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Newsletter - Issue 8 - July 27, 2022

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-Gesara Traveling Series Videos

-Will You Choose Farmers or Politicians

-Become a Gardening Coach or Gardening Consultant

-Everyone Can Develop a 'Green Thumb'

-Why First Time Gardeners Give Up

-Where Do You Buy Organic Gardening Supplies

-Where and How Will You Grow Foods

-Be Ready for Spring

-Will You Grow Foods for the Lunch and Dinner Table or To Sell

-Look for 'Fast-Growing' Foods for Your Business

-Is There a Fertilizer Shortage?

-Over 70% of Grocery Carts are Contaminated

-What We Did Right

-How Will You Stay Motivated To Keep Growing Foods

-Patriots and Truthers Still Losing Platforms

-Meghan Walsh's Children Taken by Parents and CPS

-Gesara News Updates

-More News Updates

-Pay Attention To Your Foods


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Welcome to

'Gesara Traveling Series'

with Cathy Harris

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Cathy Harris

Freelancer, Syndicated Columnist,

& Investigative Journalist

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One Year Gardening Journey (2017/2018)

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Hello Everyone:

I want to apologize up-front because this should have been the first Gesara enewsletter that I wrote. Face it if you don't have access to good, clean organic foods, you will have trouble staying healthy throughout your lifetime.

So many people push their health to the background, then they go out and do overwhelming things and when they fall ill, they don't have the knowledge to become healthy again. Again, your goals should be Self, Family, and Community -- in that order. 

Just remember no matter what you do in your life, it's important to put your health first. As a business owner, "You Can't Be Wealthy If You are Not Healthy" -- so always put your health first. 

These are just some of the 'healthy habit' steps listed in my FIRST health book:


-Eat Good Clean Organic Foods

-Drink Good Clean Water

-Take Daily Supplements

-Exercise Regularly

-Get Plenty of Sleep

-Do Regular Detox Programs

-Get Plenty of Sunshine

-Take Off Your Mask and Breathe in Fresh Air

I am 65 years of age. At 50 I became extremely ill and almost left this world. But because I was a 'great researcher', I not only healed my ownself with 'healthy habits', but I became a Holistic and Natural Healer and wrote my first of 6 health books. My story is here entitled "The Awakening". Got a question [email protected]

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There is a total of 12 steps in my first health book. Once you take all 12 steps and implement each in your daily life, you should be able to recover your health and feel great again.

Cathy Harris travels around the country in her 2019 Promaster Cargo Van teaching from the road. Her main topics are Health, Business, Minimalism, and Happiness (click here).

Not only is Cathy a #VanLifer but she is also a Freelancer, Syndicated Columnist, and Investigative Journalist. Because she is a Patriot, Truther, and Former Government Whistleblower, she is also a 'Digital Soldier' and 'Truth-Teller.'

As a Content Creator, Cathy runs her own Empowerment, where she has authored 26 'easy-to-read' non-fiction books, articles, newsletters, and created many other products (click here).

Message from

At the age of 65, I retired from my job at Customs in 2005 when I became a Federal Whistleblower (

That was 17 years ago so at this point in my life, I did not plan on working this hard. Eventually, I hope to travel and just teach in cities which means I won't have time for these newsletters.

As long as people are still wearing masks, I have delayed most of my travels to go into neighborhoods and teach with my "Caravan" ( and "Mobile Learning Clubs" ( 

My goal is to get on some of the products and other natural products so when I come in contact with those that have been vaccinated, I will be okay. 

I have tried to cut down my workload but wasn't able to get another video out this week. I do enjoy producing my videos because they are a constant reminder that I am living my dreams as a Nomad.

My goal was to have these SMALL Gesara Series newsletters so I will try to get back there.

All my newsletters might disappear, so everyone needs to go to and read them now.

Cathy's Corners (LARGE ENEWSLETTERS) along with the articles are at 

The Gesara Series Videos and E-newsletters are at is messing with my posts for this enewsletter. I sent several posts over to my computer from my, but they never made it.

So it was probably who is holding up my posts but I suspect is doing their part also to keep me from putting out the truth.

I have been kicked off Facebook for another 30 days. They usually kick me off every 2 to 3 weeks, but still I go back over there and continue to post and get kicked off again.

Do what you can to continue to WAKE UP THE PEOPLE -- #StayStrong, #NeverGiveUp.

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Will You Choose Farmers

or Politicians?

There is currently a war going on between Farmers and Politicians. The Dutch Farmers were told they could no longer grow foods. Will you choose Farmers or the Government? Fight back!

Become a Gardening Coach or Gardening Consultant

Our food growing initiative is "Brothers Building Gardens” is also a new food-growing initiative.

A Gardening Coach is a cross between a Consultant, designer, and a landscaper. A Gardening Coach is for those gardeners who want to do their own gardening and landscaping, but need help getting started and knowing how to do specific projects.

Gardening Coaches and Consultants would like to help you start your gardening projects, so decide if you would like to build raised bed gardens or grow foods in pots and containers on balconies, patios, porches, rooftops, in a kitchen or another room with grow lights.

Gardening Coaches will meet their clients and customers at their homes or gardening centers to help them select their gardening tools for special projects.

If you would like to become a Gardening Coach or Gardening Consultant, we offer FREE business mentoring. Reach out to Cathy Harris at [email protected]

Business books are available at

Cathy's Gardening Videos Playlist

21 Raised Bed

Gardening Videos

(click here)

Everyone Can Develop a

'Green Thumb'


I consider myself to be a 'Gardening Coach' and 'Gardening Consultant' after growing foods successfully for one year in Austin, TX from 2017-2018 -- in 3 raised bed gardens and in pots and containers. We had 3 successful growing seasons -- Summer, Fall and Spring.

My weblinks are and


The two below gardening books is where I documented my food growing experience -- especially in the first book. In the 2nd book, I discussed how to feed communities. The books are available at

Why First Time Gardeners

Give Up

Over 40% Quit After

the First Year

Whether you are growing foods in the ground in gardens, in raised bed gardens, farming using permaculture or aquaponics, or growing foods in pots and containers in or outside of your home, or using some other method of growing foods, only you can decide which is best for you.

Because we were warned not to grow foods in Austin, TX in the ground, because of the thin soil, we knew that raised beds or growing foods in pots and containers would be our favorite way to grow foods.

What is quite alarming is that over 40% of people choose not to garden again after the first year. Why is that?


This is probably because:

-No Harvest: In many cases, it's probably because their crops did not yield any harvest so they gave up. They probably did not conduct enough research in the first place. Gardening is just like starting a business, you need a mentor (coach or consultant), where you can ask questions so you can avoid some of the critical mistakes.  

-Did Not Have Enough Space: Many backyards have too many trees, which provide shade, but if you grow foods in the ground or in raised bed gardens, you need 6 to 8 hours of sunlight, especially for summer crops. So everyone need to be strategic and then choose to grow foods at community gardens ($20 a month), or in pots or containers in or outside of their homes (on your patio, balcony, rooftop, porch, in your kitchen or another room with grow lights).

The goal is not to let the space issue deter your dream of growing your own foods. If you don't have a Homeowner's Association (HOA), you can actually grow foods in front and backyards.

Remember the story I told you about the lady that had over 100 pots and containers because she was renting. She could not plant anything in the ground so she had over 100 pots and containers growing foods. What a great motivator!


-Had To Travel: Many people might be 'first-time' gardeners, but might love to travel or have to leave for emergency trips and might not have others to help care for their gardens. This is why it's important to have your own drip or irrigation system.

And this is something you need to plan for from the very beginning of deciding to become a gardener. With an irrigation system, a family member, friend or neighbor or someone that you can pay -- can help check on your garden while you are away.

-Too Much Work: Many new gardeners found gardening to be hard work. I am sure many people got involved and had no idea how much work it would be, especially when they had to monitor and water the garden on a daily basis. 

-Too Sick/Waited Too Late: For many it was too late to try to use gardening to improve their health, so they had to stop because of their health. This is very unfortunate so, therefore, get started today. Don't let this be your story! 

Don't let any of these reasons keep you from becoming a gardener or even starting your own farm.


Green thumb gardeners are not always born with green thumbs. They develop these by attending gardening classes in person or online, joining or forming gardening clubs, watching gardening shows on youtube, and conducting research on, and

Where Do You Buy 'Organic' Gardening Supplies?

Organic means to eat WITHOUT CHEMICALS. Therefore you will be growing foods WITHOUT TOXIC CHEMICALS.

Try to buy only ORGANIC gardening supplies such as organic seeds, organic fertilizer, organic potting soil mix, etc. There are several websites online where you can buy organic seeds, but you will need to look for them. 

There are several groups on facebook for beginning gardeners. The credible sites to learn more about GMOs are and I learned to be a GMO Educator at the 2nd link through a series of Webinars. 

If you plan on raised beds, then find a local spot with good soil like we did for our 3 raised beds in Austin, TX (click here). It would be ideal if you can find these Natural Gardening Centers and Classes in your city -- like the one I attended for 2 months in Austin. 

Go on, and and look for them. and have been compromised so check out

Check also with local Organic Food Co-ops, Farmers, or Gardeners, local Agriculture Departments in colleges and universities -- anyone who are growing foods and just ask questions.

If you can find these Natural Gardening experts that you can refer too instead of those Corporate giants like those in Home Depot or Loew's Gardening Centers -- then you will be set for years to grow your own foods.

Many people ask are the seed packets at Home Depot and Loew's Gardening Centers any good. Personally, I would say stay away from any products unless you specifically bought them from Natural Gardeners, Health or Wholefoods Stores or Natural Nurseries. 

Amazon owns Wholefoods Stores so I would be skeptical of buying anything from Amazon since we now know they also have a New World Order (NWO) agenda to poison the population. #Depopulation

Where and How Will You Grow Foods?

Decide where and how you will grow your foods. Talking to Gardening Consultants will help you figure a lot of this out especially once you start your Gardening classes. Look at what others especially your neighbors are doing and talk to them. 

You can grow foods in the ground or in raised beds in your front or backyard, on your porch, balcony, rooftop or patio in pots and containers or in your kitchen or another room with grow lights. 

If you have a Homeowner's Association (HOAs), then chances are they WON'T ALLOW you to grow foods in your front yard so try to buy homes WITHOUT HOAs. Tell your family members and friends this too. 

To find out if your soil is okay for you to grow foods DIRECTLY in the ground ask around for an expert to come out and check it. You can find these experts at Colleges and Universites in the Dept. of Agriculture, at Nurseries, Home Depot, Loew's, Natural Gardening Centers, etc. 

We knew once we decided that we could grow foods in our backyard that it would be grown in the ground or in raised beds. After attending classes, the Gardening Consultants advised us to grow foods in raised beds because the area in Austin, TX had THIN SOIL, which made it hard to grow anything -- so we followed their advice. 

When it came time to place the raised beds, we first watched where the sun hit the ground everyday because we realized early on that most green foods needed at least 6 to 8 hours of direct sunlight.

Also, don't forget that your raised beds need to be close to a water source (click here). Raised beds are mostly made out of two types of material (Plywood or Cinder or Cement Blocks).

You don't just have to be in a single family home to grow foods. If you live in an apartment, duplex, condo or townhouse, you can grow foods also (click here)

Also, many people who live in Vans or RVs, especially if they are stationary a large part of their travels, can also grow foods. Many mobile travelers especially grow spices and herbs in a very small space. 

Stay Away from Transplants

Transplants are the potted plants that already got their headstart and they are growing in some type of container.

Many people will start gardening with transplants because they don't want to do the work of growing the seeds from scratch. Using transplants doesn't mean your foods will come out deformed, but the foods will be poisoned. Even if you wipe off the roots, the foods were still started using toxic ingredients.

Those Transplants at Home Depot, Loew's, Walmart, and other Corporate Gardening centers were started with TOXIC ingredients so I would not recommend you start your garden in this manner. 

Be Ready for the Spring

Most people start growing foods in the Springtime, but you can start in any season. I actually started in July, which was one of the hottest months of the year.

So therefore, my number one goal was to stay cool and make sure I watered my 3 raised bed gardens at least twice a day -- since temps reached over 100 degrees. This meant I would do a majority of the work in my garden right before dark, which was one of the coolest times of the day.

You can start growing seeds in trays in your home with grow lights in December or January then replant them in the soil in your garden in the Spring, which for many areas would be in the month of March or maybe April.

Or you can  move them from your home to a bigger pot in your Green House in the Spring or you can just leave them growing inside of your home or in a business with grow lights.

Will You Grow Foods for the Lunch

or Dinner Table

or To Sell?

I can't see people only growing foods to sell, but many probably look at growing foods as a business. However, since so many foods today are poisoned, it's best to grow foods to eat and to sell, especially if you have what it takes to be a business owner.

If you don't have what it takes to be a business owner, then just grow foods for your lunch and dinner table. Try to grow foods that you and the family enjoy eating or foods that have the 'highest' nutritional value -- such as most green 'alkalizing' foods.

Plan also on canning or freezing your foods. You can barter and trade foods with family, friends or neighbors. The goal is to gain access to a variety of good, clean organic foods.

My 'fast-growing' Swiss Chard. I harvested this much every week.


My big gardening dilemma

(click here)

Look for 'Fast Growing' Foods for Your Business

If you plan on growing foods for your business, then seek out 'fast growing' foods. Again, ask your neighbor who is growing foods what grows really fast in the area (within 30 days). If they are growing several foods then grow different foods and use a bartering service with your neighbors.

Also, ask your Natural Gardening Centers, Home Depot, Loews, Nurseries, Gardeners, Farmers, Food Co-ops, Health Food Stores, etc, what are the 'fast-growing' foods in the area. 

When I figured out that Swiss Chard grew really fast in my area, no one told me this. I just figured it out by growing the foods and I had no intention on selling the foods at first. However, after the foods grew so fast (2 to 3 weeks) and even after freezing many packets every week, I realized I needed to sell the foods to local farmer's markets or some type of other organic venues.

But being in my 60's, I was just too busy to grow the foods and go and stand at these venues on the weekend to sell them but I did reach out to a 'Mobile Organic Vendor,' which never got back to me. So, therefore, I was forced to freeze the extra Swiss Chard.

Daily Maintenance On Your Garden

Certain foods need more room to grow such as "cabbages" so I usually investigate this ahead of time by watching several youtube gardening shows on that particular food.

I also prepared the cucumbers for the treillis, otherwise, they would attach themselves to their neighbors and cause one big headache. I also had to make sure they were trimmed on a regular basis. 

The cherry tomatoe and pepper plants also had to be trimmed on a regular basis, which resulted in more growth for the plants. Again, I learned a lot of this on youtube gardening shows.

We grew about 10 foods per season, which was at least 3 growing seasons, Summer, Fall and Spring so all the foods grew except my Potaotes. Having 9 out of 10 foods grow successfully was still a success for a 'first time' gardener.

We harvested plenty of foods every week such as Swiss Chard, Spinach, Cucumbers, Lettuce, Peppers, Cherry Tomatoes, Watermelons, Cantaloupes and Honey Dew Melons.

Is There a 'Fertilizer Shortage'?

I usually mix my fertilizer for the raised beds and pots and continers in the soil when I initially put everything together. Then I add a little more every 2 to 3 weeks.

Then I would plant the seed ONE INCH DOWN in my raised beds and in my pots and containers. Many of the seeds might be of 'low quality' or 'no good' and might not come up.

Therefore, try to plant at least 3 seeds at one time in the SAME SPOT -- to guarantee a crop. Eventually you can trim away what you don't need. 

Fertilizer will help your foods grow faster. There is no doubt about that. When I had issues in my garden especially during extremely cold weather -- even after covering the crops, I would just supply my foods with a little more fertilizer and in 3 or 4 days I could tell the difference. 

Some of the plants went from laying completely on the ground to rising and standing up straight in 3 days because I gave them a little more 'organic' fertilizer.

There is a fertilizer shortage -- supposedly -- so you might need to grow your foods without fertilizer. Just keep in mind that even the feritlizer that many gardeners use from their cows and other animals have also been compromised especially if they are feeding these animals GMO feed. 

Giving your cows GMO feed will also cause the urine run-off, if it goes into your green food gardens, to be contaminated with diseases. 

Over 70% of Grocery Carts Are Contaminated

Over 70% of grocery carts that you are carting your precious chidren around in is contaminated with the 'run-off' of green foods and meats, which in many cases carry diseases.

Many green plants and meats are recalled every month in this country. is hiding this now but at one time, every 3 weeks I saw that they had a meat recall. Again, this is mostly from feeding chickens, pigs, cows, and other animals Genetically Modified Organism or GMO feed.  

You can bring wipes from your home or use the wipes supplied by grocery stores, but it might not be  enough. You might need to place some type of blanket or covering in the area where your children will be sitting on these grocery store carts. 

Can you imagine how many people and how much 'run-off' have been on the grocery carts before you used it? So take precautions to protect your family.

What We Did Right

21 Raised Bed

Gardening Videos

One Year Gardening Journey -- 2017/2018

-Got A Plant Diagnosis: Don't be afraid to get a diagnosis on your plants. We go to the doctor for a check-up and we take our animals to animal doctors for check-ups. So, therefore, I took a leaf from the lemon and tangerine tree to the natural gardening center for a diagnosis and she said both were being 'over-watered'.

Both of the trees started doing great after that. After my mate was going behind my back watering them, I just gave the trees to him to look after. They did great once there were only one person looking after them and were eventually moved to a larger pot outside. 


-Used Good Soil: We chose to use the Thunder Dirt for our 3 raised beds from GEO Growers in Austin, which contained many essential nutrients, and gave the foods a fighting chance, especially since we chose to start the garden in one of the hottest months of the year -- July 2017.

-Set Up A Water Drip or Irrigation System: The best step that we took was rigging a drip system using a sprinkler system (Orbit Hose Faucet Timer from when we went out of town for a week.

Our best friend came over and checked on the system while we were away. So, therefore, don't be a slave to your garden. Try to install a drip system as soon as you apply the soil.

The good thing is, no matter how many foods you plant in the future, you will still be able to plan trips out of town and enjoy yourselves as you age gracefully.

How Will You Stay Motivated To Keep Growing Foods?

When my first seedling came up (in the picture above), it motivated me to keep going. Something coming out of the ground meant I was doing something right. 

The below steps is what I did to stay motivated and become a successful gardener during my one-year gardening journey (2017/2018) in Austin, TX.

-Got Family Involved: If you truly want to get motivated and stay motivated while growing foods, get others around you involved. You can do this with family members, friends and neighbors.

-Got A Mentor: I did not only attend regular, local FREE natural gardening center meetings and classes, the instructors there, both a man and woman, served as my mentor. Or you can hire business and gardening consultants and coaches to work with you. Some will even come to your home.

-Started My Own Garden Club: I started my own garden club "Cathy Harris Garden Club"( and laid out every step aspiring gardeners could take by writing articles and selecting quality videos.

-Released Two Gardening Books: I launched an entire food growing campaign around the release of two gardening books entitled "Green Thumb at 60: How I Started My Gardening Journey with Raised Beds and Pots and Containers" and "Overcoming Food Deserts in Your Community: How To Start a Home, School or Community Garden, Food Co-op and Food Coalition" - available as e-books and paperback books at

-Created A National Gardening Movement With Two Initiatives: I created a new national food movement with two initiatives around growing my own foods at "Virtual Organic Garden Clubs" and "Brothers Building Gardens."

-Launched A National Tour: As a Speaker, Author, and Coach, I launched a national speaking tour "The Cathy Harris Tour," around the release of my 2 gardening books and 2 food growing initiatives and food campaigns and went to 8 cities.

-Launched National Weekly Masterminds: I started my own monthly online Masterminds, Think Tanks and Classroom meetings and training platforms around growing foods at the website on the 2nd Tuesdays of each month from 7:00-8:00 p.m. (CST).

Cathy's Gardening Videos Playlist

21 Raised Bed

Gardening Videos

(click here)

Patriots and Truthers Still Losing Their Platforms

When They Have Guests That Are Speaking The Truth

Meghan Walsh's Children Taken by Parents and CPS

Every single parent -- especially ALL MOTHERS should be in an uproar about how easy it is for CPS to take your children.

Patriots and Truthers are still losing their platforms on Facebook, Instagram and Nicholas Veniamin lost thousands of YouTube followers after he interviewed John Walsh's daughter, Meghan Walsh.

Yes, the same John Walsh from "America's Most Wanted", who became rich and famous after his 6-year old son's decapitated body was found, #AdamWalsh. It sounds like some type of FREE MASONRY sacrifice for fame and fortune. 

John Walsh is friends with many law enforcement officers and the same Sheriff that will be overseeing his daughter's CPS case and the case against the State of Florida and her parents, was elected because of support from John Walsh -- so how is this fair?

I also heard that the "National Center for Missing and  Exploited Children," John Walsh's organization, was nothing but a major front for Child, Sex, and Human Trafficking like most of the non-profits today.

The family was definitely dysfunctional. The mother had a 'live-in' boyfriend and John Walsh was a "Self-Admitted Sex Addict".

After Meghan started asking her father questions about her 6 year-old brother's death, Meghan's Mother and Father took 3 of her children from her.

The baby, only a few weeks old, is in foster care so she doesn't have any idea where the baby is or what to tell the other children when they ask about the baby, but she does see the baby periodically.

Everyone knows that having an opportunity to breastfeed and bond with a new baby is extremely important in their first few weeks of life. 

Many mothers and fathers lean on their parents for a support system when raising their children but in this case because Meghan Walsh was asking questions about her brother's death and John Walsh's organization, they came in and took her children to shut her up. 

Meghan's children, by 4 different fathers, were ages 2, 5, 9 years and a baby. Just because she had different kids by different fathers -- doesn't mean she is an unfit parent, but she said she was emotionally abused growing up...but not sexually.  

Basically, they were able to take her kids because she was seeing a therapist and I told you guys because of Obamacare, it took away our "Medical Privacy." 

All medical records today are in 3 big computers in Austin, TX and all CPS workers have access to these medical records. There is NO MORE HIPAA laws. Obamacare did away with all HIPAA laws that kept our privacy when seeing medical professionals. 

So, therefore, when you are seeing a mental health therapist, CPS can just come in and take your kids. How is this legal or right? 

Many women go through the "Baby Blues" or "Postpartum Depression" after giving birth and many end up seeing someone.

So you mean to tell me because that female have had a momentarily mental or physical lapse, she could lose her child and her child could end up Sex-Trafficked in CPS? How is this fair?

We need a NEW MEDICAL SYSTEM set up to protect all Parents -- especially Women and Mothers and this is what Gesara is about -- protecting and loving everyone. #WeLoveYouMeghan, #JusticeForMeghan.  

CPS is kidnapping over 86% of the missing 800,000 U.S. Children today. We have to speak up for these mothers. One of the children's father is even working with John Walsh to permanently take the child from Meghan Walsh.

I listened to Meghan Walsh sad interview at "Nino Corner's TV" at with David Nino Rodriguez. Join today. The channel is worth every single cent. He has some great guests over there. Also, check out his FREE CHANNEL on youtube.

We need to abolish CPS and Obamacare and bring back our Medical privacy rights. 

#SaveTheChildren, #BabyCyrus, #JusticeforMeghan.


CPS Kidnapped 86%

of the 800,000 Missing

U.S. Children



-CPS Kidnapped 86% of the 800,000 Missing U.S. Children

-Obamacare Opened the Floodgates for #MedicalKidnapping

-How To Defeat the CPS by Bonnie Straight

-Save The Babies: A Documentary on CPS Child Trafficking

Gesara Updates

Many countries are trying to come aboard BRICS. BRICS are also looking at getting their own currency.

I guess they are finally trying to get rid of Joe Biden. He announced he has cancer and he also said he has COVID. This is to remind everyone that this is a movie and dead Joe has been dead for 3 years and that his role is being played by 3 actors. 

Also, the Chinese Elders, who have the codes for Gesara have signed the necessary paperwork for Gesara to go through and Mr. C, who will be flipping the switch, said we are days away. 

Mr. C believes that Putin is very close to cleaning up Ukraine and that was one of the hold-ups. The other holdup is we still have DEEP STATE minions running around causing havoc -- so be patient. 

More News Updates


-List of DUMBS

-Vax Death Cover Ups

-Who Are Some of the Most Powerful Ruling Families on Earth Who Have Secretly Capitulated Power To Trump

-The Plan To Save the Word Remastered

-WHO Director Arrested for Crimes Against Humanity

-Demons At New Yrk Times Now Pushing Cannibalism

-A QAnon Influencer Wants To Use an Arizona Gubernatorial Candidate to Get His Message Out

-The 13 Most Powerful Members of Skulls and Bones

-Jan. 6 Defendant Dies by Suicide

-You Can Kill Someone With Their Own DNA

-Secret UK, Russia Peace Deal Means Ukraine War Beign Wound Down

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You are being poisoned. #Depopulation

Yes, the same Nanoparticles or Nanobots that were in vaccinations

are now being put into your foods

to poison you.

White Hats are destroying toxic GMO Frankenfoods, especially those containing human meat. But the Deep State could also be burning down plants to cause 'food shortages' -- so prepare. There were Whistleblowers who exposed Abbott, the largest manufacturer of Baby Formula after 4 children got sick and 2 died -- so again -- support any and all Whistleblowers. #WhistleblowersRock

Foods Containing Nanobots

Boycotting Cannibalism

More About Your Foods

An Updated List of USA-Based Destroyed

Food Manufacturing Plants

Surely you know by now that all the foods are poisoned and

you have NO OTHER CHOICE but to grow your own foods.

The Truth About Child Protective Service (CPS)


CPS Kidnapped

86% of the 800,000

Missing U.S. Childen



-CPS Kidnapped 86% of the 800,000 Missing U.S. Children

-Obamacare Opened the Floodgates for #MedicalKidnapping

-How To Defeat the CPS by Bonnie Straight

-Save The Babies: A Documentary on CPS Child Trafficking

They broke into Senator Nancy Schaefer home and killed her and her busband because she was taking on CPS. Read more

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