Gerrymandering = Cheating
Next week, the Maryland State Legislature will take-up Congressional redistrictingas well as Governor Hogan’s vetoes, in a Special Session. 
The last time this happened, Maryland Democrats engaged in the most egregious case of gerrymandering in the United States.
Take a look at some prime examples of these ridiculous maps: 
6th Congressional District
3rd Congressional District 
Maryland's Congressional Districts
In addition to redistricting, the Legislature will take-up Governor Hogan's vetoes. Among other bills, the Governor vetoed HB16, which makes Maryland a Sanctuary State. The bill effectively ‘Cancels the Police’, as it relates to illegal immigrants. Police are prohibited from engaging in public safety. 
How did this bill ever pass? 
It’s simple - Democrats gerrymander districts, which results in the election of dangerous & extremist legislators. 
Put simply: Gerrymandering = Cheating.

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