Happy New Year and welcome back! January 2018

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New Platform for Web and Mobile
Above: Our digital text is now available across all devices.
iOS and Android Supported
Our Georgia Studies digital textbook and virtual field trips have moved to a new platform. We have streamlined the design, simplified navigation, and included more tools to enrich user experience.

For a breakdown of the newest features, see our User Guide with tips on getting the most out of the new edition. And speaking of new, we heard your feedback loud and clear and have launched a mobile version that is available not just for tablets, but for phones as well. You can access our new platform on both iOS and Android devices!

To download the GPB App for your device, head over to the App Store. If you already have it installed, please open the App Store and check the Updates tab to stay current. We are also available via Google Play for Android.

Georgia Stories Updates
Above: the new look of Georgia Stories
New Look and Structure
Our Georgia Stories video series has been given a makeover! Stories can now be searched alphabetically, by standard, or by collection or time period. Each collection curates stories with similar themes and topics like economics, civil rights, or culture. You can also utilize the search function to find a specific video. 

All of our teacher materials have been updated to correspond to Georgia Standards of Excellence (GSE) along with a layout that is easier to navigate. Each story now features Discuss, Expand, and Vocabulary tabs as well as a discussion guide and collection of external resources.    

Some stories have been renamed, but we believe their new names better reflect the subject matter covered and that the improved search feature should make them even easier to find. And we are excited to announce several new animated stories -- Georgia and the US Constitution, Georgia's Executive Branch, and The Legislative Process.

Help Is on the Way for Trouble Logging In
Support for Logins and Passwords 
There are several ways to access the digital text via the different devices and operating systems that are supported by our new platform. First, remember that all eduators must be logged in to access the teacher edition. 

If you are having problems logging in, refer to the "Need help?" button, which contains a step-by-step guide for each version. There you can confirm that you are registered or get help for your specific device. If you cannot remember your password, the friendly "Forgot password?" link will generate a new one and send it directly to your email address. After logging in, teachers can create a personalized password in their Teacher Profile section. For all other inquiries, simply email us at education@gpb.org.

New Guides for Educators
Above: the cover of our new guide
Guides for Usage and DBQs 
To help users navigate and understand the digital textbook, we have put together a comprehenisve User Guide. It includes an explanation of all the new features available as well as how teachers can use them.  We also provide tips for quicker navigation and guide users through embedded features, enhanced content, and teacher tabs.

For a more in-depth exploration, check out our webinar, hosted by Education Outreach Specialists Tracey Wiley and Michael Kuenlen. During this first in a series of new webinars surrounding the Georgia Studies Digital Collection, we offer a detailed exploration of the features included in the teacher edition.

Additionally, we have built a resource to support the Document Based Questions (DBQ) available for every unit. To help teachers get started, a new DBQ Teaching and Writing Guide printable is ready in the Chapter Foreword of every unit. Our guide details strategies to introduce document analysis to students and help transistion them into building arguments utilizing primary sources.

We want to hear from you! 

Send us feedback or suggestions for the digital textbook, or request an 
on-site demonstration by emailing one of our Education Outreach Specialists:

Michael Kuenlen, South Region

Tracey Wiley, North Region