Encouraging financial stewardship is just good parenting (or grandparenting!)
By: Maria C. Coyne, President & CEO, UCC Cornerstone Fund

Image: Maria and her grandchild, Edie

Are you among the 86 percent of Americans that believe that financial education classes should be mandatory for K-12 schools nationwide?

In fact, 52 percent of parents and 52 percent of Americans overall reported, in a recent study, not having received any financial education in K-12 or college, with only 15 percent of Americans overall reporting feeling "very prepared" to manage their personal finances once they left college and entered adulthood.

Those are alarming statistics! Perhaps it’s just alarming to me as I grew up as a self-proclaimed “banking nerd.” When other children were running around playing with toys and games – not me! I brought home “borrowed” deposit and withdrawal slips from the bank when I visited with my mom, took the money out of Monopoly, and with a calculator in hand, set up my own little teller’s window in the basement of my house. Oddly enough I couldn’t figure out why it was so difficult to get my brothers or neighbors to play with me!

Fast forward many, many years later and after a degree in Finance, 30+ years in retail and commercial banking, and going on six years at the helm of the UCC Cornerstone Fund, I still believe learning the basics of financial management at a young age has been impactful in my life.

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