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Skin care sets get a bright holiday look

What's getting decked out in festive bright red for the holidays? Our quilted sets bag for November and December is a bright reminder of why a skin care regimen is SO important.

Sets are simply the best for getting someone started on a skin care routine! It has everything they need to see real results and visible changes!

Set orders which are dated November 1 through December 31 will receive this beautiful red bag with their skin care set.

We'll be sending an email to your customers on Sunday morning with this exciting news and links to the sets in your shopping cart!
Fall back on Nov. 1

Don't forget to check your clocks and take care of any that need a little extra help to get synchronized with the time change.

If you ever want to know what time it is at L'BRI (for specials, incentives or other time-sensitive reasons) you can always check the system clock that's displayed in the upper right corner of your Business Center.
Help your customers address special concerns

Check out the latest resources available in your Learning Center | Product | Skin Care Training

Control of Maskne (Mask Acne)
Help is here for your customers who are experiencing acne after extended time behind a mask. Learn how to help them address this common problem and the products that will work best for issues with breakouts around the nose, mouth and chin areas.
How to Use and Recommend Anti-Aging, Treatment, and Moisture Enhancement Products
This new resource provides detailed instructions to help you guide your customers who may be using multiple products to address their specific anti-aging concerns.
Skin Care Challenges
These resources were updated recently to make it easier to find information about specific skin care challenges including:
  • Acne
  • Eczema
  • Milia
  • Psoriasis
  • Rosacea
  • Sensitive Skin

These resources can be found in the Learning Center | Product | Skin Care Training
L'BRI University
For additional, in-depth training on skin care, make sure you complete L'BRI University! When you complete the courses, you can print out your personalized Certified Skin Care Specialist certificate and request your Skin Care Specialist name badge.

You can enroll or visit using the L'BRI University link in the main menu in the Learning Center.