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Newsletter - Issue 9 - Aug. 12, 2022

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-The Problem with Career Politicians

-How Career Politicians Keep Greasing the Wheel of Evilness

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Welcome to

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Cathy Harris

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Hello Everyone:

With 209 countries turning "Gold, the Chinese Elders releasing the funds, Putin finishing cleaning up Ukraine (which was the head of the 'Snake'), and now Trump's home in Mar-A-Lago being raided by the FBI, surely anyone can see that Gesara has started.

I have been telling you for months that the government would come down before we can go into Gesara so it has started with the takedown of the FBI, the highest law enforcement office in the U.S.

The whole takedown of the SWAMP is being played out now in the media. Remember the Mainstream Media (MSM) was supposed to be the last group to be taken down. I saw somewhere the other day that the 'White Hat Alliance' actually took over the Mainstream Media (MSM) 2 years ago.

Remember there have been over 500,000 arrests in the U.S. for 'Crimes Against Humanity' and most of the arrests started when Trump took office in 2017. 

The judge that authorized the FBI to raid the home of a sitting President, Donald Trump, just committed Prosecutorial Misconduct. If they can go after a sitting President -- no one is safe.

Remember the most important thing besides gaining access to good, clean organic foods and turning your brain back on is to elect GOOD PEOPLE to represent you. 

The goal is to elect BRAVE and COURAGEOUS politicians that will stand up to all the indoctrination and grooming they are doing to your children and help bring back the family value system. 

After Gesara goes through, which should be any day now, you will have 120 DAYS to elect 'Ethical' and 'Honest' politicians so everyone is up to bat. We need everyone to get involved in this process.

We know that Trump won the election by 80% and that the Democratic party cheated. States like Georgia did not turn blue -- THEY CHEATED!!! They not only cheated but they cheated BIG. Watch the documentary at

In this newsletter, I will educate you on how politics work. Many people don't know how politicians are elected and/or why they exist. 

So, hopefully, I can get you thinking about politics and why you yourself might even make a GOOD CANDIDATE for office. 

First, I want you to understand that I'm not too fond of politics. I absolutely can't stand it but I did write a book on politics discussing how to win your political seat.

The book discusses how to win your seat by running a #GrassrootCampaign with very little money. 

Politics 101: How To Win Your

Political Seat

Available as an E-book Only 

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Cathy's Story

Why I Turned Down a Run for Congress and the Senate

When I lived in Atlanta, GA for 20 years before I left in 2013, my lawyer who helped me put together my retirement packet in 2005 after winning my lawsuit against the U.S. Customs Service, when I became a Whistleblower and EEOC complainant, wanted me to run for office to be a Congressman or Senator as a Democrat or a Republican.

He himself, Mark Conrad, who is now deceased, was a staunch Republican and was basically a good human being. You see I had known this man for over 20 years. After the military, I started out in the Customs Service as his Secretary and he was my boss, a GS-14, Internal Affairs Supervisor.

Being in Internal Affairs, he knew where all the bodies were buried in Customs. He also had left the job as a Whistleblower and went to law school to represent clients like myself so never burn bridges with people you meet in your life. 

People who have went up against the establishment and those with a great moral value system -- especially those that have been through some type of conflict and came out on top make EXTREMELY GOOD CANDIDATES for office.

Especially look for people to run for office who has a history of fighting for the people who don't have a voice. So this is why I was asked to run for office. I was asked to run for office because I could distinguish between RIGHT and WRONG

He said he could garner plenty of funds for my run for office. However, I politely turned him down because I just did not want anymore conflict in my life -- at least not in the near future. 

I had spent many years as a #BlackSheep child arguing with family, then a soldier arguing with fellow soldiers, and then I became a government whistleblower arguing with my fellow co-workers -- so after years of arguing with people - I was done arguing with anyone. 

Even though I was only 48 years of age when I retired from U.S. Customs Service, I had had enough conflict in my life and all I wanted was Peace, Joy and Happiness. 

No way was I going to step into another #DevilsDen and witness first-hand 'unethical' acts against basically good human beings. 

I could not in good faith watch another industry go after good hard-working individuals and I knew this is what politicians do.

Politics to me has always been about changing the world, but at that particular time and even now...I just feel I can change the world better as a Speaker and Writer. 

I had no 'Political Aspirations' then or now. My goal was to circumvent the system and come at them another way. I wanted to use my Speaking and Writing Career to expose how politics really worked because after all "The pen is mightier than the sword."

Flash forward to today -- we all have been sent reinforcements, which is Gesara. Gesara is what is going to bring accountability into ALL POLITICAL ARENAS. 

You have 120 DAYS after Gesara goes through to elect 'ethical' and 'honest' politicians. Who you elect to represent you will strictly be up to you. Use this opportunity to create a beautiful community and beautiful life. 

How I Really Learned About Politics

I been pretty much a researcher my entire life, but how I really learned about politics is from my best friend, Ron Parker. Back when I was a Community Advocate and Activist on the streets of Atlanta, I had watched my best friend, who was a 'Politicial Consultant' -- help elect up to 10 to 15 people to office evey single election cycle. 

What he did and how he did it was quite brilliant and I had a front row seat on how politics really work. I wrote the book "Politics 101: How To Win Your Political Seat" after seeing Ron in action.

All the ins and outs of how he got these people elected is in my book. Ron helped these individuals run a Grassroot Campaign with very little money and they were able to stay in office -- year after year.

I learned early on that politicians run communities. They are the true community leaders and if communities were not thriving -- 9 out of 10 times it was because of the political leaders in that community. 

They had either sold communities out for 'political gains' or they were just FREE Masons wanting to witness the suffering of people.

Believe me -- Political leaders have the power to beautify your community and cause it to thrive or they have the ability to cause your community to suffer and turn it into a food desert.

I have seen all of this first-hand. Again, I had a front-row seat for many years in one of the largest Metropolitican areas in the country, Atlanta, GA.

I watched the downfall of communities as Politicians sided with Big Corporations like Walmart to go after local hard-working Mom and Pop businesses, which resulted in many communities becoming 'ghost towns' and 'crime-infected' areas. Because of so many empty buildings, it wasn't safe for children to walk home from school -- anymore. 

When politicians gain funds for their communities many times instead of putting the funds into their communities, they would use these funds to send their children to private schools or for some other politician gain. Some would even use the funds as a payout to remain in office. 

What is The Role of Politicians

Running for office for the first time can be a little intimidating for anyone but this is when you need to have your head on straight and understand the duties of your job.

You don't have to have any formal education to run for office. You simply need to know right from wrong and simply be COURAGEOUS and BRAVE enough to speak up for the people who don't have a voice especially the poor, weak and other downtrodden people that society have forgotten.

You job as a politician is not to look out for the Middle Class or others with funds in your community. It's your job to make life better for every single person in your district.

These individuals, especially the young and old, will come to you for issues in their homes and neighborhoods, schools, workplaces, colleges, with their housing, with local police officers, etc. so you have to be ready to roll up your sleeves and help them come up with good solutions so that they can go from surviving to thriving.

You can't be a Congressman or Senator with a home in D.C. and leave someone incompetent in charge of your local office in your district. Your district and the people who live there should always come first. These are the people that elected you to office so never ignore the people in your district. Tend to their needs and concerns. 

Just remember as a politician, your priorities should always be the young and old first. These are the individuals who get caught up in all type of community traps or redtape so politicians especially need to look out for these two groups first. 

The 'incumbent' is the current holder of an office or position, usually in relation to an election. For example, in an election for President, the incumbent is the person holding or acting in the office of President before the election, whether seeking re-election or not.

It's important from the very beginning of your new political seat to investigate many of the previous policies, but understand if the policies weren't working then abolish them. Don't be afraid to put your own spin on issues as long as you are still taking care of the people. 

Make sure you talk to the people that the policies affected and get feedback. This is why it is important to surround yourself with a good staff of individuals that can help you make your new political seat a success.

These individuals could be dedicated community advocates and activists who had influence in communities and helped you win your seat. The people who spent tireless hours helping you campaign, will also be the best people to have around you in the future.

Many 'Politicians' are also referred to as 'Elected Officials.' An 'Appointed' leader is someone who is given a political position by a higher authority. One example is the Secretary of State. He or she is appointed by the President and then confirmed by the Senate.

An 'Elected' leader is someone who is chosen by the people in an election. The President of the United States is an example of an elected leader.

Who appoints federal judges? Supreme Court justices, court of appeals judges, and district court judges are nominated by the President and confirmed by the U.S. Senate, as stated in the Constitution.

The state's governor or legislature will choose their judges. Judges are chosen by a legislative committee based on each potential judge's past performance. Some states hold "retention elections" to determine if the judge should continue to serve.

District judges are full-time judges who deal with the majority of cases in the county courts. They are assigned on appointment to a particular circuit and may sit at any of the county courts or district registries of the High Court on that circuit.

Under Constitutional Laws, the entire process of electing judges and others will probably change so study this process closely as you learn more about Constitutional Laws. Try to attend classes. Research more on how judges and other politicians are elected at or

All 50 states have legislatures made up of elected representatives, who consider matters brought forth by the governor or introduced by its members to create legislation that becomes law. The legislature also approves a state's budget and initiates tax legislation and articles of impeachment.

There are many different political seats across the country and many times they are not called the same name. For instance, in Atlanta you have City Councilmen but in Chicago, you have Aldermen.

You also have State Representatives, State Senators, Congressmen and Senators, but again these titles sometimes differ in different areas of the country.  

The School Board is a very important seat because they will be over the education of your children. This is why it will be important for parents to be at these meetings. Atlanta will forever go down as the largest School Cheating Scandal in history.

Electing Sheriffs or other Police Officers to political seats will be very important seats to monitor especially when they venture out to other political seats. 

Commissioners also deal with Police Officers and as I stated in my enewsletter entitled "Law Enforcement, Free Masonry, and Saving Our Families" -- 95% of law enforcement are Free Masons.

Therefore, learning more about #FreeMasonry would be good if you truly don't want to elect these individuals to any political seat. 

If you are serious about running for office, you need to get with local Political Consultants or Government Workers who follow politics or ask local politicians to provide regular political workshops or training in your community. 

You usually have to be at least 18 years of age before you can run for many seats, but in many states, you have to be 21 to drink alcohol so this doesn't make sense.

If you are young and do have Political Aspirations, then getting with a 'Political Mentor' would be a great idea but WE THE PEOPLE need to stop electing people to office just because they are young. If that person was mentored by the wrong person, then he has brought that same 'unethical' vaue system with him or her. 

For instance, I watched a young politician win his seat in Atlanta, then he voted against raising the minimum wage. How the heck are you going to vote against raising the minimum wage? Again, stop electing people simply because they are young.

Who Are Lobbyists?


If we are going to truly change the whole political structure, we need to seriously look at the entire lobbying process. 


'lobbyist' is a person who takes part in an organized attempt to influence legislators. Professional lobbyists are people whose business is trying to influence legislation, regulation, or other government decisions, actions, or policies on behalf of a group or individual who hires them.


I am pretty sure that current lobbyists cannot hold political seats especially because these are the LARGEST GROUP of individuals that offer bribes to especially #Newly Elected politicians.


A lobbyist or lobbying firm may not cosign, guarantee, furnish security for, or endorse a loan for an elected state officer, legislative official, agency official, or state candidate.


Lobbyists are paid individuals, most often professionals such as lawyers or former members of Congress, who work on behalf of a private interest group or corporation, to influence decisions that are made by our elected officials. They are found on all levels of government - federal, state and local. 


Lobbying is a profession full of people who have changed careers, since relevant knowledge and experience are all you really need to become a lobbyist.  There are no licensing or certification requirements, but lobbyists are required to register with the state and federal governments.


Any individual or organization can petition government, but organization and businesses typically hire lobbyists to represent their concerns. 


The most active industries hiring lobbyists include health, insurance, oil and gas, technology, and electricity. Individuals and nonprofit organizations can also lobby as an act of volunteering or as a small part of their normal job.


Again, we need to look at this process to make sure everything is legal and legitimate since some of these lobbyists or their affiliations are some of the LARGEST GROUPS that offer bribes to politicians.

What Is the Role of Political Action Committees

Communities form voluntary oversight committees all the time. For instance, some communities form Police Oversight Committees or "Civilian Review Boards" or sometimes called "Citizens Review Boards", where they monitor the actions of police officers and some even have the power to punish police officers. 

This would be a FORMAL COMMITTEE that is elected to serve for a certain amount of time. Political Action Committees can be INFORMAL COMMITTEES or "Watchdog Groups." 

Since there is not a lot of oversight over politicians -- oversight first should start with WE THE PEOPLE and this is why we need to form "Political Action Committees" to monitor politicians in communities. 

Monitoring the actions of local politicians is a great way to hold politicians accountable. Anyone with close ties to any of the politicians should not be allowed to sit on this committee and the members should be changed periodically.

Just like with Civilian Review Boards, former or current Police Officers cannot participate on these committees whether they are formal or informal (filled with volunteers) committees. 

Basically, each county needs their own Political Action Committee. It's hard to keep up with politicians in other counties but everyone who sits on these committees need to familiarize themselves with all local elections for their county.

There is no formal election for these Political Watchdog Groups so many times these are just volunteers, who want to make sure they are just looking out for others. 

Another reason besides oversight that a "Political Watchdog Committee" is needed is because many politicians have said once they ran for office and won their seats, they no longer had supporters supporting them. Therefore, having this committee could be kind of like a 'cheerleader' once you elect 'ethical' and 'honest' politicians. 

Politicians need to know they have the support of the people whether they will be voting on local or national policies. But at the same time, they have to know that this committee is also watching them to make sure they make sound decisions to take care of their constitutents.

The Political Watchdog Committee will maintain a report card on each and every politician in their county. Every single politician will be rated and given an A, B, or C. Politicians who received a B or C, should not be allowed to run for office again, and at this time this committee should start looking for replacements for them.

Also, you have 'unethical' politicians that works with companies and businesses to redraw their districts so they have a better chance of being elected. 

So check their track records to see what type of illegalities these politicians have engaged in. Did they move to a certain county to get elected? What happened where they last lived? Again, investigate or hire someone to investigate these politicians. 

There are so many illegal practices that takes place in many communities so those who siit on these local or national 'Political Action' or 'Watchdog' committees, need to share their findings -- whether good or bad -- with other concerned community members.

We have to take all of this into our own hands if we expect to elect the right type of politicians who will be truly look out for our families and communities -- so again a "Political Action Committee" in each county is a great idea. 

Who Should You Elect to Office?

Some of you have watched people in your community grow and thrive. Sometimes it might be a young person that you have watched over the years turn into basically a good human being. 

Maybe it was a neighbor's kid or a community leader who speaks up when people are confronted with illegal issues. 

Only politicans who receive an "A" rating by Political Action Committees should be allowed a second term because they were truly taking care of the people.

These are the types of people that you should elect to office -- people who are basically good human beings.  

Under Gesara if illegalities or any type of unlawfulness takes place by politicans -- I believe it will be the military who has the right to come in and remove politicans. Otherwise, these new political appointments under Gesara could be lifetime appointments. 

If these 'career politicans' are that good and if they are truly taking care of the people that good then maybe they should do a couple of terms in office but putting people anywhere long term is very problematic because then they will have the potential to get too laxed and not do what they were elected to do.

These career politicians don't necessarily need to keep getting elected to office over and over again. Many can make a big difference in their communities as business owners.

Just because someone does a good job as a politician, after a term or two, they need to move on to other areas and keep affecting change that way.

Who you should look at as potential politicians:  

-Business Leaders: 

Providing opportunities for members of the community is what most communities need today. Bringing back Mom and Pop businesses especially businesses dealing with gaining access to good, clean organic foods -- should be a FIRST PRIORITY for many communities.

So therefore, electing current or former business owners would be a major advantage to bring Mom and Pop businesses back into communities because most politicians have very little knowlege on how businesses works.

A good leader need to look out for young business leaders of tomorrow so forming an 'Economic Council' or 'Chamber of Commerce' would also be a good idea for any political leader.

Therefore, these business individuals would be a great pool to start looking at for future potential political leaders for your community. 

-Those Who Took Economic Courses:


Whether you are a full-time or part-time politician, it's important to understand what your job entails. Because of what has happened (#2022), many people want all politicians going forward to take up an economics' course.

Why not since a majority of their job duies will be dealing with local, state and world economics - no matter what position you were elected to do. 

Taking this course ahead of time or even as a newly elected politician will show your community that you understand the workings of your office, which is also a job -- whether it's part-time or full time. Just don't forget that you are elected by the people and elected to represent the people. 

-Those That Have Studied Constitutional Laws: 

Remember all of us are moving from Maritime to Consitituional or Common Laws so any political candidate should have a good knowledge of Constitutional Laws especially those candidates or Judges -- who will be recommending any punishment for others. 

Whether you are a full-time or part-time judge that were elected or appointed to that position -- learning Constitutional Law has to be your priority if you truly plan on representing the people.

Because Maritime Judges in the past locked up many, many 'innocent people' and those who committed 'non-violent crimes', we just have to get this right. Your first job should be freeing these individuals. 

The days of causing unnecessary pain, suffering and mental anguish to others -- especially if you sit on any political seat -- is all in the past. You will be monitored and watched under Constitutional Laws. 

The Problem With Career Politicians

The number one thing you need to know about politicians is that as soon as they are elected to office -- they will be approached for favors.

In many cases many of these politicians will start taking these bribes (many bribes comes from lobbyists) and many times they will be offered a chance to stay in office -- year after year -- if they do certain political favors.

This is called the beginning of a Career Politician. This is how politicians go from running Grassroot Campaigns with very little funding to a more elaborate financed campaign with radio, TV and billboard ads -- since they have now struck a deal with the devil. 

The only way to stop these Career Politicians in their tracks is the minute you see them showing favoritism to a certain group or entity, they should go on your 'blacklist' -- to not be allowed to run for office again or even be booted out of office at that particular time. 

If you catch politicians attending Free Mason lodges or wearing Free Mason rings, or have Free mason signs on their vehicles, then these are not the type of individuals that should not be in office.  Also, look for anyone using Satanic symbols or signs on or off TV. Again, these individuals should not be elected to office. 

I know not all Free Masons are bad -- unless they are trying to move up the ladder, but if they chose to associate with these groups, then they should not be allowed to hold public office. Again, read my enewsletter entitled "Law Enforcement, Free Masonry and Saving Our Families." 

Don't depend on "Political Action Committees" to watch these politicians. You watch them too and report any findings of wrongdoings to these committees. 

On this 'blacklist' every member of these "Political Action Committees" should continuously document what these politicans are accused of and just like any other criminal case, hire someone like a private investigator to investigate them.

If they find out that these politicians are involved in some type of favoritism, Free Masonry or some other type of illegality -- then keep the 'blacklist' updated because this is what you will refer back to -- when it comes their time to leave office.

Or if the crime is really severe, report it to the proper authorities at that particular time. Politicians need to understand that they were elected by WE THE PEOPLE and WE THE PEOPLE can kick them out of office at anytime. 

How Career Politicians Keep Greasing the Wheel of Evilness

In Atlanta, GA, when I live there,  Kroger grocery stores brought in outdated and spoiled foods into black communities even though complaints were filed. #MedicalGenocide.

Had these complaints been filed with 'ethical' politicans, this would have been stopped immediately. However, politicians, who in many cases were FREE Masons, thrive on chaos and turmoil, and many have connections with community police officers, lawyers and judges and other powerful community leaders. 

Many might use their power to go after anyone who complains too loudly. You will be labled as a #ProblemChild and put on a watchlist. 

They might not deal with you 'face to face', if you were the 'complainer' -- but they might instead come after a beloved family member and accuse them of some type of illegality or even set them up for regular harassment from police officers and other community leaders. 

Career politicians who are usually FREE Masons have an affiliation with others in power especially those they took bribes from.

All of this could have been prevented in the first place if you had just elected 'ethical' and 'honest' politicians. These are people who are bold and brave enough to take on the establishment and speak for the people who don't have a voice and believe me -- especially after 2020 -- they do exist. 

Why You Should Never Elect Lawyers to Office

The word Lawyer and Attorney means the exact same thing. Abraham Lincoln, who was a lawyer, ran for office about 5 to 7 times and he wasn't elected until he got support from the bankers.

It was actually ILLEGAL to run for the President or any position if you were a lawyer, so the only way he was able to become President is by turning the country over to the bankers and this is why many refer to him as 


Therefore, we have #StinkingLincoln, not 

#HonestAbe, to thank for the banks ruling the country all these years. And Lincloln even said "If it was up to him, he never would have freed the slaves."

So because of Abraham Lincoln's actions, during the Obama administration, over 60% of Congress were attorneys and this is why Obama got away with so many acts of wrongdoings and corruption because of all these attorneys.

...cont'd on top

cont'd...RE: Lawyers...

The world is so screwed up because Attorneys run this country. According to Seminar Leader and Trainer,  David Straight, the country is run by the ‘Bar Association’ so it has been ‘Us vs. the Bar Association’ -- all these years.

Lawyers run everything and most of the lawyers work for the Elite and have been taking our rights away, but many of us don’t even know it.

The biggest criminals in the country are the judges and then the prosecuting attorneys. Under Maritime Laws Judges owned many of the prisons so this is why they tried to keep them full by illegally convicting people. 

It takes 3 signatures to put you in jail – the Judge, the Prosecuting Attorney and Your Lawyer. The Judges and Prosecuting Attorneys shared their profits with YOUR ATTORNEY from your birth certificate bond money to FIND YOU GUILTY.

This is why you did not have a fighting chance to win in court with Maritime lawyers and judges. But now we are going to Constitutional and Common Laws.

According to David Straight, even the Attorney Generals – the highest attorneys in the land, don’t know what they are doing.

David goes on to say you should never give ‘Power of Attorney’ to an attorney because they will clean you out especially when it comes to land contracts. Many attorneys can and some do -- take your land from you. 

Harvard University has conducted 3 studies and their findings are that 49% to 69% of people don’t deserve to be in prison.

Also, according to David Straight, over 99% of warrants are bogus. Warrants can only come from an Article 1 or Article 3 courtroom -- a 'Constitutional Law' courtroom. Warrants must have a claim or an affidavit attached containing a raised seal, but most people don’t know what to look for.

So what do attorneys do. They write up contracts and other paperwork so only they can read it. It's like they are speaking a different language. And most of the contracts they write up is wrong but how many times will WE THE PEOPLE challenge these contracts?

Most of the time we are not in a position to challenge what they have written and they know that. This is why lawyers and attorneys are nothing but THIEVES and LIARS who take advantage of the 'uninformed'. Therefore, these sharks should never be allowed to run for any political seat.

Why You Can't Give Movie Star Status to Politicians

We remember Ronald Reagan and Arnold Schwarzenegger, who were Movie Stars turned "Politicians," but the consensus is that "Movie Stars don't make good politicans" -- so they should be blocked from holding office. 

You got Matthew McConaughey speaking all over town and on TV because he really wants to be a politician, but don't let this character fool you. He had initially announced he was running for the Governor of Texas but backed off.

Like many of the Transgender Movie Stars, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Matthew McConaughey, who are both Transgenders, (#BornFemales) (FTMs)  are doing nothing but trying to further the LGBTQ+ agenda (the plus means 'Pedophilia') -- which in many cases have lead to the indoctrination and grooming of our children. 

Not just that but this movement has lead to a rise in 'Pedophilia' and Child, Sex and Human Trafficking and California politicians especially are trying to create laws to make it legal for Adults to sleep with 11 and 14 years old. 

Many potential or current politicians want to be considered Movie Stars. They thrive on their status. The fact that they have college degrees and look down on the uneducated, the homeless and other downtrodden people totally DISQUALIFY THEM from being good political candidates.

These same individuals who wanted letters behind their names, who show you plagues on the wall when they are on videos, and those that think wearing the latest fashions is what life is all about, is also trying to run for office.

Instead of taking care of people, which is the NUMBER ONE PRIORITY of politicians, they are seeking Movie Star status.

Everyone wants status or titles in many communities but these are the types of people to avoid when figuring out who to run for office. These individuals also are #StarStruck or in love with Movie Stars. 

Under Gesara, if we are ever going to get people to stop watching TV and concentrate on themselves, we certainly don't need politicians prancing around communities acting like they are Movie Stars. 

I see this so much in communities. They know that at anytime -- print, radio or TV media might pop up in their faces with a microphone -- so therefore, they do nothing but strut around communities trying to be Movie Stars.

Again, these people could care less about their communites and the only thing they are after are more titles and statuses so they can continue to rise to the top.

And believe me they have goals. They might start off as City Councilmen or State Representatives but what they really want to be is a Congressmen or Senator or even the President of the U.S.

These are the types of politicans or potential politicans you need to avoid at all costs. Remember this is #RealLife and people with real issus need the support of 'ethical' and 'honest' politicians. And these individuals are out there -- waiting to SERVE THE PEOPLE.  

Who You Should Not Elect to Office

Career Politicians, Lawyers, Movie Stars, Lobbyists,

Free Masons

Now that you understand how Career Politicians, Lawyers, Movie Stars, Lobbyists, and Free Masons operate, it's time to wipe the slate clean under Gesara and start completely all over again.

Remember as soon as Gesara kicks in and the Military takes over -- the entire government -- all politicians will be without a job. They will be discredited and invalidated.

This is why so many politicians fought so hard to keep Gesara from going through. They wanted you to keep suffering under the old Satanic system of evilness so they could maintain their power. They never thought you would wake up and fight back. 

Gesara is a NEW BEGINNING -- so again, don't elect any Career Politicians, Lawyers, Movie Stars, Lobbyists, and any FREE Masons to ANY political seat.

Start looking out for others by sharing this enewsletter and others at  with family, friends, neighbors and colleagues.  Congrats you made it!!!

Why I Left the Democratic Party

I did not leave the Democratic Party because Atlanta politics were extremely vicious and downright cold. I left the Democratic Party (#Demoncrats, #Demonrats) because of how they treated people. They treated everyone like SERVANTSSLAVES and SECOND CLASS citizens.

As I stated my best friend was a Political Consultant and I actively witnessed him put about 15 to 20 people in office every political cycle. But there was also another male friend who also assisted Ron Parker and myself with many community advocacy and activism events. His name was Don Allen. 

After witnessing both Ron and Don get sick with cancer and die 6 months apart from each other in 2007, I was just finished with activism, politics and especially the Democratic Party.

Like many other advocacy and activist groups in the area, these individuals, my friends -- my best friends -- were treated like SECOND CLASS citizens and once they elected these individuals into office, they did nothing but slam doors in their faces. 

They only called on them again when it was election season or when they held their personal events and needed "Worker Bees" to help them out. 

I worked with Ron and Don one year specifically to help these politicians get elected to office and after that -- they refused to meet with us when we were trying to assist others on issues.

Therefore, I stepped back two years before Ron and Don died from cancer and extensively studied and 'self-educated' myself on business ownership.

I was sick of handing out free stuff and teaching people how to eat that one meal. I wanted to teach people how to eat for a lifetime so I walked away from "Activism" and the "Democratic Party."

I knew teaching business to those they needed it would be their way to learn 'self sufficiency' and 'survival' skills.

The way they treated my friends and the energy from the TOXIC politicians were just too much for me. I had always been a good judge of people and I knew these people were nothing but pure evilness. 

I knew I did not want to be around these individuals so I went on my own way and became a business owner. However, despite the warnings I gave to my friends, they continued to work with these politicians and put these individuals into office -- year after year-- even though they kept treating them like SLAVES and SECOND CLASS citizens. 

The people who should have been holding the local political seats were the people that were truly SERVING THE PEOPLE -- the advocates and activists like my friends... Not the politicians who walked around communities with their 'holier than thou' attitudes, which I found out years later were nothing but FREE Masons -- the whole lot of them. 

2020 was truly the GREAT AWAKENING because I was able to learn that most of these politicians in Atlanta were nothing but FREE MASONS who thrived on the pain and suffering of others. 

I watched my friends go all day long without eating in order to complete some activism task especially for these politicians.

When they got sick only one politicain showed up at their funeral but none of them help collect funds for the families to bury them. 

Don Allen, who was 48, died from lung cancer in the hospital after receiving his FIRST DOSE of chemo because chemo is nothing but a poison.

Ron Parker mind went after his FIRST DOSE of chemo. He was 50 and died of colon cancer. The last time I saw him is when he was admitted to the hospital. He looked into my eyes and told me he was afraid. He told me to send others who could pray with him.  

Activism can kill people. I have seen it over and over again. You get all caught up into helping others until you fail to help your ownself.

I would give anything for my two friends to see us go into Gesara, but just know that everything I do now is because I had two of the most wonderful and honorable people in my life for almost 10 years and everything I do is because of them. Rest in Peace (RIP) my two friends... Love you always...

Now that you know how the political system works - you too can become a candidate for office. All you need to have is a GREAT LOVE FOR PEOPLE#JustBeGood, #JustDoGood.

Buy this Book - "How To Take Control of Your Own Life: A Self-Help Guide to Becoming Healthier Over the Next 30 Days (Series 3)".

Will You Choose

Farmers or Politicians?

It Has Started -- The Beginning of #Gesara

Heaven on Earth

It is such a beautiful time to be alive. Can you feel the energy flowing through you because we are actually moving into another world -- another era. 

In my heart of hearts, I feel we are days away. I am asking you to hold on and continue to love everyone -- in an out of your circle. You are watching a movie to wake up the people so that we can transition to a higher level.

Many souls are still perishing on this planet. They won't be accompanying us. When they came on this earth, they picked a time to depart it. Their job on this earth is done.

Did you ever wonder why you are here this particular time in history? Why was your life spared all these years so that you could witness this Great Awakening or this NEW EARTH?

It's because you were chosen to be here. You were chosen to be here to help bring all of us over into this new era.

Your only job from here on out is to help to create a beautiful #LoveBasedSociety by practicing being #Grateful every single day of your life.

Thank God for such an awesome gift. Congrats you made it!!! See you on the other side. #NewWorld, #GoldenEra, #GoldenYears, #Gesara, #Nesara, 5thDimension, #LightWorkers, #NewEden, #Compassion, #Love, #GodWon. 

Gesara Updates


The Trump fiasco where they raided his home is the beginning of the takedown of the government and the beginning of Gesara. Remember I have been telling you for months that in order to go into Gesara, the entire government would need to be invalidated or discredited. Well, it’s here now and it is happening right in front of you. Congrats you made it!!!

The takedown of the government is happening right in front of you and why not start with the FBI, the highest law enforcement office in the land.  


What happened to Trump is also to wake up the people so they can see how the government has been weaponized to go after him. If they can go after a sitting President then no one is safe.

Will Trump be the first public arrest? Okay for two years now they have said the first public arrest will be shocking and looks like that might be Donald Trump or one of his 6 doubles or will it? Remember we are watching a movie. 

More News Updates

Stacey Abrams turned all those women and men into criminals in Atlanta when he (MTF) turned them into mules...

Watch the movie

GEORGIA did not turn BLUE. They CHEATED!!!

They cheated BIG!!! 


-How Woke Disney has Bowed to China by Cutting Epose from the Simpsons

-Did Disney Dump Tim Allen Because he Supports Trump?

-Japan's Government Resigns in it's Entirety

-Stacey Abrams Tested Positive for COVID

-Biden Stole the Election

-President Trump Declares War on the Federal Government

-Eric Trump Says Mar-a-Lago Security Cameras Capture FBI Agents Behaving Improperly

-Judge Who Likely Signed Warrant for Trump-FBI Raid has Ties to Epstein

-Report Alleges FBI had Personal Stake in Mar-a-Lago Raid

-Juan O Savin with an Eyewitness to the FBI Raid

-Watergate Was About PedoGate

-Whistleblowers Accuse Military of Using Pfizer 'Comirnaty' Vaccine Produced at Facility Not Approved by FDA

-Florida Moves to Ban Transgender Treatments on Children 

-Indiana GOP Rep. Walorski, 3 Others Die in Auto Accident

-Hollywood Info About to Be Exposed 

-Mlitary Arrests DNI Avril Haines

-The Oscars Goes To

-11 Adults Arrested for Allegedly Operating Child Sex Sexual Services

-Catholic Church Banned, Wealth Seized by new Law After Pope Admits Genocide

-The Truth About 911

-Where They Go One They Go All

-Michelle Obama Registered to Vote as a Man

-They Used Her Husband to Intimidate J6ers

-Uninformed Consent - Part 2 of the Offical Documentary

-Whistleblowers say FBI 'Pressured & Incentivized Agents to Classify Cases as Domestic Terrorism

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You are being poisoned. #Depopulation

Yes, the same Nanoparticles or Nanobots that were in vaccinations

are now being put into your foods

to poison you.

An Updated List of USA-Based Destroyed

Food Manufacturing Plants

Surely you know by now that all the foods are poisoned and

you have NO OTHER CHOICE but to grow your own foods.

The Truth About Child Protective Service (CPS)


CPS Kidnapped

86% of the 800,000

Missing U.S. Childen



-CPS Kidnapped 86% of the 800,000 Missing U.S. Children

-Obamacare Opened the Floodgates for #MedicalKidnapping

-How To Defeat the CPS by Bonnie Straight

-Save The Babies: A Documentary on CPS Child Trafficking

They broke into Senator Nancy Schaefer's home and killed her and her busband because she was taking on CPS. Read more

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