November 2020
One donor, two gifts
In the midst of great need, generosity transforms lives in Ramallah and Jordan
For years, Giovanni Anbar, the founder and director of the Episcopal Technological and Vocational Training Center (ETVTC) in Ramallah, has depended on the Center’s guesthouse for a steady income stream to cover operating expenses. 

Before the pandemic, ETVTC’s ten-room guesthouse offered students in the hospitality program the opportunity to practice skills in culinary arts and hotel management with an international clientele and provided income to subsidize 30 percent of tuition fees.

In early 2020, with room to grow and permits in place, Giovanni and his staff launched an effort to expand the guesthouse by another 11 rooms to accommodate up to 45 guests and double the revenue that supports student fees. Then the pandemic arrived and the summer’s full slate of bookings for rooms, conferences, retreats, and children’s camps disappeared overnight.

Giovanni wasn’t deterred. The hard-hit hospitality industry in Ramallah would open up again, and ETVTC would be ready. The only problem was finding the funds to complete the renovation.

Saroj Mankau, a member of St. George’s Episcopal Church in Riverside, California had recently learned about the work of AFEDJ. She was moved by the ministry of two institutions of the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem: the Holy Land Institute for the Deaf (HLID) in Jordan and ETVTC. Her gift of $50,000 to each institution will transform lives for years to come. At ETVTC, it will help Giovanni complete the guesthouse renovation and at HLID it will support the full costs of education, boarding, and therapy for five deaf and deaf-blind students.
“Your gift will empower students to overcome the many challenges they face in order to become happy and full members of society as they grow into adulthood,” wrote Archbishop Suheil Dawani of the donation. “As the result of the pandemic, more families than ever are unable to afford the services they need for their children. We are only able to help these families through the generosity of donors such as yourself. We are truly grateful for your partnership in our Christian witness here.”

As Giovanni recently explained, “Many lives have changed through the years by gaining a vocation, a secure, well-paid job, and being respected in society! There have been challenges as well as achievements along the last 20 years but, because of friends and supporters like Mrs. Mankau who share our vision, we are where we are today!”
Mark the days of Advent with our first-ever
Holy Land Advent Calendar
Beginning on December 1* AFEDJ’s Holy Land Advent Calendar will offer you a daily glimpse into the lives of Holy Land Christians and the schools and hospitals of the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem. 

Start your day with a splash of joy by opening a door onto a photo or a brief video clip (like the one at left).

Who knows what you’ll discover behind each new window. Look for an email with all the details in mid-November and beginning December 1 at
* We know that the first day of Advent is November 29, but our calendar provider starts it on the 1st. 
Give a Christmas gift that helps families in the Holy Land 
St. Nicholas

AFEDJ now offers you a way to give a unique and thoughtful Christmas gift to all of those people on your list who don’t need more stuff. Visit the AFEDJ online donation web page to give a gift that benefits families served by the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem. 

We’ll send a personalized Christmas card to your recipient announcing your gift.

Gift donations may be directed to where the need is greatest or to a specific school, hospital, or center for children with disabilities. As always, AFEDJ ensures that 100 percent of all dedicated donations go directly to the designated institution. 

You must make your gift by December 6 to ensure your card arrives before Christmas. U.S. addresses only, please. 

Celebrate St. Nicholas on December 6

The St. Nicholas Center, now in partnership with Virginia Theological Seminary, offers many wonderful resources to mark St. Nicholas Day.

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with his children at the Baptism site along the Jordan River
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