Thank you for being some of our most generous donors. 
We have 21 new mattresses at the shelter! 


A message from our Executive Director 
This week marks the first Annual Affordable Housing Week (May16th to May 22nd).
Everyone in our community deserves a safe, healthy, and affordable home. Without the security that such a home provides, it can be incredibly difficult for residents of our county to work, learn, stay healthy, and contribute to their communities. The problem is significant: Just in the last month The Sophia Way, received 66 phone calls from women desperately seeking safe shelter. In King County, 4,505 individuals were found sleeping outdoors during the 2016 One Night Count. During the 2014-15 school year, 7,260 students across the county were homeless. Some of these students sleep in our Eastside Emergency Winter Shelter and wake up and go to school and return again at 8:30 at night to our shelter only to do the same thing the next night because there's not enough housing. I worry what will happen to these women and families when our emergency shelter closes on May 30th. It doesn't mean that the emergency is over.
An additional 127,000 households in our county are paying more than half their income for housing costs, resulting in housing situations so precarious that life events such as the loss of a job, a medical emergency, or even just a vehicle needing repair could easily push them into homelessness.
Across King County, cities are working to address these issues by preserving affordable housing, adopting incentive zoning programs, and directly funding the creation of new affordable homes. I know that, with cities, school districts, and community organizations working together, along with the County, we can sustain and expand on these kinds of policies.
That is why the Sophia Way and several other organizations and agencies have asked our local cities and King County to recognize the need to preserve and increase affordable housing in our communities by participating in Affordable Housing Week 2016, beginning with a pledge to officially declare May 16 - May 22 "Affordable Housing Week".  By working together to bring attention to the importance of affordable housing and by discussing potential policy solutions for our own local context, we can turn the tide to ensure all people have access to a safe, healthy, affordable home in all of our communities.
  - Angela Murray
Happy Family at our Emergency Winter Shelter
Murray, Alysia and their 5 month old son drove all the way from New York to Seattle. After spending all the money they had in their car repairs, they could not afford an apartment in the area. They are staying at our Emergency Winter Shelter for families. 

'We want the world to know how important it is to have a place to sleep at night. This shelter provides us a safe and a warm space to spend the night. Instead of sleeping in our car, we sleep here. We are confident that spending our nights at the shelter is just a phase and we will get into our own home someday. We have an interview coming up that will get us into housing; we are keeping our fingers crossed and hoping for the best. We wonder what will happen to those families and women who have to sleep outside after May 30th.' - Murray

Although the Emergency Winter Shelter is closing, The Sophia Way would like to extend a special thank you to Overlake Park Presbyterian whose congregation raised the funding to extend the opening of the shelter from May 15 th  to May 30 th . Thank you for helping our women and families have a safe, warm place to stay and being such a compassionate host.
GiveBIG 2016 - You made this happen!  
'It's not how much we give but how much love we put into giving' - Mother Teresa
The Seattle Foundation's Annual GiveBig event took place last week, and thanks to you, it was our biggest GiveBig ever!
The warmth you put into your gift will directly benefit women by providing them a warm meal, a safe place to sleep or spend their day, an other basic necessities. You helped us raise $22,075 by being a part of our #GiveBIG Campaign! Special thanks to the Hayes Family Foundation, who matched your gifts by $5,000!
Thank you for joining us in our mission of ending homelessness for women in our community now and throughout the year. 
Breakfast with a Purpose 

' The purpose of life is not to be happy, but to matter, to be productive, to be useful, and to have it make some difference that you have lived it at all.' - Leo Rosten 
You made our first annual Breakfast with a Purpose a huge success! With your support, we raised $24,000 that will go directly to our programs.

Our outstanding speakers- Jessen, Kyle, and Rhonda- shared their stories  and inspired and encouraged us to find our own purpose. they made us stop and think of how we can facilitate change. The greater reward is what you give to others by helping them on their road to a better life. "We make a living by what we get but we make a life by what we give."

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Mother's Day Speciality 
An amazing woman has a medical condition that restricts her mobility, so she is mostly home bound. 
One of her passions and sources of income is making jewelry- she made an anonymous donation of over 40 pairs of earring necklace sets for the women that utilize our services for Mother's Day!
It is only with generous gestures from kind-hearted people like you that we have been able to help women. The average age of the woman we serve is 51. We are committed to helping them get back on their feet with both dignity and respect. Every time they celebrate a new milestone, please know that you are an important part of it.  Thank you for joining us in our mission of ending homelessness for women in our community. 
Assistance League of the Eastside 
The ladies of Assistance League of The Eastside have been amazing partners. They donated table fans to all our clients at the shelter and our transitional home, Holly House. They organized a brunch for our ladies at Holly House and gave away summer kits, flip flops and hand woven aprons. They also provide welcome baskets to all new clients entering our shelter. Thank you for your continued partnership!