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October 2015
Geology & Geophysics Quarterly Spotlight
Welcome to the second edition of the Geology & Geophysics Quarterly Spotlight!
LSU Palynology Student Contributes to Discovery

Geology & Geophysics doctoral student Shannon Ferguson contributed to the investigation that led to the identification of the body of Bella Bond, the two-year old toddler discovered on the shores of Deer Island in Boston on June 25.

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Geology & Geophysics' Sam Bentley and LSU's Kenneth Rose visited Kerala, India, September 4 - 13, to establish a collaborative education and research program with the Cochin University of Science and Technology, or CUSAT.

Their visit, funded by the Erudite Visiting Scholars Program, was part of an initiative created by the Kerala Higher Education Council to help elevate research activities at Kerala universities.

Dr. Juan Lorenzo presented his geophysical monitoring of the Mississippi River levee system before the Mississippi River Commission.

In 1983 Brooks B. Ellwood, Robey Clark Distinguished Professor in Geology, and his research group drilled two cores from a large stalagmite that he named The Texas Toothpick. 32 years later they were finally able to publish their results.

Dr. Peter Clift and his student Brittney Gregory are examining core taken from across the Mississippi Delta to examine the evidence for changes in composition over the last 10,000 years.

The history of research projects in geology and geophysics at times is fairly rapid, and at other times take a long time to develop.

Brooks Ellwood has been working in Vietnam for close to 25 years, and this year, in International Geology Review, his work on the Permian-Triassic boundary interval (PTBI) at Lung Cam was published.

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