291 Oakway Estates, Eastanollee, GA

  • GMSA is easy to find!
  • These photos will confirm you are in the right place.
  • If you are coming to GMSA for a CLASS then please arrive 30 minutes early.
  • If you are coming to GMSA for a PRIVATE LESSON then please arrive on time, no need to get there early.
  • Bring our own HYDRATION!
  • Indoor plumbing/bathrooms
  • Rain or shine....come on!
  • You are considered our "guest". If the gate is open then come on in and head to the clubhouse.
  • If it is closed then wait & you will be "escorted" by Brian or a board member.
  • They will tell you where to park. It is USUALLY in the CENTER of the circle drive down by the ranges but it could also be by the clubhouse. If it is by the clubhouse, you can drive down to the range, drop your gear off, and park by the clubhouse.
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