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February 4, 2021
A Word from Co-Pastors,

You may have heard some version of the saying, "Be wary of the company you keep." The idea is that the people we choose to surround ourselves with both reflect and shape our character. And on one level, this makes a lot of sense. Some people bring us energy and joy and encourage us to become the best version of ourselves; others may have more harmful effects, bringing us down with criticism and gossip and unnecessary drama. But on another level, this idea can be problematic. We draw lines around who is considered "good company" and who is "bad company." We separate people into groups through our prejudices or to draw battle lines and establish pecking orders. Think middle school cliques or political divisions or Jim-crow era segregation.  

The company Jesus kept was controversial. Reading the gospels, we see Jesus criticized for spending time with people deemed "unclean." Jesus made surprising choices for who to invite into his inner circle of disciples; Jesus spent time publicly with women (scandalous for a rabbi!); and Jesus regularly shared meals with people who were not welcome in the religious community. The fact that Jesus surrounds himself with such folks is an important mark of Jesus' ministry and provides insight into the kind of community Jesus wants for his followers. Jesus has a way of erasing lines and creating space for some very mixed company to come together - and that's a good thing. So how does this challenge us to think about our own lives and church community and the people with whom we keep company?   

Have a great rest of your week and see you Sunday for worship!

Grace and peace, Amber and Paul 

Music Moments
This Sunday we will talk and sing about reaching out to the poor, the outcast, the sick and the displaced around us as Jesus did in his ministry. You may be familiar with the hymn “Just as I Am,” but are probably not familiar with the invalid English woman who was visited and brought to Christ by a Swiss evangelist, who later utilized his words to her in writing this hymn, the proceeds of which essentially paid for the building of a school for children of poor clergymen.

So far, we have the Sick, the Displaced, and the Poor. Charlotte Elliott was born in 1789 and was an invalid from the age of thirty to eight-two. In 1822 the Swiss evangelist, Dr. Caesar Malan came to visit her, counseled with and told her, “You must come just as you are, a sinner, to the Lamb of God that taketh away the sin of the world.” That day she began a personal relationship with Christ, and she resolved that she would not give in to the daily overpowering exhaustion of her body but would literally rise and take up her cross daily and follow Him. Fourteen years later, still inspired by Dr. Malan’s words, she included this hymn text and 114 others in “The Invalid’s Hymn Book.” The one hymn, “Just as I Am” ended up bringing in more funds for the poor clergy’s children than all other fundraising efforts combined.

Now to the Outcast: It is said that after Charlotte Elliott’s death more than a thousand letters were found among her papers from individuals around the world, expressing testimonials for what this one hymn had meant in their lives. “Just as I am, poor, wretched, blind - Sight, riches, healing of the mind, Yea, all I need in Thee to find - O Lamb, of God, I come! I come! Just as I am, Thou wilt receive, Wilt welcome, pardon, cleanse, relieve; Because Thy promise I believe, O Lamb of God, I come! I come!”

“Only eternity will reveal the vast number of individuals whose lives have been dramatically changed through the use of this one hymn from the pen of an invalid woman.” - Kenneth W. Osbeck

WE are called to do what we can in this world with what God has given us; whether our resources are vast or limited, Christ can use us if we resolve to rise, take up our cross and follow him!

Here is an exciting contemporary version by Selah: Just As I Am - YouTube
See you Sunday! - Robyn
New Lenten Study! 
Lent begins on Feb. 17 and it is a perfect time to commit to a short-term reading & discussion group. Pastor Amber will be leading an online group focusing on Beth Richardson's book Walking in the Wilderness. The group will meet via Zoom on Wednesdays @ 6:30pm (A daytime group is TBD based on interest.) Please RSVP below.

Published by the Upper Room, each day has a short devotional and a weekly spiritual discipline to help you grow spiritually during Lent. Books can be purchased online at places like Amazon, Upper Room, and Cokesbury for about $14/print or $8/Kindle. If you have difficulty purchasing a book, please let the office know.

If you would like to sign up or have questions, please let us know by clicking HERE or email Pastor Amber (
Mark your calendar for February 17th
as we offer a new way to participate in Ash Wednesday this year.

A short video with music and a devotion
will be made available for you to watch online at your convenience that day. 
Then, we will have 3 opportunities for you to drive-by
and receive ashes at the church.
9-9:30am | 12-12:30pm | 6-6:30pm

Stay tuned for more details about Ash Wednesday and Lent to come!

Top 5 Needs

Want more concrete ideas about ways to serve with Genesis? You got it! Thank you for the feedback last week about Volunteer Opportunities. To provide more concrete ideas we will share opportunities in a TOP 5 list each week….

#1 - Youth Group Meals (every other Sunday @5pm for about 10 ppl) We have one volunteer but would like to have another.

#2 - Panera Bread donation pick-up (Monday evening @8:45pm and Tuesday AM church drop-off) We have one volunteer but would like to have several more.

#3 - Easter Egg Hunt team (be a part of planning and/or implementation for this outdoor activity)

#4 - De-Clutter

#5 - Church Grounds (beautification of flower beds and picking up trash that has blown onto our grounds)

If you’re ready to get involved or want more information, please contact Linda Walker (
Phone Problems

The church office is experiencing technical difficulties with the phone system. If you have tried calling the office after hours you have experienced this issue. Please be patient with us as we work through this problem. If you call the church office during the day, and don't get through, please try again. Currently, the voice mail system isn't working, nor is the rollover feature which allows us to receive more than one phone call at a time. We are working with our phone company and will update you on our progress. In the meantime, we kindly ask for your patience.
With Gratitude...

The Staff-Parish Relations Committee on behalf of the Pastors, Church Council, and whole congregation would like to thank Kelly Adams for her willingness to serve as Finance Administrator this past year. Kelly has been a member of Genesis UMC for 22 years and has served in this role with a kind and helpful spirit.

Starting February 1st, Troy Chapman will act as Interim Finance Administrator. Troy has extensive experience working with non-profit Boards and their financial administration. He is familiar with our operations at Genesis and will step into the duties with first-hand knowledge. Troy will also continue his role on staff as Missions Coordinator.

For all financial matters during this time, please email Troy at
Genesis Open for In-Person Worship!
Our in-person worship continues to welcome those who desire to be in-person with others in our sanctuary on Sunday. We will continue live streaming in our sanctuary for those not comfortable with returning just yet. You can tune in at 10:30 every Sunday morning for live streaming our worship service. For those of you returning to in-person worship, we ask that you arrive no earlier than 10:15 am, as you will not be allowed to gather prior to or after worship. We look forward to seeing you!
Join Us for Worship on Sundays at 10:30
Go to our Facebook page at and worship with us on Facebook Live! every Sunday morning at 10:30 am. On Facebook, you will be able to interact through likes, comments, and a chat with our ministry team and other worshipers.
Go to our YouTube channel at and worship with us every Sunday morning as the services are posted at 10:30 am. You can also watch these services throughout the week or catch up on previous messages.
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Genesis Youth

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Sunday February 7th - Youth
Saturday, February 13th - UMM (via Zoom)
Wednesday, February 17th - Ash Wednesday
Wednesday, February 17th- Lenten Bible Study
Small Groups at Genesis
We have a variety of small groups that continue to meet online throughout the week. Join us to help stay connected to God and others during this time! Contact Linda Walker for details about how to get plugged in!
Generosity Notes
Memorial Fund

The Memorial Fund allows you to remember or honor a person or event by providing funds for a current ministry of the church. To offer a memorial or honor gift, you may contact the church, mark a gift accordingly or go to our website,
Genesis offers electronic giving, which allows you to make donations on a scheduled, automatic basis. To set up electronic contributions, (checking or savings account or credit or debit card) you can come by the church office and complete an authorization form or go to the church website and give online.

Another great way to give is with a quick text message! Simply send a text to 817-697-2824 with the amount you would like to contribute. Make sure to include the dollar sign before the amount. Within a few minutes, you’ll be sent a text with a link to register. Once your registration is complete you will receive a text verification and a receipt via email.

It is important to know that we can depend on financial support from our congregation members to continue the missions that Genesis provides to so many, as we go through the summer, fall and upcoming holidays.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact Troy Chapman at 817-292-4551 or email him at

Thank you for supporting Genesis! 
Genesis Prayer List

Family of Spencer Baker for the loss of his sister, Kendall Gunther
Chris Ruddell, son of Dick & Sherry and his family
Josephine Gehrig, sister of Patricia Graczyk &
Linda Duncan, submitted by Catherine Hix
Craig Bender, friend of Shayne & Dennis Rasing
Laura Stephens
Hjamil & Vanessa Martinez
Clyde Goodman
Dan Ferry, brother of Becky White
Sylvia Dominey
Sandra Wilson, friend of Troy Chapman
Claudia Lindsey, Pilar Taylor's granddaughter
Rick Zomper and family for the loss of his cousin, Sandra Allen
Laura Stephens and family for the loss of her father, Frank Wright
Marla Goodman and family for the loss of her brother-in-law, Herb McReynolds
Lynn Zomper and family for the loss of her sister, Melayne
Joanne Chandler and her mother, Margaret McMillian for the loss of her father
Kerry Winans and her husband Chester
Dimphna Steyn, wife of Ron

All those effected by COVID-19

Contact our pastors at with your prayer concerns.
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