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August 2017

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Georgia Studies Digital Collection for Web Gets an Update
Above: New navigation features
Simpler Navigation! 
Our Georgia Studies digital collection has been upgraded. Teachers and students will find navigation and usage much easier with this new streamlined look. At the moment, our new platform is only available for web but will soon release for iPhone, iPad, and Android users. To see all of the newest features, check out our most recent blog.

Moving through the textbook involves only paging left and right (rather than up and down as well in the previous version).  Arrows to the left and right sides of the page allow you to advance or go back to a previous page. When you hover over an arrow, a thumbnail of the next page will appear. Just click to go!
  • Your Page View tool (furthest to the left) allows you to scan section-by-section through the text.
  • Your Table of Contents tool (in the middle) no longer includes a picture of each page but still allows you to jump between sections.
  • Your Home button (furthest to the right) allows you to leave a unit and go back to your library, where all of your content is available.
A new and improved update for IOS and Android is coming soon!
More Features and Easier Functionality
Above: New usability features
Additional Tools!
On the right-hand side of your viewer, you will notice eight new icons for additional features built directly into our new platform. 

We have greatly expanded the interactive options for what students and teachers can do including bookmarking, searching, and note-taking. 

New Features Available
  • Plus sign: allows you to zoom in.
  • Minus sign: allows you to zoom out.
  • Arrow expansion: allows you to enlarge the text to full screen.
  • Word bubble (teacher edition only): activates a note-taking feature.  
  • Ribbon (teacher edition only): allows you to bookmark pages that you wish to return to in the future.
 Logging in Is Even Easier
Above: New login screen
Reset Function Now Available
The login screen functions just as the previous version for the teacher edition. Newly available is the "Forgot password?" link. 

If you have already registered but cannot remember your password, simply click here and a randomized new password will be created and emailed to you!

If you have questions or concerns about your password, login credentials, or teacher access please email us at

New Teacher Resources Tab
Above: Teacher resources are now located in a tab at the bottom or side.
All-in-One Teacher Edition!
Previously, teachers switched between the student edition for a better view of content to the teacher edition for additional resources. That function has been removed.

All viewers can still see the student edition. However, now teachers who are logged in will have a blue "Click for Teacher Resources" tab that can expand to offer additional content, which is the same content seen in the previous split-screen teacher edition.

We want to hear from you! 

Send us feedback or suggestions for the digital textbook or request an 
on-site demonstration by emailing one of our Education Outreach Specialists:

Michael Kuenlen, South Region

Tracey Wiley, North Region