Honoring our best and brightest who make a difference for Georgia's families.
Georgia Home Visiting Program Staff Spotlight
January 2018
D'Von Morgan
Parents as Teachers
Advocates for Children
D'Von Morgan has been improving the lives of children and families as a Home Visitor with the Parents as Teachers home visiting program since July 2015 when she joined Advocates for Children in Bartow County. She brought over 10 years of experience working with Georgia's children and families. She previously worked with the Georgia Division of Family and Children Services and Lookout Mountain Care Management Entity. Born and raised in Cartersville, Georgia, D'Von is a proud graduate of Cartersville High School and graduated from The University of West Georgia with a B.S. in Sociology.
“I love D’Von and my family loves her too. She is really a Heaven, God-sent person in my life.“
Over the past two years, D'von has served families with a warm smile and an open heart. One of her best qualities is her sincerity. D'von's supervisor, Cami James, remarked that families trust D’von because of her integrity and desire to help the families with whom she partners. Families have referred to her as “sweet,” “awesome,” and “very helpful.” One of her families expressed their appreciation of D'Von's dedication to their needs: “I love D’von, and my family loves her, too. She is really a Heaven, God-sent person in my life."
D’von’s favorite part of working as a Home Visitor is giving back to her community by helping children in need. One of the caregivers she serves recently said, "D’von really listened to what I needed help with. She brought me some information on how to see the cues my son gives me when he’s ready to try [potty training]. You could really tell that she did her own research before she came, too.” Families report that their favorite parts of working with D’von and Parents as Teachers are “the tips, the books, and the help with tantrums!”
In addition to her work at Advocates, D'von has many outside interests. She enjoys singing, dancing and spending time with her friends and family. She also takes the time to practice self-care regularly. She has a passion for Zumba (an exercise fitness program) and participates in many of the local community Zumba-thons and Zumba-versaries. 
We recognize D'von Morgan for her
remarkable accomplishments and we are grateful for
her dedication to Georgia's children and families.
Advocates for Children is a non-profit organization committed to the prevention and treatment of child abuse and neglect. Through their umbrella of programs that include First Steps and Parents as Teachers, Advocates strives to help create a world where all children are respected and loved, happy and thriving.
Parents as Teachers is an evidence-based home visiting model that delivers parent education primarily through personal visits and group meetings. Parents gain knowledge and resources to prepare their children, from prenatal through kindergarten, for a stronger start in life and greater success in school. 
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