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December 2013
As the inventors and world leaders of video control gesture technology, we  couldn't be more happy with the way people are embracing the gesture  controlled revolution that we started over 30 years ago. 

Our gesture controlled and multi-touch technology has never been so
popular and we are constantly finding new ways to incorporate it into  different environments and use it for different functions.

Everyday is an exciting day at GestureTek Health as the technology is
being applied in so many different ways in so many different markets.

This year has been no different and we've been extremely busy working on  some great projects and we are happy to share just a few of them with you.

We hope you find these business cases informative and they inspire you to  use our gesture controlled or multi-touch technology for your next project. You can find out more about our products here

We look forward to working with you in the future and we'd like to take this  opportunity to wish all of our readers and customers a very merry
Christmas and prosperous 2014.


Vincent John Vincent
CEO & Co-Founder
Kaiser Permanente Capitol Hill Center for Total Health educates with  GestureTek Health 80ft videowall 
Kaiser Permanente Total Health Centre GestureTek Video Wall
2013 - Kaiser Permanente Capitol Hill Center for Total Health in Washington DC, a 13,500-square-foot  open plan space and combines the latest in healthcare  with cutting edge technology to showcase what  they do and to educate visitors about their health.

The highlight of the center is an extended  80'Wx10'H interactive videowall that uses  GestureTek Health's multi-touch technology and allows a  large amount of visitors to interact with both hands  on the wall and to use it's different features  simultaneously.

One of the world's largest interactive multi-touch walls "Every Body Walk" video mural aims to
convey an attainable sense of personal responsibility for one's health by encouraging visitors to
incorporate walking into their lives and to build sustainable, walkable communities.

The videowall works using GestureTek Health's multi-projector multi-touch system. Cameras behind  each 8 foot section of the wall sense touches on the screen, and lets the user manipulate the  dynamic content in a fully engaging manner.  The wall is made up of eight projection screens and the eight projectors. The projectors are  programmed to allow the screens to act independently or as a single long mural. There are also  16 speakers mounted two over each screen to deliver audio to visitors as they walk alongside  the videowall.

You can watch a video about the Kaiser Permanente Capitol Hill Center for Total Health which
features our GestureTek Health videowall here: 

Kaiser Permanente Center for Total Health
Kaiser Permanente Center for Total Health

There is also a great article about the Kaiser Permanente Center install which can be found here

If you would like information on a similar system for your business visit our website by
I REX Immersive Full Body Video Games get Patients Moving and Engaged  in Rehabilitation Therapy

The Village at Marymount's new Parker Hannifin  Therapy and Wellness Center is excited about the
impact of their new GestureTek Health's  Interactive Virtual Reality Exercise System IREX.

IREX is an innovative video therapy system that  helps patients with their rehabilitation.Results have proven that patients who normally  wouldn't look forward to their physical therapy tend  to be more dedicated and enthusiastic about their recovery when they use the IREX system as it  involves playing a video game with your body.  It's a computer-generated virtual reality therapy  world that guides patients through interactive  rehabilitation exercises, games and activities that target specific body parts. The performance is  then measured and recorded to show improvement after each play.  The system includes a camera, computer, display, and some form of "green screen" that put the  patients in the middle of a scene.

The IREX system has completely revolutionised the physiotherapy world. With over 30 studies  conducted it has been shown time and time again that the IREX system provides a type of  therapy that can dramatically improve balance, strength, endurance and speed when compared  to traditional therapy, and patients do their therapy 2-3 times longer.

You can watch a video of the IREX system in operation at the Marymount Center here.

Physical Therapy Goes Virtual with Video Game

Or if you would like to find out more about IREX and how it can be customized to your needs
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VTS Medical Educates on Long Island with The Cube

GestureTek Health Creates Interactive Road Safety Learning Experience for VTS Medical
GestureTek Health Creates Interactive Road Safety Learning Experience for VTS Medical

VTS Medical is an Audio-Visual company specializing in delivering AV  integration to healthcare facilities, hospitals and surgical rooms, amongst  other vertical markets. GestureTek has been working with them for a  number of years now. Recently they used GestureTek's The Cube  turnkey interactive projection floor system to provide engaging interactive  educational content at the new North Shore LIJ Health System's Citi Field  office. Here while taking in a game at the arena people can learn  important information about health and safety. On The Cube young users  learned about various aspects of road safety, with content created by  GestureTek for VTS and their client. VTS was easily able to install the  CUBE as there is no need for configuration and is self-contained and instantly functional once it  is plugged in.

Read more about North Shore LIJ by VTS Medical. Read more on The Cube  on the GestureTek Health website .

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