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Newsletter - Issue 19 - Feb. 28, 2023

Some of the Changes with Gesara 

What is Gesara About?

Basically, because the banks have been committing fraud against -- not just you but your ancestors, GESARA will be about giving the money back to the people. All of it started with the farmers so now they are paying the farmers back $800 million dollars.

This is the end of the evil Central Banking system that has had control of us for years and years. We are now FREE and transitioning into a new banking system -- the Quantum Financial System or QFS.

All your banks and credit unions have the NEW RAINBOW CURRENCY ready to be released as soon as we completely go into Gesara, which is any day now.

They will level the playing field for everyone. Everyone will be given a clean slate. They will wipe out all your debt. They will pay off your Student Loans, Credit Cards, Car Notes, and Mortgages (or any other bank loan) and you will receive back any funds ever paid out to IRS. Already over one (1) million student loans balances have went to zero, but people are afraid to mention it because they think the balances will come back. This was Gesara so keep checking at (a FREE account) to see when all your bills are zeroed out. Your medical debt should disappear in March 2023.

For those retired on Social Security, you will receive up to 3 times the amount you are now rceiving up to 5,000 a month. The retirement age will go down to 61. Because of the birth certificate bonds they put on you when you were born, you will receive back funds from that. Everyone will have funds. Everyone will be taken care of, especially the homeless and our VETERANS.

There will be no more property taxes on older homes -- only on new homes. Everything will be affordable and we will be using Tesla energy so your energy bill will be free.

Big Pharma and the Medical Industry have been BIG BUSINESS for many years but this is the end of Big Pharma. Eventually, there won't be a need for Hospitals, Urgent Cares, Home Health Care Services, Nursing Homes/Assisted Living, Hospices, etc. because of the #MedBeds (#MedicalBeds).

Everyone will be living to 150 to 200 years of age or even longer because of the #MedBeds. The #MedBeds and 6000 natural cures coming will help you heal. The #MedBeds will be FREE and will be controlled by the Military. Those with access to the Med Beds first will be the Rescued Children then the Military, then the Critically Ill, then Seniors, the Disabled community – then everyone else.

Every single industry including -- banking/financial, education, judicial, government, military, housing, medical/pharmaceutical, tech, etc. is currently being GUTTED and OVERHAULED and soon we all will be living in a NEW WORLD. #GoldenEra.

Now it is time to think about what you wanted to do as a child and create a NEW lifestyle or career for yourself. You will only need to work 20 hours a week and can use the rest of the time on Creative or Humanitarian Projects.

Grandparents especially Grandmothers (#BringBackMommas) will show up again in the life of their families to help raise intelligent and respectful children again. And neighbors will start looking out for each other again.

No one will be homeless. We will get all the homeless people (Veterans, Mentally Ill, etc.) off the streets and we will be taking care of each other.

We will no longer worship Movie Stars, Entertainers, and Politicians. All of us will wake up from our self-induced comas (#MindControl) and we will start speaking #KindWords to each other.

Not one person will be better than another. Single mothers, the mentally ill, and the homeless will be just as important as anyone else. We will bring back parenting classes and marriages will be mainstream again.

The TV and Music Industries will no longer be weaponized against families. Instead, they will turn down the music frequency and all the negative shows will be removed from the TV, the Internet, and the airwaves.

We will turn off the TV or it will only serve as a CLASSROOM and a TOOL to enhance our lives. We will be able to learn how to grow foods, prepare natural meals, start businesses, work with Humanitarian Projects, and bring back a great family value system into our homes.

The family structure will also have access to the following training -- Self-Esteem, Etiquette, Grooming/Personal Hygiene, Financial Literacy, Home Buying, Relationship, Home Schooling/Formal Education, Reading and Writing Classes, etc. -- everything we need to sustain ourselves.

Those jailed under Maritime and Admiralty Laws, especially the innocent will be released from jail including the ‘non-violent offenders’. Eventually, there will be NO CRIME and we won't even need the police.

All Military, Law Enforcement, Lawyers, and Judges are currently being TRAINED and RETRAINED in Constitutional and Common Laws so we are leaving Maritime and Admiralty Laws, which was the #1 reason everyone ended up in jail in the first place.

We are moving into another Dimension -- #5thDimension and another era #GoldenEra and it is going to be a beautiful time to be alive. The earth will be flourishing with all types of resources and we will have everything we need to live a good life. Just hold on -- all of this and more is right in front of you. #Gesara, #Nesara, #5thDimension, #GoldenEra, #GoldenYears, #GoldenAge.

Learn more from my videos, enewsletters, and articles at

Welcome to the NEW WORLD...aka #NewEarth...

Love you...

Words That Might Be Confusing

-'Sleepers' and 'Normies': The "Sleepers" and "Normies" are also called “Sheeps” because they will be the hardest group of individuals to wake up. The Sleepers and Normies are the people that everyone is trying to wake up so that we all can work together and make changes as we transition over into the Golden Age. Many are brainwashed by the TV, especially the news, and many were indoctrinated especially in colleges and universities so many of these Sleepers and Normies are 'highly educated.'


-'White Hats' or 'White Hats Alliance': 'White Hats' is a term used to refer to "The Good Guys." They are also referred to as 'The White Hat Alliance' or 'The Alliance.' These are individuals (probably strongly connected to "Q" -- Military Intelligence) who have been working on behalf of humanity for many, many years. They are located in every country and also work with the Space Force and Offworlders -- aka "The Earth Alliance." Some are offworlders and dimensional.

-'Black Hats': 'Black Hats' are the evil group of Cabal, Illuminati, Free Masons, Deep State, Globalists, Deep Cult, Satanist Cult Worshippers, etc. who have been spreading evil across the country for many, many decades and centuries. They have been putting people's minds and bodies into bondage for many, many years. They are being taken down as we speak. Only a few minions are left.

-Q: Q is not one person but is supposedly a group of men and women working in military intelligence. Sometimes to put good information out in the universe, they send out DROPS - called Q-drops -- to the Anons -- their followers. Some of the 'Q' individuals have been working together for the good of humanity since 911 and others have come in and out of their groups over the years.

-The Anons: Anons are the followers of the Q-movement. Q is also called the "Q Movement" -- which again includes their followers -- the Anons. They look for drops and other credible information coming from Q. Many people confuse them with Qanons but they are 'Anons' -- not Q-anons or Qanons. There are no Q-anons or Qanons. Many believe to be an Anon you have to be anonymous.


-Patriots: Patriots are people who truly love this country and they also love justice.

-Truthers: Truthers are also people who love this country and they love justice too. These individuals who when confronted with some type of illegality will rise to the occasion and speak the truth. They are just not wired to lie when they are confronted with any wrongdoings. Truthers are also Whistleblowers.

-Whistleblowers: Whistleblowers are true 'American Patriots'. They are indeed known as "The Good Guys" and are also called "Truthers" and "Patriots." They expose their particular industries and workplaces. Whistleblower exposes mismanagement, abuses of authority, prohibited personnel practices, and other acts of corruption -- which affect the health and welfare of an entire nation of individuals. They put their lives on the line in order to save yours and many die or end up in jail because of their whistleblowing activities. Whistleblowers' number one goal is REFORMS, REFORMS, REFORMS. Don't forget that I am a "Whistleblower" ( so I know all Whistleblowers are genuinely good and truthful individuals.

Whistleblower laws in this country still remain weak. Some of the whistleblower law firms trying to strengthen the laws include:

-Government Accountability Project (

-Project on Government Oversight (

-Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (

There are Whistleblower law firms and Whistleblower News Channels in every city. Don't forget that the 'best outlet for a whistleblower is the media'. Put your story up on youtube and other social media outlets.

-DUMBS or D.U.M.B.S.: These are Deep Underground Military Bases (Military DUMBS) that can go miles and miles under the ground. Many were built and used for other purposes many, many years ago. All the bombings that you heard that sounded like earthquakes over the past three years were the Military blowing up caves, tunnels, and DUMBS so they could not be used for Human, Sex, and Child Trafficking -- ever again.

Newsletter Topics

-Some of the Changes with Gesara 

-What is Gesara About

-Words That Might Be Confusing

-Partial List of Those Named in Over 71,000 Federal Indictments

-Everythiing Has Been a Lie - Even History is a Lie

-Learn New Constitutional and Common Laws

-New U.S. Notes, the Rainbow Currency, is Coming Out in March

-Turn Off the TV and Join Alternative News Websites

-Your First Goal Should be to Get Healthy

-What Will You Tell Your Children About This Time in History?

-What is

-What is the Global Currency Reset (GCR)

-We are Moving from a Fear-Based Reality

-What is Currently Happening - Nothing is Real

-Explanation of XRP and XLM

-This is How the 1955 Prices Will Work

-The U.S. Debt Clock

-Read the Instructions Below on How to Pick Up Your Quantum Access Card

-We Are Preparing to Move Into our New Quantum Financial System (QFS)

-Prepare for the Emergency Broadcast System (EBS)

-What You Should Know About Redemption Centers

-How To Set Up Appointments for Redemption Centers

-You Can't Say No to Redemption Center Appointments

-What Happens When Anyone With a Criminal Mind Goes Into Redemption Centers

-The Last Door at Redemption Centers are for Humanitarian Projects

-There Will be Three (3) Groups - #LegacyMoney, #Generational Wealth

-The Qualifications Are the Younger Generations Will Still Need to Work

-If You Are Not a U.S. Citizen - Go Back Home

-6000 Patents and Medical Beds (#MedBeds)

-Why Was Donald Trump Selected to Drain the Swamp?

-How Trump Helped to Bring Love, Peace and Harmony into the World -Gesara Updates

-All Roads Lead to Rome

-Who is Playing the Obamas?


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Partial List of Those Named in Over

71,000 Federal Indictments

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Everything Has Been A Lie - Even History is a Lie


#MediaLies, #FakeNews, #FalseFlagSeason

Nothing but lies..

Everything that you thought was true about the world has actually been a lie since you were born. The media has been lying to you since you were born. History is a lie.

The CIA created Hollywood and the media to distract you from living your dreams and especially so you would never develop your #SpiritualGifts. Think how powerful you would be with your Spiritual Gifts.


-All your education books were changed when Nelson Rockefeller took over the board of education in 1953, so everything you learned in schools, especially in higher education, has been a LIE. The #TrueHistory is before 1953. I can't believe even historians did not know the truth. Those diplomas and degrees especially in higher education are basically worthless and not worth the paper they were written on.

-They removed cursive out of schools because historical documents are written in cursive so they don't want us to know the truth.

-They distracted you even further with sports and alcohol -- especially men -- while they kidnapped your women and children and made them slaves to the global elites through Child, Sex, and Human Trafficking, and Adrenochrome and Organ Harvesting.

-The CIA, Hollywood and the Media also worked with Academia to indoctrinate and groom your children.

-All that initiation and hazing in Sororities and Fraternities are nothing but Satanist 'ritual' ceremonies.


-There were 14 Presidents before George Washington was elected.


-Obama wasn't the first black President.


-It took Lincoln over 5 times (I believe maybe even 7 times) to win the Presidency, and he only won after getting all the banks behind him. Lincoln was from Chicago, and that is why Chicago is so gangster because of #StinkingLincoln. He wasn't #HonestAbe.


-Lincoln was a lawyer. Did you know it used to be illegal for lawyers to run for office? Did you know that 60% of Congress in the Obama administration was attorneys?


-No planes hit the Twin Towers. They were blown up.


-We never walked on the moon. They were in the Nevada desert.

-The Space Shuttle Challenger never blew up. They are all alive today and some are pretending to be a twin.


-Big pieces of the Jewish Holocaust are lies.


-African Americans who are Moors and Indigenous people did not come over here on slave ships. We were already here.

Learn New Constitutional and Common Laws

Again, we need to learn how to UNLEARN and RELEARN -- if we expect for Gesara to work so start with learning more about the NEW Constitutional and Common laws. Learn more by attending David Straight events at www.StraightEvents.comOrder the Thumb Drive or watch him for FREE on You can also sign up for community Constitutional Law classes at colleges and universities or look for these in your community at Moving forward you need to conduct your own research.

You Will Have 120 Days to Elect Honest

and Ethical Politicians Once Gesara

is Fully Launched

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Maritime Laws vs. Constitutional Laws

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Currently, the Military, Law Enforcement, Lawyers, and Judges are being TRAINED and RETRAINED in Constitutional and Common Laws. Remember all Sheriff's Departments were sworn in or took their oaths under Constitutional and Common Laws but not other law enforcement. Turn off the TV and conduct research. Go back and catch up and read all my enewsletters and articles at

Cathy Harris

Freelancer, Syndicated Columnist,

& Investigative Journalist


Hello Everyone:

I am and as a Speaker, Author, and Coach, I am teaching Gesara, Health, Business, and Nomadism. I am not part of any #GesaraTransitionalTeam but Dave XRP Lion 1, who has been on the Dr. Kia Pruitt podcast twice is -- so is David Straight -- so I am listening to their info and simplifying everything in my enewsletters and on social media, especially TikTok. Join me over there.

I am a Veteran and I retired from U.S. Customs in 2005 as a federal Whistleblower ( I am 66 years of age and for the past 3 years, I live, travel, and teach from my van, #StarShip. I am from the Atlanta, GA area but I left in 2013. My home state as a Nomad is Austin, Texas, but I mostly live out West.

I write articles, enewsletters, and books at my Empowerment Company, I am also on and but I rarely look at these sites. I am only actively posting on TikTok. Because Facebook and Instagram were blocking me for 30 days every one or two weeks, I only go on Facebook to post enewsletters and traveling videos and I keep it moving.

We can't catch people off guard so everyone needs to know what is about to happen. They need to listen to podcasts mentioned in this enewsletter and start attending Constitutional Law classes online or in communities at colleges and universities or on Also, go back and read all my enewsletters at so you can find out what happened over the past 3 years.

New U.S. Notes, the Rainbow Currency, Are Coming Out in March

This Means Gesara Will be Announced in March

However, this does not mean we will have to wait for the Gesara announcement where all your balances will go to zero. The bank announcement could be after you pick up your Quantum Access Cards (read below) from Redemption Centers, which will not only be fully loaded, but these centers will give you the option of walking away with $10,000 in NEW Rainbow Currency -- if you ask for it. Since this will be such a glorious and historic event, they also might not make the Gesara announcement until Ramadan, which starts around Mar. 22, 2023, but everything seems to be ready.

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Your First Goal Should Be to Get Healthy

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if You are Not Healthy"

Read the book above and take the 12 steps (12 chapters - 12 steps) - available as a paperback and ebook at

Your very first goal should be to:

-gain access to good, clean organic foods

-gain access to good, clean water

-take daily supplements

-exercise regularly

-get plenty of rest

-do regular detox programs

-get plenty of sunshine

-breathe in fresh air

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What You Should Tell Your Children About This Time in History

What is

What is the Global Currency Reset (GCR)?

We Are Moving from a Fear-Based Reality

5th Dimensional Thinking

Knowledge is power and it helps to remove fear. There is so much going on so people need to just relax. People are calling this NEW Quantum Financial System (QFS) the New World Order or One World Government, where they will be giving everyone a Universal Basic Income (UBI). New World Government would mean that the Cabal Banking system would have been active but it has been taken down.

This is money that the Cabal Banking System defrauded from us and our ancestors. This is our money. JFK tried to give us back this money but he was killed because of it.

It was supposed to be announced again on Sep. 11, 2001 (911) but they blew up the twin towers to stop it. Get rid of your fear. It is just a NEW Financial system to stop all the 'Crimes Against Humanity' (Child, Sex and Human Trafficking, Adrenochrome and Organ Harvesting, Gun Running, Money Laundering, Rape, Murder, etc.) because it can follow the money and can stop these crimes ASAP.

There is nothing to be afraid of, but many people are saying the way they are going to be scanning people's heart is a little scary. Everyone has goodness in their hearts, so let's keep moving forward because the goal is to get rid of evil. They don't want none of the old evil from the Satanist culture getting in, and this is why they are scanning your heart.

The Quantum Financial System (QFS) is from another civilation along with the #MedBeds. This is operating in the 5th Dimension. This is how we all move from the 3rd Dimension -- where everyone is sad and depressed -- to the 5th Dimension, where there are nothing but peace, joy and happiness.

What Is Currently Happening

- Nothing Is Real

The Swamp is Being Drained - Roundup of Evil

Currently, there is a roundup of evil taking place. That is what you are seeing. What you are seeing is not real. There is Hollywood Masking everywhere. All of Hollywood, Celebrities, Politicians, and many others are wearing masks or they are using body doubles or CGI -- so nothing you are currently seeing is real.

The evil being rounded up by the Military and the White Hat Alliance and all the arrests are real. It is the Truman show. They made everything into a movie to wake up the masses because they needed at least 80% of people awake so we can transition over into the NEW #GoldenEra.

Explanation of XRP and XLM

XRP will be bigger than Amazon.

Podcast and Community Classes You Should Attend:

-XRPLion1 - Dave Youtube Channel.

-XRPLion1: Redemption Centers Require Pure Hearts to Complete the Process: RV GCR Dinar Dong QFS News


-XRPLion1 & Gold Star Mother Price: Days and Weeks Ahead: Preparing for Our New Financial Reality

Mel Carmine Interrupted Our Phone Conversation & Said "Jump on Video, this is Great Content!" ~Part 1 (Parts of the interview is below. Go back and listen to it).

Mark Z Live Stream - Financial Expert. Join Mr. C, aka #Codeman, the guy who will be flipping the switch and all your balances go to zero is Mark's guest every Friday.

-Constitutional Law Classes with David Straight at Bring him to your city. You can order the Thumb Drive from the website and watch free

videos on youtube.

XRP will be bigger than Amazon and will work on Starlink – not on a crappy internet. XRP purpose is global equity - period. XLM will be in charge of the day-to-day transactions that are taking place and the relationships that need to happen and they will keep the money flowing in the economy. But their role isn’t to be a liquidity provider to provide the insurance for the entire financial global market. They can’t -- because they would not be doing what they are supposed to do and there is no buyback of XLM because of its role.

But as we know we can’t hold XRP. They won’t be any staking going into the future. There will be a phenomenal amount of interest for a short period of time because we will be receiving money over 11 years for all the taxes and the interests.


XRP will get to be what it is supposed to be. It is like a Dad. He just get to be the Dad but the Mom gets to do what she does -- but Dad is still important and he stays in his lane. So XRP is not trying to be everything for everybody. It just will be the one that says we have to cover from a liquidity standpoint and we know how much liquidity we need to get us out to 2030 – 2035 - 2040. The growth rates are going to be incredible with this kind of money coming into the economy. 

This is How the 1955 Prices Will Work

There has been comment saying we will go back to 1955 prices. The comment is being mistaken that prices will go down. The comment is related to the buying price of money. In 1955 a dollar was a dollar. Prior to that it was less. All of a sudden everyone has 20 million – 40 million - 100 million. There will be an increase on the price of things, but if you look at the overall amount of money in the system, it will be as if we are back in 1955.

The disparity was prices were going up because of inflation. Prices were going up because of the money they were making in the stock market. Wages did not follow. Now you had people making $60,000 a year. But a home wasn’t $100,000 -- being comparable. It is $400,000 or half a million.

Now when we get there -- we made a certain amount of money for houses and things like that. The house that was a million dollar before the active date -- it will go to 2 to 3 million. We are not going to care because we have a multiple that was so far above that -- it will be like we are using 1955 dollars. Prices will go up. Wages will go up. Companies will have more sales – maybe a year to 2 years. So based on the amount of money people have – based on what things will cost -- it will feel like it is 1955, but it is still 2023. 

U.S Debt Clock

Your funds are being added to your Quantum Access cards and the is showing how many millionaires are being added.

This is what it was on these dates:

-22,708,814 on Feb. 24, 2023

-22,713, 379 on Feb. 27, 2023

-22,717, 217 on Feb. 28, 2023

Read The Instructions Below on

How To Pick Up Your Quantum Access Card

Read from left to right - Column 1, Column 2, and Column 3

Column 1

We Are Preparing To Move Into Our New Quantum Financial System (QFS)

- #RestorationBlessing


What is really happening is we are preparing to move into a NEW FINANCIAL SYSTEM - the Quantum Financial System or (QFS), which came from another civilization (#Offworlders) along with the Medical Beds (#MedBeds).

We need to be aware of what is coming so we don’t get caught off guard. When we are caught off guard – we go into fight or flight mode. Then we can’t think clearly. We need to know where we are going.

They were going to stretch out the Gesara rollout over a seven (7) year period -- but everything is happening now - so be prepared. Go back and read all my enewsletters and listen to the podcasts suggested in this enewsletter and sign up to take Constitutional Law Classes.

We are having the EBS, disclosure (revealing what has happened) then the Gesara announcement (where all your balances - mortgages, car notes, credit cards, college loans will go to zero) -- then the buyback for the XRP starts.

This is when they will bring in the attorneys and make sure #WeThePeople money is protected. Bitcoin was a trap. It wasn’t intended to be what people thought.

Everything will be revealed during the disclosure (#MilitaryTribunals). We are getting first-hand knowledge from people who don’t know what is going on. Everything is scripted. The people you see are not the people you think they are. They are using Hollywood masks, #BodyDoubles and CGI. It is the Truman show. 


There is a restoration blessing coming and many of you have been chosen to put love out in the universe and help prepare others for the change. Many people don’t like change so there will be a certain amount of resistance.

We are in the process of receiving the restoration blessing. God has legally reclaimed all of us. He has brought 'heaven to earth' -- and this has been about taking evil to hell. The devil's contract has expired. The devil is done. He can’t kill or destroy anymore. But be aware, there are still a few minions out there.


It is about love and our hearts. Our hearts are the key. If our heart is PURE -- and we are not picking up offense then God has already released us to not -- to have to take care of other people. Now the Holy Spirit can go to work on your heart.

Prepare For the Emergency Broadcast System (EBS)


The EBS will be announced on your cell phone, and by text and email. The messages will come from Starlink so you won’t be able to delete the messages. We will be asked to stay where we are at – or idle in place like with the first close-down -- probably - so try to stay close to home over the next few days and weeks. 

We will get an EBS and disclosure on what has been happening behind the scenes. Some people will love what they see and hear and some want. If you haven’t put two and two together by now -- just prepare.

All of this was supposed to take place on Sep. 11, 2001, but evil came in and foiled everything. God could not lift a finger to help man. We have had to wait but the promises are now being fulfilled. This will now be ‘heaven on earth.’

Now God will get to do everything he promised. This is his eternal revival. This revival isn’t going to leave. It is only going to intensify. After the Quantum Financial System (QFS) changes and we receive our inheritance and restoration -- we will be able to love on people.


Have enough food, water and gas for a two to three weeks. I just don't think anything will be off that long because all medical records are on computers -- but prepare accordingly.

Once we have the EBS -- we won’t have the internet for 3 to 10 days -- so backup all your records, photos, music, etc. Prepare as if it is tomorrow. It will come like a thief in the night. Everything will go dark. Everything will be off. The stock market will shut down.

They will turn on your TV, phone and internet so you can watch the disclosure and it might also be shown in movie theaters -- maybe. They will be broadcasting in 8 hour blocks and it will be running 24/7.

Disclosure will be 3 to 10 days and they will tell you what has happened and even show some of the Military Tribunals and even public executions. It will be longer in certain areas where much of the corruption took place such as Los Angeles and New York -- so basically, it depends on what part of the country you are located in.  

They want everyone to watch and listen for 3 to 10 days. The switch will be flipped back on but it will be different energy (aka #GoodEnergy) because evil will be gone. It will be a different internet. We are going to be our own banks. There will be no more corruption. We are getting ready for our perfect world of abundance. 

What You Should Know About Redemption Centers


First, let's look at the word #Redemption. It means atonement for guilt. There is a Redemption process coming called Redemption Centers. We all have to go through Redemption Centers to claim our Nesara money that has already been paid for. It is called a Quantum Financial Access card.

Wells Fargo is the designated company or bank that mirrored all bank accounts onto the new Quantum Financial System (QFS). Everything has been mirrored onto the Quantum Financial System (QFS) so your money is safe including your retirements and 401ks.

Just be careful with brokerage platforms, which are not mirrored to the new QFS system like banks -- so therefore, you should remove what you have out of there before the lights go out. 

The process is everyone has to go through Redemption Centers, but don’t panic. We are trying to give everyone information so they can get their hearts prepared to go into this new financial system, Quantum

Financial System (QFS).

God has asked that you have a ‘good heart’. So whatever you have to do to get there – whether it is repenting or what, then prepare now. Have gas in your car to get to Redemption Centers -- which will be guarded by the military. The entire process should take 30 days.

How To Set Up Appointments for Redemption Centers

It will start with the EBS first. After the disclosure you will receive an email or text from Wells Fargo, whether you bank there or not with an 800 number to one of the eight (8) regional call centers and they will give you an appointment with a date and time to appear at a Redemption Center, which will be within 50 miles from your home.

They need to make sure they verify who you are. Just answer a few questions so they can verify who you are. They might also ask you at this time to do a 'Verbal' or 'Oral' - Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). Basically, they will ask you not to disclose to anyone where these centers are located -- for your protection and for the Redemption Centers.

Also, if you have a disability that will stop you from walking into a Redemption Center, tell them on this phone call. I am pretty sure if you are too sick, disabled or homeless, I doubt seriously if they will give you your Quantum Access Card at that time.

Family members cannot pick up your Quantum Access Card or access your information because each card will carry your vibrations. Your vibrations is unique to you.

The good news is though – I keep hearing that some people might be able to sign up for #MedBeds at Redemption Centers but if you walk in there, unlike others that are confined to beds and are critically ill, remember they need to go first.

cont'd on top - column 2

Column 2


Just remember your time at these appointments will be limited so do what you came to do and get out so they can process others. Your Redemption Center appointment won't be the same time as your husband or another family member so if you can’t drive, they can bring you but they will need to wait in the car.

The military will be guarding these Redemption Centers so they will be watching the parking lots too but since these are just buildings -- others might be around -- maybe.

Redemption Centers are not banks. They are just buildings. There are 7000 across the U.S. In less than 30 days -- they will process everyone in the U.S.

Again, this is not the time to start up conversations or even discuss any ailments. Your goal should be to get in and get out of these Redemption Centers so they can process others.


Do not arrive more than 10 minutes before your appointment. If you arrive early, they will send you to the end of the line for the entire process so follow instructions. The reason they are telling you this is they don't want people to arrive 2 to 3 hours before their appointments.

Bring a state ID and passport. Bring a notepad, pencil, and pen. The enemy had you convert over to electronic statements so keep regular screenshots of your bank accounts so you can see what you have because the system will go down. Archive everything including online photos, music, etc.

Ten (10) minutes before your appointment, you will enter the building and walk down the hall and go into a room with a chair and screen. Then they will proceed to scan you to see if you have a GOOD HEART or PURE HEART.

Don’t pick up offense at people. Just send them love. If there is offense in your heart, that could be a disqualifier. There could be 5, 3, or 2 more doors. One door leads to the second (2nd) station, others might lead somewhere else that isn’t good or a transporter door. Take this message to heart. The second (2nd) step is you get to redeem any foreign currency or U.S. notes.

No one knows how much currencies you have. You can bring up to $5,000 of U.S. notes (the old Fiat money to swap for the new money) or you will be able to swap out the Fiat money later on in banks. Tell them you would like the higher rate if you are swapping Dinar, then say I accept it.

Everything that you present will be added to your Quantum Financial card. Then they will make your card. You will add your vibration to the card. It is not duplicatable to anyone but you. It isn’t your spouse’s card. It is your card.

Then you go on to the next station and receive your Quantum card, your Quantum phone, and your Quantum computer. Then log onto your computer and create a password.

After logging in look at the Quantum amount you will be receiving. When you see the balance on your Quantum Access Card, you might pass out. 

Remember you and your birth certificate were sold on the open market when you were born so you are a "Trust Fund Baby." Be careful exposing how much is on your card -- even to family members -- so you don't become a victim of crime.

There is more money on that card than you have ever seen in your life so prepare yourself. Again, reframe from disclosing the amount to others. On the card it will be all your money from your bank accounts and Nesara. This will be the largest transfer of wealth in the history of mankind. 

You will be able to access your money and set up 4 sub-accounts. I believe they will provide a list of those that can assist you or many banks will still be around but I don't know the purpose of the Financial Service Centers yet -- so just play it by ear. Take one step at a time.

You can ask for up to $10,000 in the New Rainbow Currency at your appointment because it will take some time for banks to get everything moved around.

Banks had to be Basil 4 compliance in January 2023 but only 50% compiled so eventually many banks will be closing down. Banks have been repurposed and will be Financial Service Centers. Financial Service Centers will facilitate how to transfer and move money but we will still have some banks.

There will be no service fees at Financial Service Centers and they will only be there for 3 to 5 more years because we won't be using them. We will be processing everything through Starlink using XRP. So start taking Dave XRP Lion 1 podcast classes on youtube.

All the money will remain on the QFS system with Starlink. Everything will run off Starlink, which is completely 'unhackable'. It is being protected. 

Everything has been recorded since banks learned to use computers. It will perform like the clouds. It is a way to guard and protect all of us 24/7. There won’t be any identity theft. 

You Can't Say No to Redemption Center Appointments

You have to go to the Redemption Center appointments -- unless you are sick, disabled or homeles. It’s important to get processed at this time. You can't say no or they will come and get you. Just remember this is not a scary process. It is just evil can't exist in the #NewWorld. They have to keep evil out and they figured if they do it like this then they can keep evil out.

If you are not holding on to resentment, carrying ill-will or is bitter – then you should be okay. Everyone has goodness inside of them. So again, this process is not to scare you. It is for us to move quickly to this beautiful New World and keep this Satanic culture out of it. 

Get these other thoughts out of your head. This new Quantum Financial System (QFS) will be able to stop 'Crimes Against Humanity' in its track. This is about #SavingTheChildren and stopping other 'Crimes Against Humanity.'


There will be no evil in the NEW Quantum Financial System (QFS). Tens of thousands of people have already been removed from the new QFS system. Many people will have great hearts, but they haven’t given their hearts to God.

Again, your heart has to be pure. It isn’t a scare tactic. This was promised to us years ago. We must make sure we have world peace. If you are a good person, ramp it up and try to talk to family and friends -- if at all possible. 

What Happens When Anyone With a Criminal Mind Goes Into Redemption Centers?

They have already scanned everyone. They already know who you are. Anyone with a criminal mind or the minions who are disturbing the peace -- once they go into Redemption Centers, they won’t be able to redeem their currency until they pass the first station.

They have to have their hearts scanned first before they can move on. If they don’t have a pure heart, their money will go back into the pool -- into the Humanitarian Projects' pool and they won't be allowed to proceed.

The Last Door at Redemption Centers Are for Humanitarian Projects

You also might be asked to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) once you finish your appointment at Redemption Centers. This is of course protection for you and for Redemption Centers. You are simply stating you will not disclose what happened in your appointment, how much funds you received -- and where Redemption Centers are located.

They don't want anyone robbing you once you finish with your appointment or the Redemption Centers. This is why the Military will be guarding the buildings so don't tell others your plan to go there.

The very last station at Redemption Centers is to acknowledge if you have a humanitarian project in mind. Most people or the majority of people won't even know what it means so they will be told they are finished and they will leave.

Others would have conducted research ahead of time and will be ready. All you need for a Humanitarian Project is three (3) short paragraphs with two (2) or three (3) sentences in each paragraph. You just need to package it so you can say it in 20 seconds and you just need to ask for the money. 

Everyone has something in their hearts that they would do if they had plenty of money. It doesn’t have to be this gigantic 'Save the world campaign'.

It can be anything that makes the world a better place such as having a reliable vehicle to take a neighbor to the doctor; or just to be able to take someone to lunch once a week; or to take a group fishing; or to donate money to the boys and girls club.

cont'd on top - column 3

Column 3


But you have to ask for the money. Just ask for it. You can have more than one Humanitarian Project – I believe. Again, be careful putting too much on your plate, before you gain back your health, but it seems like they will use Humanitarian Projects to rebuild the world so sit down and really think about a project that you have in mind. 

Everyone who asks will get money. Someone very high up has said to expect a million dollars in 'seed money' for your humanitarian project. There will be requirements – of course.

They will of course check on different things, but it seems like they really want those who can to get involved. Just remember the money isn’t for you – it is for your project.

The project might not survive because most people don’t have the ability to keep it going or won’t have the desire to continue the project. They know that! Your project could be saving dogs, cats, horses, lunch programs, Veterans, etc. 

They will help you package your humanitarian project request so stay tuned for future shows and/or training on Humanitarian Projects. The money came from evil but it is going to be used in humanitarian projects -- for good.

They only need a 3-paragraph description of your project. Again, you will receive one (1) million dollars. However, as a Business Coach and Consultant, who teaches potential business owners, I would caution anyone from getting involved with a Humanitarian Project, which is just like a business, unless you are totally passionate about it. Again, the money isn't for you -- it is for your project.

Just understand upfront that you might end up working on that project for 12 to 16 hours a day and if you aren't totally passionate about it -- you won't want to do it. Also, don't put anything before gaining your health back.

Many people are sick or just not at 100 percent. Do not -- I repeat - do not -- get out there and commit to anything until your health is at 100 percent. You will have plenty of time to go back later on and do these humanitarian projects and/or even start your own business.

The good news is because they will clean up the environment and you should have access to good clean organic foods, from organic food co-ops, health and wholefood stores, etc. your body should be able to recover fairly quickly -- once Gesara is announced.

There Will Be Three (3) Groups - 

#LegacyMoney, #GenerationalWealth

This is not necessarily all the Nesara money that people will receive. That is all the money you will get back from all your income taxes, all the interest you ever paid, and everything they did that was unconstitutional and forced on you. That is all the money that has gone into taking care of Nesara and the XRP buyback for the entire world. This is generational wealth that will last for hundreds of years. It is #LegacyMoney.

The Gesara/Nesara money will be paid out over 11 years. The older you are the more you will receive. The cutoff age is 24. There are three (3) groups:

-Group 1 - Ages 61 and over

-Group 2 - Ages 45 to 60

-Group 3 - Ages 24 to 44

The Qualifications Are The Younger Generations Still Will Need To Work

The Cutoff Age for Gesara Funds is 24 Years of Age

If you have a job, the qualifications are you still have to work. The younger you are -- you haven’t been in the system that long -- so many of you will still need continue to work and/or produce.

If you are under the age of 24, you will be a benefactor of the humantarian projects and they won't be paying you minimum wage. But instead they wil be paying you handsomely for your services and don't forget all the Seniors who will need help.

Again, no one need to work 40-hour work weeks -- anymore. You might be able to get just as much done in 20 hours than 40 hour work weeks -- while you work on Creative and Humanitarian Projects.

Marriages will be encouraged again and women can go back to caring for their children and be housewives again or even homeschool their children.

You will no longer need a good credit score to buy things. If you had to rent an apartment and had to have a credit score of 750, now you can buy the apartment building. You can provide housing for those that did not participate in Nesara. They are going to be working for foundations, trusts, and other humanitarian projects.

The first thing people will try to do after receiving their funds is to buy a home. There might not be any cars available so people might need to go on a waiting lists for vehicles. Just be frugal and just enjoy the blessings, while continuing to send out love into the universe.

If You Are Not a U.S. Citizen - Go Back Home

Anyone who is not a U.S. citizen needs to go back to their own country. The purpose is they want everyone to be with the people that they grew up with and the people they love so they can take care of each other and their communities.

This is not about putting people in nursing homes or allowing Seniors or Veterans to die on the streets. This is about taking care of each other.

That country and those people might lose those humanitarian projects, such as #MedBeds, if you don't go home. Everything here will be there too -- so why live here?

You can come and visit – legally – of course as much as you want but your place of residency needs to be in your own birth country. You have to claim your Gesara in your own country. There will be restrictions on travel but you have to be where you were born to claim your Gesara funds. 

6000 Patents and Medical Beds (#MedBeds)

Remember the military will be over the Medical Beds. The children that were rescued will be using them first along with the military, then the critically ill (especially the terminally ill) -- those in hospice, nursing homes, and Seniors and those with disabilities -- then everyone else.

There is a major possibility that the #MedBeds won't be available to the public for two (2) to three (3 years. However, every city has Holistic and Natural Health Experts so these are the people you need to seek out now -- or look for them online. Local organic food growers, and health and wholefood stores will know where to find them.

There are 6000 patents and technologies that are being released to help you heal. This knowledge was hidden from us. If you know a person or if you are the person with an injury, and if you have a qualifying disability, which might be a terminal illness, they will have Medical Beds (#MedBeds) to treat you.

They have #MedBeds already ready to treat those illnesses. In one patient, a four (4) inch brain tumor disappeared out of a person’s brain after 2 minutes by using a #MedBed. The #MedBed looked like a dental chair. This gentleman had less than 6 months to live. We will have the ability to go back and pick an age – or go back two different lifetimes. Imagine 2 more lifetimes – 100 years each.


We have to love on people and to let them get it out because this is going to be very traumatic for a lot of people. We are moving into God’s economy. The foundation is love. We have to prepare for the harvest that is taking place. It’s unbelievable. We are in the time of miracles where everything is turning around.

Why Was Donald Trump Selected to Drain the Swamp?

This is what you need to know about Donald Trump. Basically, Donald Trump was asked by 200 Generals, aka "The White Hat Alliance," to run for the U.S. Presidency in 2016 -- back in 2012 or sometime before that. The Global Elites had a 16-year New World Order plan to take down the country -- Obama 8 years then Hillary 8 years. Had Hillary won all of you would be dying in FEMA Camps.

An ancient cult, Satanic hybrid elites, treated the human race like cattle, especially our children. Also, over 88% of the 800,000 yearly missing U.S. children were kidnapped by the Child Protection Service (CPS) and ended up trafficked to the elites. So Trump was asked to bring in the new QFS financial system and rescue the children.

When Trump took office he wrote 3 Executive Orders to stop Human Trafficking. Many were arrested for 'Crimes Against Humanity' such as Child, Sex, and Human Trafficking, Adrenochrome and Organ Harvesting, Murders, Rape, Money Laundering, etc. There have been over 200,000 or maybe even 300,000 or more federal indictments and some of the indictments can have up to 99 names so the swamp ran deep.

So why was Trump asked to do this? Trump was asked to do this because Trump is a Business Man, Economist, he went to Military school and he knew how the Global Elites think. This was a job only a businessman could do -- plus Trump had filed several bankruptcies and the US, Incorporated was getting ready to be bankrupted as we transitioned into a new financial system, Quantum Financial System (QFS). As of last week, the bankruptcy went through and we are now in a Restored Republic.

How Trump Helped to Bring Love, Peace, and Harmony

Into the World

Trump went to all the countries in 2022 and asked them what they wanted. They all said they wanted love, peace, and harmony. Therefore, 212 (209 countries now under Gesara) countries met in Geneva to sign the Gesara bill. The qualification is NO WAR. If any country move toward war, every other country can and will take them out and they will lose their Gesara money. The goal is not to have any wars but instead to have 1000 years of peace.

Gesara Updates

All Roads Lead to Rome

We Have Gold!!!

The Vatican was over the Roman Empire and their days of reigning down terror on mankind are now over. The Eagles lost in the last Superbowl because it was the symbol of the Roman Empire. And because Football is nothing but entertainment and is 'scripted' -- they were telling you the Roman Empire is over. All the uncivilized and primitive laws from the Maritime and Admiralty Law court system have ceased and we are now under Constitutional and Common laws. Say goodbye to evil and hello to freedom. We are now #Sovereign and no longer a #DebtSlave. #Gesara, #Nesara, #GoldenEra.

Who is Playing the Obamas?

The Obamas, who have been GITMOED, are being played by

Bob Marley (Barack) and Wayne Brady (Michelle).

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