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Newsletter - Issue 4 - June 29, 2022

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Happy 4th of July and remember the banks loves 3 day weekends. We are close to Gesara going through. Yes the Roe vs. Wade decision was a 'trigger event' so the National Guards are gearing up for Martial Law.

Stock up because ATMs and Gas Pumps might go out in the future so have cash on hand along with other survival supplies. I have been telling you all of this for months so be prepared.

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in 2020

Today I wanted you to see the video above entitled "Ex-Master Mason EXPOSES The Satanic Rituals Of The Free Mason." 

My FREE Masonry knowledge is very 'limited'. I don't claim to know much about FREE Masonry because I have never sat down and studied it before.

As a Freelancer, Columnist and Investigative Journalist, I am just too busy with other timely and relevant topics, however, knowing how FREE Masonry works especially within police departments is very relevant especially as we move from Maritime to Constitutional and Common Laws.

What I do know is that most FREE Masons have to support the gay and transgender agendas especially if they have any desires to move up the ladder to the illuminati. Many will even invert themselves (become gay or transgendered) to move up the ladder into these positions.

I too was called a 'FREE Mason' in the year 2020 -- not because of how I look -- but because of the manner in which I was pushing my glasses up on my face during one of my videos.

There was a young transgender breakdown artist online that I had befriended and she told me I was being discussed on a youtube channel so I went over there to see what they were saying. 

Basically, it was because of the glasses and she -- this young breakdown transgender artist -- was even saying they would watch me in the future to see if I was indeed a FREE Mason. So this group of African American young people put me on some type of "Maybe a FREE MASON Watchlist." 

I did feel a little offended because of their actions but I then blocked her and went on my own way because if you knew anything about research -- my life has been an 'opened book' from the very beginning. It would not have taken much to go back and investigate who I really was.

I was a black sheep child, then abused soldier -- then abused federal employee so most FREE Masons don't usually have a hard life like I had, so again, it would have been easy to find out who I really was.

I am definitely not a FREE Mason because of my loyalty to mankind. I have such a BIG LOVE for all humanity and that should tell you where my heart is at.

Also, it was my first year on the road living in a van in 2020 and I owned at least 10 pair of glasses for reading. Most of them were broke or breaking or almost just hanging off my face so I had to constantly push them up.

I definitely did not know anything about FREE MASONS in 2020 -- but now I understand that being gay, transgendered and a FREE Mason could be one in the same.

During that time in 2020 -- I knew nothing about the mannerisms or signals of the LGBTQ community especially FREE Masons. Before hearing that George Floyd was a FREE Mason, I had not heard the words "FREE Mason" -- since engaging in activism on the streets of Atlanta -- at least 15 to 20 years ago. 


According to the Police Officer in the video, who you could really classify as a Whistleblower, over 95% of Police Officers are involved in Free Masonry.

Understand up-front that just because these Police Officers are FREE Masons doesn't mean they are evil. They only get evil when they move up the ladder and gain a certain status.

Many builders are also FREE Masons and after working with many men for years in the Military and U.S. Customs, I just believe many men just want to be a part of some type of organization where they can have fellowship with other men.

They need this time to blow off steam from their 'high pressured' jobs and families. I have always thought that Police Officers and teachers needed to be paid more money because of the pressures and dangers of their jobs.

Some have to take jobs after work so many might end up working long hours and this is probably why some have gotten involved with easier, illegal ways to make money.

If they don't go along with this illegality, some are set up to look like pedophiles and other criminals when in fact in many cases they are innocent. So understand up-front there are bad and good guys in every entity out there including law enforcement.

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There are many privileges for those joining these FREE Masons. Yes they yield a certain amount of power as members and many are viewed by communities as outstanding citizens but some are indeed as evil as they come. 

They have their own lodges, which usually sit off from roadways, where they hold their meetings and discuss either 'sinister' or 'good acts' for their communities.

Many hold community events and mentorship programs for young men but keep in mind that they only care about the family and children of other FREE Masons so many times they are untruthful when they collect funds, which again only go to their member's families.


My friend's boyfriend was a Police Officer and he was tormented by other Police Officers on the job even though his father and brother were 33rd degree FREE Masons and also Police Officers in other police departments (List of Free Masonry Degrees).

Once he learned about what FREE Masons really do -- he wanted nothing to do with the FREE Masons. Therefore, he was not only terrorized on the job but they sat him up many times to be killed on the job. 

After he escaped all of these traps, he walked away from the Police Department and was even homeless at one time. He is now hiding out from these Police Officers and is now mentally a #BrokenMan.

Workplace Abuse or discrimination in the workplace can follow you for years -- even if you have removed yourself out of the situation and is now in a safe and loving environment.

Some never get over this abuse so they are forced to live out their lives with a type of PTSD -- the same as soldiers coming home from war zones.

Police Interactions 101: How To Interact with the Police in Your Car, On the Streets, In Your Home

Available as a Paperback,

Ebook & Audiobook


You see what happened to my friend's boyfriend above when he refused to join them. Therefore, many times when they try to recruit you and you turn them down, your life could become a living nightmare. Not just your life but they may also go after your family members too.

And to keep you from moving up in your community or from being more successful as a business owner -- more than other FREE Masons, especially -- they might even kill you or one of your family members to 'break your spirit' or to knock you down a notch or two.


According to David Straight who was a former Sheriff, did you know that in forty-one (41) counties in the state of California, the Sheriff is also the Coroner? They are the SAME PEOPLE. And in some Sheriff's and Coroner's buildings -- they even have the FREE Mason lodges in the SAME BUILDING?

This is very problematic to anyone with common sense. So they can kill you, dispose of your body with cremation or bury you in one day and you just disappear forever.

Over the years I have followed stories on social media how many people disappeared after leaving police departments. Now it all makes sense. Plus Coroners know how to savage your organs for organ harvesting too.

We know what happens in many FREE Mason's Lodges. So Police Departments especially Sheriff's Offices are in need of a major overhaul. This is not rocket science. 

Many top ranking FREE Masons discuss who they will allow to rise and who they will bring down to their knees so having someone work as a Sheriff and a Coroner and be in the same building as the Free Mason lodge, is very, very, very problematic and need to change.

I am sure this is not just in the state of California. So law enforcement is not even trying to hide that they are part of these FREE Mason Secret Societies. 

All of this 'illegality' should come into play when electing new community leaders especially anyone to do with law enforcement -- so pay attention to any and all future elections.



Now because of the 800,000 missing children in the U.S. and the millions of global missing children, who are kidnapped and used in Child, Sex and Human Trafficking, Adrenochrome, and Organ Harvesting, etc. -- we can no longer ignore what has been right in our faces the entire time.

Stop supporting all FREE Masonry movie stars, entertainers, pastors, politicians, police officers, lawyers and judges -- who in many cases might also be Gay or Transgendered and part of the LGBTQ movement. 

Don't claim you don't know who they are either. You can tell they are Free Masons or is part of some type of 'Satanist' agenda. 

All the below signals signify that they are a Free Mason and many times these individuals are also Gay or #InvertedTransgenders. They are living their lives as the opposite sex and many times gay individuals will say they are gay -- but they are actually transgendered.

These include:

-Pushing your glasses up on your face on videos.

-Wearing certain colors like the color orange, leopard print, and checkered clothing, or clothing with pictures of pizza (#Pizzagate), triangles or pedophile symbols.

-Being filmed on black and white checkered floors.

-Being filmed with a brick wall behind you

-Being filmed with a black eye.

-Being filmed covering one eye.

-Being filmed with the Devil Horns over your head.

-Being filmed standing in the Transgender or T-pose.

-Being filmed flashing the Baphomet (two finger peace sign).

-Being filmed flashing the Devil hand signals.

-If you are supposedly living as a man but is wearing a dress.

Many will also have pedophile or FREE Masonry symbols on their business signs and logos, on their cars and many will wear rings. All of this has been right in our faces for years. 

Recognize who they are and get away from them. Stop supporting them on TV (Turn it off), on videos, on social media, and stop reading the magazines they appear in. Let's put all of them out of business so we don't have to see their presence again.

These were the same individuals who told you to take the COVID vaccinations and now many of your family members have perished because of it.

When you see them just remember they have a dark and 'Satanist' agenda so stay away from evil. They are everywhere supporting the Gay, Transgender and LGBQT Plus and Pedophile communities. The plus means 'Pedophiles'. 


It's time to leave the Democratic Party and become 'Independent' or a "Free Thinker." Most with these 'Satanist' agendas will be a part of the Democratic Leftist Party. They are part of the Sadistic agenda to groom or indoctrinate our children into the gay, transgender or LGBTQ communities so stop pretending you don't know who they are. Just look around!!!

In many of the businesses or on many of the clothes, foods, and other products they now have LGBTQ colors on the outside wrappings so now you can easily recognize their agendas to indoctrinate and groom your children when you see these colors.

It's time to choose a side. Instead of being loyal to the Democratic Party, be loyal first and foremost to your own family and future generations to come. 

Your kids are going through a awkward stage so stop allowing the TV and the Entertainment Community to raise your children. Take control and don't make a decision that will 'mentally cripple' your children for the rest of their lives. 

Let your family decide how they want to live their lives when they get grown -- at the age of 18. Surely you can't be a Christian, and you are agreeing to add or chop off body parts on your children when their brains haven't even fully developed yet.

How do you think your kids will feel about you in the future when they know you could have waited and allowed them to make this decision?


Trump and the White Hat Alliance have been standing up and doing their part. Now it is time for all of us to open our eyes. It is time to speak up and fight against evil because evil can't rule forever.

This is how you should handle each group:

Police Officers: If you are wronged by police officers or police departments, then file a complaint against them. File complaints, not internally with Internal Affairs offices, but with outside agencies.

If you fail to file complaints, then they will get away with what they did to you so file complaints so the proper authorities will see the complaint and make changes. 

cont'd on top


Churches: We have to tackle 'organized religion' because churches are full of 'hypocrites'. All the Christians have even left the churches so start with taking down the churches.

You can't have 'Christian values' and go along with all the indoctrinating and grooming of children. So either you are a Christian or you are not.

The church like Hollywood/TV, Colleges and Universities are nothing but a form of #MindControl. You are being MKUltraed in the exact same manner and the people doing it to you are FREE Masons.

The pastors, deacons and other men and their families especially who serve in churches are FREE Masons. 

So therefore, stop attending these churches who did not speak up when your kids were being child trafficked and eaten for breakfast, lunch and dinner by the 'Satanist' Hybrid Elites. The reason they did not speak up is because churches are full of FREE Masons.

Use this time to gain access to good clean, organic foods. Try to start back growing foods again or support local organic venues. Make time for exercising and just taking care of your family.

Politicians: Elect brave politicians that will stand up to all the indoctrination and grooming they are doing to your children and help bring back the family value system. 

Check their track records and vote out 'evil' career politicians and especially lawyers. Lawyers are nothing but 'liars' and 'thieves' so don't allow lawyers and career politicians to rule your communities.

Elect 'good' and 'honorable' people from your community to represent you especially current or retired business owners who can quickly bring back Mom and Pop businesses.

Business Owners: If these business owners are doing quite well in your communities then chances are these are the ones involved with FREE Masonry, but not necessarily so investigate them.

Do your own investigations and if you find out they are involved in evil happenings in your community -- then give them 'poor review ratings' online and stop using their products or services. This will force them to go out of business and move out of the area.

Schools: If you are a parent and you do not like this LGBTQ grooming, just like when the schools were forcing your children to wear masks --- then remove your children from schools and homeschool them.

LGBTQ Educators are laughing in the face of parents that attend PTA and other meetings to voice their disapproval of how their children are being targeted for indoctrinations and grooming. This is when you know you need to take your children out of school.

These educators are part of the LGBTQ communities and are trying to create laws to make it legal for an adult to sleep with 11 and 14 year olds and these individuals -- many which call themselves 'Christians' -- are the reason our children are calling themselves pronouns, non-binary, pansexual, etc. and also why men are using restrooms with women and little girls -- and some are being attacked.

Communities: Meet with others in your community and discuss strategies to build thriving communities again. Bring back the family value system especially Mom and Pop businesses. Get these evil people and entities out of your communities.



If you have been doing your best to help build a thriving community even though you live in an area that is polluted with FREE Masons on jobs, in churches, those that are politicians, law enforcement, educators and others that go against the 'family value system' -- then it might be time to find greener pastures.

It might be time for you to walk away from your community because to fix it -- it will be too much work. It will be too hard to restore 'integrity' and the 'family value system' back to many communities -- so many of you just need to move away and find other happy and thriving communities -- or even become a Nomad, like me, so you don't have to settle down in any one community.

In 2013 after spending 20 years in Atlanta, GA, I felt it was time to move on. I ran up out of the city because I always felt something very 'demonic' in the area -- but I wasn't able to put my hands on it until 2022.

In 2022, I listened to a ‘mind-blogging’ podcast interview with Speaker, Author and Researcher Shelia Holms. She went to the state of Georgia, where I am from, to study the 'Georgia Guidestones' and I know many of you heard about the 'Georgia Guidestones' -- but what won’t tell you about this place near Elberton, GA, is that this is an area where the 'Satanic' occult go to worship.

Since 2020 I kept hearing the words "Georgia Guidestones" so at first I thought they were referring to the country of Georgia overseas. But it wasn't until the Shelia Holms interview in 2022 that I realized they had been discussing an evil place, which was right in my backyard for over 20 years.

I even read about a recent debate and how they were discussing that someone or some group needed to go in and just burn down or blow up the area where the 'Georgia Guidestone' sits -- even though it is on someone's private property. 


The monument, Georgia Guidestones, which is two big granite stones, stands at an approximate elevation of 750 feet above sea level, about 9 miles north of the center of the city of Elberton, GA.


And because the Georgia Guidestones is only 100 miles from Macon, GA and 90 miles from Atlanta, GA, these areas are full of 'Satanic' occult agendas.

I knew back then that the city of Atlanta, GA was full of FREE Masons. I knew they were the ones keeping all the turmoil and confusion going in the area especially the FREE Masons who were in the news media, politicians, pastors, law enforcement, lawyers, judges, etc.

My former boss at U.S. Customs in Atlanta, an African American male, where I worked for 11 years did nothing but talk about the FREE Masons and that was his 'claim to fame.'

That is all he ever talked about but I paid very little attention to him back then but now everything he said just seems to fit in place.

The FREE Masons in Atlanta walked around like they were moviestars -- rich and famous and only supported other FREE Masons or their families.

The FREE Masons -- the men and women in the area especially the ones that had graduated with degrees and were a part of Sororities or Fraternities, looked down on everyone else as if they were second class citizens especially if they did not have degrees.

FREE Masons caused chaos, confusion and they constantly went after the downtrotten and weak. I watched the politicians first-hand how they used local activists and advocates to continue winning their sits and hardly paid them anything for their efforts. These activists bowed down to these individuals, while receiving scraps to scrap by on.

Everyone - everywhere were just sad or sick and there were crime everywhere. It was a very depressing environment even though they had churches on every corner and now I understand this is why there were sadness and sickness everywhere.

I always felt there were some type of 'dark cloud' over the city of Atlanta when I left in 2013 and now I understand why. I knew it was something basically evil back then about the entire area, but I could not quite put my hands on it – until now.




The NEW Constitutional and Common Laws (not Maritime Laws) under Gesara should hold DEEP STATE police officers, lawyers, judges, politicans, pastors and others accountable. Many are being arrested.


The Illuminati also called FREE MASONS, Shadow Government, the Cabal, the Globalists, the Dark Cult, etc. is the group that Trump and the White Hat Alliance is taking down or wiping off this earth.

It is the 'illuminati' Rothchild family and other Hybrid Elite bloodline families, who controlled everything at one time -- but not anymore. There are only a few minions left using havoc and turmoil everywhere and these are the ones you need to deal with in your own communities.

Once Police Officers, other Law Enforcement Officers and others reach the 'illuminati status' it all becomes about 'Devil Worshipping' and 'Satanic Rituals' -- where no one especially your children will be safe. 

No one is here to cause harm to anyone, we just need to take them out the legal way because again -- evil can't rule forever.

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