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Newsletter - Issue 6 - July 13, 2022

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-Georgia Guidestones Bombed

-Gesara Traveling Series Videos

-Gesara Updates

-J.P. Morgan Face Racketeering Charges

-Airline Industry Ravaged by Vaccine Side Effects

-We Have Gold

-Building A Parallel Economy

-The Plight of Truckers

-The Rise of Mom and Pop Businesses

-Buy American

-The Takedown of Walmart and Amazon 

-All Eyes Are on Ukraine

-More News Updates

-Pay Attention To Your Foods


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Welcome to

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with Cathy Harris

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Cathy Harris

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Hello Everyone:

This week's video is entitled "Will You Become a Nomad Under Gesara?" But basically, it is "A Day In the Life of a Van Dweller."

After being out on the road for almost 3 years living and teaching from my van, #StarShip, I absolutely love my life. It seems like I will only be able to publish one Gesara video and one Gesara enewsletter a week for now. At least until I can clear up an issue I have with my laptop computer.

At 65 years of age, I am so proud of all my accomplishments in guiding everyone into Gesara -- but I do need more time for fun out here on the road.

My goal was to publish a series of Gesara videos and Gesara articles at my new link -- -- so you can send others there to catch up. #MissionAccomplished.

It certainly wasn't my intention to publish such a long e-newsletter this week. However, because so much is happening, it just could not be helped. I especially wanted to put the info out on what is happening to the food. So share this newsletter with others. Love you... Blog Posts (Updated):

-How To Save Your Home

-Survival Steps If You Are Totally Out of Funds

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Everyone is pleased that the Georgia Guidestones have been destroyed. This was just one of the many places worldwide where the Occult went to worship. It even states right on the stones that it was about New World Order and #Depopulation.

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Understand that we are still watching a movie. Everything seems to be moving through but don't be surprised if the full Gesara rollout don't creep on over into the month of August.

Even Mr. C, the person who will be flipping the switch so all your debt (Mortgage, Credit Cards, Student Loans, Car Notes, Personal Loans, etc.) in 209-214 countries will be wiped out -- said he thinks everything might go over into the month of August.

Many of us had heard at one time that nothing will happen until the mid-term elections in September, but now we are hearing possibly July and August.

Yep we are still waiting on Putin to clean up Ukraine according to Mr. C. All of you need to understand upfront that none of us have ever went over into another era (#GoldenEra), so yes there will be glitches to deal with and protocols that will need to be followed.

Therefore in this enewsletter, I wanted to provide more info on how to build a NEW ECONOMY and how to save your home. 






A parallel economy is a legitimate core of businesses that run side by side with other major businesses that have similar purposes in mind, which is to serve a certain clientele.

In this case it's CORPORATE AMERICA vs. WE THE PEOPLEFor instance -- WE THE PEOPLE main goal is to bring Mom and Pop businesses back to deprived communities so that we can have options on how to live our lives. 

We need an economy opposite what Corporations provides -- especially now that we know we are being poisoned by Corporations.

They are poisoning us through the products we touch -- to the clothes we put on our backs and through the foods we eat.

It's not enough to just remove the CEO's of these Corporations or to send them to GITMO, we want accountability and swift justice when Corporations do harm to - WE THE PEOPLE. 


As the White Hat alliance continue to clean up the food plants that were distributing toxic GMO FrankenFoods, Human Meat, and toxic Baby Formula -- we all need to do our parts to especially create a parallel economy.


Our first train of thought should be buiding and growing businesses that will help all communities gain access to good clean, organic foods.

Face it -- until we are able to turn people's brains back on with good, clean, organic foods, any other efforts to do much of anything else is going to fail. We must put our mental, physical and spiritual health first. All our thoughts should focus on Self, Family and Community -- in that order. 


With Gesara being right around the corner, I can't see there being major 'food shortages,' however, there will be shortages on some things so be prepared.

If you live in a secure dwelling or home and you have yet to think about growing foods, I just don't know what to say about you.

You can grow foods in ApartmentsCondos or 

Townhouses and especially in Single Family homes inside the kitchen or another room with grow lights or outside in the ground, in raised beds, or pots and containers on porches, on balconies, patios and decks, rooftops, etc.

Check out my 'food growing initiatives' and links at 

Virtual Organic Garden and The sky is the limit on what you can do for your family, neighbors, friends and your community.


Prices should start dropping in about 2 to 3 months after we go fully under Gesara and eventually all prices should drop down to 1955 prices so stay encouraged while growing your own food.


Kudos to All Truckers

In order to get this country back on track as soon as possible, we need to build a parallel economy.  

Truckers will still GO DOWN IN HISTORY and will be looked at as HEROES and SHEROES years from now in history books. This is simply because if it wasn't for the 'Trucker's Convoys', the economy might not have fully opened back up, even though many are still electing to wear a mask. 

And now even in cities like New York, which next to California was #GroundZero for Child, Sex and Human Trafficking, officials there are electing to bring back mask mandates.

Again, let us not forget -- it was still the Trucker's who woke up a lot of sleepers even though many of the Trucker's Convoys' stories weren't carried by mainstream media.

Many of these men and women have gone on to create STRONG groups, networks and alliances and many have even helped elect 'ethical' and 'honest' politicans. Therefore, kudos to all Truckers. What they did and is still doing is huge.

Even though many Truckers are electing to park their trucks and live on their savings because they are saying gas prices are too high, other Truckers like the Truckers in California are being taken off the road by new draconian laws. This is all to cause suffering of WE THE PEOPLE.



While bad Corporations are being taking down, we need Mom and Pop businesses to rise up. Therefore, we still need Truckers if we plan on building a parallel economy to help with local and national distributions of goods and services.

Mom and Pop Businesses especially will need transporation of organic foods to organic food markets, farmer's markets and other organic venues.

We can grow these foods locally and then truck the foods to local venues, but little by little start expanding these routes to nearby states.

Therefore, there should be other channels and many opportunities for Truckers to earn revenue by helping to set up many of these local and national Mom and Pop Businesses.

People need to go back to making goods and services out of their garages and basements again then move into bigger facilities. This is how many of the Mom and Pop Businesses started in the first place.

We can especially start gardens and smaller crops that we can expand into acres and acres of foods being grown. This is a win win for everyone.



If we plan on building a parallel economy, it's time to BUY AMERICAN so check out the below Special Report then look around your home and see how many items you have that are 'Made in China'.

How To Take Control of Your Own Life: A Self-Help Guide to Empowering Your Family and the Entire Community

(Series 1)

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Support Speakers and Trainers



Both Walmart and Amazon have a MAJOR STRAIN on their companies and both companies have been proven to be a part of the Satanic Elite to bring in the #NewWorldOrder agenda and #Depopulate the world so how can we say that any of their products are safe for human consumption? We can't ...

They put it right in our faces -- right in their logos and we all kept buying their toxic products -- while our families grew weaker and weaker. It was nothing but an attack on WE THE PEOPLE.

After reading this section surely you will understand why we have NO OTHER CHOICE but to bring back Mom and Pop businesses. 


Walmart is the NUMBER ONE REASON that we no longer have Mom and Pop businesses. With all the NEGATIVE PUBLICITY around Walmart stores today, such as FEMA Camps underneath many of the stores and people especially women and children being kidnapped from their stores especially back in 2019 and 2020, it's definitely time for us to stay out of their stores.

Many of the products that we are receiving from overseas are poisoned including the foods and clothing that we are putting on our backs. 

The only regular products I buy from Walmart is toilet tissue, baby wipes, garbage bags, Washing Powder, Armor All, Motor Oil, Cotton Balls, Battery Operated Fans, etc. Therefore, from now on I will make an effort to find these products at smaller Mom and Pop businesses.

It's going to take this type of honesty for all of us to really start supporting Mom and Pop Businesses again. And it's imperative that these Mom and Pop Businesses have GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE.


As a Baby Boomer, I remember when Walmart started expanding and building their SUPER WALMART STORES all over the U.S. so I witnessed the death of Mom and Pop Businesses first-hand.

Even though there were plenty of boycotts, some which I engaged in, we still weren't able to stop the big Corporate giant, Walmart, from coming into our communities.

Therefore, we witnessed first-hand, Mom and Pop businesses close down one by one as communities were driven to shop at these Super Walmarts.

What else you need to know about Walmarts:

-Walmart's founder, Sam Walton, was a former CIA Agent who worked in concentration camps during World War II. Therefore, he was tapped by the government, who provided him with grants, to come back to the U.S. and create FEMA camps under the Walmart stores. 


-Walmart wages are so low that many of the employees also have to request food stamps and other funds from the state just to make ends meet.

-They refuse to allow their employees 40-hour workweek, which again has caused them to ask for help from the state.

-Walmart had a practice one time of locking their employees in the building on the night shift -- which in itself is a 'safety' hazard.

-Because Walmart employees are not trained properly, TVs and other large boxes have fallen on their employees (and the public) and it took years for these employees to be compensated. Many died before they could be compensated.

-Walmart never had good Customer Service.

-Walmart foods and other products are of 'low quality' and even their clothing have proven to be made from toxic products from overseas so they have been poisoning us for a long time.

-Walmart trucks are often used to traffick victims back and forth. They are affiliated with the Clinton Foundation, which owns the Evergreen Shipping Containers that trafficks children.

-Many Walmart Truck Drivers have become Whistleblowers and have exposed that many Walmarts have cities and miles of tunnels beneath them that were used as FEMA Camps and for Child, Sex, an Human Trafficking. Their goals were to destroy Planet Earth and go and live there. #Depopulation, #NewWorldOrder.

-Before the 2020 close-down, women and children especially were being kidnapped after walking out of Walmarts by men in black cars from other countries. Inside the stores, men with 'Walkie Talkies' described the women before leaving the stores so when they got outside they were kidnapped along with their children. Many women and children were also followed home and kidnapped later. So Walmarts were a STAGING POINT or a HUB (the same as Targets, malls, clubs, etc.)  for all these kidnappings for Child, Sex and Human Trafficking, Adrenochrome and Organ Harvesting, etc. 

-Over 200 of these stores recently closed for plumbing issues but most people know it was the White Hat Alliances raiding these stores and their underground tunnels to free victims.

I guess you can say Amazon would be the next company that we can blame for taking away all the Mom and Pop Businesses so prepare to STOP SHOPPING on Amazon and look for these products elsewhere. 

What you need to know about Amazon:

-Looks like the company got it's name Amazon from 

Amason aka #FreeMasonry with the Devil's tail as part of their logo. After all Jeff Bezos is one of the 'Evil Elites' that has been causing harm to WE THE PEOPLE

-Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, was arrested and GITMOED a while back and had to turn the company over to others so the company was built on illegality.

-The Jeff Bezos you see walking around is a double. He was also transgendered (born a female (Female To Male (FTM) Transgender), so Amazon is also using their products to indoctrinate and groom our children. 

-Amazon will fire their employees at a drop of a hat if they fail to deliver all their packages on their routes. However, like most businesses they have 'favored' employees, who are able to get the slower routes with fewer packages.

-Amazon search their employees before they go home every night and that is a violation in itself.

-Amazon grew during COVID and right before COVID -- they had ordered an entire NEW FLEET of vehicles. Why was that? It is because Amazon was a part of the Elite groups that caused the close-down and death of many people. They set up and used this opportunity to become even more richer. 

-Like most companies Amazon Customer Service has taken a deep drive. Many customers are saying they are no longer receiving packages from Amazon and since everyone knows that Amazon is quick to reimburse you, many believe that Amazon drivers, inlcuding UPS and Federal Express drivers are now stealing packages from Amazon because of it. 

Several of the wholefood stores that were bought out by Amazon have recently closed so people are catching on. Boycott these expensive venues and start buying your foods and other products locally and nationally from Mom and Pop Businesses.

Buy Business Books at 


Because of Putin, Russia was the FIRST COUNTRY to leave the matrix when it went back to #GoldStandards. I have been telling you for weeks that once Putin cleans up Ukraine, then Gesara will be going through. Supposedly, the country of Ukraine will be divided and Russia and Poland will take parts of the country. Putin will offer citizenship to everyone in Ukraine. 



You are being poisoned. #Depopulation

Yes the same Nanoparticles or Nanobots that were in vaccinations are now being put into your foods to poison you.

White Hats are destroying toxic GMO Frankenfoods, especially those containing human meat. But the Deep State could also be burning down plants to cause 'food shortages' -- so prepare. There were Whistleblowers who exposed Abbott, the largest manufacturer of Baby Formula after 4 children got sick and 2 died -- so again -- support any and all Whistleblowers. #WhistleblowersRock

Foods Containing Nanobots

Boycotting Cannibalism

More About Your Foods

Watch YouTube Videos by David and

Bonnie Straight


CPS Kidnapped

86% of the 800,000

Missing U.S. Childen



-CPS Kidnapped 86% of the 800,000 Missing U.S. Children

-Obamacare Opened the Floodgates for #MedicalKidnapping

-How To Defeat the CPS by Bonnie Straight

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