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Newsletter - Issue 10 - Sep. 10, 2022

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-The Future of My Enewsletters

-Last Chance to Get Redpilled before Gesara Starts

-Gesara Updates

-Space Force Takes Over All Military Satellites

-VanLife Updates

-Is Your Foods Connected to Violent Crimes?

-Can We Pay Police Officers and Put the Crime of 'Rape' Back on the Books?

-City and State Jobs

-The Power of the FEDS vs. City and State Law Enforcement

-Let's Look at the Military

-Why I Had to Write This Enewsletter and Keep Telling My Story

-Which 3-Letter Agencies Will Be Abolished?

-The Supreme Court Rulings that Opened the Door for Federal Government Agencies' Reforms

-Let's Look at the Federal Government Agencies

-The Queen of England Dies - The Start of Gesara

-More Gesara Updates 

-More News Updates

-Election Fraud Proven

-Are You Constantly Deplatformed?

-Credible Gesara Experts

-Juan O'Savin Says Gesara is a Scam

-Ann Heche Goes Into Witness Protection - Probably 

-Articles and Videos

-More On MedBeds

-The Truth About CPS


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CEO, Cathy Harris

Austin, TX

Welcome to

'Gesara Traveling Series'

with Cathy Harris

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Cathy Harris

Freelancer, Syndicated Columnist,

& Investigative Journalist

Welcome to the 10th edition of my Gesara Series e-newsletters. We are moving toward a world where there will not be any crime #CrimelessSociety. If we can just make government officials especially law enforcement -- study the NEW Constitutional Laws then that will be half the battle to getting there.

Under Gesara many will only need to work 20 hours a week, while they work on their own Creative Projects and/or Humanitarian Projects. Many women will be able to stay home again while grandmothers will show back up in the lives of their families and help raise good, honest, and respectful children -- again #BringBackMommas.

This was one of the hardest enewsletters that I have ever written. After being retired from the government for 17 years, I left all of this in my rear-view. However, for the sake of those still in abusive and controlling workplaces, I needed to write this enewsletter to educate everyone on WHY THE GOVERNMENT and many other workplaces today have allowed bullying and workplace violence to flourish throughout the years. 

It's is mostly because many workplaces have been allowed to make up their own law, rules, and regulations. As we go into Gesara, it will be vital for you to understand some of the new laws, rules, and regulations that will need to be implemented in all workplaces.

For those of you who never worked in an abusive workplace, then good for you! But what you will see if you continue reading this enewsletter is how the government especially went after good, hard-working honest employees and not only ended their careers -- but in many cases ended their lives. Much of this will be disturbing.

The Future of My Enewsletters

I am so proud of my Gesara Series (articles and videos) and Cathy's Corner (enewsletters and articles), but as you can see my enewsletters are no longer going to be published every week. I am just too busy for that.

On September 14, 2021 (almost one year ago), I started the regular enewsletters at But for those of you who write or conduct research, you know that conducting research can be extremely mentally fatiguing.

I will never give up writing completely, but I won't be publishing these enewsletters, articles or blog posts on a regular basis. Under Gesara everyone should do what they are passionate about and my passion and goals are to get back to teaching in my traveling videos, especially on Health, Business, Minimalism and Happiness, and only publish the enewsletters periodically.

Last Chance to Get Redpilled Before

Gesara Starts 

As a former government whistleblower, I believe in speaking the truth. I have been telling you for two and a half years in my enewsletters to go within and take care of yourself and be ready once Gesara goes through to help others.

Since we are days -- or maybe even hours -- away from Gesara going through and the EBS starting, we need all hands on deck because wait until the people find out the following: 

-EVERYTHING IS A LIE! They have been lying to you since you were born. 

-HISTORY is a lie because Nelson Rockefeller took over the entire education system in 1953 and in 8 years he changed the whole system.  There were 14 Presidents before George Washington and Abraham Lincoln ran for the Presidency over 5 times and the only way he became the President -- as a lawyer -- was to turn the entire country over to the banks so he was #StinkingLincoln -- not #HonestAbe. There are also two (2) Declarations of Independence. 

-The Media has been lying to you your entire life. The CIA created the Media and Hollywood so they could use #MindControl (#MKUltra) and force you to bow down to Celebrities and Entertainers. In other words, so they could control your life. 

-Hollywood has been taken down. The Entertainers you thought were alive are actually dead and the ones you thought were dead are actually alive. Over 900 are in Witness Protection.

-Most Movie Stars and Entertainers are actually playing 3 to 4 different roles or characters and sometimes they will kill off one or two of their characters. Some are immortal. Check out Conscious X.

-Everyone on the #WorldStage (Everyone on magazines, radio, on TV, in commercials, reality show stars, etc. including Entertainers, Newscasters, Politicians, and Sports Figures (the NFL and NBA are all women) are #InvertedTransgenders. The women were actually born men and the men were actually born women. 

-The Queen of England has been dead since 2018 and was executed for "Crimes Against Humanity", especially against children.

-An ancient cult has been eating children for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for years. Most were turned over to these Satanic evil entities through the CPS. Over 88% of the 800,000 missing U.S. children were stolen by the Child Protective Service (CPS). Obamacare was created so that children could be medically kidnapped. #MedicalKidnapping

-Wearing a mask that can cause bacterial pneumonia and taking the  COVID swab tests along with the home testing kits were just as toxic as the COVID Vaccinations.

-The COVID Vaccinations were actually a #DepopulationVax and the more boosters you receive, the sicker you will become because it breaks down your immune system. And it is possible that because of the COVID Vaccinations, we might lose half of the world's population (over 100,000 has already died).

Gesara Updates

-I saw that they finally killed off the Queen even though most of the Patriots and Truthers knew that she has been dead for over 2 years. So looks like everything is a GO...The Queen's death was #OperationLondonBridge, which was code for "The Start of Gesara." 

-With the Deutsche bank canceling the debt for 90,000 customers, the BRIC Alliance actions, and now the Queen's death, the writing is on the wall. We are moving forward so now it's time for all hands on deck.

-We can't go into Gesara if the Deep State or Cabal can still get a hold of our money. There are minions still out there floating around. So be patient!!!

-Mr. C, the guy who will be putting in the codes, even said it might be October so none of us knows when Gesara is going to be pushed through. It will probably be when we least expect it.

-Many are saying October because that is usually when the stock market takes a dive. Be ready because the ATM machines and gas pumps probably won't work with a Debit or Credit Card so have cash on hand and enough food for at least a month.

Keep going to to see when your bills clear off your accounts. Go back and read the newsletter entitled  "Is It Time for a Pre-Gesara Celebration?" -- which contains a lot of financial information.

Looks like we will be getting back part of our birth certificate bond money. Remember you were sold on the OPEN MARKET as a slave when you were born so go back and read up on how they did this at "Did You Know You Were a Trust Fund Baby?" 

Many of you are worth millions and billions of dollars and don't even know it. This is great news. Go back and read all the enewsletters and listen to the videos on the right side of this enewsletter. 

-The Bank's Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA) being lifted soon is a good sign so start trying to get info out of your banks. It might be Sep. 11, since Sep. 11, 2021 (911) was when it was originally supposed to occur but they blew up the twin towers. Or it could be during the Nov. elections so who knows. Trump is calling for new elections so everything is falling into place so be patient...

-One thing for sure they don't want the Deep State or Cabal knowing exactly when this will happen so that is why you have some of the strong voices out in the Patriot and Truther community such as Juan O 'Savin -- saying that Gesara is a scam. They have to say this because like the banks, they have signed Non-disclosure Agreements (NDA) not to say a word about Gesara. You can't let the enemy know your plan. 

-Juan O' Savin has said on many of the talk shows that he is GOING DARK (hiding out of sight)  at the end of August so naturally something BIG will be happening soon. These are all codes for BE PREPARED. Have cash, food, and other supplies. 

-On Aug 15...51 years ago Nixon took us off Gold Standards so it would be a perfect time to go back on it.

-Space Force Takes Over All Military Satellites (click here). This is a clear indication that we are moving into Gesara. 

-Internet or power outages will be brief to clean up Deep State rats. It can't shut down completely because everything is online such as medical records, your list of allergies, prescriptions, the banking system and the military can't run the satellites.

Space Force Takes Over

All Military Satellites 

(click here)

The United States Space Force has activated a new unit that is tasked with providing "critical intelligence on threat systems, foreign intentions and activities in the space domain."


Pentagon leaders have said that the creation of this new unit is critical for shaping the future of the Space Force's innovation and technology acquisition.


The new unit, known as Space Delta 18, will be tasked with identifying threats to the United States' space assets, both kinetic and non-kinetic.


"Kinetic" in this sense refers to threats that can physically damage or degrade U.S. satellites and other assets, while "non-kinetic" generally refers to anti-satellite weapons that use directed energy, signal jamming, or other means to disrupt a satellite's operations. 



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Van Life Updates

As you know I travel around the country in my 2019 Promaster van teaching from the road. After coming out west my last 3 years on the road, one thing is for sure -- I am now #TeamMountain instead of #TeamBeach.

It's getting cool out west in Flagstaff, AZ, so I need to decide if I will try to make it to Florida for my 66th birthday on Oct. 6 or just spend it out west like I did last year for my 65th. I had such a s beautiful time on my last birthday and recording all the videos was such a success.

After spending 4 months in Austin, Texas, I arrived here so late this year -- after Mother's day. So basically, what I want to do is spend two more months out west. However, when it gets so cold that I have to get into my sleeping bag, I will either go south (Atlanta, Raleigh, Florida) to see family or go west where the weather is warmer.

I will make my mind up over the next few weeks as I prepare to travel to Utah, Grand Canyon, and go back to Sedona, AZ for the 3rd time before heading south or further west.

Last year I spent July and August in Colorado and since it has already snowed in Colorado, I do plan on spending more time there next year.

I love the life of a Nomad. Follow me on my travels as I teach from the road. Join my Youtube channel "Simple Life RVing" at Also, join my Instagram channel 

Cathy Harris travels around the country in her 2019 Promaster Cargo Van teaching from the road. Her main topics are Health, Business, Minimalism, and Happiness (click here).

Not only is Cathy a #VanLifer but she is also a Freelancer, Syndicated Columnist, and Investigative Journalist. Because she is a Patriot, Truther, and Former Government Whistleblower, she is also a 'Digital Soldier' and 'Truth-Teller.'

As a Content Creator, Cathy runs her own Empowerment, where she has authored 26 'easy-to-read' non-fiction books, articles, newsletters, and created many other products (click here).

Is Your Foods Connected to Violent Crimes?

"How Foods Make It To Your Table" - #ToxicLivers, #ToxicFoods

There were studies done on prisons a few years back on the food that people eat and was it connected to committing crimes especially "Violent Crimes."

Because the liver is in charge of EMOTIONS, ENERGY, and OBESITY, it was found that the reason that many people commit crimes especially VIOLENT CRIMES could very well be their TOXIC LIVERS -- since the liver is in charge of emotions. Most people's livers today are only operating at 30% because of their toxic diets.

St. Louis, MO was the NUMBER ONE crime area in  the country for many years and for those of you who don't know it, that was also the home of "Monsanto", which has now been bought out by "Bayer". That was the area of the country where all these TOXIC GMO FrankenFoods were grown. So obviously, crime is connected to your foods. 

When I visited the city of St. Louis, MO in 2013 for my first time -- while on my one year tour, I saw GMO crops everywhere. It was a very fruitful year as I rode around the country and held Seminars and Workshops and visited 15 states. The information I found out about how things really worked was just intriguing and life-changing.  

I counted over 200 SOYBEAN crops before I got into the city. What I found out was that that area of the country grew a large percentage of the GMO CORN, but the neighboring states of Indiana and Iowa grew large amounts of CORN also.

Guess Which Two (2)

GMO FrankenFoods are Purposely Put in ALL PROCESSED FOODS Today?

You guessed it -- CORN and SOYBEANS -- so make the connections. They both are extremely toxic and can cause all types of illnesses and dis-eases. 

Processed foods are any foods that you buy in packages, bags, cans, jars, or some type of other container. All of these foods have been "altered" and CORN and SOYBEANS have been added to them. 

Also, understand that at one point in this country most of the foods that arrive at the grocery stores or most of the foods that we eat at our tables --- were grown in the MIDWEST (St. Louis, Indiana, Iowa, etc.), and shipped by rail to stores.

This is how foods made it to the table so this can't just be a coincidence and why St. Louis was called the "highest crime area" in the country for many, many years. 

When I became a GMO Speaker and Educator in 2008, Monsanto owned over 75% of all the U.S. crops. Now that number is over 95%. They had also bought up most of the 'organic' seed companies, but there are still some in existence today so reach out to these companies to buy your seeds to grow foods. Read the enewsletter "Let's Grow Foods." 

Can We Pay Police Officers And Put the

Crime of 'Rape' Back On the Books?

Police Actions 101: How To Interact With the Police in Your Car, On the Streets, In Your Home

Available as paperback,

ebook and audiobook

(click here)

What Should Be the Most Highest Paying Careers?

Under Gesara some of these jobs will definitely need to be overhauled and changed. I always felt that Social Workers, Police Officers, and Teachers should be some of the HIGHEST paying jobs in the country. 

No Crime Under Gesara

Under Gesara, supposedly, and eventually we won't even need the police. We will be taking care of each other and there will be no illegal drug use, no robbing, stealing, or killing, #NoCrimes.

Why We Need To Pay Police Officers the Same as Federal Officers

Even though 95% of all Police Officers are probably FREE Masons (read this e-newsletter) -- we also know that many Police Officers are good and genuine people who just want to do a good job -- move up the ladder and take care of their family. 

Despite lots of controversy around policing in this country, the fact that many Police Officers commit many acts of Racial Profiling and Police Brutality and many Police Departments are writing tickets in mostly minority communities so they can hire more officers and obtain new equipment especially new police cars -- these are the Police Officers and Police Departments that need to be weeded out of the system. Therefore, there must be oversight. 

Most acts of Racial Profiling and Police Brutality can be curtailed by the chain of command and of course mandatory training, regular drug testing and psychological exams. And in some cases Civilian Review Boards with firing authority might need to be created. 

Despite all this controversy, we (the taxpayers) still need to pay Police Officers more money. Did you know that many Police Officers only make around $50,000 to $60,000 a year to put on their uniforms and drive those vehicles -- while putting themselves in harm's way?

That is a joke when you have federal officers being paid much more and their jobs aren't that risky. Police Officers should be paid the same as Federal Officers. Will it stop some of the internal police corruption -- maybe?

When I worked in Customs for over 20 years, over 30% of my co-workers were former Police Officers. Many were also Veterans. Police Officers obviously left patrol work for federal government work because of the pay and who could blame them? 

Since I left in 2005 because all their jobs were UPGRADED -- the Customs Inspectors/Officers jobs instead of automatically going up to a GS-11, these jobs now go up to a GS-12...a major pay hike. A GS-12 Step 10 pays $89,000 and they all get a mandatory $30,000 a year in overtime pay so they are making close to $120,000. And these are not supervisors.  

By the second year on a federal police job such as Customs Inspectors/Customs Officers, you could easily make over $100,000 to $120,00 -- and much more. Supervisors and the Customs Special Agents, who are also Criminal Investigators make close to $150,000 (or more).

All my co-workers (Customs Inspectors/Customs Officers) did was go to work and wait on planes, drink coffee, and sexually harass pretty women -- 24/7. 

A Congressmen get paid $150,000. No one especially someone who might be shot at just for wearing a uniform or driving a vehicle should have to go into the workplace and have to take another job after hours. This is wrong on so many levels. 

After work Police Officers like most employees coming from jobs should be able to enjoy their families but not look at working another 8 hour shift. These practices have caused the breakup of many marriages in law enforcement communities and probably their bad attitutdes on their jobs.

At one time you had Police Officers after an 8-hour shift, having to go and work Security jobs but now many have had to resought to some type of crime just to make ends meet.

They should be paid more money so they can be relaxed and rested and truly serve the people. They don't even come out to many crimes today -- such as when you report your car has been stolen or even when your home has been broken into. cont'd on top 

Federal Government

Pay Scale 

(click here)

Within-grade step increases are based on an acceptable level of performance and longevity (waiting periods of 1 year at steps 1-3, 2 years at steps 4-6, and 3 years at steps 7-9). It normally takes 18 years to advance from step 1 to step 10 within a single GS grade if an employee remains in that single grade. However, in the federal government, they used Cronyism, Nepotism and Favoritism to hand out these PAY SCALE STEP INCREASES... Read more below on the Federal Government...and how they operate...


We can't take policing in this country for granted especially if we ever expect to decrease the amount of crime in this country. Therefore, the entire Criminal Justice System will need to be changed under Gesara especially as we move from Maritime and Admiralty Laws to Constitutional and 

Common Laws. 

All Military, Police Officers, Lawyers and Judges are now being trained and retrained in Constitutional and Common Laws and that is a GOOD FIRST START.

The Power of Sheriffs

Unlike city and state police, all Sheriffs' department officers were trained and sworn in under the Constitution so we just need to bring all Military, Lawyers, Judges  and other law enforcement officers onboard.

Sheriffs are the only CONSTITUTIONAL officers in the region. They are higher than the FBI so they need to stop handing over suspects to the FBI.

The Sheriff's office can come in and arrest those cheating on the dominion voting machines and even stop CPS from kidnapping our children. Right now CPS is kidnapping over 88% of the 800,000 missing U.S. children (click here)

In many cities they have merged some of the county seats with county structures and got rid of some of the Sheriff's offices so this is something that needs to be monitored. 

What is a Capital Offense?

A 'Capital Offense' is defined as an offense that is punishable by the death penalty. It is not necessary that the punishment imposed was the death penalty, but if the permissible punishment prescribed by the legislature for the offense is the death penalty, then the offense is considered a Capital Offense.

Capital punishment is a legal penalty under the criminal justice system of the United States federal government. It can be imposed for treason, espionage, murder, large-scale drug trafficking, or attempted murder of a witness, juror, or court officer in certain cases.

Should We Have the Death Penalty?

Currently, 22 states have abolished the death penalty, and rightfully so because there are so many innocent people in jail under Maritime Laws. Also, there are many people in jail for 'non-violent crimes' -- which should also be released.

Can We Put the Crime of Rape Back on the Books - Please?

Did you know that many women mean-mug on purpose? I have spoken to a ton of young women who say that because they know of a friend that has been raped, they mean-mug to keep guys away from them. 

Mean-mugging is when your face looks distorted and it gives men the message to leave you alone. When I first heard this it was disturbing to hear so do we have any 'Serial Rapists' out here especially since COVID? 

Like 95% of Sexual Harassment cases in the workplace that go unreported, so do many rapes go unreported -- mostly because they know most Police Officers won't take it serious.  

When did Police Officers stop investigating the crime of RAPE? Was it 10, 20 or 30 years ago or did they ever really investigate the crime? Remember we have been under Maritime Laws for many, many years, so again, I don't know if they ever seriously investigated the crime of RAPE.

What I do know is there are a ton of rape kits collected at crime scenes collecting dust in police storage units and police warehouses all over the country. They are collecting dusts because there is no one really looking at these crimes.


Law enforcement changed the word "Rape" to "Sexual Assault" to lessen the seriousness of the crime. But it still means when a man, woman, or child is sexually violated.

Over 15% of men rape before going into the Military and once they enter the military they become 'Sexual Predators' and/or 'Serial Rapists.' Many are promoted up the ranks and this is why many women (and men) who are attacked in the Military are attacked by their superiors.

The is even offering abortions in certain cases so why would they do this unless there was a problem (click here). Again, unless we declare RAPE to be a CAPITAL Offense punishable by death or at least life in prison especially for Sexual Predators or Serial Rapists in workplaces -- nothing will change under Gesara.

Many of these women are beaten up and threatened with bodily harm by suspects holding knives and guns so why shouldn't this be a Capital Offense

Also, because RAPES are not investigated, we all need to support MY BODY - MY CHOICE legislation. Men should never be in a position to tell women what to do with their bodies.

I don't agree with the Republicans on banning abortions. Look at all the 10 to 13-year-olds that are getting pregnant because there are no laws on the books to confront the crime of RAPE and MOST MEN know they are attacking our children and many are involved in Child, Sex, and Human Trafficking, which should also be a Capital Offense.

Stop the madness -- make RAPE, Child, Sex and Human Trafficking Capital Offenses!!! Do it now!!! Our only hope for change is the incoming Constitutional and/or Common Laws.

City and State Jobs

City Jobs

When we are speaking of the government, we are also talking about the city, state and federal government workforce.

In many of the city jobs, just like the state and federal government, funds are misappropriated. These jobs are mismanaged and they allow abuses of authority and corruption to take place. This is why many of the politicians have ended up in jail --because at the end of he day it is a very serious problem.

Build Back Better means destroy everything that is and build it back. Everyone -- all City, State and Federal agencies should be audited back to the last 10 or 20 years

In city jobs, you have police officers that were sworn in under Maritime Laws and this is why there is so much corruption taking place. Once these police officers are totally trained and sworn in under the Constitution with Constitutional and Common Laws, it is the hope that much of this misuse of funds, abuses of their employees and corruption will stop.

State Jobs

I left the federal government working as a Secretary and went to a state job working as a Secretary. I listened to some misinformation because someone told me that State Jobs paid more than Federal jobs -- only to find out that I made $200 less a month on my state job. Therefore, in 6 months I went back to the federal government to work for Customs as a Secretary.

I went to work for the "Department of the Aged and Disabled" where I worked alongside of Social Workers who went into homes of the disabled especially Seniors to care for them.

Their goals were to make recommendations to healthcare and other providers whose job it was to come in and take care of them. They wrote up reports to see what type of help they needed.

What I found out about their jobs were horrible. They came back with stories of how Grandfathers were having sex with their disabled and mentally handicapped grandchildren and blind Seniors were taken advantage of also by family members.

The stories were just disheartening and I realized that Social Workers, who had a ton of cases stacked on their desks, and who were only making $30,000 a year, needed to be paid more money.

The Power of the Feds (Federal Law Enforcement)

vs. City and State Law Enforcement

Fight Back and Help Clean Up Your Communities or Leave. #PickYourBattles

Police Made A Mistake -- These Are Different Men...

An innocent man served 17 years. His 'crime'?

He looked almost exactly like the real suspect.

(click here)

As a Community Activist, Advocate, and Leader, I fought alongside of the NAACP in Dekalb County, GA, President John Evans, which was the largest African American county in the U.S. -- next to Prince George's County in Maryland. 

One year after I retired in 2005, in 2006 12 people (11 African American men and one Caucasian female) were killed in a one-year period by the police in my county so we forced changes.

-First change -- The county started new policies and procedures because of all the deaths. If a shooting took place in the county, then the FEDS, Federal Law Enforcement Agencies -- that had MORE POWER than city and state law enforcement, needed to rush to the scene. This meant DEA, ATF, and other federal officers, would go to these scenes and work with these officers to cover up these murders because they all were compromised. cont'd


-Second change -- Instead of shooting folks, they started using tasers instead. Later on we found out that people from all over the country were dying from being tasered too long. So even though police officers had to stop using their weapons and switched over to tasers, if they taser you too long or too often -- it too could have fatal results -- so basically, the police is an expert on how to kill you -- if you have an encounter with them.

-Third change - They brought in a new African American Police Chief who had been fired from the Dallas Police Department, Terrell Bolton. He eventually also ended up being fired from the Dekalb County police department and even ended up in the hospital almost dead from diabetes because of the pressure that they put him under.

This was the same department that killed Derwin Brown who would have made an honest leader, but when you got all these police officers in the largest African American county in the U.S. who are FREE Masons, what do you expect?

Their only goal is to keep up chaos and turmoil. As soon as the African Americans in that area got over one person being killed -- these FREE Mason police officers killed someone else.

You are going to have to run these people out of your communities especially FREE Mason Police Officers, Politicians, Lawyers, and Judges -- who allow this abuse and these wrongful killings. 

In the state of Mississippi, they are still hanging black men in jail. When I was engaged in activism on the streets of Atlanta, I also fround out from a Criminal Justice Advocate who goes into all those little jails and prisons in LOWER GEORGIA (also called "Rural Georgia") , that they have black boys and black men PACKED LIKE SARDINES in these jails and prisons.

It is also probably like this in EVERY small rural town in the south. And this is how they were able to bring back the chain gang under Maritime Laws. We knew that Maritime Judges, who owned these prisons,  number one goal was to keep the jails, prisons and juvenile detention centers packed and they targeted kids as young as 8 years old in their KIDS FOR CASH SCANDAL.

We have to move forward to free these boys and men especially the ones that are innocent or committed non-violent crimes.  

Just remember over 95% of police officers are FREE Masons so no matter where you go -- you need to hold them accountable by reporting any wrongdoings they commit. These FREE Masons play on your emotions and you can't heal in the same communities that made you sick.

Don't allow any community or any neighborhood in this country to KILL YOUR SPIRIT. If you are not willing to fight and HELP clean up your communities -- then leave!

Just set out for greener or safer pastures. I left the area after 20 years in 2013 and I have never been happier. It was the best decision I ever made in my life. 

That is the BEST ADVICE I can give anyone. At the end of the day, it is up to you to PICK YOUR BATTLES!!! Read "Law Enforcement Free Masonry and Saving Our Families." Good luck!!!

Cathy Harris Non-Fiction Workplace Books

All Books Available at

Let's Look at the Military

Supposedly, there is infighting in the ranks of the military which might also be causing a holdup with the EBS. I had heard a while back that only 70% of the military was backing Trump but remember we are watching a movie so who knows what to believe. 


From my resources, none of the Military was forced to take the jab. It was just a part of the movie. I do know in order to make changes in the New World, aka "Gesara" the military is going to have to be dealt with.


So, therefore, the CABAL-run Department of Defense over the military is currently being looked at to make changes.


Despite my military book and story being from 40 years ago, Nov. 1, 1977-May 15, 1981, it is still a relevant and timely story to understand how the military actually works so read it today at “Military Dirty Little Secrets: My Tour of Duty.” 

I wanted to be a voice for everyone – especially all women – who have ever served in any branch of the military. I wasn’t attacked in the military, but I was constantly sexually harassed by higher-level managers – Officers and Sergeants. And the worse all the harassment gets -- if you are stationed overseas.


As an Administrative Specialist (former Clerk Typist – 71Limma), I worked in personnel with the First Sergeants and Company Commanders, that ran companies and battalions, both in the U.S. and overseas, so I had first-hand knowledge of many illegal acts that took place in the U.S. Army and how they purposely set out to ‘break the spirit’ of these soldiers. 

And until this day – this is why soldiers return home from the military – even if it isn’t ‘wartime’ -- totally depleted of their will to thrive.

They have what they call in the military MADE UP PUNISHMENT. This is when you are punished in the military just for existing. I have seen it and I witnessed it first-hand and it happened to me too. cont'd


They can say you DISOBEYED A LAWFUL ORDER and take your rank and funds through an Article 15 or jail you in a Court Martial -- at anytime.


If you go through a court-martial, of course, you will be illegally thrown in jail and of course you will end up with a ‘dishonorable discharge’ – which then you won’t be able to do several things in your life. For instance, get a ‘conceal carry’ for a weapon, work in a government job, etc.

I was forced to process paperwork for soldiers that I knew beyond a shadow of doubt were INNOCENT of the charges brought against them.


I saw them do this for no reason at all. They did it simply because they did not like how the person looked. And it was done only to cause mental anguish to soldiers. This was a common practice done to soldiers to break them down.


Any punishment of soldiers, while on active duty – should be carried out in civilian courts – not ‘in-house’ in the military -- because their laws, rules, and regulations have never been fair or legal. Their laws, rules, and regulations only exist to mentally abuse and break down soldiers.


At one time a third of homeless people were people who served on active duty so many soldiers especially from the Vietnam War, don’t even apply for these VA benefits because even after serving their country, they still make it hard for these individuals to take care of themselves.


If the federal government still gives FIRST PREFERENCE to Veterans to work in federal or government jobs, then the entire military needs to be revised. 

The military needs to be revised anyway because 15% of men raped even before going into the military. Once these men are allowed to move up the ladder in the military then they are in positions to go after women and men -- sexually. 

This is why you have many Serial Rapists and Sexual Predators in high positions in the military. Then they leave the military and continue

their reign of terror in civilian and federal jobs.


-Senator Reports Being Sexually Assault in the Military

-Canadian Colonel was Serial Killer 

-Colonel Russell Williams Confessions

-Air Force Fails To Stop a Serial Rapist

Why I Had to Write This Enewsletter

and Keep Telling My Story

Anyone wanting to change the government should read my books first. I have penned several books on the federal government and the atrocities that were committed against their employees and the traveling public. I will tell you about some of these experiences, however, if you want to go deep down the rabbit hole, then order my books above. For many of you what I expose in this enewsletter will be disturbing so brace yourself.

In this enewsletter I will educate you on how the federal government actually works. Who better than me to expose these atrocities, a former federal whistleblower, who witnessed them first-hand.

Despite being 65 years of age and being retired from the Customs Service for 17 years after winning a lawsuit against them, I still keep telling my story ( because there is HEALING in telling your own story.

I also do this to teach others to not to be ashamed of your past -- whether it was your homelife or something that happened to you in the workplace -- just keep telling your story on platforms, in articles, newsletters, books, etc.

You see after three and a half years in the military, U.S. Army, as an Administrative Specialist (formerly called a "Clerk Typist") (Fort Jackson, SC, APG, Maryland, Butzach and Frankfurt, Germany), I became a federal employee because we are given FIRST PRIORITY to work for the federal government after serving our country in the military.

I worked for the Department of HUD (Secretary), (Secretary) and U.S. Customs Service (Secretary/Customs Inspector), now called Customs and Border Protection or, which is also a 3-letter government agency.

I became a federal whistleblower ( and exposed the atrocities carried out against African American and Hispanic female international travelers -- when they were forced to remove their clothing in abusive pat-downs and humiliating strip searches, just so that my male co-workers could make more overtime money. 

As the mother of two daughters, I came forward and my motto back then was "NOT ON MY WATCH." They needed someone on the inside so I was an insider and clearly realized early on that I could tell these women's story in a good light.

As a Customs Inspector I saw first-hand how women were VIOLATED when I worked in El Paso, TX, Miami, FL and then Atlanta, GA -- where I eventually came forward and utilized the media to tell my story.

After going to the Attorney General's Office and Office of the Inspector's General and them not taking action to stop the abuses, I went to Atlanta's Fox 5 Whistleblower News Team, the black press ( and formed my own organization, Customs Employees Against Discrimination Association (

When you walk into a room representing an organization, it means POWER!!! They know you are not just ONE PERSON. You got a group of people behind you and they know they have to listen to your concerns.

Not only was I successful because of forming an organization,, but I was successful when I wrote my first book in 2001 entitled "Flying While Black: A Whistleblower's Story" and sent over 200 copies along with UPDATED MEDIA KITS to the media. 

Because of all the media coverage that I received, a Washington, DC law firm, the Government Accountability Project (, one of the most prestigious whistleblower law firms in the country -- reached out to me and told me to keep my story in the media and that they wanted to represent me for FREE.

I had so many Angels come into my life simply because I chose to come forward even though I was a Single Mother with two College-Aged daughters.

I was a lone voice initially crying in the wilderness but I knew I had to speak up and eventually positive changes did occur. It was a long hard road to victory but victory is what eventually occurred. 

In 2020 when employees were being run off their jobs illegally, it all reminded me of my federal government days because it was a COMMON PRACTICE to run good, hard working and honest employees off their government jobs. 

When I heard under Gesara that EVERY SINGLE INDUSTRY out there would be GUTTED and OVERHAULED including the federal governement -again I felt VINDICATED.

I was completely filled with joy and happiness because this is what all current and past federal employees and other groups that fought alongside of us for many, many years -- wanted. We all wanted change but none of us thought we would live to see this happen.

The reason we thought we would never see it happen is because the federal government corruption was so 'entrenched' with 'generations upon generations' of abuse and corruption. 

And this is why many federal employees have went to their graves "mentally handicapped" living a life full of FEAR and hopelessness because of their experiences in the federal workforce. 

Forming An Organization

Meant POWER!!!

You Can't Heal in the Same Environment that Made You Sick


I went through 11 years of WORKPLACE ABUSE that was nothing short of WORKPLACE VOLENCE at the Atlanta, GA airport. They WAGED A WAR against African American and Hispanic international women travelers and they personally came for me because I exposed it as a Federal Whistleblower.

Understand that Workplace Abuse is just like Spousal Abuse and Child Abuse. It doesn't happen everyday but when the abuse does occur you have to be ready to fight back, which can be very mentally fatiguing.

People are always asking me how am I #StillStanding after all the years of government abuse I endured. They asked me how did I move on. I never really moved on I just took a back seat and waited until I could speak out again.

After winning my 10 cases against the Customs Service in 2005 with the help of the Whistleblower's Attorneys and my EEOC attorney, Mark David Contrad, the very next day I abolished my organization, and became a full-fledged business owner and created my own Empowerment Company,

I was only 48 when I retrired so I was still young. I took my entire 'mental' well-being away from what had happened to me because I realized early on that "YOU CAN'T HEAL IN THE SAME ENVIRONMENT THAT MADE YOU SICK." 

Many of my educated friends who were like me -- had a ton of Discrimination or EEOC complaints and many had become Whistleblowers in their agencies but many are still 'mentally handicapped'.

Why is this? It's because they kept their organizations going even after they won their cases or retired from the federal government. After my retirement I chose to walk away from all of it and they stayed in the same places, areas and environments -- that made them sick. 

Unlike me who lived my life by being 'Self-Educated' -- they had Master's and Doctorate Degrees so not only were they 'indoctrinated' by these Colleges and Universities, their way of fighting back was to be around these unethical and dishonest CAREER politicians.

Instead of depending on these FREE Mason Politicians to assist me in my fight against Customs, I took my fight to communities all over the country by working with Fox 5 News Atlanta, the Black Press (, and forming my own organization,

I made my issue a community issue because that is what it was.  I forced leaders from communities all over the country to take a good hard look at what the government was doing to these vulnerable women -- whose only goal was to travel internationally.

Many strong, brave men rose up to protect these women because that is just what men do. They are protectors! They protect women!

After I did all I could, I recognized it was just time to just walk away and try to build another life for myself and that is when I became a business owner and created my own Empowerment Company,

FREE Mason John Lewis was the Congressman over the Atlanta Airport, but I contacted his office for 3 years and they refused to talk to me. He only got involved when Fox 5 News Team put a microphone in his face and when all his friends started complaining about being illegally pulled over by Customs. He then had no other choice but to address the issue. 

John Lewis got with Senator Richard Durbin out of Chicago and they both introduced TWO NEW BILLS to protect international travelers -- "The Reasonable Search Standards Act" and "Civil Rights for International Travelers Act." The bills were introduced two years in a row but did not pass and then we had 911.

Under Gesara, we can make sure these bills get passed. We don't need to reinvent the wheel. There has already been many investigations, independent panel discussions, studies, etc. We just need to pass the bills to protect international travelers.

Which 3-Letter Agencies

Will Be Abolished?

Will the Military take over investigations for the 3-letter agencies?

None of us knows which of these 3-letter agencies will survive, but many can be abolished.  

Just Some of the 3-Letter Agencies:

The Department of Defense which include the Military that I thought was a 3-letter agency ( is cabal run so it definitely needs to be overhauled. 

It seems like the FBI will surely go especially after the latest FBI debacle searching Trump's home.

Supposedly, the has already taken over the CIA and the Military will be in charge of Intelligence so do we even need the NSA since all they do is spy on the people.

Get rid of because as you will read below, creating the department with 22 federal agencies in 2003 has actually WEAKENED the security of this country. There is nothing but INFIGHTING between the agencies. #Infighting

Drugs are no longer a priority of and this is why we have thousands of people dying from fentanyl poisoning everyday. These drugs are coming across the border.

Border Patrol is a part of and it is a complete failure. When Customs and Immigration merged with from 2003-2005, we had OPENED BORDERS for 2 years. Customs (aka let everyone into the country because Customs did not have any experience on how to process passports.

The Department of Immigration refused to help Customs process passports even though they worked on the border (land, sea and airports) next to us.

They were mad because Customs was put over or became the LEAD AGENCY over because the cabal-run media kept saying that Immigration allowed the 911 hijackers to come into the country. But there were never any hijackers. The 911 twin towers along with the Pentagon were bombed. 

Department of Agriculture also hated that Customs became the LEAD AGENCY over because none of the Customs ....cont'd on top 


Inspectors had degrees -- not like the Department of Agriculture and Immigration so this was one of the reasons that hated Customs. #Infighting

They also hated Customs because they knew Customs was just UNPROFESSIONAL. The Department of Immigration and the Department of Agriculture were MORE PROFESSIONAL (not by much though) than Customs (

Customs was nothing but a bunch of unprofessional, uneducated Serial Rapists and Sexual Predators and they put this group over in 2003. They upgraded all the Customs Managers and gave them more power to abuse their employees and the traveling public. It had nothing to do with the security of the country. #AbolishDHS

After my whistleblowing back in 2001, many of the Customs employees left Customs to become Managers and Supervisors at, so this was why TSA turned into an 'unprofessional' federal government agency. 

Customs used to be under the Department of the Treasury but recently Treasury has been overhauled and downsized and their headquarters moved to Indian land in Nevada. 

IRS was also under the Department of Treasury but they have been abolished along with the Federal Reserve. There is still a small IRS division that is trying to catch up on processing Income Taxes, but the IRS is officially closed. All the info on hiring new IRS agents is nothing but a White Hat Operation to wake up the people. Again, the IRS is closed. 

CDC and FDA were the two government agencies over the release of the COVID vaccinations and look at how that turned out. Millions are dead of a #DepopulationVax. 

According to credible sources, the FDA had an employee, a woman, who sat there and created over 200 laws, rules and regulations. She pulled these regulations out of thin air. All the federal agencies does this. They just create these laws, rules and regulations out of thin air. was only checking 1% of the meat that came into the country after they went under so this is another example of why should never have been created. All the meat that comes into the country today is polluted with parasites, which eventually can cause cancer so this is the reason that cancer is the NUMBER TWO killer across every community.  

ATF can be abolished because Customs oversee guns taken out and brought into the country so local police and Customs ( can also do their jobs. 

You don't need DEA since Customs look for drugs coming into the country, so Customs ( and local police can do the job of DEA. 

The Supreme Court Ruling That Opened the Door for Federal Government Agencies' Reforms

The Supreme Court Curbed EPA’s Power

to Regulate Carbon Emissions from

Power Plants

(click here)

We were given 19 services per the Constitution but somehow they created over 6000 services on their own. They aka "The Government" made up or just pulled new laws out of thin air. So, therefore, WE THE PEOPLE are calling for the entire government to be brought down. Supposedly, under Gesara it will be decreased by 60%. 

Because of the above Supreme Court ruling involving the Environment Protection Agency (, a federal government agency, it opened the doorway to overhaul and for reforms in at least 80% or more of the federal government agencies.

Basically, the ruling stated that federal agencies could no longer make up their own laws, rules, and regulations. They no longer had the power to just pull laws, rules and regulations OUT OF THE AIR. Instead, these laws, rules, and regulations need to be voted on by Congress.

Now if we can just elect ethical and honest politicians (Read this e-newsletter - "You have 120 Days to Elect Ethical and Honest Politicians." 

Let's Look at the Federal Government Agencies 

#RogueAgencies, #WorkplaceViolence

The Federal Government has the MOST CORRUPT workplaces in the country, especially the 3 letter agencies. Corporate America jobs can’t even come close to what happens to employees in the federal government, so all of this has to stop!

We can change any system but because of all the corruption in he federal government and because it is  so entrenched with generations upon generations of mismanagement, abuses of authority, prohibited personnel practices and corruption, it will probably take anywhere from 7 to 10 years.

If we are ever going to stop crime in communities we must first stop crime in workplaces. These federal workers were nothing but straight up criminals -- Serial  Rapists,  Sexual Pedators, Thieves, etc.  so until laws are put on the books to deal with crime in workplaces, many will continue to suffer. 

We must stop all forms of Sexism, Sexual Harassment, Racial Discrimination, Bullying and acts of Workplace Violence especially in the federal sector. 

Under Gesara we are now leaving Maritime and Admiralty Laws and going to Constitutional and Common Laws. Supposedly, the Military, the Police and other Law Enforcement, Lawyers, and Judges are all being retrained in Constitutional and Common Laws.

cont'd on top...



The problem is when you try to get these groups to LEARN SOMETHING NEW -- there will be resistance. Therefore, all of them need to know up-front that if they don't learn these NEW laws, rules, and regulations under the Constitution and implement them accordingly, there will be repercussions such as disciplinary actions -- especially terminations.

When I blew the whistle on my job and they made changes, they REVAMPED the Personal Search Handbook on 3 different occasions. They kept handing out NEW copies to my co-workers and they politely threw the handouts into their lockers and went on about their business.  

The reason they had this attitude was because in the 11 years that I worked at the Atlanta Airport, they never once had any type of training -- no type of refresher courses. We qualified with weapons quarterly but there was no Sexual Harassment or EEOC training at all.

When I finished 8 weeks of training at Glenco, GA, they said to go back to your ports and do things the way they do them at the ports but what if the ports weren't training the employees?

The only employees that were sure of these jobs after Glenco were former police officers. When you are dealing with ARMED local, state, or federal agencies, training has to be more than weapons training. You can't give a bunch of men weapons and tell them to go out and do their jobs.

Training has to be more than following the Senior person around. THERE MUST BE MANDATORY CONTINUOUS TRAINING!!! This is why Managers and Supervisors need to be forced out and NEW BLOOD brought in who understands this. 

Modern Day Slavery - aka "The Federal Government"

If they are truly serious about overhauling the federal government then let this enewsletter serve as a reminder of what really happened there and what is probably happening there now. 

I been retired from the federal government for 17 years (2005) and I no longer really write about what happened there because what happened in the federal government during my time there was nothing short of MODERN DAY SLAVERY.

I am still haunted by many of the cases that I remember and I still think of the many employees who died on their jobs. Some of you will probably ask well how do Cathy Harris know so much about federal government mental and physical abuses committed against their employees, which eventually flowed over into the public. 

It's because I ran my own organization, Customs Employees Against Discrimination Association (, which was a watchdog group over all federal government agencies. 

I also formed partnerships with other federal government watchdog groups such as the Government Accountability Project, NO FEAR Institute and coalition and many others for many years. We were deep within the federal jungle for many, many years. 

I didn't only speak to many 'injured' government workers from other governmental agencies, many times I had to speak to their relatives because these employees were so sick from government fraud, waste and abuse -- that many were literally on their 'death beds'.

Because the government abuse was so invasive, many actually died on the job AT THEIR DESKS.

Remember not only did I run an organization, which acted as a watchdog group over federal agencies, but I started out in support/admin as a GS-5 Secretary with the Dept. of HUD and IRS ---then Customs as a GS-5 Secretary and GS-11 Customs Inspector so I had a 'birds-eye' view of all the workings of the federal government.


Words You Need To Understand

-"Blacklists": Higher level Managers such as SES/GS-15/16s told Managers and Supervisors in these high level management meetings to go after anyone who files complaints. So therefore, they would put employees on "Blacklists" -- once they file EEOC complaints.

These retaliations and patterns of harassment from co-workers and Supervisors followed these indiviuduals during their government careers even when they transferred to other offices or cities.

-Hit Lists: These are the employees that would be targeted for terminations. Many would end up filing EEOC complaints later on but the goal of management was to get them out of the workplace through wrongful and unlawful terminations.

The Supervisors would make up some wrongful act that they committed, but in many cases they were totally innocent.

These were the employees that came on these Customs jobs as Customs Inspectors/Officers and bragged about being educated. Only the Special Agents and Criminal Investigators had degrees and they thought many of the Customs Inspectors/Officers were dumb and many actually were.

Customs Managers and Supervisors who were Customs Inspectors/Officers hated employees when they talked about their education because many of these employees came from the military and were uneducated.

That was what was causing a rift between the Customs Inspectors and Special Agents and Criminal Investigators. 


-Kill List: These were the employees that were targeted for continuous retaliations and government abuse. They simply would not let up on these employees until they quit, left the job on 'unpaid stress leave' or until they were dead. Again, many died at their desks.  

-Internal Affairs: In the Customs Service the employees who were supposed to be in charge of investigating the conduct of the Customs employees were Internal Affairs, but we called them -- "The Customs Gestapo" and the "Goon Squad." 

Internal Affairs Special Agents are used in the federal government, especially in the 3-letter agencies, to go after good, hard-working employees. And they are absolutely ruthless with the tactics they use against employees -- on and off the job.

-Federal Government Unions: Sure there are union offices throughout many federal agencies so many times employees could go to them instead of filing an complaint, which usually will took years to resolve.

In El Paso and Miami we had great unions so I went to them with issues in the workplace and they were able to help me with resolutions. But in Atlanta, the union was completely in bed with management so my only other recourse was to file EEOC complaints. 

I had no choice but to start filing complaints, which eventually led to a Sexual Harassment Complaint, Whistleblower Complaint and 8 other workplace complaints. Most of the complaints were retaliations for filing earlier complaints. 

-EEOC Offices:

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) is responsible for enforcing federal laws that make it illegal to discriminate against a job applicant or an employee because of the person's race, color, religion, sex (including pregnancy, transgender status, and sexual orientation), national origin, age (40 or older), disability or genetic information.

Most employers with at least 15 employees are covered by EEOC laws (20 employees in age discrimination cases). Most labor unions and employment agencies are also covered.

The laws apply to all types of work situations, including hiring, firing, promotions, harassment, training, wages, and benefits.

EEOC Office Overviews:

-Chair/Commissioner Offices.

-Office of the Chief Human Capital Officer.

-Office of Enterprise Data and Analytics.

-Office of Federal Operations.

-Office of General Counsel.

-Office of Legal Counsel.

-Field Offices. complaints are also called discrimination and workplace complaints. The entire system will need to be revamped into a system that truly speaks for the employees.

There is a lot to iron out when it comes to federal discrimination and workplace abuse, but the current system is deeply flawed and need to be abolished.  

Right now it’s just a system put into place to make it seem like their will be justice. IT IS JUST THE APPEARANCE OF JUSTICE!!!

There is never justice when you must file an EEOC complaint because after that -- your life literally becomes a living nightmare.

Especially when you have SES/GS-15/16s telling your Managers and Supervisors in Manager's meetings to put your name on a #Blacklist and GO AFTER YOU for filing an complaint. 

-Workplace Violence: 

Workplace violence is any act or threat of physical violence, harassment, intimidation, or other threatening disruptive behavior that occurs at the work site.

It ranges from threats and verbal abuse to physical assaults and even homicide. It can affect and involve employees, clients, customers and visitors.

Acts of violence and other injuries is currently the third-leading cause of fatal occupational injuries in the United States.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries (CFOI), of the 5,333 fatal workplace injuries that occurred in the United States in 2019, 761 were cases of intentional injury by another person. However it manifests itself, workplace violence is a major concern for employers and employees nationwide.

Hiring Practices for Federal Jobs

Dumping Ground for

Disturbed Soldiers

We will get into what actually happens on these federal jobs. But let's start from the beginning. In order to discuss federal agencies, we need to first look at their hiring practices. 

The Office of Personnel Management ( is the office that maintains the list of job openings in the federal government so this is basically the office that do the hiring for the federal government. 

However, I would not run out there and apply for a federal government job because even though some of the jobs pay 'good salaries'...what many employees -- especially minorities -- have to endure on these jobs -- in the end is just not worth it. 

Did you know that all veterans are given FIRST PRIORITY to be hired in federal government jobs?

Federal government jobs can no longer be a dumping ground for VETERANS to work out their frustrations and anger that they experienced during their military careers. This has to stop!


Many of the Federal Agents positions will be required to have college -- at least a 2 year bachelor degree, but many of the federal jobs will not require any type of degree at all.

Many federal law enforcement jobs (especially 3-Letter Agencies) also look for former military personnel that served in a law enforcment capacity or they will give FIRST PRIORITY to former law enforcement peronnel.

Many who are hired in the federal government look for better jobs and postions as they try to move up the rank or ladder. They look for better positions and many even want to become Managers or Supervisors. So as soon as they are hired -- many start applying for NEW positions. 

Six (6) Action Steps

That Needs To Come First to Fix Federal Agencies

The goal is to decrease the government workers by 60% under Gesara, but if we are seriously discussing fixing the federal governmental agencies, not just abolishing the 3-letter agencies, then we FIRST need to discuss the six (6) following facts:



Stop Sexual Assaults

and Murders

If the federal government will continue to give FIRST PREFERENCE to veterans to join federal agencies then first they need to stop all the Sexual Assaults and Murders in the Military.

I know under Gesara, there will be NO MORE WARS and we are supposed to be at 1000 YEARS OF PEACE, so what does this mean for the current military? 

Will the military still exist? Will they still be allowed to carry out their workplace policies because over 15% of men who initially went into the military, had already committed rape.

This is why when men go to war and they feel like they might be killed that night, they would just not rape other female soldiers, but many civilians are sexually violated also. 

Law enforcement changed the word "Rape" to "Sexual Assault" to lessen the seriousness of the crime. But it still means when a man, woman or child is sexually violated.

Because there were so many rapes and attacks coming out of the military, epecially against women, in 2013, civilian courts (#MaritimeLaws) held hearings on Capitol Hill and decided to keep the punishment for military soldiers who rape women (and men) in the military court system.

Therefore,  until the crime of RAPE is labeled or classifeid right next to the crime of murder as a #CapitalOffense, punishable by life in prison or death, women and men will continue to be raped in and out of the military. There is simply no incentive to stop it. 

Because these Serial Rapists and Sexual Predators have been promoted up the ranks in the military, this is why both women and men are raped in the military and many times it is by their Superiors -- those higher up in rank.

They eventually find their way over to the federal government where they continue their reign of terror as Serial Rapists and Sexual Predators

-What Happened at Fort Hood? 

Fort Hood, one of the largest Army bases in the U.S. located in Killeen, TX, has one of the highest RAPE AREAS in the country. In 2016, there were over 2600 UNRESOLVED RAPES in one year.

Over 2600 women being raped in one year IN THE SAME AREA (#FortHood)

 is very problematic. There should have been a task force with local and federal cops and military police to find out which men were raping these women.

We don't know the final counts of how many women were raped because just like Sexual Harassment, over 90% of it is NEVER REPORTED.

Female soldiers and even women who are civilians that live in the areas or transfer in and out of these areas ARE probably NOT WARNED about the seriousness of being attacked by men especialy after they come back from 30 or more days of field duty. 

When I lived in Austin, TX, I had a friend in Killeen, TX who said she was attacked by a soldier after going out to a Military Club on base. She said she was tied up and held captive for 2 days and when she tried to report it several times to a local police station, they told her if she comes back to the station, they would put her in jail. 

There is Also Murder in the Military

It isn't just 'Rapes' -- you can also get murdered in the Military. Check out “The LeVana Johnson Story” -- (The Johnson Family’s Military Sexual Assault Story). 

LeVana was a black female soldier that was found dead in an Army’s military contractor’s tent with an acidic liquid poured on her genitals to hide the fact that she had been raped.

The military lied to her parents and said she was found in her room and that she had committed suicide.

After her body was returned home and they opened the casket, they found out she had been horribly beaten with a broken nose and her neck broken, but the military told them to do a closed casket burial - in hopes they would not even view the body. 

Not only should Military Personnel be investigated during these type of incidents, but I suspect that many of these contractors are also Criminals, Sexual Rapists and Sexual Predators that also end up working for the federal government or in partnerships with them. 


Also, check out Lavena Johnson (Shocking Military Cover Up). There are plenty of stories of women in the military being Sexually Assaulted and Raped on 

What Happened Overseas 

When I was stationed in Burbach, Germany with 1000 men and 20 females, we were warned not to be outside by ourselves when the men came back from 30 or more days of field duty.

I was lucky to be in a Military Police unit, so I had my ARMED Military Police friends walk me around the post when I went outside the barracks.

But still German women that worked on the base were not so lucky. They were sexually attacked and left for dead on the military base. It got so bad that local female civilians were no longer allowed to work on the base -- only men.

Soldiers were even banned several times from going into local German pubs because they would get into fights. 

There were many suicides by American soldiers because when you go overseas, you are so far away from home and your representatives -- that there is no one to complain too.

Therefore, military personnel especially the higher ups -- take advantage of you and think they can do what they want to you -- and usually they could.

It's extremely hard to even be granted leave to go back home for a visit -- even in emergencies -- so many of the soldiers ended up on drugs and many committed suicides.

There were many, many suicides of soldiers during my stay in Burbach, Germany. We heard the sirens of the ambulances everyday. 

And since I worked directly for the First Sergeant and Company Commander, I had first-hand knowledge and view of what went on. They especially went after the minorities -- especially African American men. 

They would just say you disobeyed a lawful order and give you an Article 15 where they took your rank or part of your pay for 6 months or they would file a Court Martial against you and send you to jail or kick you out of the military with a 'dishonorable' discharge. They were ruthless with their punishments. 

They gave soldiers harsh punishment and even paraded them around the military post in hand-cuffs for all their friends to see -- simply because they did not like the color of their skin. 

You just had to bow down to them and take the punishment. No 'person of color' were exempt. They even went after me because the training officer did not like me because I worked for the First Sergeant and Company Commander so he said I disobeyed a lawful order and they took my rank of E-4.

I was busted back to an E-3 because the Training Officer said I was supposed to be in a meeting but I was never told I was supposed to be in the meeting. He just did it because he could.

I was on my way out of the military when this happened to me so what happened to me -- I felt I was just lucky. I just wanted to get an 'honorable' discharge, which I did. Other minorities did not just lose their rank, they lost their livelihoods especially when they ended up in prison.

I paid a military lawyer $500 and tried to fight back but all these military officers stick together and go after good, hard working soldiers -- many of which were just family men and women, who just wanted to do their time in the military and GO HOME.

But they wanted you bruised and broken 'mentally' before you went home and this is why many soldiers during WAR TIMES and NOT DIURING WAR TIMES are 'mentally broken' after leaving the military.

This is why many end up shell-shocked and homeless on the street. It was absolutely horrible what they did to soldiers. They purposely went after these soldiers and 'broke their spirits' and this is what I meant when I said "WILL THEY CLEAN UP THE MILITARY under Gesara?



Cronyism, Nepotism and Favoritism went hand and hand with the federal government hiring practices along with the awards and rating system.

Cronyism is when someone's friend is treated better than other employees. Nepotism is when someone's family member is taken under their wing in the workplace. And Favoritism of course is when many employees were treated better than others.

When many family members were hired, they put in for transfers to be near other family members but there were no office overseeing these internal transfers.

Therefore, you had many family members ending up working in the same office buildings or many times in the same offices sitting across from each other. The Houston, TX offices were very problematic.  

These illegal hiring practices or internal transfers were never frowned upon in the federal government, but they should have been. Managers and Supervisors approved these internal transfers and they brought in family members, friends and neighbors's kids -- anyone they wanted.

Discrimination at Its Finest 

Once they got their family members and friends into these offices, they FORCED other LOW-GRADE office workers (GS-4/5s) who were usually admin or support to train these new employees while all the good high-paying jobs (GS/5/7/9/12/13) went to their family members and friends.

Despite the fact the lower grade employees (GS-4/5s) were already working in these positions on a 'temporary' basis and had been for years -- they were never given a chance to work 'permanently' in these positions. They lingered for years -- sometimes up to 20 years in these GS-4/5 low-grade positions -- sitting at the same desk for 20 years.


Their hearts were broken when they saw NEW EMPLOYEE after NEW EMPLOYEE come into the federal government and be promoted over them. These new employees weren't educated, they were just a relative or friend of other 'favorite' employees especially Managers and Supervisors. 

These were the same employees that died at their desks from a continuous campaign of harassment (#KillList) from their fellow co-workers, Supervisors and Internal Affairs offices. 

They were picked upon and constantly called names such as 'Sambo' - the N-word, the M-word and the B-word and even stalked on and off the job by Customs Special Agents and Internal Affairs Special Agents. These Special Agents thought they were ABOVE THE LAW. 

Running the Federal Government Like A Private Business

In my agency, Veterans and former Law Enforcement were hired first but Managers and Supervisors tried to run the federal government like their own private businesses so they brought in all these illegal new hires and transfers.

These were good paying jobs so they absolutely did what they wanted to do. How can you have fairness on any job when you have a COMPLETE FAMILY STRUCTURE 

working -- not just in the same region or division -- but sometimes next door, downstairs, upstairs or in the SAME OFFICE sitting across from each other?

For instance, in the Houston office, you would have a husband working in the same office with a wife, and also a son, daughter, or son-in-law or daughter-in-law -- all in the same office. 



The Awards System 

First you need to understand the current rating system for AWARDS and HONORS if you truly want to work in the federal government and move up the ladder.

Of course to move up the ladder, it will be important for you to receive awards and honors during your government career. This include Letters of Commendations in your file and even monetary awards. 

All of these awards and honors will look good when you are applying for an internal promotion or when you apply for another job within another federal agency.

Just understand they use the system of Cronyism, Nepotism and Favoritism to hand out all awards.

The Ratings or Performance Appraisal System (Fair, Fully Successful or Excellent)

Every Manager or Supervisor wants to grant their employees more than just an 'At-A-Boy' when they do a good job in the federal government.

In the federal government you receive regular ratings -- also called a performance appraisal. It might be different in different agencies but at Customs the rating system was you received a -- FAIR, FULLY SUCCESSFUL or EXCELLENT -- 'perfomance appraisal' -- every 6 months or sometimes yearly.

These regular ratings or appraisals will help your Supervisors and other Supervisors consider you for promotions and other positions so it's extremely important to receive a good rating.

On my job with U.S. Customs -- only those employees who were friends with or had a bond with Managers and Supervisors received 

EXCELLENT ratings.

Therefore, again just like the Award System they used Cronyism, Nepotism and Favoritism to decide who would receive an Excellent rating.

Not only did you have family members working in the same offices across from each other who was rating each other on yearly appraisals, but when it came time to hand out award money -- you had family members doling this money out to other family members. 

For instance, the GS-14 Special Agent in Charge (SAC) (the husband) would hand out up to $30,000 in award money to his wife (GS-13). This happened year after year.

Many times when their wives, daughters  or daughter-in-law, became pregnant, they were allowed to work in part-time positions. They just made these positions up so they could accomodate family members. They pulled these job descriptions and positions out of thin air. 

This practice was allowed all over the U.S. Customs Service and other federal agencies for many, many years and this is how mismanagement, abuses of authority, prohibited personnel practices, and corruption were allowed to flourish in all government agencies.

con'td on top



Especially check out the travel voucher system. When they turn in these travel vouchers they always lie on the mileage. They do this in all government agencies.

The Special Agents and Criminal Investigators, who would later apply for Internal Affairs positions, would especially lie on the travel voucher and overtime system. Most of the time they were surveilling INNOCENT LOW GRADE (GS-4/5)  employees trying to drive them crazy, so they should not be allowed to claim mileage for this. 

They all drove seized vehicles to and from work and even out of town for temporary duty. Many times these seized vehicles would be sports cars so they rode around town thinking they were big shots. 

The employees who worked in especially law enforcement offices or out in the field could easily lie on the travel voucher and overtime system and this is how they were paid massive amounts of funds every year. 

There were simply no oversight over these funds or the federal agencies. They were #Rogue agencies

It is just a system that needs to be more closely managed. And their employees need to be trained in Sexual Harassment and procedures.  



Issue Terminations and Forced Retirements to Managers and Supervisors 


Just like Police Officers and the Military -- federal employees also have a CODE OF CONDUCT and if they violate these laws, rules and regulations, they should be brought up before the disciplinary boards and punished, terminated and in many cases thrown in jail for allowing workplace violence to flourish in many federal workplaces.

When employees are harassed by other employees, it is up to the Managers or Supervisors to issue an oral or verbal warning or discipline them in writing. Just keep in mind that many times the harassment might be coming from Managers and Supervisors. 


Certain employees who is not conforming to policies and procedures -- no matter if they are Managers or Supervisors need to be run out of the government. This is the only way to guarantee a SAFE WORKPLACE environment.  

Because I ran my organization, Customs Employees Against Discrimination Association (, I had first-hand knowledge of all the below happening in the federal workplaces:

-Many Customs' Import Specialists would hold up commercial shipments coming into the country by African American importers. Even though they had trade shows and other events scheduled, they would make these importers miss these events because their shipments were 'illegally' held up in Customs. They did this all the time. 

-A few years back when the Customs Indianapolis, IN Internal Affairs office were broken into, many of the files on employees ended up with Customs employees and they said many of the married and unmarried males in U.S. Customs were being investigated by Internal Affairs for 'Pedophilia'. Their wives or girlfriends had reported them to Internal Affairs for molesting their own children. 

-Many of the young male interns were molested or raped by the Customs Commissioners and other male employees.  

-When I worked in cargo with commercial shipments in Atlanta, certain 'favorite' male employees did not have to do any work. They would sit at their computers all day long looking at porn websites then go out and take a 2 to 3 hour lunch.  


-In federal government jobs, many of the women especially ‘single mothers’ were stalked and raped on and off the job by men that carry weapons, and nothing is ever done about it. Many women had to use the 'Buddy System' while on the job. In other words she always had to be around another female to keep from being raped.

Many of the married and unmarried women (Custom Inspectors/Officers and Special Agents/Criminal Investigators) just slept with the men hoping he would keep the other men off them. 

-I started out as a GS-5 Secretary with the Import Specialists and then with the Special Agents in Houston. The Houston Office was the WILD, WILD WEST. Customs employees were always firing their weapons through the walls. I am surprised they never killed anyone. 

-I had a female friend in the Houston office, and she said males especially Special Agents would walk by her desk all day long and call her a 'Sambo.' When she was walking to her car to go to lunch, the Special Agents would shoot their weapons over her head to frighten her and when they were driving government vehicles, they tried to run her off the road. 


-Customs Special Agents especially Internal Affairs Special Agents would even sit outside of single women or single mothers’ homes and knock on the door and run away just to initimidate them. Or they would follow them to neighborhood stores and would even harass their college-aged children. You could not report them to the police, because they were friends with the police. 


-When these women leave their homes, they would go into their homes and put recording and video devices to watch women in their daily lives or they listen in on phone calls and call them the N-word and other names.


-They even work with local police departments, the and and other federal agencies to break in women’s homes to cause them mental anguish -- especially if they speak up on their jobs or file EEOC complaints. They would collect all their bills and tell them if they tell, they would be suspended or fired from the job. 


All women should buy a gun and get a conceal carry license for it. Police Departments can look you up so they know when you have a weapon in your home – and many times it might stop them from illegally entering your home or harassing you.


-Women in the federal wokplace end up in psych wards all the time. Federal Managers and Supervisors have partnerships with hospital’s psych wards (mental hospitals), and they will have employees, especially females and single mothers committed to psych wards if they get too loud on the job, if they file complaints or if they get out of line in workplaces.

-When men are fired from federal workplaces -- especially minorities, they also have this same partnership with police departments so they will have police officers escort men out of workplaces or even take them to jail simply because they don’t like how other men carry themselves. 

-Whistleblowers are targeted. When many file complaints and especially become “Whistleblowers”, they are the ones -- not their perpetrators, who are usually Federal Managers or Supervisors, that end up fired or in jail or many times they become homeless. 

Families please do not allow your daughters to go into the military or ever work for the federal government. 

Federal Managers and Supervisors were well aware of the workplace abuse, discrimination, and the workplace violence including the on the job rapes, in-house and off the job stalking, but yet they (Internal Affairs, Office of Inspector General,, Congressmen, Senators, etc.) did nothing and all of them were allowed to keep their jobs and even be promoted.

In many cases the abuse was orchestrated or initiated by the Managers and Supervisors. And all they would say is 'boys will be boys.' 



In Washington, DC you have all the FREE Mason politicians that create laws, rules and regulations for the entire country. Then you also had all the federal agencies headquarters located in Washington, DC, which was the #DevilsPlayground and GROUND ZERO for federal abuse.

Washington, DC wasn't even a part of the U.S. It was #ForeignLand which was run by London, Inc. created by the Deep State Cabal. It was a CESSPOOL for mismanagement, abuses of authority, prohibited personnel practices and corruption especially for all federal agencies.

The office in their headquarters in Washington, DC actually have more EEOC complainants than other government offices, so this should tell you why workplaces in this country need a NEW WORKPLACE ABUSE or WORKPLACE DISCRIMINATION system.

How can this office oversee EEOC complaints all over the country if they can't control their own headquarters' office? 

U.S. Customs Service -- now called "Customs and Border Protection" (

Locked and Loaded with Knowledge and Ammunition

When I was a GS-5 Secretary working in Houston, TX, my boss had told me in order to move up in Customs, that I needed to move around to different cities and gain experence, but that was hard because I was a Single Mother with two daughters. However, being a former soldier, I had always enjoyed traveling and moving around -- so I made it work for me.  

A File Full of Commendations

I had worked in Houston as a GS-5 Secretary, El Paso as a GS-7/9 Customs Inspector and Miami as a GS-11 Customs Inspector so by the time I got to Atlanta in 1995 as a GS-11, I had a file full of letters of commendations to move up the ranks of the government.

Because I had worked as a Secretary with Customs in Houston and on a land border, El Paso, TX, and in an airport and seaport in Miami, FL -- I was given EXCELLENT ratings. I had the experience I needed to move up the ladder. 

The End of My Career

It wasn't until I got to Atlanta and applied for a GS-12 Supervisor's position, that I started receiving a Fully Successful rating, which meant my points went down and I basically no longer qualified for a Supervisor's position. 

I looked forward to being a Supervisor and taking care of the needs of the employees. However, that wasn't my calling. My calling became to fight them 'tooth and nail' and force them to create new policies and procedures and make life better for those that came behind me.

I was prepared to go to war after working on a land border, in an airport and a seaport with Customs. And because I was well-versed in union laws and regulations, I was just ready to take on the system. 

After applying for a GS-12 Supervisor's position, my Managers and Supervisors, had not only tanked my career by giving me a low rating, which disqualified me for the position but they came at me with BOTH BARRELS BLASTING.

It was the end of my career even though I had spent years moving around with two kids in tow to gain the experience to move up the ladder.

Doing What Was Best for My Family

I could have actually stayed in Miami and probably moved up the ranks to a GS-12 or GS-13 position. Many African American women held these positions in Miami. 

But I needed to do what was best for my two daughters. After Hurricane Andrew, my daughters had over 60 kids in their classes and I wanted them to be around my famly, two hours outside Atlanta, before they went off to college so coming to Atlanta meant I was going back home. I had not lived in the area since I left for the military...many, many years ago.  

On the Job Stalking - #SexualPredator

It was one Manager in particular that went after me, GS-12 Dale O'Connor, who is now deceased but had a reputation throughout the Custom's Service as a real ladies' man. I was actually warned about him when I was in Miami before even applying for the position in Atlanta.

Dale O'Connor was the highest ranking manager in the Port of Atlanta so most of the other Supervisors just did what he wanted. Nothing ever happened in the Port unless it was condoned by Dale O'Connor.

A year before coming to Atlanta, I had come out for an interview from Miami and Supervisor Dale O'Connor cornered me in the breakroom and asked me for a date. But I said no politely as I could because he was clearly a GS-12 Supervisor and I was a GS-11.

I felt it was unprofessional for him to do this especially since he would probably be the person signing off on my awards, performance appraisals and/or promotions or pay raises in the future. 

But after arriving in Atlanta, his shenanigans continued. I was stalked in and out of the Customs area. When I went out for lunch in other parts of the airport, I saw Dale peering at me from around corners #InHouseStalking.

When I was in the Customs area in the back, he would wait for me outside of restrooms. During flights there would be very few individuals in the back so his antics were a little intimidating and disturbing especially when I was not wearing my weapon.

He was a tall guy and could have easier came in the restroom and attacked me. He would be standing 10 feet behind me when I was walking amongst the passengers looking for drugs or prohibited items.

He often tried to come close to me and kept telling me that he like women who are soft, pretty and women who wear makeup.

Because I had turned down his sexual encounters -- on every single occasion, and there were many of them, he then went after me and tried to end my career. 

They Tried to Break Me, #StillStanding

My life basically became a living nightmare. In the federal government, your Managers and Supervisors can call you in and fire you if you receive 3 Letter of Reprimands.

They wanted to keep me around to embarrass and humiliate me in front of my co-workers because eventually they wrote me up over 25 times for all types of frivolous reasons -- all illegal of course. 

They took my weapon at least 5 times and even made me take a Pap Smear with a government doctor to get it back.

They embrassed me openly on the government radio by calling me names and the Supervisors especially O'Connor would often yell at me and put their fingers in my face between my eyes and on several occasions call me the M and B words.

I simply ignored them by pretending they weren't there and they hated that. They called me UPPITY, RADICAL and MILITANT because I pretended they were CASPER THE GHOST and went on about my business.

They tried to get me in their Supervisor's offices without a union representative, but I knew not to go in there without a witness.

I never talked back to them. I never lost my cool. I never bowed down to them. I simply pretended they were not making me upset so I carried on about my business and again they absolutely hated how I acted.

I kept walking around with my head up in the air and it drove them absolutely batty. They wanted me to lose it and cuss them out like most black women in the federal government -- who broke down crying or passed out and had to be carried to ambulances to psych wards and crazy houses. I simply kept my cool. 

They Were Just Men - #InternalAffairs, 



I was the subject of Internal Affairs investigations at least 3 or 4 times during my 11 years working in Atlanta. They kept turning me into Internal Affairs, the #GoonSquad and #CustomsGestapo.

When they met with me as a form of intimidation, they would keep leaving the door opened so my co-workers could see it was me meeting with them. 

When they sat down in front of me, they thought putting a tape recorder out and recording me was intimidating but I wanted to get on record why they were really here so I welcomed them recording me. 

I told these Internal Affairs Special Agents the real reason they were called in to investigate me was because I was exposing how they targeted Black and Hispanic women with abusive pat-downs and humiliating strip searches so when they heard this -- they usually just got up and left.

I kept asking them when were they going to investigate them? They did not know what to think of me. I had an answer for everything. I was actually laughing during the interview. I had never did anything illegal so I had nothing to worry about.

I grew up watching shootem-up cowboy and detective pictures, which were my favorities so I knew how these interviews would go. 

They even asked me if I wanted union representation. I said no and that I knew the laws good enough to represent my ownself. Why bring in a union rep who would go back and tell all my business?

A few months later, they would send another set of Internal Affairs agents...always men and usually at least one an African American.

They usually came from the Miami Internal Affairs office. When I told them why they were sent -- the African American male was always the one to say -- let's go -- because he knew I was telling the truth.

He knew the Customs Service was racist and he knew they were going after these vulnerable Black and Hispanic women international travelers to make overtime money. They were a bunch of 'low-lives' going after these vulnerable women.

These Internal Affairs agents were just men and I wasn't afraid of them. I grew up with my male cousins and I was raised with 5 brothers.

After growing up as a 'blacksheep' child with an abusive mother and functional alcoholic father, fighting with men in the Military and working on land and border ports in Customs with mostly males, I had already been to hell and back again. There just wasn't much they could do to intimidate me. #CountryGirl, #RuralGeorgia, #StrongAncestry. 

I Just Kept Fighting Back - #NeverGiveUp

Unlike many other women and men in the federal government, I just kept fighting back. Because I was very 'well-versed' in union laws, rules and regulations --I knew everything they did was illegal. Therefore, I showed up in the workplace everyday JUST READY to fight back.

I just went to work everyday and thought like a lawyer. I carried a small notebook with me and documented the daily abuse which made it easier when I had to write the EEOC affidavits.

I eventually filed a Sexual Harassment and Whistleblower complaint along with 8 other complaints. I even filed 5 of my complaints my ownself in federal district court, but they were dropped from the system -- when I could not hire an attorney to keep them going.

My knowledge of the federal court system only went so far -- but I still had plenty of other EEOC complaints or plenty of ammunition to fight them with.

Armed and Loaded Female

During all this turmoil I just fought back. I was just strong and a new breed of fighters. But what really saved me and kept them off me was when they did not have my weapon they were afraid of me because I was an EXPERT SHOT.

I had learn to shoot in the Military and I usually had my weapon with me 24/7 so it kept them away from me. So again, ladies get a weapon and your concealed carry license.

Department of Homeland Security (

The Largest


in the HISTORY of

this country

Initially, while working with Customs we fell under the Department of the Treasury. But in 2003 we went under the with 21 other federal agencies -- making it the LARGEST ARMED AGENCY in the history of this country.  

I was there for 2 years from 2003-2005 working for -- so I witnessed 'first-hand' how this new agency,, opened the door even more and weakened the security of this country. 

PICTURE THIS: You've worked hard and decide to reward yourself with a trip to a sunny destination beyond America's shores. At the end of your wonderful vacation, you board the plane for your return trip home. You arrive at the airport but instead of making your way quickly and routinely through U.S Customs and Border Protection, you find yourself being subjected to an abusive pat-down, intrusive strip-search, x-rayed, probed internally, fed a laxative and handcuffed to a hospital bed for up to 4 days. If you are an African American, especially an African American female, this scenario, it turns out, was all too likely.

After witnessing first-hand this type of denigration against African American travelers particularly women and successfully putting reforms in place to protect them, I realized there was something even more sinister about to happen to the American people.


In March 2003, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) merged 22 federal agencies together totalling over 180,000 employees including my agency, U.S. Customs and Border Protection. Over 73,400 of these employees were ARMED making this new department the MOST MASSIVE ARMED department ever in the history of the government.


Under the new department, they operated with excessive secrecy. Excessive secrecy could be just as dangerous as a terrorist coming into the country, so I set out to continue to inform the public about the new practices in the new department.


I realized that unless there were some type of oversight put into place - such as Citizen Review Boards - that United States Customs and Border Protection Officers would eventually go back to their old ways of singling out certain individuals such as African American international travelers and certain Department of Homeland Security employees who were speaking out against any and all types of injustices.


Because of the new department, I set out on another journey to educate the American people. My books will make you aware of the extent of racial and sexual profiling - the blatant mismanagement, abuses of authority, prohibited personnel practices, corruption, and other unethical practices carried out by federal law enforcement officials and what is being done to combat it and how current attempts at reforms and legislation don't go far enough.

Read my books "The Cathy Harris Story: A Whistleblower's Victorious Journey to Justice" and  "The Failure of Homeland In-Security: The Government's Dirty Little Secrets from an Insider." 

Centers for Disease Control (CDC)

When I had my organization,, I met with over 25 African American women in Atlanta that worked for the CDC. One lady had up to 50 complaints (mostly retaliations) and 3 others had over 35 while the other ladies had under 25.

I had 10 total during my time in Atlanta, 11 years -- a Sexual Harassment, a Whistleblower and 8 other complaints. Despite this not being an ARMED governmental agency, I could not believe how many complaints these ladies had against the CDC.

My heart just went out to them. Because of all these complaints in the federal government, it was a danger to the public.

When the flesh eating disease got all over Atlanta and 6 people died or lost limbs from it, many people believed it was employees at the CDC that let loose some type of toxic chemical. There were certainly many disgruntled employees there, but did they have access to any of these diseases?

There were also a CDC Whistleblower, who said the FLU Shot is poisoned and he ended up dead in a river. But they were able to spin the story in the Cabal-run mainstream media and say that he had personal and professional issues. The professional issues were -- he was a Whistleblower

Food and Drug Admnistration (FDA)

According to credible sources, they had a female working for the who were able to create over 200 new laws, rules and regulations from THIN AIR so no one should be paying attention to aything that the puts out. 

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)

(Fun Being Ignorant)

If you can bring down the FBI then it will be like a domino effect for other federal governmental agencies.  All the agencies will fall. 

So going after the highest law enforcement agency in the land (the FBI) was a brilliant idea. What you have to understand is that  evil doesn't have a long range game. They are all being exposed. They are throwing everything at the wall but nothing is sticking. 

Over 14 FBI whistleblowers have come forward to expose the Jan 6 debacle and abusive school board practices when parents were targeted and threatened by the FBI for speaking up at school boards about stopping the mask mandates, indoctrinations and the grooming of children. 

Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)

(Can't Investigate Anything)

Federal Emergency Management Agency

( was the governmental agency that went after homeless people. They fed them for at least a month then these homeless people were killed for their organs. also had camps under Walmart stores for years. This is why over the years many women and children especially were kidnapped from Walmart parking lots by men in big, black vehicles from other countries. 

Secret Service 

There were many, many EEOC complaints from employees in this agency. Trump did not trust the Secret Service so he had to go out and hire his own security. He caught Secret Service agents going through his home.

How did the FBI get past the Secret Service to serve the warrant?

The Secret Service doesn’t work for Trump. They work for the Department of Homeland Security (formerly for the Treasury), but that was changed a few years back.

The FBI agents work for the Department of Justice.

So, while the Secret Service agents’ boss and the FBI agents’ boss aren’t the same person, if they got into a firefight, it might make things a bit tense at the next cabinet meeting.

In all seriousness, though, the job of the agents on the former President’s security detail are to protect his physical safety, and presumably that of his family. And that’s pretty much it.

If and when FBI agents come to arrest him, they’ll likely arrange things with the Secret Service to develop a plan to take him into custody without undue conflict.

In this case, however, there was no question of Trump being in any danger. If there were any Secret Service agents on the property, they presumably would have been shown the valid warrant, signed by a sitting judge, and happily and professionally co-operated with the lawful instructions of FBI.

The Secret Service would certainly expect such cooperation if the roles were reversed, so it’s hard to imagine that they’d try to obstruct the lawful execution of a search warrant.

Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF)

Internal Revenue Service (IRS)

I worked for the IRS for one year as a Branch Secretary where I oversaw the duties of 3 more secretaries. It was one of the saddest working environments I ever worked at.

Elderly women were always in the public restroom crying because they said when they went into the hospital -- IRS took their homes. They even tried to show me their scars from their surgeries.

People would just drive up and hand over the keys to their vehicles to an IRS agent waiting outside. It was really sad because everyone knows that 500 percent of the time, the IRS ONLY WENT AFTER the poor and middle class.

IRS is now closed and the remaining employees who are still processing late taxes have been moved into the Department of the Treasury. 

The Sherry Peel Jackson Story

(click here)

We can't discuss IRS without discussing what happened to IRS Agent, CPA, and Fraud Examiner Sherry Peel Jackson, an African American female and Whistleblower. I don't think she ever referred to herself as a Whistleblower, but she was one.

Sherry was going around the country with 4 males who were all Caucasians, discussing that you don't need to file or pay an Income Tax.

Sherry was the only one that ended up in prison. Her home were raided by 20 IRS agents and she tried to go to court and represent her ownself but ended up being marched off to jail that day. 

She ended up serving 4 years in prison. Most of her time she spent it in solitary confinement and almost died from hypothyroidism. Her husband, a firefighter, was barely able to hang onto their home and she missed both her daughter and son's graduation from high school.

Despite serving all her time, she was still put on probation when she was released after 4 years. Check out her website

Bureau of Land Management, Fish and Wildlife and U.S. Forest Service

In the Western U.S. 51% of the land is controlled by the federal government. Over 72% of sub-surface mineral rights are being controlled by the federal government.  

Bureau of Land Management (, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service ( and the U.S Forest Service ( is administering and controlling mass amounts of land in the U.S. has its own army. So does the Fish and Wildlife Service and U.S. Forest Service. Even the Department of Education has their own swat teams.

They are completely militarizing these agencies with their military equipment and own swat teams. They have their own administrative judges and their own due process.

Ammon Bundy, who is now running for Governor of Idaho, takes a seat with Ninoscorner.TV to discuss his experience with the infamous F.B.I. raid on his ranch back in 2014-2016.

The bottomline is they, aka ''the government' led by the FBI were trying to take his family's ranch. They discussed the weaponization of the three letter agencies and how everything that was once done in the dark is now being brought to light.

The best thing that happened to this family was the media. It was no facebook live yet. They were beating them to the ground, tasering them, and making the dogs attack his family. While this was going on the family was uploading footage to  facebook.

Even though he was innocent, Mr. Bundy spent a little over a year in solitary confinement (just like the Jan. 6 prisoners). An FBI employee wrote a 17 page letter entitled "The Wooten Letter,' which exposed the FBI and brought credibility to their fight. 

Department of Transportation


When I lived in Atlanta many of the city or state workers that cruise the highways to look for stranded cars, told me that they work alongside of police officers to ILLEGALLY strip cars left on the side of the road.

They said they give these individuals one hour to come back for their cars. I thought these jobs were city or state jobs but I believe these jobs fall under the Department of Transportation ( -- which are federal jobs.  

Many local and state Police Officers have their own tow companies where they have a family member (son, son-in-law or other workers) towing vehicles. Have you even wondered how the wrecker trucks gets on a scene before Triple AAA?

Police Officers will call them as soon as they hear about an accident. This way they get paid and not Triple AAA. They also make more money by towing your vehicle to the other side of town so you won't want to come all the way out there to pick it up then your vehicle will be sold in police auctions and police garages or Car Storage Units' Owners will split the proceeds.

When I lived in Houston, TX there were many complaints about ILLEGAL CAR BOOTING. These companies were making big money putting car boots on cars when they parked downtown. Again, many of these companies were owned by the Police so they probably spent time monitoring cars they could put a boot on to make money.  

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

It is not just a coincidence that the is the agency that is leading the way for 80% of the federal agencies to be overhauled. Chances are this is because of the victory of EPA Whistleblower,  

Marsha Coleman-Adebayo.

Read her story in her book "No Fear: A Whistleblower's Truimp Over Corruption and Retaliation at the EPA." Unlike me when I became a Federal Whistleblower, ( was a high school graduate with a Military background, but Marsha was highly educated with a Doctorate degree.

However, because we were two African American women, we both experienced the exact same acts of discrimination from Caucasian men who run the federal government.

I don't know if these men are White Supremacists or FREE Masons, but someone needs to send a clear message that their reign of terror is over. 

Black women have had to almost become lawyers and file a barrage of EEOC complaints, and file their own cases in federal district courts or even file Class-Action lawsuits against their agencies -- just to survive. How is this normal for any workplace?

The Supreme Court Ruling That Opened the Door for Federal Government Agencies' Reforms

The Supreme Court Curbed EPA’s Power to

Regulate Carbon Emissions from Power Plants

(click here)

Because of the above Supreme Court ruling involving the Environment Protection Agency (, a federal government agency, it opened the doorway to overhaul and for reforms in at least 80% or more of the federal government agencies.

Basically, the ruling stated that federal agencies could no longer make up their own laws, rules, and regulations. They no longer had the power to just pull laws, rules and regulations OUT OF THE AIR. Instead these laws, rules, and regulations need to be voted on by Congress.

Now if we can just elect ethical and honest politicians (Read this e-newsletter - "You have 120 Days to Elect Ethical and Honest Politicians." 

U. S. Marshals Service

The way the U.S. Marshals Service go after minority male workers, they would set them up to be killed by a suspect when they went out on manhunts especially if they had filed EEOC complaints on the job.  

The Queen of England Dies - The Start of Gesara

"Ding Dong the Witch is Dead"

Remember when Trump walked in front of the Queen, the Normies and Sleepers absolutely went crazy thinking that he was extremely rude. But the Patriots and Truthers knew it was a CODE for "YOUR REIGN IS OVER." 

Trump allowed the queen to keep her reputation so that the people can celebrate her life and death, but she had to tell him where all the bodies were buried. When the people find out she was executed for "Crimes Against Humanity," -- especially against children, they are going to be sick. 

Buckingham Palace has been closed for a minute and the Queen of England was one of the most evil creatures that ever walked this earth. The Royal Family held #HuntingParties and hunted children for decades and centuries. When they caught them -- they put their genitals on plagues on walls.

I will never forget when I was watching a parade at Buckingham Palace in 2020 on youtube and a naked child ... a little boy...dropped out of a window. He actually dropped from a long way up. He rather risk falling out of the window than the evilness that awaited him inside. 

The Patriots and Truthers knew that the queen has been dead for a couple of years but credible sources are saying that they have actually had her on ice since 2018. We were waiting for the announcement of the Queen's death on public TV, which was #OperationLondonBridge, which again was CODE for "The Start of Gesara" -- so we are on our way.

The world will never be the same again -- ding, dong the Witch is dead. #TheWitchIsDead, #GesaraIncoming, #NesaraIncoming, #5thDimension, #GoldenEra, #GoldenYears. 

More Gesara Updates

Someone Got Their

Credit Card Paid Off

-The takedown of Ukraine was the end of the New World Order (NWO) and had Putin not acted when he did to clean up Ukraine, they were preparing to launch weapons. They were weeks away so Putin had no choice. 

-It's possible that Australia, Germany, Argentina, and Colombia might become a part of the U.S. 

-There is another movie to go along with Check out "The Pit" which is 10 times better than 2000 Mules. Also check this out (The Pit) from the producers of 2000 Mules. 

-According to Gene Decode, over 79% of the world population is now JABBED....They all took the jab or the COVID vaccination. 

-They wanted everyone to get the booster every 6 months but that scenario isn't working. But they are jabbing many children, especially in black communities like Washington, DC and other areas. #MedicalGenocide, #Depopulation. 


-If you were jabbed you could not work on the 5G towers. People who are jabbed are falling over in China just by being near the 5G towers. Many experts admitted that they, the Cabal, had so many 5G towers, they don't believe the good guys have been able to disarm all of them. Learn more from the Gene Decode interview on or on this page at (click here).

More News Updates

Election Fraud Proven

Are You Constantly Deplatformed?

You are Not One of the Chosen Ones

Remember this is all about SAVING THE CHILDREN...


Children's Health Defense Fund Deplatformed...

Without Warning, Facebook, Instagram De-Platformed

Children's Health Defense Accounts 

(click here)

Subscribe to

If you are still being constantly deplatformed on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and other social media sites, then it's because "The White Hats" don't want you putting your messages out.

I saw in several places on Patriots and Truthers websites that the "The White Hats" took over the media 2 years ago and since we are so close to Gesara going through, they have to have control of social media also. Think about it!

Face it -- you are just not one of the chosen ones. They have certain individuals that they are using to educate the public and most of these individuals are making money through Silver and Gold affiliations or by doing commercials on their platforms.

Or it could be that the people that are being deplatformed will cause noise and this is just another way to WAKE UP the "Normies" and "Sleepers" -- possibly.

I just don't know how several individuals have spent the last two and a half years and never been deplatformed. They said they received warnings but at the end of the day they were allowed to keep their platforms.

I get blocked for 30 days every 2 to 3 weeks on Facebook and Instagram (Facebook owns Instagram) and this has been going on for 2 years.

Another female told me blocks her for 90 days at a time. Dang 90 days...what is going on here? Is there actually some type of bias...Who are they actually blocking? And I don't want to hear it is Algorithms!!!

Algorithms is a process or set of rules to be followed in calculations or other problem-solving operations, especially by a computer. 

Social media algorithms are a way of sorting posts in a users' feed based on relevancy instead of public time. Social networks prioritize which content a user sees in their feed first by the likelihood that they'll actually want to see it.

I don't buy it just Algorithms. It has got to be people behind these Algorithms that is trying to silence your voice. I have watched several Patriots and Truthers social media sites go down over the past 2 and a half years and they had awesome and informative platforms, but like me they weren't one of the chosen ones.

And this is why I have been educating my audience through my own platform at or Subscribe today!

I hope none of these Social Media platforms survive the cut. #GesaraIncoming, #5thDimension #KeepSoundingTheHorn, #Patriots, #Truthers, #Anons.  

The Children's Health Defense Fund, which is run by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. were recently blocked because -- of course -- they discuss info on vaccinations and especially on SAVING OUR CHILDREN.

This group has been successful on many fronts with passing laws to protect our children, but yet they were still deplatformed on social media sites.

The social media sites claim they don't want misinformation out there. But a lot of this information would have saved many lives so who are actually blocking all these brave and well-informed individuals?

Subscribe to

Children's Health Fund Defense

Good Job Robert Kennedy, Jr. 

Credible Gesara Experts

Join their platforms...

Join Holly Celiano's Foundation

Password is newearth

Also, look for the group on Telegram. Sign up for Humanitarian Projects. 

Holly's Video Interview with 

"Center 4 Advancement

of Humanity"

(click here)

Dr. Kia Pruitt

Keys to Golden Era (History, Benefits, Purpose)

(click here) 

Buy Gold and Silver from Dr. Kia

(click here)  

Juan O'Savin Says Gesara is a Scam

Juan O'Savin, Clif High and Gregg Prescott

on the Gesara/Nesara Scam

(click here)

More on Juan O'Savin - Issue #2

(click here)

Juan O'Savin got people ready to jump off a cliff by saying that Gesara/Nesara is a scam in the video above. 

No one knows who Juan O'Savin is. Supposedly, there were two or even three of them. Is he JFK, Jr. or is he Wayne Willot above? He sounds like Rosanne Barr's ex-husband, Tom Arnold.

Again, no one knows who he is. He is just a character -- afraid to show his face, so why are you listening to him? The Deep State is after him too. 

Please do not reach out to me and tell me Gesara isn't real. I have worked tirelessly to bring you all this wonderful info in my newsletters and on my videos at and if you still have questions at this point I don't know what to say. Do your own research. 

Remember you can't allow the enemy to know your plan so it's possible this is why Juan O'Savin said Gesara is a scam. Juan O'Savin website is, but I am not a subscriber. 

He isn't the President. I don't listen to Juan O'Savin anymore. In the beginning, he was one of my favorites but now when I listen to him in interviews he says absolutely nothing. All he does is talks in riddles. Remember this is a movie and like you -- I am so sick of the movie.  

Be careful whom you are listening to on social media. I don't listen to the same people that I started out listening to 2 and a half years ago. Their platforms became more about making money (PAY-triots) or to me it was too much like Network and Multi-Level Marketing -- which to me is nothing but a "Pyramid Scheme."

Even if Gesara wasn't real, the Child, Sex and Human Trafficking are very real along with the Military Tribunals and there is no putting that rabbit back in the hat.

You can't sit around waiting on a bunch of money to make you happy. You have to get out there and take action in your own life.

Stop waiting on the calvary. You are the calvary!!! Look in a mirror. The person who is coming to help you and SAVE YOU will be looking back ar you. You need to show up in your own life. 

When many people found out Gesara might go through they went out and brought BMWs, Audis and Mercedes and a former friend of mine built a house from scratch but now all of them is looking really bewildered.

None of us know when any of this is going to happen. We are entering another era and this has never been done before so there are many things that had to be put in place first.

However, personally, as a Spiritualist and Intuitive, I do believe Gesara/Nesara is real. I have spoken to my bank/credit union before about the NEW CURRENCY and have seen some of the changes they made inside. Since they will be lifting the NDA's for banks/credit unions soon -- start speaking to your banks....ask questions. Good luck!!!

Anne Heche Goes Into Witness Protection - Probably

On the Ellen Show for years the background on her show was a picture of Epstein Island so she (he) advertised this in plain view for everyone to see because this is what these evil people do. I am pretty sure that Elllen has been #Gitmoed for 'Crimes Against Humanity.'

We know that Anne Heche was the former lover of Ellen. Ellen was actually a man and so is Anne Heche (Males To Females) #Transgenders. Portia de Rossi is also a man. They were a homosexual couple -- pretending to be a lesbian couple.  

If you saw the latest videos of Ann Heche's crash, you will see that she came out of the body bag when she was on the stretcher right before they put her in the ambulance. She wasn't wearing a top and there were no obvious burns on her, which has led many to believe the crash was staged.

Chances are even if the Deep State chased her, the fact that she is making a movie on child trafficking makes her a target of the Deep State so like many other movie stars (900 in Witness Protection), she has probably had to go into Witness Protection. Her movie will probably still be aired. If she was working with the politician then she too is probably in Witness Protection. Just think if everyone with a platform would advertise what is happening to our kids  -- think of the progress we could make. Great job!!! 

Anne Heche Was a White Hat Chased Down and Murdered (Supposedly)

(click here)

Anne Heche film about human trafficking will still air despite horror car crash

(click here)

Anne Heche - Was It an Accident?

(click here)


-Athletes are Dropping Like Flies

-Mike Tyson, In a Wheelchair, said He Is Dying of the COVID Vax

-Massive Number of COVID Vaxx Deaths

-What Nesara Implements

-What is Nesara

-The U.S. To Invest Over $1B in Quantum Computing, President Trump Signs a Law

-Generation Z - Inflation is a Time Theft

-Space Force Takes Over All Military Satellite Communications

-First Lady Tests Positive for COVID

-Urgent: Frozen Pizza Recalled After Customers Find Metal Pieces

-32 New Drinks Added to Massive Beverage Recall - Here's the Full List of 85 Drinks

-Without Warning, Facebook, Instagram Deplatform Children's Health Defense Account

-Vaccine-Inured Have to "Talk in Code' or Facebook Deletes Their Accounts

-The Defender Show - Food + Farming Solutions

-President Trump - "A Lot of Very Positve Things Are Happening...The Plan We're on Now is Going to Make People Very, Very Happy

-The Biggest U.S. Hospital Company Quietly Removed a Report on a Case of A Fatal Brain Disease Following MRNA Vaccination from its Website

-Here is Why 37 Percent of U.S. Farmers in the Western Half of the Country are Killing Their Own Crops

-This is Not an Economic or Political Crisis, it is a Crisis of Monotheism

-Liz Cheney's Loss in Wyoming is Trump's Biggest Primary Victory

-Donald Trump, Dynasty Killer: 2023 Will Mean No More Bush, Cheney, McCain, or Clinton in Office

-Deep State Can No Longer Put the Genie Back in the Bottle

-Declas Brings It All Down! There is No Wheret to Hide! Showtime!

-Anti-Election Fraud Training Programs Set Up Across US by Tea Party Patriot Group; Over 6,000 People Already Attended

-Mumia Abu-Jamal Remains the Voice of the Voiceless

-Colorado River on Brink of 'Catastrophic Collapes' Brought on by Historic Drought

-Radical Drought Caused by Military Weather Weapons

-Why Are We Prioritizing Big Ag Profits Over Children's Health? 

-Kids Born Near Fracking Sites at Much Greater Risk of Develping Leukemia

-Are You Aware That Doctors All Across America Are Chemically Castrating Children And Saying Kids Know They Are Transgender From Birth?

-Sounding the Alarm on Connection Between Fertility and Pesticide Exposure

-New York's Hudson Valley Community College Rejects State COVI Vaccine Mandate and More

-Florida is Where the Woke Go to Die

-D.U.M.B's Gene Decode = New Bibles 77 Books Retrieved from Vatican - Profits for Killing 5 Year Olds

-Is Someone Trying to Overthrow the U.S., the EU and Communist China? 

-U.S. Government Data Confirms a 143.233% increase in Cancer Cases Due to COVID Vaccination

-Cape Coral Family Says Two Men Tired to Kidnap Their Kid in Walmart Parking Lot

-Prosecutors Struggle to Catch Up to a Tidal Wave of Pandemic Fraud

-Former College Football Coach Fired dfor Refusing COVID Vaccine Files $25 Million Claim Against Washington State

-10 Million Settlement Announcef for Workers Forced to Take COVID Shots

-Must See: 'Under the Skin' - How Aluminum Compounds in HPV Vaccines Cause Injuries

-Five (5) Chinese US-Listed Giants Announce Delisting Plans Over Audits

-U.S. Housing Inventory Grows At Record Pace As Buyers Slow Down

-LA School Superintendent Can't Explain Why Parents Pulled Up to 20,000 Kis Out of His Schools

-75th Annual Commemoration of the Nuremberg Code

-Tribute to Seal Team Six

-Florida Student Expelled After Mom Stands Up to the Pronoun

-How Much Evidence is There the TopLeadership of the Planet Earth is Non-Human?

-Are Community Schools the Last, Best Shot at Adressing Education Inequity?

-New Jersey Teachers Union Class Parents 'Extremists' in New Ad

-Education Secretary Manny Diaz Jr. Urges Teachers Wanting to Teach Sexual Idealogy to Leave the State

-Some Schools Don't Want You to Know What They are Teaching Your Kids and That's a Problem

-Living A Life of Illusion

-A Birth Control Pill for Men Could Start Human Trials Soon 

Whistleblower News

-NYC Health Department Whistleblowers Seeks Reinstatement

-Senate Judiciary Committee Sends Pressing Immigration Letter



"The Good Guys"

Whistleblowers are true American Patriots. They are indeed known as "The Good Guys." They expose their particular industries and workplaces.

Whistleblowers exposes corruption and other illegal acts which affect the safety and welfare of an entire nation of individuals.

They put their lives on the line in order to save yours and many die or end up in jail because of their whistleblowing activities. 

Don't forget that I am a "Whistleblower" ( so I know all Whistleblowers are genuinely good and truthful individuals.

Whistleblower laws in this country still remain weak. Some of the whistleblower law firms trying to strengthen the laws include:

-Government Accountability Project (

-Project on Government Oversight (

-Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (

There are Whistleblower Law Firms and Whistleblower News Channels in every city. Don't forget that the 'best outlet for a whistleblower is the media.' So therefore, utilize the media and also use to blow the whistle on your company or agency.

Federal Government News

-Open Letter to the U.S. Military from We the People

-Getting More Women into Federal Policing

-Trump Calls for Immediate Release of Unredacted Affidavit Justifyng FBI's Mar-A-Lago Raid

-FBI Unit Leading Mar-A-Lago Probe Earlier Ran Discredited Trump-Russia Investigation

-Memorandum on Declassification of Certain Materials Related to the FBI's Crossfire Hurricane Investigation

-The FBI is Withholding Video Evidence That Clearly Identifies DNC Pipe Bomber

-CDC Admits to Botcvhed COVID FResponse, Announces Overhaul

-Republican Senator Implores Americans Not To Apply for New IRS Jobs

-IRS Hires 950 Thugs - Overnight

-Republicans Escalae IRS Rhetoric as Senator Warms American not to Applyf or New Jobs

-Moderna Clinical Trials Terribly Flawed - and FDA Knew It, Former Pharama Executive Tells RFK, Jr.

-Without Clinical Trails, FDA Authorizes Modified Monkeypox Vaccine, Expands Eligibility to 'High-Risk' Children

-TSA Union Local Leader Gets House Arrest for Misappropriating Funds

The TSP Transition is Being Investigated

(click here)

The Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) is a tax-deferred retirement savings and investment plan that offers Federal employees the same type of savings and tax benefits that many private corporations offer their employees under 401(k) plans.

A while back the Department of the Treasury was investigated and gutted and the main headquarters was moved to Indian Land in Nevada. 

There were many prison buses on site so many of the employees ended up prison. I would say all federal government agencies and their partners are suspect when it comes to misappropiating funds. Subscribe to for more federal government news. 

Subscribe to 

"Audit The Fed"

Remember to buy Gold and Silver. Silver is worth more than Gold...

One of the Best Websites for

those with Stocks, Bonds and

Other Investments...

Subscribe Today!

More Info on MedBeds

I saw the below info on Med Beds but I can't guarantee it is legitimate. It does seem to offer more info on MedBeds. Remember the MedBeds will be controlled by the Military and the first group to use them will be the Military along with the Rescued Children.

The second group will be Seniors and the third group will be the disabled community. The MedBeds will be FREE so if companies contact you and charge you are fee, these companies will be imitating MedBed companies so be careful.

Be careful contacting the email below. If you have the funds or when you receive your Gesara payouts also check out -- until MedBeds are available in your area. Many buy the two big buckets and place them under their beds and supposedly, the results have been great.

The Truth About Child Protective Service (CPS)

Check out David and Bonnie Straight Events at

David Straight - Arkansas Class


CPS Kidnapped

86% of the 800,000

Missing U.S. Childen



-CPS Kidnapped 86% of the 800,000 Missing U.S. Children

-Obamacare Opened the Floodgates for #MedicalKidnapping

-How To Defeat the CPS by Bonnie Straight

-Save The Babies: A Documentary on CPS Child Trafficking

-Dad vs. CPS

They broke into Senator Nancy Schaefer's home and killed her and her busband because she was taking on CPS. Read more

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