Genesis News and Notes
January 21, 2021
Dear friends,

Our dogs hate storms. Rafael (our little dog) doesn't even like taking walks when it is cloudy for fear of getting caught outside in a storm. Whenever it rains or the wind blows strongly, and especially if there is thunder, both dogs either stay close by (in our lap or underfoot) or hide in certain places in the house where they feel more safe. We as people can be like this too - gravitating to certain people or spaces or things when we need comfort or need to feel more secure.  

This week in worship, we will continue our "Jesus-Centered" series by focusing on two dramatic stories from the Gospel of Mark - Jesus calming the storm and Jesus healing the Gerasene Demoniac (feel free to read ahead in Mark 4:35-5:20 if you want!). One is a sudden crisis of wind and rain and waves; the other is a long-standing traumatic condition for both a man and his community. In both cases, Jesus' presence and power bring peace. This is good news! No matter our circumstances or conditions, Jesus invites us to draw close to him, rest in him, be secure in centered in HIM. Let's be grateful for this!

Grace and Peace, 
Pastors Amber & Paul 
Church Council 
Sunday, Jan. 24 @ 12:30pm

Church Council will be meeting via Zoom this coming Sunday, 1/24, following morning worship. Council meetings are open to all church members, who have voice (not vote). Click here for the Zoom link to join the meeting.

Music Moments
The next several weeks in worship we will continue our focus on Jesus - his life, his character, his ministry and his relationship in his life on earth and with us. If you have a favorite song about Jesus that you would like to share, audio or video, send me a link or a file by e-mail to share in Music Moments. Send to
If you are a singer or instrumentalist and would like to participate in a Sunday worship service in the first few months of 2021, please contact me at the email address above.
See you Sunday! - Robyn
Sunday Morning Parking

We want to remind you that our front parking lot is our community's way of knowing that we are open for Sunday morning worship. Please remember that if you are able, we encourage you to park in front and use the main entrance on Sunday mornings. The back entrance will still be open for those who need closer access and handicap parking, however, we will not unlock those doors until 10:15 AM.

As a reminder, we are keeping safety protocols in place and still need everyone to continue to stop at the table to check out the safety questions and get your hands sanitized.
New Bible Study Begins January 28th!

Pastor Paul will be leading a multi-week study on the book of James beginning Thursday, January 28th. James is a short and very practical book about how we live out our faith as individuals and a community. We will meet at 1pm on Zoom, and the study will include folks from both Genesis and Christ UMC. Please contact Pastor Paul at to receive a Zoom link for the study. Hope you will considering joining us! 
Volunteer Opportunities at Genesis

Now that more and more people are getting the vaccination for Covid-19, we would like to get a feel for how many individuals would be willing to volunteer for opportunities as they arise. As we try to open up more, there will be a greater need for volunteers. There are opportunities in the church office, around the building and even serving our community. All of our safety protocols will remain in place. So if you are feeling like you would be interested in volunteering, please contact the church office.
Genesis Open for In-Person Worship!
Our in-person worship continues to welcome those who desire to be in-person with others in our sanctuary on Sunday. We will continue live streaming in our sanctuary for those not comfortable with returning just yet. You can tune in at 10:30 every Sunday morning for live streaming our worship service. For those of you returning to in-person worship, we ask that you arrive no earlier than 10:15 am, as you will not be allowed to gather prior to or after worship. We look forward to seeing you!
Join Us for Worship on Sundays at 10:30
Go to our Facebook page at and worship with us on Facebook Live! every Sunday morning at 10:30 am. On Facebook, you will be able to interact through likes, comments, and a chat with our ministry team and other worshipers.
Go to our YouTube channel at and worship with us every Sunday morning as the services are posted at 10:30 am. You can also watch these services throughout the week or catch up on previous messages.
Pray with our Prayer Team | Sundays at 5pm
Genesis Youth
Youth group will meet at 4 PM this Sunday, January 24th.

We will meet in the Great Hall and social distancing practices will be observed. Don't forget to wear your masks.

Connect with us online.
Join us for worship this Sunday on Facebook Live!
Also, find us on Instagram and Facebook!
Sunday, January 24th - Church Council Meeting (via Zoom)
Sunday, January 24th - Youth Group
Thursday, January 28th - Bible Study (via Zoom)
Small Groups at Genesis
We have a variety of small groups that continue to meet online throughout the week. Join us to help stay connected to God and others during this time! Contact Linda Walker for details about how to get plugged in!
Generosity Notes
Memorial Fund

The Memorial Fund allows you to remember or honor a person or event by providing funds for a current ministry of the church. To offer a memorial or honor gift, you may contact the church, mark a gift accordingly or go to our website,
Genesis offers electronic giving, which allows you to make donations on a scheduled, automatic basis. To set up electronic contributions, (checking or savings account or credit or debit card) you can come by the church office and complete an authorization form or go to the church website and give online.

Another great way to give is with a quick text message! Simply send a text to 817-697-2824 with the amount you would like to contribute. Make sure to include the dollar sign before the amount. Within a few minutes, you’ll be sent a text with a link to register. Once your registration is complete you will receive a text verification and a receipt via email.

It is important to know that we can depend on financial support from our congregation members to continue the missions that Genesis provides to so many, as we go through the summer, fall and upcoming holidays.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact Kelly Adams at 817-292-4551 or email her at

Thank you for supporting Genesis! 
Genesis Prayer List

Laura Stephens
Frank Wright
Hjamil & Vanessa Martinez
Clyde & Marla Goodman, in death of her brother-in-law, Herb McReynolds
Clyde Goodman
Margaret McMillian, mother of Joanne Chandler in death of her husband
Family of Lynn Zomper in the death of her sister, Melayne.
Rick Zomper's cousin, Sandy
Charles Hix, son of Catherine Hix
Dan Ferry, brother of Becky White
Greg & Lynne Barnes
Doug Kirkpatrick & daughter Amy, friends of Troy Chapman
Family of Tim Herdman, friend of Troy Chapman
Charlotte Sassman's friend, Mark
Redmond Warren, friend of Lee Unger
Reba Alley, mother of Trudy Bonifas
Claudia Lindsey, granddaughter of Pilar Taylor
Brandy Sharp, mother of Kaleb Faught
Family of Kelly Adams on the death of her uncle, Jim Cantrell
Bonnie Kilberg, friend of Catherine Hix
Sandra Wilson, friend of Troy Chapman
Family of Joel Robinson
Pat Poyner
Kerry & Chester Winans
Dimphna Steyn
Kayleigh Krueger, great granddaughter of Connie Ford
Betty Davenport's brother Ralph Davenport
Sylvia Dominey
Sue Norris, friend of Betty Davenport
Margaret Farmer, mother of Karen Pace
JoAnne Myers daughter & baby Christopher
Thad and Lisa Arms, health concerns
All those effected by COVID-19

Contact our pastors at with your prayer concerns.
Co-Pastor - Rev. Amber Massingill -
Co-Pastor - Rev. Paul Massingill -
Missions Coordinator - Troy Chapman -
Director of Music Ministry - Robyn Hollimon -
Organist/Pianist - LK Fletcher -
Financial Administrator - Kelly Adams -
Director of Operations - Linda Walker -
Director of Handbells - Charlotte Hoffman - 
Weekday Preschool Director - Tammy Beck -
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