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Newsletter - Issue 12 - Oct. 27, 2022

Some of the Changes with Gesara 

What is Gesara About?

Basically, because the banks have been committing fraud against -- not just you but your ancestors, GESARA will be about giving the money back to the people.

They will be paying off your Student Loans, Car Notes, and Mortgages and you will receive back any funds ever paid out to IRS. So keep checking (a FREE account) to see when all your bills are zeroed out.

For those retired on Social Security, you will receive up to 5,000 a month. The retirement age might go down to 60. Because of the birth certificate bonds they put on you when you were born, there is a big possibility that you will receive back funds from that. Everyone will have funds.

Everything will be affordable because we will be going back to 1955 prices and using Tesla energy so your energy bill will decrease by 75%.

There eventually won't be a need for hospitals and nursing homes because of the #MedBeds (#MedicalBeds). Everyone will be living to 150 to 200 years of age or even longer because of the #MedBeds.

The #MedBeds and 6000 natural cures coming will help you heal. The #MedBeds will be FREE and will be controlled by the Military so those having access to the Med Beds first will be the Military and the Rescued Children, then Seniors, the Disabled community – then everyone else.

Every single industry including the government, medical, pharmaceutical, judicial, etc. is currently being GUTTED and OVERHAULED and soon we all will be living in a NEW WORLD.

You will only need to work 20 hours a week and use the rest of the time on Creative Projects or Humanitarian Projects. Women can go back to staying home again and taking care of their families.

Seniors will be valued and respected again. Their wisdom and knowledge will be mainstream again and the younger generations will depend on them to help them transition into this NEW WORLD.

Grandparents especially Grandmothers (#BringBackMommas) will show up again in the life of their families to help raise smart and respectful children again. And neighbors will start looking out for each other again.

No one will be homeless. We will get all the homeless people (Veterans, Mentally Ill, etc.) off the streets and we will be taking care of each other.

The innocent will be released from jail including the ‘non-violent offenders’. Eventually, there will be NO CRIME and we won't even need the police.

All Military, Law Enforcement, Lawyers, and Judges are currently being TRAINED and RETRAINED in Constitutional and Common Laws so we are leaving Maritime and Admiralty Laws, which was the #1 reason everyone ended up in jail in the first place.

We are moving into another Dimension #5thDimension and another era #GoldenEra and it is going to be a beautiful time to be alive. The earth will be flourishing with all types of resources and we will have everything we need to live a good life. #Gesara, #Nesara, #5thDimension, #GoldenEara, #GoldenYears, #GoldenAge. 

More To Prepare Yourself for Gesara

Newsletter Topics

-Some of the Changes with Gesara 

-What Is Gesara About?

-More To Prepare Yourself for Gesara

-Timeline of Next Steps, #Gesara

-Once You Receive th Big Payout

-How Will They Take Out Joe Biden?

-How Will They Bring in Martial Law?

-It's Time to Find Your Happy Place

-How To Gain Energy Really Quick

-What Is Really Holding You Back?

-Will We Split Off into Two Earths?

-The Last Group to Be Taken Down

-You Have Free Will and You Live in a Free Society

-Gesara Updates

-Patriot and Truther Charlie Freak Said We are Watching Two (2) Movies

-Your Old Money - the Fiat Currency - Came from an Evil Source

-Who Controls NATO?

-Africa Was Stripped for Its Valuables

-FREE Speech is Back

-What You Need to Know about 5G and HAARP 

-More on Black Rock

-Your Halloween Candy is Poisoned

-Putin Declares Martial Law in 4 Regions and Saudi Arabia Joins BRICS

-USDA Announces it Will Pay off $800 Million in Farm Loans

-More Updated News

-Snapshot of the News

-They Tried To Keep Us Divided Even with Religion

-What You Need To Know About the Church

-The Missing Pages of the Bible

-Who was Actually Running the World

-Mother Teresa was a Man and Child Trafficker

-The Queen was a Reptilian

-The Vatican (#DeepChurch)

-FREE Masonry is Really a Religion

-My Religious Upbringing

-What will Become of Mega Churches?

-Bishop Eddie Long, New Birth Ministries

-T.D. Jakes Ministries

-Joel Osteen, Lakewood Church

-Creflo Dollar, World Changes Church Intl.

-Bishop Kenneth Copeland, Eagle Mountain Intl. Church

-Calling Out Kirk Franklin

-Modern Music Has Been Weaponized

-When People Find Out George Floyd is Alive

-Start Businesess or Humanitarian Projects

-The Truth About CPS

-Videos and Articles


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Hey Guys:

Welcome to the 12th edition of my Gesara series e-newsletter. You know I am GMO Food Educator and a Holistic and Natural Healer -- right? I feel absolutely great! I just turned 66 years of age and I can't wait to work with all of you on how to improve your health. However, meanwhile, I am trying to bring each of you over into a NEW GOLDEN ERA with these enewsletters, articles, and videos at

I know my Youtube audience is waiting for me to do more Gesara videos. Right now I am not going to overwhelm myself by doing too much of anything. You get what you get.

Try to read this enewsletter and all of them at like a classroom. Study each section and come back to it later on. Notice how I try to put the important facts that you need to know right away upfront or on top or in the Gesara Updates section. hint...hint...

If you don't know what is getting ready to happen find the closest Conspiracy Theorist or catch up at Watch the videos and read the enewsletters and articles.

We are transitioning into a NEW Golden Era with a NEW financial system - the Quantum Financial System (QFS). Ask your bank about the NEW Rainbow Currency.

Timeline of Next Steps, #Gesara

Gesara started with the RV (Reevaluation) on Sep. 24, 2022, with the crash of the Global currency. Gesara officially WENT LIVE on Thursday, Oct. 20, 2022.

So, therefore, have food and cash on hand. There will be an EBS, Martial Law, rolling blackouts, and internet shortages (glitches or cyberattacks) but nothing should be down too long.

Just remember we have never transitioned over to another era (#GoldenEra) before so looks like it will be a slow rollout so be patient. But the wheels are finally turning and we are finally at the end of the movie. Congrats to everyone who made it!!!

Once You Receive

the Big Payout

Remember no one has the dates for any of this to occur but I personally think it is going to be soon. Over the next few days and weeks go into to see if your balances (mortgages, car notes, student loans, etc.) have been cleared off. Then wait for instructions from your banks or the EBS on what to do next. If you don't have a bank or credit union account one will be created for you and that will be a QFS account so no one will be left out.

If and when you receive your Gesara funds if you are in a position -- go out and find homeless people and give them money, food, water, tents, and blankets. If they have children -- buy them groceries and put them in hotels. You will be able to find many homeless persons on the streets or living in cars at Truck Stops and Walmarts. Do what you can do until Humanitarian efforts can help them transition off the streets. 

The below website will tell you how to get appointments with Redemption Centers if you have Stocks, Bonds and

Other Investments...

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Look for places in your city to

buy Silver and Gold. Silver is now

worth more than Gold.

How Will They Take

Out Joe Biden?

James Woods below is one of the

actors playing Joe Biden. 

I don't know how they are going to take out Joe Biden. Remember that the real Joe Biden has been deceased for over 3 years and his role or character has been played by 3 or more actors. Biden is going in for some more COVID boosters so maybe they will use that or maybe they will use his mental capacity.

Some say once Biden is removed or dies off, then the Presidency will go to Nancy Pelosi (who is 3rd in charge) (her role is being played by Joan Rivers, who is not deceased). Pelosi has been Gitmoed.

The reason the Presidency won't go to V.P. Kamala Harris is because she (he) is not from this country and she has been GITMOED. Harris's role is being played by Aaliyah and Prince -- who are both still alive.

How Will They Bring

in Martial Law?


There are going to be a lot of moving pieces over the next couple of weeks and especially leading up to the elections on Nov. 8, 2022, which I don't believe will take place especially since the U.S. Supreme Court (SCOTUS) has invalidated and overturned the 2020 U.S. Election, but it hasn't been announced yet.

However, some are saying they will allow the elections to proceed and we will be paid out (Gesara funds released) 2 to 3 days after the elections but just remember all of it is optics. Allowing it to occur in this manner would keep down any civil unrest and that has always been the goal of the Trump camp from day one.

Once the Military comes in it's imperative to stay in your homes and let them make the final arrests. I also heard they might be targeting at least 14 cities (#BlueStateCities), where there is a good chance for civil unrest and protests.

Remember the below are just scenarios. There are several reasons why they might have to bring in the Military for Martial Law such as: 

-Firstly -- The arrest of Donald Trump -The arrest of Donald Trump will probably upset many Anons, Truthers, and Patriots. However, just remember if that happens it won't be the real Donald Trump. Remember he has about 5 to 6 doubles. The real Donald Trump is safe and tucked away. This is just part of the plan (or just a part of the movie) so STAY CALM and allow things to play out over the next few weeks. We all know Donald Trump is the real President.  

-Secondly, a Nuclear Scare - The U.S. military is on the ground in Ukraine to blow up the Biolabs. Remember about 8 of these Biolabs belong to the U.S. You will probably hear a lot of talk of nuclear war but just remember it's to wake up or Red Pill the NORMIES or SLEEPERS.

-Thirdly, an Alien Invasion -- I believe an Alien Invasion has been taken off the table but in the last few weeks there have been more Spaceships or UFOs spotted than ever in the history of this country. 

-Fourthly, Voting Riots - Not sure if this one will take place but I do know that Anons, Patriots and Truthers are not sitting around waiting on voting to take place. This week is the start of early voting. I don't know why anyone would bother to vote because nothing has been fixed from the 2020 election.

You will have 120 days once Gesara completely goes through and is announced on the EBS, TV and airwaves to select someone to represent you. Just make sure you DO NOT ELECT any Career Politicians, Lawyers, Movie Stars, Lobbyists, FREE Masons, and Pastors. 

Go back and read my e-newsletter on politics so you can understand the process and how elections should work -- "You Have 120 Days to Elect Ethical and Honest Politicians."

It's Time To Find Your Happy Place 

Many of you are going to have to learn how the NEW QFS system (Quantum Financial System) works and your banks and the EBS system along with TV, Radio and Internet should be able to answer many questions with that. Others will need to sit in classes online or in your community.

We have had enough so I doubt seriously if there will be a scare such as a Nuclear Scare, an Alien Invasion, or Voting Riots. However, just remember to pace yourself over the next few days and weeks. Stay out of the way of the Military. They will have enough to do by answering questions and supplying foods and other supplies to the Normies, Sleepers, Elderly and the Homeless.

This is the time to look at creating new habits. Read the book or listen to the audiobook of  "The Happiness Project" and check out my "Happiness Project." 

Sit back and rejoice because you deserve a break. This has been a long road for all of us. I have only been looking at Gesara since April 2020 but many have been looking at it for 5, 10, 15, and even up to 20 years.

Get any needed rest but this is not the time to become a hermit so it's important to get around those individuals that make you feel happy. Practice being grateful daily and reach out to 'high-vibrational' family, friends, and neighbors and barter services and even discuss growing foods together.

If you can start working with Humanitarian Projects especially to help those transition off streets but don't put too much on your plate. Take care of yourself first. Remember your motto should be SELF, FAMILY, and COMMUNITY - in that order. (Read the e-newsletter "Let's Grow Foods").

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How To Gain Energy Really Quick

I have told you for months to GO WITHIN and work on being healthy so you will have energy at the end. Well, we are at the end so how do you feel? Take periodic breaks and just reenergize and rejuvenate yourself with healthy habits.

Heavy metals are the NUMBER ONE reason for sickness and 'low energy' -- next to the foods you are eating. We are constantly bombarded with HEAVY METALS and we get it through the air we breathe, foods we eat, and water we drink so take steps to constantly keep heavy metals moving through your body.

I just walked out of a hotel after 6 days for my 66th birthday and I feel great. This is what I did. I soaked in a bathtub 4 or 5 times a day with the following:

-Epsom Salt

-Pure or Aluminum Free Baking Soda

-Himalayan Salt 

You can use one or all of these at once. You can do this once or twice a day for 20 or 30 minutes if you have a bathtub. Draw your shower curtains and even turn on the heat to create a quick steam bath. If you do this on a regular basis and watch what you eat and drink, then some of your energy should start to come back. 

Also, read my book below and take the 12 steps. There are 12 chapters 12 steps. Here is a brief overview of MY 12 STEPS TO WELLNESS -- but it helps to read the entire book - available as an ebook and paperback. 

This is the BEST BOOK in my library. Buy my first health book -- "How To Take Control of Your Own Life: A Self Help Guide to Becoming Healthier Over the Next 30 Days (Series 3)." Available as ebook and paperback.

There is a total of 12 steps in my first health book. Once you take all 12 steps and implement each in your daily life, you should be able to recover your health and feel great again.

3rd Dimension vs. 5thDimension

The below is 3rd Dimension thinking.

The below is 5th Dimension thinking.

What Is Really Holding You Back?

#3dDimension vs. #5thDimension

If you are experiencing any of the Ascension symptoms above you are ascending to the 5th Dimension. If you are materialistic and like shiny things and your life is about gossiping and the people around you are also gossiping, and are jealous of others, which creates chaos and turmoil then you are still living in the 3rd dimension. Unless you clean up your life you will stay in the 3rd dimension. 

Remember we are going to a #LovedBased society with Gesara. #GoldenEra. Therefore, everything that we had in the old world will no longer serve us -- especially materialistic things and even the people we had in our lives. 

Many 'low-vibrational' people will continue to live in a saddened and depressed 3rd Dimensional #FearBased society -- while other 'high-vibrational' individuals will transition into the 5th Dimension where they will experience peace, joy, and happiness.

Only you can choose where you are going. You must seek out knowledge. Look at those around you and study their energy. Most people carry negative or positive energy and if they are still living in a fear-based society -- ask yourself if these individuals are holding you back.

The person you will be 5 years later depends on the types of individuals or energy you have allowed into your life. Are they doom and gloom negative individuals who never see the good in anything? Or are they uplifting 'highly vibrational' individuals who just want to see you happy? 

Life is about choices and you have to ask yourself serious questions about your life and then set short and long-range goals. Where do you see yourself in 3 months from now? What about 6 months or 1, 2 or 3 years down the road? Showing up in your own life isn't hard. The hardest part is removing distractions out of your life so again open your eyes and see what is truly holding you back.  

No one wants to live a 'low-vibrational' lifestyle. There is no deadline for you to transition over into the 5th dimension or start living a 'high vibrational' lifestyle, but the sooner you get there -- the sooner you will find peace, joy, and happiness. So if I were you, I would go into a period of study and just figure out what you really want out of your life.

If none of what I put in this section radiated with you then tap into your Spiritual side. Everyone has a Spiritual side. You can read my blog post at "Tap Into Your Spiritual Side for the Answers." Especially explore some of the books from that article. 

Go back and read all my enewsletters, articles and watch my videos at or to catch up on what has happened since 2020.

Will We Split Off into

Two Earths?

#3rdDimension vs. #5thDimension

Many people believe because many people are not going to be able to take what is coming that we will just split off into two earths. All the 'low-vibrational' people will stay in the 3rd dimension while everyone else or the 'high-vibrational' beings will go into a 5th Dimension world.

Many people go in and out of the 5th Dimension back to the 3rd Dimension in order to help others transition. That is just what they were put on this earth to do. Many of us are already living in more than one dimension. Many times we even see our higher selves in another dimension.

In my 66 years on this earth, I have met some wonderful people. I know a young lady who has always wanted her own Metaphysical store. This young lady is very Spiritual and as a Shaman, Empath, and Tarot Reader, she Astral travels a lot.

She has a special gift. She has the ability to go into other dimensions and she said her visions along with the colors are always very clear and beautiful. She said because she has always wanted her own Metaphysical store, she actually saw herself in another dimension and she owned a Metaphysical store. She said when she walked by and looked in the store her back was turned but she knew it was her higher self. 

I have met people and they swore up and down that they have met me before. That is because they probably met another version of me - maybe even in another dimension. However, the connection was instant and we became quick friends and 'kindred spirits' right there on the spot. 

Soon we will be meeting our Galactic Federation and Earth Alliance sisters and brothers who have been our 'Guardians of the Universe' watching over #PlanetEarth with the White Hat Alliance. The goal is not to be afraid but instead, to go into a period of study and conduct extensive research so you can realize that we are not alone and there is something higher than us in the Universe.

The Last Group To Be Taken Down


For the past 2 and a half years we (the Anons, the Patriots, and the Truthers) have been told that the Mainstream Media (MSM) was supposed to be the LAST GROUP to be taken down as we transition over into Gesara. #GoldenEra. All the corrupt politicians were taken down before the media. However, I believe the LAST GROUP that will be taken down is ORGANIZED RELIGION

The Pope has been dead for a while and his role or character is now being played by an actor -- the same actor that played on "The Game of Thrones" - movie series. 

When WE THE PEOPLE find out how organized religion was involved in every phase of their lives -- surely most of us will think twice before walking into any of these religious institutions in the future especially since we now know that churches, like schools, colleges and universities, Hollywood, the TV is also using #MindControl on the population.

What is Going to Be Shocking for Many:

-When they find out that churches not only knew why the children were disappearing but they also knew that children were being eaten for breakfast, lunch, and dinner -- so what will the people say? 

-What will they say when they find out that the church especially the Vatican was actively involved in the child kidnappings including Child, Sex, and Human trafficking and performing these Satanic Rituals and Ceremonies -- while disposing of their bodies at fast food restaurants (McDonald's, Burger King, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, etc.)?

-Wait until they find out that their government is evil especially the 3-letter agencies such as the CIA, FBI, etc. Read the enewsletter entitled - "Overhauling the Government and Abolishing the 3-Letter Agencies."

-Wait until they find out that the COVID vaccination was a Depopulation Program and all the boosters are there to kill your immune system causing you to eventually die.

-Wait until they find out that everything is a LIE, especially history. The Rockefellers took over the education system in 1953 and in 8 years changed all the education books so what did they learn? #Miseducated

-Wait until they find out that the media has been lying to them their entire lives. Not only is George Floyd alive and is a #CrisisActor, but everything has basically been a lie since they were born.

-Wait until they find out that Hollywood is EMPTY and that all Hollywood, the Movie Stars, and the Entertainment Industry (Singers, Dancers, etc.) including many News Casters, Military, Police Officers, Lawyers, Judges, Politicians, and especially Sports Figures are transgenders. Read the enewsletter -- "The End of Hollywood." 

Everything has been a LIE. Natural-Born men and women are not allowed to be on TV -- even reality TV, on magazine covers, or even appear in commercials.

-Wait until they find out that many Movie Stars, Entertainers, and especially Rappers are playing dual roles. Some are playing up to 3 or 4 different roles or characters. Sometimes they kill off a character and have their family collect half a million dollars at for funeral services then they use those funds to reinvent themselves into another character.

-Wait until they find out that the Movie Stars and Celebrities that they thought were dead are actually alive and the ones they thought were alive are actually dead. There are over  900 in Witness Protection.

-Wait until they find out that the Modeling and Beauty industries (Makeup, Lingerie, etc.) are dominated by transgenders. All the commercials that you see on TV, in magazines, or on the internet are males (Males To Females (MTFs)) transgenders. Natural-born women can no longer get jobs in these industries. All the Playboy Bunnies and Little Tiaras are males. 

-The School System and/or Academia is secretly grooming and indoctrinating children in schools. They are even giving them beta blockers without parents' permission. They are telling children not to tell their parents about it. Hospitals are performing top surgery on 12, 15 an 18-year-olds and other transgender surgeries simply for funding purposes. 

I just can't see how any group of individuals will ever support these churches again. The Vatican, large Mega churches, and smaller churches worked alongside of Deep State Cabal banks which work hand-in-hand with dishonest Politicians, who get elected year after year...(#CareerPoliticians) to make life hard for people.

They came in and took family's farms, denied personal and business loans to certain groups of individuals, took fathers out of homes and jailed them with their Maritime Laws, and forced women to go to work so the children could be raised by the streets and especially the sadistic TV, music, and entertainment industry, which were nothing but #Transgenders.

No matter how you look at it -- all of these -- the Church, Hollywood, the Media, and Academia -- are nothing but a #MindControl (MKUltared) (#Brainwashing) tool for the CIA.

Along with the Political arena, they are all a part of the Deep State Cabal and until each is CLEANSED (purged of impurities) and many policies and procedures REVERSED -- you might as well say goodbye to the wholesome family value system that we need if we are to go into a NEW WORLD and NEW ERA. #GoldenEra

You can forgive but you certainly can't forget what was done to all of us and our ancestors. And all the brainwashing and mind control started when we were young with #OrganizedReligion. This is why you have to think twice before ever entering another religious institution. 

You Have Free Will

and You Live in a

Free Society

I am a Christian and I believe in God. However, I don't believe you have to sit around in religious institutions for hours, days, or weeks to pray or be close to God. God is everywhere. He is in your heart and wherever you are. God is with you through the good and bad. You just got to believe.

I am going to speak to you in this e-newsletter as I did in my political newsletter when I told you you have 120 days once Gesara goes through to elect someone to represent you (Read it again -- "You Have 120 Days to Elect Ethical and Honest Politicians").

What I forgot to put in that enewsletter when I said don't elect Career Politicians, Lawyers, Movie Stars, Lobbyists, and Free Masons as Politicians -- I also meant to say DO NOT ELECT PASTORS as Politicians also.

After reading this e-newsletter you will see why I said that. These individuals whether they are a Pope, Cardinal, Priest, Pastor, Preacher, Reverend, Minister, Clergyman, or some other man or woman of God -- they all know how to work you.

They know how to get you to donate your hard-earned money and will tell you that prosperity is coming your way. They know how to keep you in that waiting mode while your life is passing by right before your eyes. They are nothing but #ProsperityPimps.

Yes, prosperity can come your way but you have to be in control of your own life. I can't understand people who hand their lives over to others and then sit around spending their entire lives waiting. You don't have to wait. All you need to do is take action in your own life. 

There are only so many hours in a day, a week, a month, or a year. If you truly want to spend those precious hours sitting around bowing down and worshipping someone and treating them like they are next coming then that is on you. 

God created FREE will and we live in a FREE society for a reason. It is so you can make your own decisions in your own life about your life. 

These religious individuals take your hard-earned money and live in these lavish homes and they drive these nice cars and wear these nice clothes -- while you are struggling to make ends meet.  

You gave them this power but as soon as you take back this power and put it inside yourself -- you will begin to show up and your life will begin to flourish with peace, joy, and happiness.

I know I have been there and done that. My mother forced me to go to church up to the age of 17 when I finished high school and left home. And after spending years going in and out of these religious institutions -- I have always known they were filled with nothing but a bunch of HYPOCRITES and the BIGGEST SINNERS on this planet. 

I am not saying that I will never walk into another religious institution or church again in my life. What I am saying is now I know better. And now as a Spiritualist, I will pick up on the energy as soon as I enter and it is my goal as I age gracefully to avoid certain types of energy. 

Go back and read all my enewsletters, articles and watch my videos at or to catch up. 

Gesara Updates

-Those buying an electric car will be disappointed so wait until everything is rolled out before purchasing an electric car. 

-Insurance companies are Deep State because they are really #FearBased.



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Patriot and Truther Charlie Freak Said

We are Watching

Two (2) Movies

Picture of David 'Nino' Rodriguez

from NinosCorner.TV and Juan O'Savin


Your Old Money - the Fiat Currency -- Came From an Evil Source


(Backed by Gold)

Rainbow Currency, #Good


(Backed by Nothing) 

Fiat Currency - #Evil

Who Controls NATO?

Africa Was Stripped

for Its Valuables

FREE Speech is Back

Kanye West To Buy Parler

What You Need to Know About 5G and HAARP

More On Black Rock


Your Halloween Candy

is Poisoned



The Satanist Pedophiles are on their way out of here so they are trying to take as many souls as they can. Therefore, THEY ARE GOING TO BE STEALING KIDS THIS HALLOWEEN.

TRICK or TREAT with family and friends only. Stay away from hospitals -- #DeathCamps. We need GOOD MEN patrolling the streets. #SaveTheChildren

Remember to only buy your Halloween Candy from Mom-and-Pop businesses because most of it comes from big corporate companies that have been poisoned by the Deep State. All Nestle’s chocolate, kisses, etc. is poisoned with #HumanMeat.


Also, fentanyl has been made to look like candy so sit your children down and talk to them. Tell them to stop taking candy from anyone outside the family. Are schools making these announcements too? Attend school board meetings and the PTA to make sure. #SaveTheChildren

Read Articles:


Florida police unit seizes enough Fentanyl to kill 1.5 million adults


DEA Warns of Brightly Colored Fentanyl Used to Target Young Americans 

Putin Declares Martial Law in 4 Regions and Saudi Arabia Joins BRICS Announces It Will Pay Off $800 Million in Farm Loans

Remember Gesara started

with the farmers.

(click here)

More Updated News

Snapshot of the News

They Tried  To Keep Us Divided Even with Religion

What You Need To Know

About the Church

The Church has its hands in

every phase of society.

It was only created to divide us.

The Missing Pages of the Bible

Supposedly, there were 177 pages of the bible that were missing. David Straight at, an expert on religion, was the former CIA person that they brought in to confirm that the pages found in the Vatican where indeed the missing pages of the Bible. Supposely, new Bibles that speak the truth are being printed. 

Who  Was Actually Running  the World?

Mother Teresa was a Man

and Child Trafficker

and Dr. Fauci's Father

Mother Teresa was a male (Male To Female (MTF) Transgender) and he was also a Child Trafficker and Pedophile. He was also the father of Dr. Fauci, who is a female (Female to Male (FTM) Transgender). Dr. Fauci's wife is a male (Male to Female) Transgender. The background on The Ellen Show was of Epstein Island. Ellen was born a male. She is a Male to Female (MTF) Transgender. 

The Queen Was A Reptilian (aka 'Lizard')

-Queen Elizabeth funeral was one of the biggest gatherings of world power brokers in recent world history. On Mon. 19 Sep. 2022, Global Elites attending the funeral of Queen Elizabeth were briefed by the Alliance on the upcoming collapse of their governments and banking systems, which would lead to Debt Relief for The People.

-The UK was in a 10-day mourning period which would end on Tues. Sep. 20, the same time period that Q and Trump on Telegram have indicated was the Ten days of Disclosure.

-Sky News reported that the Queen has been lying in State for the last 4 years in Westminster Hall.

-JFK, Jr. tweeted on Feb. 4, 2022, that the Queen would die on Sep. 8, 2022.

-Operation London Bridge was launched on Sep. 8 with the announcement of the Queen’s death, which freed the world from British Admiralty Rule and insured the collapse of the World Cabal Deep State regimen.

-The Queen took the H.W. Bush deal – TELL ALL – and get a great farewell, however, they did include the wrinkled flag on her coffin like George Bush Sr, which meant ‘treason’.

-The Queen died exactly 1776 days after the first Q-drop.

-The Windsor family were originally from the German Aristocratic family of Saxe Coburg Gotha…that borrowed money from the House of Rothschild and provided a safe haven for the founder of the illuminati…Adam Weishaupt.

-The Queen was worth over 17 million.

-Demand for Kohinoor Diamond’s is gaining momentum after Queen’s death.

-Queen was laundering money to 14 countries so now these countries are free.

-The Queen was wicked. She was actually a Reptilian, a lizard who ate children.

-The world is watching Q and the King. The Queen is out so now it’s time for checkmate and removal of the King. King Charles was ordered to appear before international tribunal over the death of William Combes, the only person who witnessed how they kidnapped the children. The White Hat military in the UK now have King Charles III under Military control. Prince Charles has been dead for a minute but they are preparing to celebrate his death. 

-James Francis Alexander, the son of a British Lord from Lincolnshire, claimed he was in fact Prince Harry, and had been exchanged when he was 8 years old for threatening to reveal that he was not the son of Prince Charles.

-Prince Andrew and Harry were stripped of their titles and had to stare at the floor as they were excluded from the royal salute for the Queen and forced to wear morning suits for silent coffin procession.

The Vatican (aka #DeepChurch)

The Vatican is the head of the largest and most centralized religious organization in the world. It is also a sovereign state with diplomatic representatives across the globe.

I have listened to a couple of Catholic Priests who were Whistleblowers and they said the #DeepState is part of the #DeepChurch. Supposedly, the Catholic church believes they are the ONLY true religion.

Listen to "Father John - A Canceled Priest" on NinoCorners.TV. He said that 88% of Bishops in the Catholic Church are homosexuals. Father John's group is They defend Priests and make sure they have due process of the law.

The other Catholic Whistleblower Priest said it is  NOT SAFE to put your children in Catholic schools despite all the #Indoctrination and #Grooming taking place in schools.  

-Pope Francis did not attend Queen Elizabeth's funeral. There is an actor playing the Pope. The real Pope was arrested for Crimes Against Humanity.

-Sep. 30 is the deadline for all funds to be returned to Vatican because all the gold was removed from the Vatican.

-The silent Military control of the Vatican has resulted in the Knights of Malta, who controlled the UN, being killed/arrested.

-White Hat Military Operations silently seized the Chain of Command of the Vatican Empire, Vatican Inc. in 2016. They took away 650 plane loads of gold from the 150-mile-long tunnel beneath the Vatican that ran to Switzerland. The gold was returned to countries of original origin, mainly the U.S.

This is where they got the crate game from.

Free Masonry is Really A Religion

My Religious Upbringing


I grew up in rural Georgia in the Deep South ... aka 'Country' ...Sticks...about 2 hours outside  Atlanta, GA. My two older siblings (a girl and boy) were 13 and 14 years older than me so they had moved out of the house when I grew up. Therefore, I had very little interactions with them growing up.

There were only 3 things my parents asked of us (me and my 8 siblings) growing up which was: 

-Do good in school.

-Do your part around the house especially when planting and harvesting foods from the gardens and fields.

-Go to church every Sunday.

She also expected all of us to sit down at ONE TIME for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The only person she saved a plate for was my father. 

So those were the rules of my househould coming up so I had no choice but to go to church. We weren't expected to go to Bible class or do anything extra but we had to be sitting in church every single Sunday.

Methodist vs. Baptist Preaching:

There are usually a Methodist or Baptist Preacher in many of these southern areas. Methodist pastors are periodically changed out. They are moved around -- but not that often.

On the other hand the Baptist Preachers stay in these positions forever. These are lifelong postions for many of them. When they die off usually a relative in the family -- usually a son would take over the congregation.


I was a Methodist but enjoyed Baptist preaching more probably because they shouted and moved around more. We had 3 churches in our small town. On the 2nd and 3rd of the month, we went to the two Baptist churches and on the lst or 4th, we went to our Methodist church where we were all members. 

Small Church Scandals:

There are many small church scandals that I had heard about over the years. These 3 are just in my own family so you can imagine what goes on in these smaller and mega churches.

For instance:

-Growing up my sister-in-law left my brother and ran off with the pastor for one year and he came back and went back to his wife and children. But of course my brother did not want her back. 

-I had an uncle and aunt who had 5 daughters and a son. My uncle was heavily involved in the church as a deacon. When he died at the age of 45, we found out he had another family - 4 more daughters. My aunt passed away about 30 days later and many people believe she died from 'heartbreak'. 

-A few years ago my niece had an affair with the pastor and he ended up leaving his wife and 2 children for her and they ended up having two children together.

My mom was a constant gossiper and she not only gossiped at home on the phone but the church was a hub for all the local gossip. So by the time I turned 17 and had graduated high school as I prepared to move out of my family home, I knew church was a bunch of rubbish filled with people who were nothing but hypocrites. The church was a place to break people down -- not lift people up. 

As I grew up, I dabbled from time to time and went to some churches but never on a regular basis. Most of the time I never felt comfortable in there. Everyone there seemed to be the 'biggest sinners' and 'hypocrites' out there.

I felt it deep within my soul.

Church is not a dating platform where you can go to meet your soulmates. But if it happens it happens but still stop looking at churches as a place to meet someone and by all means stay away from married men.

You have to use restraint when it comes to married men. They are OFF LIMITS. Stop lusting after men (or fellas -- women) who aren't available. There is so much more you can do with your life. 

In some of the churches, it was full of nothing but SINGLE WOMEN. When a single man showed up, they would pounce on him like a shark. The male pastors would preach to the women to stay single until God send them someone, meanwhile, he was having affairs with at least 4 or 5 women and even had outside children with them.

How They Controlled Black Communities Through Churches:

For several years I lived only 5 minutes from this Mega church in Atlanta, GA (New Birth) so I attended it for close to 1 year but not on a regular basis and of course I never joined that church.

Once I was standing outside the ladies restroom and 4 guys were standing about 20 feet from me glancing back and forth at me. A female church member stopped in front of me and whispered in my ear that they were staring at me because my dress was too short.

My dress went all the way down to my knees but these women in these churches, especially the gatekeepers, that act as the secretaries try to act like these churches were their own personal businesses and they said things like this to church goers to keep us in a state of depression.

This is just how they operated in black churches. The bottomline is she was just jealous because these men were admiring me. Women today don't even wear stockings to church and they show as much cleveage as they can. They dress like they are going to a club. I knew how to carry myself back then and now and this type of mess in these churches need to stop. 

In Atlanta, aka "The Bible Belt", they literally had several churches on every corner.  People would often ask you "What Church Do You Go To?"  I lived in the largest African American county in the U.S., Dekalb, County, GA and in my 20 years in Atlanta -- I was constantly asked this question even when I was in the bank or grocery store line.

Now I realize this was a way that the FREE Masons in the city kept people thinking they needed to attend these religious institutions so they could control them. Many families were controlled (#MindControl) though these churches especially in black communities and especially through the messages preached by these Pastors.

The black churches were nothing but 'fashion shows' for black women. They would wear the latest fashion trying to pretend they had lots of money. It was just sickening to watch.

They were just 'low-vibrational' beings and I did not realize all of this back then, but there were certain types of individuals I wanted to avoid then and now.

Many times in many churches, not all, I felt I would be rubbing elbows with demons and devils because as a Spiritualist, I could feel the 'low-vibrational' energy there. To protect my energy and space, I just stayed away from them.

Some women say they go to church just to get out of the house especially when they are retired. Church should never just be a place you go just to get out of the house. There are plenty of places where you can go and make healthier choices for your life.

For instance, instead of going to that neighborhood  grocery store, drive a little further to a health or wholefood store. Go for a walk in the park or go on hiking trails. Or better yet lead a 'high-energy' lifestyle and join a walking, hiking or tennis club. 

If you are that bored with your life -- read books on 'self-development' or books on the 'human brain'; become a gardener and start growing foods for your family and community; start a business; form an 'online' or 'offline' community with a group; and/or travel (#VanLife) - but stay away from men who aren't available and 'low-vibrational' individuals who only want to pull you into their unhappiness. Start loving your life and stop causing others unnecessary pain.

God is Eveywhere:

During COVID many people started attending online churches. Now they have went back into these establishments, which do nothing but keep them in a state of depression by using #MindControl on them.

God is everywhere. He is in your heart. So you don't have to sit up in church every Sunday or during the week to have God in your life. You just have to believe that God is a part of you and you have to show up in your life with a great value system. 

Everyone needs to rethink where they go or even why if they should attend churches in the future -- especially now that we are finding out that 'evil people' actually wrote the bible and the bible contains many, many missing pages. 

What Will Become of Mega Churches?

The Mega Churches in the new #GoldenEra -- especially will fall because how could they have let all of this abuse happen for years and years especially to the children. They knew that Satanists and Pedophiles and many times FREE Masons were in these churches and they were turning over children to be eaten for breakfast, lunch and dinner and to be sacrificed in these Satanist Ceremonies. 

Many bishops, pastors, preachers, and men of God work with governmental agencies and/or probably 'Satanic Cult Worshippers' with their 501c churches to keep people living in sin, suicidal, and/or asleep.

While parents were complaining about their children, many times these same children became targets by bishops, pastors and preachers. These individuals knew all the business of their church goers.

They knew this through confessions and just how they shared information on their families. Again, this is who they knew how to target because their goals were to keep you in pain. 

As long as you were in pain, they knew you would continue to seek help from the church and your donations would continue to flow in.

Churches that Served as Humanitarian Purposes:

Some churches did do good work and serve as the Salvation Army.  They provided financial aid to families. Many provided food pantries, thrift stores for clothing needs and  paid partial rent or other bills. So these churches were doing the Lord's work. But many times they did good on the front side but on the backside bad and evil work. You can't be a saint  and sinner at the same  time. 

Bishop Eddie Long, New Birth Ministries

Atlanta, GA, #MegaChurch

Bishop Eddie Long (now deceased) will go down as the most perverted Pastor that ever came out of Atlanta, GA. There is no saving this man's reputation and we should not try to. He could have been a Crossdresser/Drag Queen, a Transgender or Gay. There were pictures of him in women's clothes so no one knows exactly what he was. All we know is that he had 3 sons and still had an appetite, craving or lust for other young black men.

Bishop Eddie Long ran New Birth Ministries in Atlanta, GA for many years. Many parishioners along with many prominent community leaders, politicians, the NAACP, including many law enforcement officials -- knew he was sleeping with young men in his church.

Maybe they allowed him to do this because he was a FREE Mason. He was treated like a KING in the Atlanta community and in his church while many women just turned their teenagers over to him.

No one did anything about it until the young men came forward and filed lawsuits. The teenagers told how they were given money and new shiny things to have sex with the pastor. He died later supposedly, from AIDS.

Unprofessional Look for a Bishop: Eddie Long was a father of 3 sons and 1 daughter and he would often ride around the community with a van load of young black male teenagers and when he exited the vehicle, his baseball cap would be on backward. He had a long thick gold chain around his neck and his shirt would be unbuttoned down to the 4th or 5th button.

I personally witnessed him exiting these vehicles many times while he was taking these young men to the movies or malls. It was a very unprofessional look for a Bishop and there were many rumors at that time that he was giving the young men money and other shiny objects for sex.

-Eddie Long Took Young Men out of the Country to Sleep with Them: As a former U.S. Customs Inspector/Officer at the Atlanta Airport for many years, I watched Eddie Long arrive weekly from aboard through U.S. Customs. Supposedly, he was taking young men out of the country and sleeping with them so this is how he was using all that church money for international flights.  

-Church Serving as a Voting Precinct: Even though the church was suposed to stay out of politics, not only would this Bishop in this Mega Church tell his congregation who to vote for (they usually would win) but his church served as a voting precinct in the the largest black county (Dekalb County, GA) in the U.S. 

There were several buildings on the church property so unless you actually attended the church, on voting day there were never any signs so you really did not know which building to go and vote in.

This frustrated those who came to vote so this is one of the ways they kept people from voting. There had to be county laws, rules and regulations that you had to have designated areas with signs and arrows to show people where to go and vote. But again, this is how they kept down the black vote. 

-March Against Gay Community: Eddie Long and Bernice King, MLK, Jr.'s youngest daughter -- one of his pastors -- even held a march against the gay community but turns out he was gay the entire time. Bernice King eventually left his church when the scandal of him and the young men surfaced in the News Media. She had to have known because all of mothers in the community knew about it. #Hypocrites.

-Unethical Investment Seminars: Eddie Long allowed a church member to hold investment seminars where several former church members were swindled or defrauded out of one million dollars along with their retirement and other funds. Eddie Long was accused of fraud because there is no way he would allow anyone to make money on investments unless he was also gaining a part of the profits. These types of unethical dealings should be kept out of the church. To read more (click here).

T.D. Jakes Ministeries (Potter's House), #MegaChurch

Did T. D. Jakes recently turn his congregation over to his daughter (aka "Son") because he is getting GITMOED? Possibly...

TD Jakes Steps Down, then THIS Happens...

(click here)

Remember Oprah is a Satanist Pedophile. 

T.D. Jakes Ministries, Dallas, TX (aka 'Pottershouse') has been around for years. T.D. Jakes Ministries (aka "T.D. Snakes") was built on fame from 'Satanic' TV shows such as the Oprah Winfrey show so we don't what he was involved in -- one could only guess. 

The photo above shows that T.D. Jakes and his daughter are actually transgendered. I had watched him over the years and suspected this also. I believe the entire family is inverted. You can't rise to that level of fame and fortune without being inverted transgenders. Society today especially the Satanist Movement won't allow it. 

T.D. Jakes Property

Check out the above picture. It is suggested that there are Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMBS) under T.D. Jakes property that is used for Child and Human Trafficking. 

Joel Osteen, Lakewood Church, Houston, TX, #MegaChurch

Joel Osteen is a Mega Pastor in Houston at Lakewood Church. There is fairly credible evidence that he and his wife are transgendered. I also heard that Osteen was some type of a 'High Priestess" -- Grand Wizard/Witch/Warlock for the Satanic movement in his area.

Check out the photo below so sHe had DUMBS (Deep Underground Military Bases) around his property that were used as Child and Human Trafficking.

Joel Osteen Property

Remember a while back when HAARP hit Houston and he refused to allow people to seek refuge in his church? How can a church with such wealth refuse to shield people at such an horrific time in their lives?

Also, a plumber found hundreds of thousands of dollars in a wall -- that were stolen from a safe in Joel Osteen's Lakewood church so looks like sHe was hiding money in the wall of the church.

I am fairly sure sHe has been GITMOED

Creflo Dollar, World Changers Church International Atlanta, GA - #MegaChurch

Creflo Dollar Ministries, Atlanta, GA has been around for years. Tons of people who don't even own cars ride the bus to Creflo Dollar Ministeries, a Mega-Church in Atlanta, and they are required to hand over a large portion of funds to him....just to be a part of these 'cult-like' mega-churches.

I could tell right away that Creflo Dollar had the female feminine bouncy eyes and his wife had male confrontational eyes so I would say they are a transgendered couple. She looks like the women on all the housewives franschises and they all were born men (Males To Females (MTFs) #transgenders). 

Bishop Kenneth Copeland, Eagle Mountain International Church - #MegaChurch

Kenneth Max Copeland (born December 6, 1936) is an American televangelist and author associated with the charismaticmovement.

The organization he founded in 1967, Eagle Mountain International Church Inc. (EMIC), is based in Tarrant CountyTexas. Copeland's sermons are broadcast across the US and worldwide on the Victory Channel. 

Copeland has also written several books and resources. He has been identified as preaching the prosperity gospel and as part of the Word of Faith movement. Copeland has written that parishioners will get a "hundredfold" return on their investment through giving to God.

He has been criticized for his use of donations and tax exempt status to finance a mansion, private jets, an airport and other lavish purchases.

During the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, Copeland claimed that the pandemic had ended or would soon end and that his followers would be healed from the virus. He stated that followers should continue paying tithes if they lost their jobs in the economic crisis that the pandemic caused. He later made claims to have destroyed the virus and to have ended the ongoing pandemic.

Kenneth Copeland Property

Like Bishops T.D. Jakes and Joel Osteen, his property -- in the photo above - also had Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMBS) for Child and Human trafficking. 

Calling Out

Christian Artist Kirk Franklin

(click here)

Kirk Franklin, who was born female -- Female To Male (FTM) #Transgender -- in a Free-Style Rap said the lion and lamb shall bow down to the goat. He was talking about the Bapomat Goat (which represents Lucifer and his followers).

Franklin was also invited to the BET awards at their degrading events. Franklin has been compromised by making a song and performing on stage with Lil Baby a gangster rapper who promotes violence, drugs, and degrading women in his songs. 

Modern Music Has Been Weaponized

This music frequency they use now can actually cause people to be suicidal so they plan on turning down the frequency of the music. This is a good first start and I can't wait for this to go to other countries especially the U.S. They also need to ban the use of negative words such as hoes and bitches. 

When People Find Out George Floyd is Alive

George Floyd Showed Up at His Own Funeral as Stephen Jackson


Stephen Jackson and George Floyd are the SAME PERSON...

George Floyd Dancing Video:

George Floyd Live 3 Months Ago - Check out the song

"Mag Bitter Truth" Breakdown the George Floyd Fiasco

(click here)

The girlfriend below looks like a man with that BIG SQUARE face. Natural Born women have oval faces like George Floyd. sHe is holding up the two-horn Bapomet sign (also referred to as the 'Peace Sign').

Most #CrisisActors are just about always transgenders. Sports have a breeding program and many of the athletes are transgenders so Stephen Jackson (aka George Floyd) is probably a female (Female to Male (FTM)) Transgender.

Some #CrisisActors go into Witness Protection or disappear. They don't go around taunting people on the internet in videos like George Floyd. Some receive large amounts of money or get their homes paid off. Some just move on to other #CrisisActing gigs. At the next gig, they might show up as the opposite sex especially since they are transgenders.

Start Businesses or Humanitarian Projects

The Truth About Child Protective Service (CPS)

CPS Kidnapped 88% of the 800,000 Missing U.S. Childen



-CPS Kidnapped 86% of the 800,000 Missing U.S. Children

-Obamacare Opened the Floodgates for #MedicalKidnapping

-How To Defeat the CPS by Bonnie Straight

-Save The Babies: A Documentary on CPS Child Trafficking

-Dad vs. CPS

They broke into Senator Nancy Schaefer's home and

killed her and her husband because she was taking on CPS. Read more

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