March 2014
Volume 4, Issue 1
Olive Growers
News & Membership Renewal
Letter from GOGA Executive Director

Hello Members and Friends,


We hope this newsletter finds you all well.  Included is the Introduction of our Amazing New Website.  We have waited to send this Membership Renewal Notice until the new website and membership online application portal was up and operational.  We hope you enjoy the ease of the new process. 


We have decided to move the 2014 GOGA Annual Meeting and Conference from it's usual Spring date to Fall.  See explanation below.


Please read our 2014 GOGA Scope of work.  (Click here to view)  GOGA has a very full year planned.


Be sure to renew your membership or become a member to be a part of the exciting growth in the US olive industry! 


Contact Info:

Vicki Hughes

5967 Lake Shore Dr.

Naylor, GA 31641

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Membership Renewal Time!

Your continued support of the Georgia olive industry will result in more research opportunities for olive production in the southeast, greater marketing opportunities, and a larger united voice in national and international olive industries.


Additional Benefits

  • Annual Meeting and Conference - Reduced registration fee

  • Receive Quarterly Newsletter

  • Blog Contribution - Sign in info sent with membership confirmation

  • Member events posted on calendar and Facebook

  • Member News posted on website and Facebook

We are so excited to introduce our new online Member Application!

New Website Online


We are so proud to introduce our new GOGA website and hope you take a moment to visit it. We have added many new features to benefit our members and the olive industry as a whole. You will now be able to "Become a Member" or "Renew your membership" totally online. 

Georgia Mill Is Great News for Southeastern US Olive Industry

The new olive mill in Lakeland, GA is the best news in the Southeastern US olive industry all year.  Gone are the days of the mad dash to Texas for milling. The new state-of-the-art Alpha Laval mill will process two tons per hour and take care of olive processing in the southeast for years to come. 


Jay Shaw and Governor's wife, Sandra Deal, inspecting new mill in Lakeland, GA


2014 Georgia Olive Growers Association Annual Meeting and Conference Date Change

The 2014 Georgia Olive Growers Association Annual Meeting and Conference has been moved from Spring to Fall in order to add "Milling" and "Harvesting" to the agenda. We hope this does not an inconvenience anyone. We feel making this change is important and will benefit you and the olive industry in the southeast. 


We will announce the NEW date soon.

Chef Dave Snyder at GOGA Conference 2013

Farm Bill Notes Call on Agencies to 'Remove Obstacles' to Olive Oil Trade

Similar to a cheat sheet, or Cliffs Notes, the Joint Explanatory Statement of the Committee of Conference offers a walk-through of the behind-the-bill positions underlying the iterations of the Farm Bill. Although the Agricultural Act of 2014 signed by President Obama last week makes no reference to olive oil, the Act's accompanying explanatory statement calls for action on the olive oil front...Olive Oil Times article


Reed full article.

Read Farm Bill Managers' Statements

New Georgia Olive Farms Video Including Harvesting and Milling

Click to View new GOF video

New GOF Video

2013 USDA Specialty Crop Block Grant (SCBG) Award


2013 USDA Specialty Crop Block Grant (SCBG) Award - $34,170

(we were awarded 1/2 application request amount)

Grant funds to be used as follows:

  • Research Program Partnership with UGA
  • 4 weather stations to be strategically placed throughout the state for use as research tools
  •  Personnel
  • Conference speaker
  • Marketing via new website and Facebook

GOGA Facebook Page

 Please "Like" and view our page often to see current news.(to go to page click here) If you have news, awards, articles or upcoming events you, as members, would like added to the page please contact the association at

Lots of Olives

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Letter from Director
Membership Renewal Time!
New Website Online
Georgia Olive Mill
2014 GOGA Meeting and Conference Change
Ferm Bill Notes
New GOF Video
USDA Grant Award
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