It's here!  These scrumptious 1 pound and 2 pound German Christmas Stollen are as authentically German as one can find! 

Made with only the finest fresh ingredients, this stollen was in fact honored by the Food Network as the Best!

The supply is limited.  When they're gone, they're gone until next year. 

So don't be disappointed! Order now for your friends, family members, and of course, for your own Christmas Brunch. 

Want us to send them for you?  

Simply use the bill to ship to option when ordering on our website and as long as supplies last, luscious 

German stollen will be on their merry way to everyone on your list.



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Karla Steinbach

Originally from Austria, the Steinbach family history dates back to the 13th century. 

Family members worked as judges, merchants and architects. Erwin V. Steinbach was a famous architect and built the Muenster (Dome) in Strasbourg (France) during the 13th century.

Because of many wars and religious persecution the family was forced to change their domicile and settled in the German Erzgebirge long before they thought about the first Steinbach Nutcracker.German Nut Cracker

Meet this incredible Steinbach nutcracker available exclusively at The Christmas Sleigh!


I don't think any series captures the spirit of Christmas more than this. Charles Dickens' tale is brought to life with our Byers' Choice 'A Christmas Carol' series.

'Scrooge' and the 'Spirit of Christmas Present' join the line in 2009 in addition to current favorites, Mrs. Cratchit, Marley's Ghost and Bob Cratchit & Tiny Tim.

Comes in pack of 10 cards.

"Christmas in Middleburg"
"Christmas Card"

If you love all things equestrian, all things Middleburg, all things hunt country, then this is the card for you! Nice white stock.

Exclusively available at "The Christmas Sleigh" in Middleburg, Virginia.

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Linda and  Dieter Rausch

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