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Pike County Kicks Off Bicentennial
The Pike County Board of Commissioenrs kicked off their bicentennial year with a ribbon cutting at the courthouse. They also revealed the bicentennial logo and highlighted plans for the year to celebrate the county's past, present and future. The county will mark its 200th birthday on December 9, 2022.
Cherokee County Saves Money with Glass Pulverizer
The Cherokee County Recycling Center aims to save the county money with a new glass pulverizer, which was purchased for $18,440. The county previously paid $18,000 annually to have the glass hauled away and recycled with $7,000 coming back as revenue. By eliminating the hauling contract, the pulverizer will pay for itself in two years and eliminate the $11,000 annual loss. The puliverizer grinds the glass creating glass cullet and sand - both of which can be used by Public Works and Parks and Recreation as a replacement for other materials they are purchasing.
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Lowndes County Commissioner Scott Orenstein Named Chairman of GEFA Board of Directors
Congrtulations to Lowndnes County Commissioner Scott Orenstein who was elected this week as chairman of the Georgia Environmental Finance Authority (GEFA) Board of Directors. Commissioner Orenstein was named to the GEFA Board in 2019 by Governor Brian Kemp and served as vice chairman in 2021. GEFA provides financing for a variety of energy, land and water projects. Since 1985, GEFA has approved financial commitments totaling more than $5 billion to local governments, businesses and nonprofit organizations.

This week, GEFA also announced infrastructure loans totaling $44.7 million, including $25 million to Banks County for a Clean Water State Revolving Fund conservation loan to finance constructing a water reclamation facility and upgrading the county's sewerage system.
Harris County Opens Next Phase
of Recreation Trail
The Harris County Board of Commissioners recently opened Phase IV of the Man O' War Railroad Recreation Trail. This rails to trails project is a 10-foot wide asphalt walking and biking trail that begins in downtown Pine Mountain and extends five miles south to the Callaway Country Store atop scenic Pine Mountain. The trail was funded by a variety of sources, including county TSPLOST funds. Phase V will extend the trail an additional five miles to the City of Hamilton by late 2022.
Douglas County Commission & Community Services Board
Bring Needed Housing to Veterans
The Douglas County Commission and Community Services Board (CSB) held a ribbon-cutting to mark the completion of seven refurbished town homes to provide affordable housing for discharged veterans. The Commission provided $391,000 to the CSB to renovate these homes, which formerly housed women battling substance abuse (this program ended in 2014).
Addition: Last week, Local Lens reported on a new EMS agreement bewteen Upson County and AmeriPro EMS. This agreement was a mutual agreement between Upson and Lamar counties and the vendor, which was a more cost-effectivea approach for both counties!
Meet an ACCG Board Member
Name: Cindy Jones Mills 

County and Title: Forsyth County Chair

First Year Elected: 2013

Position on the ACCG Board: At-Large Representative

Year First Appointed to the ACCG Board:  2017

About Cindy: Cindy is a mother of two daughters, Megan and Courtney and a grandmother of five grandchildren Brooklyn, Maddox, Charlie, Leana and Brynn. A lifelong resident of Forsyth County, Cindy has had the pleasure of watching the community grow and adapt. In fact, when she graduated from Forsyth County High School in 1980, the county had a population of 27,958 compared to 2021 at 256,000 and the average home price was $44,800 compared to 2021 the median sale price of $479,000. During her time as commissioner, Cindy has received several accolades including the 2015 ACCG Advocate of the Year award. She credits this achievement as one that truly represents who she is, someone who will fight for what they believe in or for those that don’t have a voice. This desire to be a voice for others and to stand for cause is why she became a public servant.  
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