Official newsletter of the LSU Department of Geology & Geophysics
August 2015
Geology & Geophysics Quarterly Spotlight
Welcome to the first edition of the Geology & Geophysics Quarterly Spotlight!

The Department of Geology & Geophysics is launching this new publication to fill a communication need. Our Alumni Magazine is an annual paper-based publication that provides you, the reader, with short pieces about our teaching, research, and outreach efforts. The Department felt that you were missing out on timely and important information from the department and that many of the topics that were covered in a paragraph or two in the Alumni Magazine warranted more coverage. Thus, the Quarterly Spotlight, an e-publication that allows us to describe to you our innovative teaching, stellar research, outreach efforts, and linkages with industry in a timely fashion.

What can our reader's expect? Each quarter, the focus of our Quarterly Spotlight will be on one of the following four topics:
  • G&G's innovative teaching methods
  • G&G's stellar research programs
  • G&G's outreach activities, including those of the Geology Club and the AAPG Student Chapter
  • and G&G's linkages with Industry
This e-publication will be sent quarterly to all alumni & friends of the Geology Department with current email addresses. If you do not wish to receive the Quarterly Spotlight, please let us know.
Welcome Aboard!

In late August we will welcome two new faculty members - Carol Wilson and Guangsheng Zhuang. Carol studies the Ganges-Brahmaputra Delta and using Be7 isotopic age dating techniques. She is currently a Lecturer at Vanderbilt. Guangsheng is a source-to-sink scholar who focuses on Tibet and South China Sea and uses U-Th age dating techniques. He is currently a Marie Curie Fellow at Lancaster University, UK.  


We are excited for Carol & Guangsheng to join the Department of Geology & Geophysics! Once they get their research pages up and running, we will forward the information along to you. 

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