how will I connect today to the center of my being in God? When we live deep, anchored in God, we find the eyes to see the beauty in every human being and in creation; we discover the heart we need in order to be compassionate and giving; we learn the ways of courage necessary to be agents of justice, peace, and reconciliation. Generosity, you see, is no shallow dish-it comes from the center. 

 Grace and peace to you,
~Rev. Stacy Emerson
Stewardship Facilitator, Mission Resource Development
American Baptist Churches USA
GENEROSITY NOW: April 25-27 Washington DC

Save the date  for GENEROSITY NOW formerly the North American Conference on Christian Philanthropy, which has been a premiere Ecumenical Stewardship Center event for decades. Laypersons, pastors, and judicatory and denominational staff who attend Generosity NOW increase their knowledge about spiritual principles and best practices relating to faithful stewardship and generous giving through plenary sessions, workshops, and worship.

The event will be held at Calvary Baptist Church in Washington, DC, an ABC church

Speakers include: 
Dr. Lovett H. Weems, Jr.
Director, Lewis Center for Church Leadership
Distinguished Professor of Church Leadership, Wesley Theological Seminary

Dr. Ann A. Michel
Associate Director, Lewis Center for Church Leadership
Lecturer in Church Leadership, Wesley Theological Seminary

Stewardship Conference in the Northeast

The Northeast Ecumenical Stewardship Council presents the 2017 Conference: Embracing Stewardship: How to Put Stewardship at the Heart of Your Congregation's Life March 24-25, 2017 at the Boxborough Regency, Boxborough, Massachusetts

Keynote presenters are Charles R. (Chick) Lane and Grace Duddy Pomroy. Together they have recently authored Embracing Stewardship: How to put Stewardship at the HEART of Your Congregation's LIFE. Many of you will know Chick Lane from his hugely successful previous book on stewardship titled Ask, Thank, Tell. Embracing Stewardship will help you strengthen your congregation's stewardship ministry. Mindful of generational perspectives and attuned to the world in which congregations live, the four keynote presentations this Conference offers will provide pathways your congregation can follow to deepen your members' understanding of themselves as stewards of the bounty of God. In addition, two workshop opportunities will also be offered!

Rev. Stacy Emerson, ABCUSA Stewardship Facilitator, will be presenting a workshop entitled, "Called to Generosity," exploring the church's mission to Generosity in the 21st century.

Book Reviews

Walk with Generosity: A Devotional Journal by Rev. Sandra Dorsainvil, Associate Executive Minister for Mission & Stewardship, TABCOM 
This is a 40 day devotional journal for nurturing generosity. Intended for any time of the year rather than a particular liturgical season, Rev. Dorsainvil invites readers to reflect on scripture, to find ways to put their faith into action, and "to ponder, reflect, and sit with God for forty days." She writes, "Each day offers you an opportunity to be a better disciple, a better servant and a better giver of Truth, Hope and Love." For more information, you can contact Rev. Sandra Dorsainvil at  

Celebrating the Offering by Melvin Amerson and James Amerson 
Giving is an act of worship. But so often it is an awkward or minor part of our worship experience. Brothers and colleagues in ministry, Melvin and James Amerson walk us through the biblical foundations for worship through our giving and provide practical resources for deepening the spiritual practice of giving. 

At the Crossroads: Leadership Lessons for the Second Half of Life by Clayton Smith & Dave Wilson 
The life of stewardship is also the stewardship of life. As we consider entering into or living in retirement, how do we claim God's purpose for our lives in our service, in our giving, and in our legacy? At the Crossroads is a six-week Bible-based study offering comprehensive, practical help for Christians who are approaching, entering, or already in retirement.

Resources for Young Adults: COMPASS
The Ecumenical Stewardship Center COMPASS initiative offers faith-based financial guidance especially for young adults through a variety of resources:
  • A COMPASS web page with links to financial management tools, videos for mediation of God's call to be faithful, generous stewards, and reviews of books and resources that explore resource management from a faith-based perspective
  • COMPASS blog with monthly posts to invite reflection and engagement on a stewardship topic relevant to young adults
  • Social media entry points providing a place for young adults to interact with their peers on financial management topics


Rev. Stacy Emerson, Stewardship Facilitator
Mission Resource Development
American Baptist Churches USA

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