Spring 2018

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Business Property Insurance 101

When you first hear the term “Business Property Insurance” what comes to mind? Is it the building you work out of, the hardware you utilize, or the software that keeps your business up and running? Well…it can actually cover any and all of those things.

Business Property Insurance should be considered a “no-brainer” coverage for every business owner and landlord. In fact, many landlords require that their tenants have property coverage for any rented space and for good reason. The financial loss attached to physical property damage is simply too great for them to take on with no coverage. Inadequate insurance coverage often results in a business not reopening after a loss.
Umbrella Insurance and Why You Need It

In many ways, standard insurance policies such as homeowners, automobile, and general liability can be compared to purchasing a rain coat and rain boots to help protect you from passing storms and rain showers. These passing storms represent the lingering threat of liability in today’s society and business world.

More often than not, the rain coat and rain boots are sufficient to shelter you from the world’s everyday storms. These could include a fender bender, a visitor tripping down your stairs, or the financial payout for a minor damage to a customer’s property.

However, your coat and boots wouldn’t stand a chance against a severe thunderstorm, hail storm, or blizzard. These severe storms could include a catastrophic car accident, an on-premises fatality, or long, drawn-out liability lawsuits.

While the likelihood of a severe storm occurring is low at any one time, the chance always exists. That’s why most people keep an umbrella in their car or by the front door. There is nothing worse than being caught empty-handed when the sky opens up. Umbrella insurance functions in the same way. It offers an additional layer of liability coverage above and beyond your standard policies.
What's Happening at Georgetown Insurance Service, Inc
Exciting Expansion News

We have opened a new office in Fairfax, Virginia! The office will serve our customers in the Northern Virginia region.  

The office is conveniently located in Sherwood Plaza off of Fairfax Boulevard. The Fairfax office will primarily be used for meetings and will not provide drop-in services at this time.
Congratulations to Georgetown Insurance Service's Account Executive, Patti Maluchnik , on being named Frederick County Chamber of Commerce's Ambassador of the Year!
Media Spotlight

Georgetown Insurance Service, Inc. was recently featured in Construction Executive Newsletter, MD Construction Network, ForConstructionPros.com, and Independent Agent Magazine. Check it out!

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