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Newsletter - Issue 3 - June 22, 2022

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-Why Classes Will Be Necessary Moving Forward Under Gesara

-WE THE PEOPLE vs. The Bar Assn.

-Never Elect Attorneys as Politicians

-Most People Get in Trouble With the Law When Driving A Vehicle

-What You Need to Know About All Warrants

-Railroaded by the Criminal Justice System


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Welcome to

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Cathy Harris

Freelancer, Syndicated Columnist, Investigative Journalist

Cathy Harris travels around the country in her 2019 Promaster Cargo Van teaching from the road. Her main topics are Health, Business, Minimalism, and Happiness (click here).

Not only is Cathy a #VanLifer but she is also a Freelancer, Syndicated Columnist, and Investigative Journalist. Because she is a Patriot, Truther, and Former Government Whistleblower, she is also a 'Digital Soldier' and 'Truth-Teller.'

As a Content Creator, Cathy runs her own Empowerment Company,, where she has authored 26 'easy-to-read' non-fiction books, articles, newsletters, and created many other products (click here).

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I started my ‘Gesara Traveling Series’ videos and short e-newsletters because I believe everyone should be prepared for what is next. I will be stopping 'Cathy’s Corner' enewsletters to make room for the Gesara Traveling Series videos, smaller enewsletters and articles.

Cathy's Videos

-Gesara Series - The End of Gurus and the Rise of Experts

-Gesara Series - Dentistry and the 6000 Patents

-Gesara Series - Obamacare Opened the Floodgates for #MedicalKidnapping

-Gesara Series - Three (3) Tips on Driving Long Distance

-Gesara Series - Prepare Yourself for Constitutional Laws

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I can't say for sure if we are waiting still for Putin to finish cleaning up in Ukraine or if we are waiting on a 'trigger event' - Roe vs. Wade. Just do what you can to stay positive because nothing can stop what is coming. 

Meanwhile, go within and work on your mind, body and soul and prepare to attend online or community classes especially on Constitutional Laws.

Now is the time for you to shape and create what you want the next part of your life to look like. Go within -- and #Manifest.

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There will be many new topics that you will need to learn once Gesara is fully rolled out. Over the years on social media, I have watched tons of graduates from high school -- graduate and many even made the statement "Well I Will Never Have to Pick Up Another Book Again."

Whether you pick up another book doesn't matter -- but what you will need to do is to learn NEW WAYS OF LIVING as we transition into a NEW WORLD -- #GoldenEra.

After reading this e-newsletter, you will even understand that sitting down with an attorney in the future might not even be to your advantage.

None of you were ever taught laws in school from Kindergarten to the 12th grade because they only taught you what you did not need -- such as Algebra. How many times have you used Algebra since high school?

So the school system taught you what you did not need and the topics you needed to be taught -- like the law -- were never taught. This was all by design to keep you 'dumbed down' and living in the matrix.

Gesara takes you out of the MATRIX and gives you and those you love back your freedom.

As we move from Maritime Laws to Constitutional and Common Laws, it will be imperative for you to attend Constitutional and Common Law classes online and in your community.

Check out David Straight "Reeducation Videos" on Constitutional Laws, which will educate you on how you were violated by the 'Old Slavery Criminal Justice System.' 

These 'old laws', which came from the British Crown and even dated back to the Roman Era, kept you in bondage as a 'slave'.

Please share this e-newsletter with family, friends, neighbors and colleagues so they will know and can appreciate that we are now moving into a beautiful time in our lives.

Everything will be about humility and compassion and we will be taking care of each other. No one will be above anyone else. It will be a fair and equal society.

The homeless, mentally ill, and single mothers will be treated the same as politicians, movie stars and entertainers. No one will be above anyone else.

Eventually under Gesara, there will be NO MORE CRIME, and no one will ever have to deal with corrupt and unlawful police officers along with a corrupt Criminal Justice System -- ever again.

It is a beautiful time to be alive -- to witness all of this taking place. #GesaraIncoming, #GoldenEra, #5thDimension.




Supreme laws are given to us by God, which are Constitutions and Treaties. God warned us about 4 things, which are Attorneys, Bankers, Doctors and Organized Religion.

The country is run by the ‘Bar Association’ so it has been WE THE PEOPLE vs. The Bar Association.


Never give ‘Power of Attorney’ to an attorney because they will rob you blind. Attorneys are an actor to a term...someone who gets on stage and act. They are nothing but 'liars' and 'thieves'.


Lawyers run everything and many of the lawyers work for the Elites (the 'evil' 1%) and have been covering for them and taking our rights away for a very, very long time -- even though some of these lawyers don't even realize that.


Understand that the CEOs and other officers of companies never create legal documents. It's their attorneys that create these documents that creates criminal enterprises, which violates the public and even their own employees.

It was attorneys that protected Big Pharma, Hospitals and the Medical Industry when they forced our family members to die all alone in hospitals, nursing homes, etc. -- while many were given 'poisonous' vaccinations, drugs, etc. to pass away so that hospitals could make money -- #Depopulation.

It was attorneys that forbid states from using HCQ, Ivermectin, and other natural cures, which had a proven history of success.

It was attorneys that helped 'dishonest' and 'unethical' politicians draft new laws that took the fathers out of homes -- then they came for our children.

cont'd on top...



It was attorneys that signed these entertainment and music contracts -- where all you see and hear 24/7 is vulgar music and offensive acts.

It's attorneys that is allowing all the indoctrination and grooming of children by our schools, churches, Hollywood/The TV, etc. to take place -- #MindControl.

You want to blame someone for all this destruction of the 'family value system' -- then blame the bar association.

All this destruction was the handywork of attorneys. They did this! All the problems we have is caused by the bar association. It is a war between 'Good vs. Evil'. 

So from day one it's been a war between WE THE PEOPLE and the bar association. The White Hat Alliance is currently taking down the International Bar Association, which includes the American Bar Association. Their reign of terror is over!!!

William Barr, the U.S. Attorney General, wants to turn in his bar card, and he wants to be the one to take down the bar association. Good for him!!!


Politicians are put into power to 'protect the people' so it's imperative that you understand that we should NEVER ELECT attorneys as politicians.

During the Obama 8 year administration, over 60% of Congress were lawyers and this is how they were able to change the country into such an 'evil entity' – because of attorneys.

They created Obamacare, which made it legal for #MedicalKidnapping. Over 86% of the 800,000 children that go missing every year in the U.S. -- is kidnapped or stolen because of the lawyers and judges at the Child Protective Services (CPS), which is a private 'for-profit' business.

Lawyers falsify records and documents and set up HUNDREDS of corporations including Child Protective Service' offices and kangeroo Family Courtrooms and even set up businesses such as Entertainment Companies, Trucking Companies, so the children could be EASILY kidnapped, trafficked, used for Adrenochrome and Organ Harvesting, etc.


Did you know that every police force had a second locker room with their United Nations (U.N.) uniforms? Police higher authorities also had access to U.N. vehicles already in the U.S. but now the U.N. has been abolished.


The Attorney Generals in each state – the highest attorneys in the land, don’t know what they are doing because they weren’t taught law in law school.

All Attorneys are taught in law schools are how to fill out forms. They depend on their law clerks and 'Case Laws,' which are nothing but someone's opinion -- to conduct research.

Posting pictures of potential criminals in newspapers without due process of the law is defamation. Many of the people are innocent. They can sue the newspapers, the police department and the entire criminal justice system for providing their names and pictures.

The police are trained by County Attorneys. The County Attorney is a 'legal adviser' to the County Board of Commissioner and other County personnel. They are also a legal advocate for the county in court cases in which the county is a party.  

City police did not take the constitutional oath but county police did so this might be why you are violated more by city police versus county police.


City police write illegal tickets to pay for their salaries. If they make more money, they can hire more police officers and buy more cars because of 'illegal' ticket writing.


You can go an entire lifetime and never get in trouble with the law. Most people get into trouble with the law when DRIVING A VEHICLE so read my 78 page 'easy-to-read' book entitled -- "Police Interactions 101: How To Interact with the Police in Your Car, On the Streets, In Your Home." 

The book is available as a paperback, e-book and audiobook. Allow all your children -- ages 10 and above -- especially male children to read the book.

When stopped by the police -- men should have their wallets on the dashboard with their driver's license, insurance cards, and vehicle registration or bill of sale.

Women should also keep their driver's license in close proximity with their insurance card and vehicle registration and only pull them out when a Police Officer ask them too.

When you are stopped by the police -- if you are a female and it is nighttime, try to keep driving to a well lit (well-lighted) area or an area where there are houses or businesses so you can have witnesses.

Get on your phone right away and call 911 and tell them you are being pulled over by the police and ask them to send a Sergeant out to the scene. Many men can do this too.

When driving have all your documents together and when stopped -- put both hands on the steering wheel. Only move them when taking orders from Police Officers. 

When a police officer walk up to your vehicle, make sure the car ignition is off, the radio is off, and all the windows are rolled down. If it is nighttime, do all of these -- plus turn on the dome light in the vehicle.

Also, if you are by yourself, lay your phone on the passenger's seat of your vehicle or under your seat and record the conversation on your phone by video or a recorder.

Say kind words such as "Hello Officer how can I help you?" This is because Police Officers have the upper hand so there is no reason to become agitated because of the stop -- even though you think it was an illegal stop. Just be calm and fight back later in court.

According to David Straight who was also a Sheriff, any ticket can be thrown out if you write a certain phrase on the ticket in red ink and mail it into the courtroom or take it there within 72 hours. 

Just understand up-front that the police is not your friend so KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT. Keep asking them "Are You Free to Go?" If they say YES, then quietly leave. If they say you are under arrest -- tell them you want an attorney and don't say another word until you have an attorney.

Did you know that drug dogs are called out on mostly vehicles with minority drivers?However, with the legalization now of marihuana in many states, finding a small amount on someone no longer calls for a jail sentence so find out what the laws are in your area especially under Constitutional Laws.

You don't have to allow a police officer to search your vehicle unless you leave something illegal in plain view (hash pipe, baggie, etc.) -- where they can see it -- then they will say they had 'probable cause' to search your vehicle.

But if you are a African American male especially and out there by yourself in the daytime or nighttime -- when they ask if they can search your vehicle, do what you need to do to protect yourself and fight it later on in the court system.

Police Interactions 101: How To Interact with the Police in Your Car, On the Streets, In Your Home

Available as a Paperback,

Ebook & Audiobook



Judges generally hear larger, more complex cases while magistrates hear smaller matters such as petty crime and traffic offenses. Judges and magistrates have different jurisdictional powers. Judges can preside over a large area, sometimes the entire country.

An Arrest Warrant is an official document, signed by a judge (or magistrate), which authorizes a police officer to arrest the person or people named in the warrant.

Warrants typically identify the crime for which an arrest has been authorized, and may restrict the manner in which an arrest may be made.

For example, a warrant may state that a suspect can be arrested "only between the hours of 6 a.m. and 6 p.m." Also, some warrants specify the bail that a defendant must post to regain his freedom following an arrest.

If the warrant is for a previous failure of the suspect to appear in court -- it is called a 'Bench Warrant.' it will probably specify that the arrested person may not be released on bail at all (sometimes termed a "No-Bail Warrant").

Only magistrates and judges may issue Search Warrants. To obtain a warrant, law enforcement officers must show that there is probable cause to believe a search is justified.

Officers must support this showing with sworn statements (affidavits), and must describe the details and the place they will search and the items they will seize

However, what you need to understand is that under Maritimes Laws, the laws you been abiding by all these years -- over 99% of ALL WARRANTS were bogus.

Warrants can only come from an Article 1 or Article 3 courtroom, which is a #ConstitutionalLaw courtroom.

The warrant must have a claim or an affidavit attached containing a raised seal, but most people don’t know what to look for.


It takes 3 signatures to put you in jail – the Judge, the Prosecuting Attorney and Your Attorney. This is why they sell you down the river by telling you to take a 'plea' deal.

Harvard University has conducted three (3) studies and their findings where --- that 49% to 69% of people don’t deserve to be in prison.


The biggest criminals in the country are the judges and then the prosecuting attorneys. Judges owns many of the prisons so this is why they try to keep them full by 'illegally' convicting 'innocent' people.


They railroad us or lead us down a path that is ''predetermined.' Just remember you are not party to the Constitution under 'Maritime Laws'.

Most of the time there is one man (or woman) – not a jury -- making a decision on your case so you were set up to fail.


The bar association are still using old 'British Crown Roman Laws' so you have a 5% chance of getting a case before the Supreme court.


All crimes are commercial, which means ALL CRIMES will cost money. A trillion dollars a day is taken out from Birth Certificate Bond Money for the Department of Justice (DOJ) to use in court cases.


New Orleans, for instance, has a 5-floor courthouse building. The building is the size of a city block. There are 2 to 3 floors of judges and courtrooms. The U.S. Marshals are on the bottom floors. 


There are hundreds of court clerks. They are bank tellers. Mary of the clerks handle all bonds. Those clerks are filling out Standard Form (SF) 273, 274 and 275 -- all day long.


Federal court buys your case from the state. Then the state collects through your cusip number out of your ‘Cestiv Que Vie’ (CQV) trust from your birth certificate bond money.

Everytime you have a court case they take money out of your cusip so your court case is a cusip number.

WE THE PEOPLE need to lay down the law. They are stealing from us and judges get a commission for a 'guilty' verdict. 

You are summoned into court through a seance, and the judges wear their black robes because it is a Satanic ritual. They call the dead in court and you just show up.


When your case is coming up the court clerk informs the Dept. of Fiscal Services and fills out the form -- SF 273.

The funds are in U.S. Treasury bonds, not liquid capital, so they have to set everything up before your court date.


On the day of your trial, the head court clerk fills out the 'Performance Bond', SF 274, telling them the person has been found 'guilty' and they need to wire transfer the penal sum to the court.


The person has to perform. They have to transfer the money to the court because you were ''indicted' or found guilty. An indictment is a true bill. If you don’t pay the bill, you are brought up on charges.


The Judge receives around $95,000 in commission and the Prosecuting attorney around $50,000 per charge so if you have 4 charges, that is $200,000.

Both the Judge and Prosecuting Attorney will split their commissions with YOUR ATTORNEY to find you guilty. They will give YOUR ATTORNEY around $40,000 to find you guilty -- even though you already paid your attorey around $25,000. 

This is the legal system they used under Maritime Laws to put you in jail or prison or to fine you large sums of money and keep you in bondage as a 'slave'. You were sold on the open market -- just like any slave.

Either way their goals were to find you guilty of any and all crimes so you never stood a chance to win your case, unless you became Sovereign and even represented your ownself in court. 

Under Gesara -- you will now LEAVE THE MATRIX and BE FREE. Welcome to the NEW WORLD - #Gesara, #GoldenEra, #5thDimension.

Reaffirming Oaths Under Constitutional Laws

All Judges, Lawyers, Law Enforcement, Military, etc. will be reaffirming their oaths (being sworn in again) to the Constitution under Constitutional Laws.

Under the new Quantum Financial System (QFS), they will be watched closely to make sure they are not committing any crimes such as Money Laundering, Child, Sex and Human Trafficking, Adrenochrome and Organ Harvesting, etc. Most crimes especially 'Crimes Against Humanity' can be stopped immediately with the new QFS system.

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