October 2015
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In Honor of Tomochichi 
Perspectives on Georgia's Native Friend 
Tomochichi, Yamacraw chieftain and invaluable friend to General Oglethorpe, died October 5th, 1739. To support standard SS8H2a check out pages 136-137 of our digital text Georgia Studies for a detailed history and interactive video from "This Day in Georgia History."
None other than Georgia's first President, William Stevens, acted as pallbearer and wrote about it in his journal. After students read his reflections they can read a Proclamation from 1774 detailing later tensions between colonists and native Americans. A teacher's guide is available from the Georgia Historical Society.

To conclude, students can greet one another in pairs with a basic lesson in Creek, a close relative of Tomochichi's Yamacraw heritage.  
Textbook Webinar Available
Georgia Studies Digital Textbook 101
Webinar Now Online  
GPB Education hosted a webinar on September 16. Thanks to everyone who tuned in! We covered how to register for the text and login as well as how to navigate the iPad version. We also explained some of the features about which we are really excited. They include interactive graphics, virtual field trips and the forthcoming teacher's edition. Click here to watch the recorded webinar.
Our Team is Growing
Welcome Tracey Wiley and 
Michael Kuenlen 
The GPB Education division continues to grow as we introduce our two newest members: Tracey Wiley and Michael Kuenlen. Tracey and Michael join our team as Education Outreach Specialists. Their primary role will be to provide resources and support for the Georgia Studies digital textbook. Michael will provide support to the southern counties of Georgia and Tracey will support the northern counties. They are working hard to train teachers on how to use and implement GPB's new Georgia Studies Digital Textbook, which is an updated, interactive version of "Georgia Studies: Our State, Our Nation," the textbook used by history teachers across the state for almost two decades. 

They are available to visit your school to get teachers set up on the book and provide demonstrations on how to navigate the book and content. If you are in the northern half of Georgia, contact Tracey at twiley@gpb.org and if you are in the southern half, contact Michael at mkuenlen@gpb.org.
Join Us At The GCSS Annual Conference 
Social Studies: A Map for Life
The Georgia Council for Social Studies (GCSS) is gearing up for the 51st annual conference on October 21-23 at the Classic Center in Athens, GA. The theme this year is Social Studies: A Map For Life to reflect the role the social studies disciplines (economics, civics, history, and geography) play in the lives of our students. 

GPB Education will have a booth in the exhibition hall and we will lead a session on our Georgia Studies Digital Textbook and upcoming virtual field trips on Thursday, October 22 from 12:45-1:45 pm in Empire I room. 

                      T o register for the conference,   click here .  

We want to hear from you! 

Send us feedback or suggestions for the digital textbook or request an 
on-site demonstration by emailing one of our Education Outreach Specialists:

Michael Kuenlen, South Region

Tracey Wiley, North Region