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Newsletter - Issue 13 - Dec. 9, 2022

Some of the Changes with Gesara 

What is Gesara About?

Basically, because the banks have been committing fraud against -- not just you but your ancestors, GESARA will be about giving the money back to the people. All of it started with the farmers so now they are paying the farmers back $800 million dollars.

This is the end of the evil Central Banking system that has had control of us for years and years. We are now FREE and transitioning into a new banking system -- the Quantum Financial System or QFS.

All your banks and credit unions have the NEW RAINBOW CURRENCY ready to be released as soon as we completely go into Gesara, which is any day now.

They will level the playing field for everyone. Everyone will be given a clean slate. They will wipe out all your debt. They will pay off your Student Loans, Car Notes, and Mortgages (or any other bank loan) and you will receive back any funds ever paid out to IRS. So keep checking (a FREE account) to see when all your bills are zeroed out.

For those retired on Social Security, you will receive up to 5,000 a month. The retirement age might go down to 60. Because of the birth certificate bonds they put on you when you were born, there is a big possibility that you will receive back funds from that. Everyone will have funds. Everyone will be taken care of, especially our VETERANS and homeless population.

There will be no more property taxes on older homes -- only on new homes. Everything will be affordable because we will be going back to 1955 prices and using Tesla energy so your energy bill will decrease by 75%.

Big Pharma and the Medical Industry have been BIG BUSINESS for many years but this is the end of Big Pharma. Eventually, there won't be a need for Hospitals, Urgent Cares, Home Health Care Services, Nursing Homes/Assisted Living, Hospices, etc. because of the #MedBeds (#MedicalBeds) and Natural Healing Centers.

Everyone will be living to 150 to 200 years of age or even longer because of the #MedBeds. The #MedBeds and 6000 natural cures coming will help you heal. The #MedBeds will be FREE and will be controlled by the Military. Those with access to the Med Beds first will be the Military and the Rescued Children, then Seniors, the Disabled community – then everyone else.

Every single industry including -- banking/financial, education, judicial, government, military, housing, medical/pharmaceutical, tech, etc. is currently being GUTTED and OVERHAULED and soon we all will be living in a NEW WORLD. #GoldenEra.

Now it is time to think about what you wanted to do as a child and create a NEW lifestyle or career for yourself. You will only need to work 20 hours a week and can use the rest of the time on Creative Projects or Humanitarian Projects.

Grandparents especially Grandmothers (#BringBackMommas) will show up again in the life of their families to help raise intelligent and respectful children again. And neighbors will start looking out for each other again.

No one will be homeless. We will get all the homeless people (Veterans, Mentally Ill, etc.) off the streets and we will be taking care of each other.

We will no longer worship Movie Stars, Entertainers, and Politicians. All of us will wake up from our self-induced comas (#MindControl) and we will start speaking #KindWords and we will take care of each other.

Not one person will be better than another. Single mothers, the mentally ill, and the homeless will be just as important as anyone else. We will bring back parenting classes and marriages will be mainstream again.

The TV and Music Industries will no longer be weaponized against families. Instead, they will turn down the music frequency and all the negative shows will be removed from the TV, the Internet, and the airwaves.

We will turn off the TV or it will only serve as a CLASSROOM and a TOOL to enhance our lives. We will be able to learn how to grow foods, prepare natural meals, start businesses, work with Humanitarian Projects, and bring back a great family value system into our homes.

The family structure will also have access to the following training -- Self-Esteem, Etiquette, Grooming/Personal Hygiene, Financial Literacy, Home Buying, Relationship, Home Schooling/Formal Education, Reading and Writing Classes, etc. -- everything we need to sustain ourselves.

Those jailed under Maritime and Admiralty Laws, especially the innocent will be released from jail including the ‘non-violent offenders’. Eventually, there will be NO CRIME and we won't even need the police.

All Military, Law Enforcement, Lawyers, and Judges are currently being TRAINED and RETRAINED in Constitutional and Common Laws so we are leaving Maritime and Admiralty Laws, which was the #1 reason everyone ended up in jail in the first place.

We are moving into another Dimension -- #5thDimension and another era #GoldenEra and it is going to be a beautiful time to be alive. The earth will be flourishing with all types of resources and we will have everything we need to live a good life. Just hold on -- all of this and more is right in front of you.

Welcome to the NEW WORLD. #Gesara, #Nesara, #5thDimension, #GoldenEra, #GoldenYears, #GoldenAge.

You can email me with questions at [email protected] and learn more from my videos, enewsletters, and articles at

Trump's Nov. 15, 2022 Speech Was Significant

Over the last few weeks, Trump has been giving back-to-back rallies as if he is running for office. The Anons, Patriots, and Truthers thought the rallies were given to keep us motivated but now we know why he was having all the back-to-back rallies.

At the November 15, 2022, Mar-a-Lago speech announcement Trump announced he was once again running for office. What was significant though is he never said the year 2024. The year 2024 was put out there by the media.

It was a big letdown for many of the Anons, Patriots and Truthers who had been waiting for months for the Gesara announcement. They thought he was going to announce that we are no longer under a U.S. Corporation but were now under a NEW Republic.

They also felt since he announced he would run for office again that he was actually conceding in the 2020 election. Others believed and knew he would announce that he would run in 2024.

Again, it was a gut punch for many Anons, Patriots, and Truthers who had seen both the 2020 and 2022 elections stolen, and knew that he would have to fix 2020 and 2022 elections before he would have a fair chance of winning.

Trump announced he would run for the Presidency but many people said he did not say 2024. They said by Trump announcing that he would run for the Presidency this early, he would lose 100 million in donations but basically, if you go back and listen to the speech what he did was actually set the groundwork for everything else that is getting ready to happen – EBS, Martial Law, Gesara, etc.

I am not a big Trump decoder so I ended up only listening to the speech once. I was going to listen to it again and try to find podcasters breaking everything down but there was so much news coming out that I had to move on.

Like everyone else, I was just tired of sitting around and waiting. I had only known about everything (#Gesara) for the last two years when everything closed down. Before then I had a normal life traveling around the country teaching from my van (#VanLife). My heart went out to those that have been looking at and hoping for the Gesara changes for 5, 10, 15 and 20 years.

Many also believed that announcing his run for Presidency now would stop any type of arrest. Others believe he had to do this to distance himself away from what is getting ready to happen with the Military.

He also made sure that with any announcement in the future, he was sure to get the FULL ATTENTION of the nationwide media. However, it did not stop the Normies and Sleepers from going absolutely crazy laughing and making negative remarks about Trump. They have no idea that Trump is already and is STILL President.

The wording of his Nov. 15, 2022 speech and the fact that he had 19 flags at the event was definitely codes for -- "I am still the Commander in Chief and Your President."

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Happy Holidays Everyone:

Welcome to the 13th Edition of my Gesara series e-newsletter. Well, Facebook allowed me to post many of the videos from the 2022 elections on my timeline and in my facebook group "Fighting Back 101" -- but right after they banned me for another 30 days.

YouTube deleted my video on Child Trafficking so go back and watch this one on "Medical Kidnapping Because of Obamacare" before it is deleted since some of the info is the same.

I am so done with social media and I am extremely glad I choose to use an alternative news outlet at I refuse to be silent on all these timely and relevant topics. If we are truly going to change and shape the NEW WORLD then it will be simply up to #WeThePeople.

I am doing my part as a #DigitalSoldier. I have published some great info in my past enewsletters, articles, and videos at 


I can't believe it's been over 30 days since I published my last enewsletter -- which was my 12th Edition - The Takedown of Organized Religion (QFS is NOW LIVE!!!)

There is so much news right now. The problem was not only was I under the weather but I had computer issues. My laptop is totally sidelined until I can meet face-to-face with my computer guy in Texas within the next 30 days. Luckily as a Writer and Author, I travel with two computers, a desktop and a laptop (See more below at "Van Life Updates.")

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Voting is a

Necessary Evil

Voting is a necessary process but how do we make everything easier? During this time tempers flare up and everyone pick a side. It's like a sporting match that last for months and personally, I don't watch sports because it is all rigged.

But will getting rid of the two-party system and anything that divides us really work going into Gesara? It would be a good first start.

People running for office who have ulterior motives should be easier to point out now especially after what we all have learned in 2020. We now know what their little coded messages and hand symbols really mean. The cat is out of the bag.

If we just stick to our guns and say NO Career Politicians, NO Lawyers, NO Movie Stars, NO Lobbyists, NO Free Masons, and NO Pastors - then that should leave a pool of honest and ethical individuals for us to choose from. Read this Enewsletter "You Have 120 Days to Elect Honest and Ethical Politicans."

By law, there must be a certain number of individuals that can represent others, but as a former federal government Whistleblower (, I totally agree with Donald Trump when he says we need to REDUCE the size of the government.

Electing people to represent us should not be a complete mind-boggling process and if the people running for office truly represent the people, especially the elderly and young, then we should be able to feel it in our hearts -- especially as we transition over into Gesara. #NewWorld.

Support Veterans - Send Christmas Cards

Gesara Updates

Remember Trump is fighting the Deep State, which includes the FBI and News Media. The FBI even went as far as planting child pornography on personal computers belonging to Trump backers and employees of the Trump Organization. It is all a #WitchHunt to stop him from announcing #Gesara and turning the country over to #WeThePeople.

After the Nov. 15, 2022 Trump announcement at Mar-a-Lago that he was going to run for President in 2024, Trump had planned for a Dec. 1, 2022, all day Gala Celebration at Mar-a-Lago.

Many military intelligence sources said this was supposed to be the Gesara Announcement and release of funds. However, 3 members of Trump's staff were arrested instead and the Gala event was cancelled. This should tell you how close we are.

Over one (1) million National Guards and Military Personnel have been dispersed throughout the U.S. They will first go to 139 problematic cities (probably blue states) where the EBS (or Emergency Alert System (EAS)) will start there before going out to other areas. Again, some of you won't even see these military personnel, but you should eventually receive the EAS.

Gesara is expected to go through at any minute so be prepared with food and cash on hand. There will be an EBS (now called EAS), Martial Law, rolling blackouts, and internet shortages (glitches or cyberattacks) but nothing should be down too long.

Listen to David Straight about when Gesara is going to happen (click here).

-Waiting for the Trigger: We are waiting for the trigger to be pulled. Bankers are through the roof excited because they believe that it will happen (#Gesara) after the election or by Friday, Nov. 11, 2022. This time things transpired that needed to be completed, and it was. You can’t un-ring a bell that has been rung. We are just a few days away – a very, very few. Have food and cash for 2 to 3 weeks., Google, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Bing, and Instagram to go down. The Stock Market was artificially held up. It crashed a long time ago.

-Bonds Started To Be Paid Out: On Thursday, Oct. 20, 2022, the Global Currency Reset (GCR) took place when currencies of Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa (BRICS), Argentina, Saudia Arabia, and 18 other countries went gold/asset-backed. Dubai 1 funding was released. Historic, Golden Dragon, Yellow Drago, German and Chinese Bonds started to be paid out (without liquidity) with a goal to finish by Thanksgiving, Thursday, Nov. 24, 2022.

-Announcement of Gold-Backed US Note: On Monday, Oct. 31, 2022, the U.S. Treasury notified banks that they will announce the new gold/asset-backed U.S. note this week.

-No US Dollars Bought on Intl. Trade Market: This past week (Sun. Oct. 16 to Oct. 30, 2022) is the FIRST WEEK since 2009 that not one bank or country has bought US Dollars on the international trade market.

Supreme Court Updates

News Updates

-Martial Law Imminent: Mass arrests on 450,000 indictments filed in federal courts across the nation since 2016 were wrapping up. Reserve Troops were being called up nationwide to be available in 70 cities. National Guards are now in the Battleground States. National Guards have activated cybersecurity teams in 14 states ahead of the midterm elections to counter potential interference. There were many many poll watchers so the Military knows they cheated in 2020 and 2022.

-Department of Defense Law of War Manual: The Department of Defense Law of War Manual states – “Chapter 11: The illegal occupying power cannot hold elections because it would be illegitimate!” Law of War Manual II: An illegitimate government cannot hold elections. Fake government -- fake elections not allowed. This is their final end! God Wins!!! #EndGame.

-Resurrection Day: Possible Trump arrest. Donald J. Trump has said that Friday, Nov. 11, 2022, is Resurrection Day. It was also Veteran’s day. The truth won’t be for everyone. Have faith in Humanity. Q


-New Barrier Wall Around Federal Reserve Bank in Washington: There are new barriers, 10 feet wall, put up around Federal Reserve Bank in Washington on Sunday.


-Truckers Are Reporting No Diesel Fuel: American truck drivers are sounding the alarm that Diesel fuel is running out. Parts of North Carolina, Oklahoma, and Tennessee are reporting that there is no diesel fuel.

-Facebook Layoffs: Facebook is preparing to notify employees of a large-scale layoffs this week.

-Kroger Payouts: Kroger had to pay $180,000 employees fired for not wearing LQBTQ+ pride symbols. Remember the plus (+) means #Pedophile.

-Walmart, Walgreens and CVS payouts: Walmart, Walgreens, CVS agreed to pay $13.8 billion to settle thousands of state and local lawsuits accusing them of mishandling opioid painkillers.

-BlackRock Update: BlackRock, Inc. has sold $72 million worth of shares, suggesting weakness is imminent.

-CNN Jake Tapper Show Ends: CNN to end Jake Tapper’s primetime show. #TheTakeDownofMainstreamMedia.



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The BRICS Nation is Actually Gesara Without the Release of Funds

(click here)

The BRIC Nation was started by Russia, which was the first country to LEAVE THE MATRIX. The countries are coming together for protection. If you had just one country over Gesara then it could come under attack but with all the countries on board -- this is more protection for everyone. Great job Putin!!!

The only countries still using the U.S. Fiat dollar is Canada, Mexico, and of course the U.S. The fiat dollar should be phased out by the end of January 2023.

Gold is now the new U.S. legal tender. A U.S. Treasury announcement will be made that the new US Note was now gold/asset-backed, allowing the US to join BRICS and other nations in the Global Currency Reset (GCR). Such an announcement would automatically trigger the release of GCR fund liquidity so that Tier 4B can set appointments to exchange foreign currencies and redeem Zim Bonds.

Possible Alien Incursion in Ukraine???

Gene Decode Interview

(click here)

According to Gene Decode ( (website) who is one of the foremost credible Patriots and Truthers out there and who is an expert on the Deep Military Underground Bases (D.U.M.B.S), the reason we are still discussing Ukraine, which was the LARGEST money laundering area in the world -- is that they…the Russian Soldiers are actually fighting Aliens.

According to Gene Decode -- Putin and the Russians are not just fighting the Khazarian Mafia and cleaning up the Biolabs, there is an ACTIVE Alien Incursion there.

Lots of people aren't comfortable hearing this type of information. Just like they aren't comfortable finding out that children have been eaten for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for up to thousand of years. However, on my platform, CathyHarris, because so many people have suffered -- I believe in ripping off the band-aid and speaking the truth.

We just no longer have time to make people feel all warm and fuzzy inside. If you don't want to hear the truth then you need to get off my platform ASAP because as a former U.S. Customs Federal Government Whistleblower ( -- I just believe in speaking the truth.

Gene Decode said there are Hybrids and Octupus-like creatures along with 'The Greys' on the ground fighting the Russians. Originally, they were underground but now the fight is on the surface and this is why Ukraine has yet to be cleaned up.

Just remember that the Offworlders have evil and good groups just like the people on #PlanetEarth. The Greys are mixed with Artificial Intelligence (AI). There are about 1000 or an entire battalion of Aliens...all different shapes and sizes so keep in mind that the New World Order (NWO) is the Alien Invasion. 

And also keep in mind that if we are to go into Gesara we are supposed to have 1000 years of peace and that there are not supposed to be any wars going on. So could this be one of the holdups of releasing the Gesara funds -- possibly?

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While many Columnists and Investigative Reporters are no longer true to their reporting, Benjamin Fulford has remained to be one of the most outstanding journalists of our time. I love listening to his interviews and reading his columns.

Check Out Died Suddenly Documentary

(click here)

They said to add Wisconsin

to the below list below.

Many Athletes are Dying

More News

FTX was a Ponzi Scheme

(click here)

FTX, which has filed for bankruptcy, was a form of cryptocurrency that behind Soros' donations -- was the LARGEST DONOR to the Democratic party. Much of the funds were also used in Money Laundering Operations in Ukraine.

Elon Musk is Blowing Up Twitter

Elon Musk is definitely working with the White Hats. Not only is Elon Musk bringing back FREE SPEECH on Twitter, but he is stopping hate speech by getting rid of Antifa/BLM off the platform. He is actively stopping human trafficking, and exposing Twitter's decision to ban the Hunter Biden laptop story. Great Job Elon!!!

Kanye West Isn't Crazy

Read the enewsletter

"The End of Hollywood"

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Kayne West Exposes the Music and

Entertainment Industry

(click here)

Kanye West will probably end up in Witness Protection but I believe a lot of what he says is true. However, since I don't watch TV, I am not making it a point to follow anything that he says. Kanye has been tapped to do exactly what he is doing -- which is to bring out the truth about the Music and Entertainment industry.

We can't be so quick to dismiss anything he says because he is in the belly of the beast. And what he is saying is probably going to wake up a lot of parents and they will be able to save their children from such an evil Satanist industry. It is already too late for many people so everyone should use his videos like a classroom and WAKE UP NOW!!!

Black people always say Kanye West is acting white, but most won't admit that Kayne West was born a Female To Male (FTM) Transgender and this is probably why he is so emotional. Women are more emotional than men and can you imagine having to take testosterone and other hormones your entire life to turn yourself into the opposite sex -- which in this case is male even though he was born a female.

However, his mother probably transitioned him at birth so he would be in a position to gain wealth and fame. This could have also played with his emotions once he grew up and this could have also been why she was sacrificed in a blood contract.

Everything about Kanye screams female from his female skull, female curve back for childrearing -- to his short female torso.

Bruce Jenner was so unhappy, he had to go back to his original sex that he was born with -- which is female. Can you imagine being married to and having to deal with all the Kardashian men?

We know that most Hollywood Celebrities have MADE-UP lives with MADE-UP SALARIES so do we even know if Kanye and Kim were even actually together? No we do not.

And believe me, Kim Kardashian did not carry a baby because sHe is a man with her hourglass figure where she probably had a rib removed. Kanye West gained weight around the birth of his children so sHe probably carried hier children.

The Kim you see out there now is not the original Kim Kardashian. They look totally different. The real Kim and her brothers and father because they all were INVERTS and Satanists were probably Gitmoed a while back.

Kanye said his mother was sacrificed so he could have fame and wealth. Supposely, when you sign the blood contracts in Hollywood, they come around every so often and you must sacrifice someone close to you.

They said this is what happened to Jennifer Hudson, who sacrificed her family members. Bill Crosby gave up his son. John Travolta gave up a son and Beyonce gave up a cousin. It was all for the price of FAME and FORTUNE in Hollywood (#Hellyweird) or should I say #Pedowood?

This is probably why you have over 900, mostly Movie Stars and Celebrities, in Witness Protection because after signing these blood contracts -- they no longer wanted to play along and sacrifice a family member.

But I suspect many did witness something horrific and probably was asked to participate in it but they no longer wanted to be a part of it so they chose to GIVE UP THEIR LIVELIHOODs and fake their deaths and go into Witness Protection.

Hang in their Kanye because the world is quicky changing and now because of 2020 the cat is out of the bag. We all know that everyone in Hollywood and the Entertainment Industry including Newscasters, Politicans, Judges, Lawyers, Police Officers, many Military personnel, and many Sports Figures are inverted transgenders and yes many are Evil Satanists. We know they are coming for our children and have been for thousands of years.

We also know that Transgendered people rule the world. Your message came though loud and clear. It's time for you to rest and take care of yourself and your family.

Read the enewsletter

"The End of Hollywood"

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They Have It All

Trump News

Ever since Trump made the Nov. 15, 2022 announcement that he was running for President again, they are still trying to arrest him because of the announcement. Remember if they are successful in arresting him it will be one of his doubles because the real Trump is protected.

Why You Should Never Elect Lawyers To Office

Stacey Abrams Did Not Quality to Run for Office

It Use To Be Illegal To Elect Lawyers as Politicians -

Stacey Abrams is a Lawyer and did not qualify to run for any political seat...

so stop putting her name in the hat...


You Have 120 Days to Elect Ethical and Honest Politicians --

Don't Elect Career Politicians, Lawyers, Movie Stars,

Lobbyists, Free Masons, ad Pastors

(Excerpt below)

At the age of 66, I left the state of Georgia in 2013. However, I was born in the State of Georgia and lived there for close to 40 years, so, therefore, I believe my voice still matters in Georgia Politics. Thank God Stacey Abrams did not win the state of Georgia #GovernorsRace.

Stacey Abrams is an attorney and this is why Georgians should stop trying to put her into office. Just so you know Georgia Governor Brian Kemp held other elected positions before so he should never have been elected either because he is a CAREER POLITICIAN.....


Under Gesara aka the #GoldenEra -- this is where we are trying to go again...NO LAWYERS IN OFFICE...Keep lawyers out of politics!!!

Remember we are moving from Maritime Laws to Constitutional and Common Laws -- where everything will be different...but first you need to make sure that you NEVER elect lawyers as politicians.

The word Lawyer and Attorney mean the exact same thing. Abraham Lincoln, who was a lawyer, ran for office about 5 to 7 times and he wasn't elected until he got support from the bankers.

It was actually ILLEGAL to run for the President or any position if you were a lawyer, so the only way he was able to become President is by turning the country over to the bankers and this is why many refer to him as #StinkingLincoln

Therefore, we have #StinkingLincoln, not #HonestAbe, to thank for the banks ruling the country all these years. And Lincoln even said, "If it was up to him, he never would have freed the slaves." This is also why the state of CHICAGO is so "gangster" because this was Abe Lincoln's district.

So because of Abraham Lincoln's actions, during the Obama administration, over 60% of Congress were attorneys and this is why Obama got away with so many acts of wrongdoings and corruption because of all these attorneys.

The world is so screwed up because Attorneys run this country. According to Seminar Leader and Trainer, David Straight, ( the country is run by the ‘Bar Association’ so it has been ‘Us vs. the Bar Association’ -- all these years.

Remember moving into the NEW WORLD (#GoldenEra) will be about freedom. Lawyers run everything and most of the lawyers work for the Elite and have been taking our rights away, but many of us don’t even know it.

The biggest criminals in the country are the judges and then the prosecuting attorneys. Under Maritime Laws Judges owned many of the prisons so this is why they tried to keep them full by illegally convicting people especially your children.

It takes 3 signatures to put you in jail – the Judge, the Prosecuting Attorney and Your Lawyer. The Judges and Prosecuting Attorneys shared their profits with YOUR ATTORNEY from your birth certificate bond money to FIND YOU GUILTY.

This is why you did not have a fighting chance to win in court with Maritime lawyers and judges. But now we are going to Constitutional and Common Laws.

According to David Straight, even the Attorney Generals – the highest attorneys in the land, don’t know what they are doing.

David goes on to say you should never give ‘Power of Attorney’ to an attorney because they will clean you out especially when it comes to land contracts. Many attorneys can and some do -- take your land from you.

Harvard University has conducted 3 studies and their findings are that 49% to 69% of people don’t deserve to be in prison.

Also, according to David Straight, over 99% of warrants are bogus. Warrants can only come from an Article 1 or Article 3 courtroom -- a 'Constitutional Law' courtroom. Warrants must have a claim or an affidavit attached containing a raised seal, but most people don’t know what to look for.

So what do attorneys do? They write up contracts and other paperwork so only they can read it. It's like they are speaking a different language.

And most of the contracts they write up are wrong but how many times will WE THE PEOPLE challenge these contracts? Most of the time we are not in a position to challenge what they have written and they know that.

This is why lawyers and attorneys are nothing but thieves and liars who take advantage of the uninformed. Therefore, these sharks and crooks should never be allowed to run for any political seat. Again, it is time to take back our freedom.

Raphael Warnock vs. Herschel Walker

Georgia Senate Race

Findings from Sep. 8, 2022 -- We Caught Them! Over 100,000 Ballots Dropped In GA To Shore Up Warnock's Lead

(click here)

So why would a prominent Georgia Pastor that pastored the church that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. preached at -- run for a Georgia Senate seat - one word - POWER. He thinks as a black man he is going to be the NEXT Obama but this will never happen because now we know that the Democratic party produces nothing but Satanists. I found the pic on instagram last week where he was flipping off the #DevilSign. What more proof do you need?

These people tell us who they are over and over again but we still allow them in our homes and/or lives especially when we put them in office. Remember once Gesara goes through you have 120 days to elect new politicians so don't make the same mistake again voting for Warnock because Walker would have been the LESSER OF THE EVILS.

Raphael Warnock was able to win in the run-off on Tuesday,

Dec. 6, 2022, but not by much so Walker can come back once we

have the 120 days elections after Gesara goes through

(click here)

Kari Lake vs. Katie Hobbs

Arizona Governor

Why Maricopa County, AZ matters is that since it is one of the largest counties in the U.S. -- if you win in Arizona you will need to win in this county. Maricopa County is Arizona's most populous and fastest-growing county.

It is the largest of Arizona's fifteen counties and the fourth largest county in the nation. More than half of the state's population resides in Maricopa County, which includes the cities of Phoenix, Mesa, Glendale, Scottsdale, Tempe, Chandler, Peoria and the town of Gilbert.

Approximately four and a half million people call Maricopa County home, more than half of the entire population of Arizona. This metropolitan area is the state's major center of political and economic activity.

John Fetterman vs. Dr. Mehmet Oz

Pennsylvania Senate

This is Proof Anyone Can Run for Office...

We saw in the Project Veritas videos how they cheated at the polls in Pennsylvania by violating many polling practices. They said out of all the people running for office, this guy Fetterman was a complete joke. This is what you get when you don't solicit good people ahead of time. However, you will have a chance to make up for your mistake because once Gesara goes through, you have 120 days to elect good, honest, and ethical politicians.

If you had been paying attention the GOAL was not to elect any CAREER POLITICIANS as we transition into the NEW #GoldenEra...No Career Politicians, No Lawyers, No Movie Stars, No Lobbyists, No FREE Masons, and No Pastors.

John Fetterman is a Career Politician with an extensive history of public office so why was he even allowed to run for office in the first place? #WakeUpPennsylvanians.

Many believe Dr. Oz is a Satanist because he is part of the Hollywood crowd. How else did he get his TV doctor's role? Many did not know why Trump supported Dr. Oz especially after the picture of him and the Transgendered (Male To Female) Spirit Cooker (#Cannibal) out of California, Marina Abramovic, who is definitely a Satanist, has been floating around for months. Marina Abramovic is also Lady Gaga's father and the brother of Epstein Island Ghislaine Maxwell.

Probably because there weren't any more credible potential candidates that threw their hats in the ring. Now you are going to have this joke representing you. Stop sitting back. Take action. Run for office yourself. Read my book "Politics 101: How To Win Your Political Seat."

More Political News

Basically, the same thing happened in the U.S. elections in 2022 as before in 2020… The bottom line is the Democrats stole the elections again. They stole it big. According to Mr. C as long as there are mail-in ballots, they will have a chance to slide in more votes. There should be a holiday just for voting so everyone can watch LIVE elections in every state.

EAS is In Effect in Brazil, Who is Part of BRICS

Lulu da Silva, Brazil's Deep State Politician, had lost his pinky when he was younger so the guy running in Brazil wasn't Lulu because he had both pinkies. Brazil elections were a movie. Great job!

What happened in Brazil with the elections should be a wakeup call especially since the same thing happened in the U.S. Voters were trying to vote for Bolsonaro but the machines would not allow it. Voters love Bolsonaro and his opponent, Lula, is part of the Deep State Cabal. Bolsanoro is a White Hat and Brazil is a part of BRICS. National Guards are on the ground there waiting for the GO SIGNAL for Martial Law.

The Supreme Court Bunson Brothers Case Could Change the Course of History

The brothers will receive a decision on Jan. 6 if their case prevails. The case can unseat politicians.

Obamacare Opened the Floodgates for Medical Kidnapping

CPS Kidnapped 88% of the 800,000 Missing U.S. Childen



-Obamacare Opened the Floodgates for #MedicalKidnapping

-How To Defeat the CPS by Bonnie Straight

-Save The Babies: A Documentary on CPS Child Trafficking

-Dad vs. CPS

They broke into Senator Nancy Schaefer's home and killed her and her husband because she was taking on CPS. Read more

Cathy Harris travels around the country in her 2019 Promaster Cargo Van teaching from the road. Her main topics are Health, Business, Minimalism, and Happiness (click here).

Not only is Cathy a #VanLifer but she is also a Freelancer, Syndicated Columnist, and Investigative Journalist. Because she is a Patriot, Truther, and Former Government Whistleblower, she is also a 'Digital Soldier' and 'Truth-Teller.'

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Hey guys:


I am so loving this lifestyle. In my upcoming 66th Birthday Video, (3 Year Van Anniversay), I explained to you how I was stationary in Austin, TX and Flagstaff, AZ most of last year in order to work on the enewsletters.


It was my goal when I came back out west to Flagstaff to be out of the extremely cold weather, which usually arrives in the area right after my birthday on Oct. 6. However, it was my goal also to witness the FIRST SNOWFALL before moving on so I was able to do that.

After 3 years on the road I clearly realize that timing is everything. However, this year my timing was off. After waiting on my mail in Flastaff, AZ after my birthday, I realized some important documents that I really needed weren’t in there so I had to wait around on my mail to arrive again from Texas.

You know my van doesn’t have any propane, so I thought the 4 sleeping bags and 1 comforter would be good enough to keep me from being sick. Boy was I wrong.

The problem was at the age of 66, I just suffered one of the worse bouts of flu (#CovidFlu) ever. I really had not felt like this since January 2020, when I first got out west in my van.

Back then all it took was for one round of antibodies -- the 5-day Z-pack -- for me to completely heal and feel like my old self again. However, now I am currently on my second round of antibodies trying to fight off this infection.

The doctor wanted to put me on something stronger, which I knew I would be allergic too and/or have a #SideEffect so I told him no. I told him just give me ANOTHER ROUND of the same antibodies (the 5 day Z-pack), which I knew I am not allergic too.

He did this and even gave me a refill for 5 days. It's has been a slow process but I am feeling much better and now I am back to writing and traveling again. Because I am not on any medications and because I only get sick about once or maybe twice a year as a Holistic and Natural Healer, I still believe at the age of 66 I have a good immune system. 

After leaving the Flagstaff and Sedona, AZ area I have arrived in #NomadLand, which is the Quartzsite, Parker, and Lake Havasu City, AZ area - before going to Texas for my yearly physical then on to the south (Carolinas, Georgia, and Florida) to see family.

What most people don't know is that because 50% of the land out west is FREE government land for RVers, Van, and Car Dwellers to park on for free, therefore, I believe this area of the country is targeted for sickness and illnesses. This is usually where they continuously spray 'chemtrail-like' clouds.

The good thing was when I got sick, I was able to move on over to Sedona, 40 minutes away, at a lower elevation (5,000 feet) however, it can get quite cold there too, but this is as far as I could go because I was still waiting on my mail to arrive in Flagstaff (7,000 feet), which had 14-degree nights.

Being under the weather wasn't the only thing that kept me from publishing my enewsletters. I also had issues with my laptop computer, which is totally sidelined until I make it back to Texas within the next 30 days to work with my computer guy.

Good thing as a writer and author, I travel with two computers so I was able to bring out BIG Desktop computer. Because I had lost my second T-mobile tablet last year to the cold weather in Texas, when the screen cracked, I thought my laptop computer had met the same fate.


After 3 years on the road, now that I am mobile again, I have to get used to working between trips. I know the internet is going to be spotty and I just might have to look for libraries, coffee shops and other places where I can easily go online.

When I was stationary, it wasn’t a problem jumping on the computer working on enewsletters, listening to podcasts or doing regular posts or research because I had all types of spots all over town where I could receive good internet.


But now I have to fit everything in as I travel from place to place. However, it is so exciting to be mobile again – driving and looking at all the beautiful sites and meeting new friends on the road. I needed the change and even if I don’t look outside my van, I can tell I am in a new climate and new area just by the way the sun hits my vehicle or just by looking in the sky. What a wonderful life!

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