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"The Calm Before The Storm"

Newsletter - Issue 1 - June 10, 2022

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-Gesara Traveling Series

-Houston We Have a Problem with

-What Happens Once the Codes Are Inputted

-Two Weeks of Silence

-Redemption Centers

-Media Takeover

-Get Ready for Martial Law

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Cathy Harris

Freelancer, Syndicated Columnist, Investigative Journalist

Cathy Harris travels around the country in her 2019 Promaster Cargo Van teaching from the road. Her main topics are Health, Business, Minimalism, and Happiness (click here).

Not only is Cathy a #VanLifer but she is also a Freelancer, Syndicated Columnist, and Investigative Journalist. Because she is a Patriot and Truther she is also a 'Digital Soldier'.

As a Content Creator, Cathy runs her own Empowerment Company,, where she has authored 26 'easy-to-read' non-fiction books, articles, newsletters, and created many other products (click here).

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I started my ‘Gesara Traveling Series’ videos and short e-newsletters because I believe everyone should be prepared for what is next. I will be stopping 'Cathy’s Corner' enewsletters to make room for the Gesara Traveling Series videos, smaller enewsletters and articles.

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“Houston We Have a Problem” with

Read these articles:


-General Berger to White Hats – Stand Down


-Bickering White Hats Look To DeSantis for Hope


This is the "Calm Before the Storm" -- which means this is quiet or peaceful period before a period during which there is great activityargument, or difficulty -- so get ready!

Well send out great info but sometimes their info is sent out to throw people off track.

The first article, however, upset many individuals because what it is saying is that Donald Trump has said Gesara would not go until the mid-term elections on Tuesday, Nov. 8, 2022.


If all of this is true then Gesara won’t be going through until the fall election, which means the people will be hurting. Basically, though I don’t think it is true because there is too much 'positive' chatter out there saying everything is moving.


Mr. C, the person who will be putting in the codes for the 214 countries and everyone's balances will go to zero, said there is no way that the Chinese Elders, who have the codes, would allow all the Gesara funds to be released if they did not go ahead and make the massive arrests.

Remember after the bonds and other investments are paid out, massive arrests will take place then and only then the codes will be inputted. 

Once the codes are put in then all your bills should go to zero – College Loans, Car Loans, Credit Cards, Personal Loans. It will be a debt jubilee.

I don’t know if the $150,000 funds will be released at that time on your mortgage and if you will get everything back that you ever paid to IRS, or even if you will receive the Birth Certificate Bond payouts at that time -- but all of it should take place in close proximity.


You can sign up for FREE and check with to see when your bills disappear, but sometimes that might not show up for a couple of weeks.

Just keep your ears to the ground because others around you especially family members and friends will be discussing that all their balances went to ZERO.

Once your bills disappear, know that you are then under Gesara and you are now living in the 'Golden Era'. See you on the other side. 

Watch David Straight Videos on



According to many of the information disseminators (Patriots and Truthers) who receive info from military intelligence -- they were told to be quiet for two weeks then many were also told to SHUT UP because basically they don’t want them to put the Redemption Centers at risk of being robbed.

They are even threatening people and told them they would not be able to cash in any bonds or iinvestments at Redemption Centers -- if they told the locations of the Redemption Centers or discussed sensitive Gesara information. With threats llike these – we have to be close to Gesara going through. 



I told all of you in my last e-newsletters at that Redemption Centers would be at risk. Not only would you be putting the Redemption Centers at risk of being robbed but they could also follow you home and rob you or a family member.


Bonds and other investments are still going through and being paid out. However, they are demanding that everyone stay quiet and for others to sign a ‘HEAVY’ Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) on the locations of the Redemption Centers so it looks like we are on our way.



We knew the media was supposed to be the last to be taken down and supposedly after the codes are inputted and after the EBS -- they will take over all broadcasts - TV, Radio and Social Media to show confessions of those convicted in Military Tribunals, and with Nuremberg Laws, etc. for ‘'Crimes Against Humanity.'


Directly after the codes the EBS should sound off if they still plan on using the EBS and just remember the EBS goes hand-in-hand with declaring Martial Law.

Also, the stock market should crash and Donald Trump should return to power during or shortly after  all of  this.

Biden  has invited the U.S. military to officially takeover. Biden has called a state of emergency, saying it's  about power  blackouts. 

Many have long  maintained that the military needed to be invited in, otherwise, it's against the Constitution.

All  countries are on high alert. National Guard Headquarters is planning for potential violence and unrest in the wake of a SCOTUS decision on the pending Roe vs. Wade decision  -- so be ready!!! Gesara here we come!!! #GoldenEra

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