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Let's face it, we're all on our own personal journey quietly searching for ways to gain more speed and to improve our game overall.  

Reality is: There are no easy ways to anything worthwhile. You've got to eat your vegetables before you get dessert.

Let me share a few recent experiences of our fellow competitors who've decided to groove on vegetables. These guys are going to be "Monstas" on Tour in 2020!

C Flight Champion Jim Wyatt wrote to me this week after being in our program for just 6 weeks

"Hey Jeremy! I've gained 10 mph! Woot woot!"  

What's 10 mph faster? That almost equates to 30 more yards off the tee.

Jim hasn't worked out in the past.

When he first came in, after going through the assessment, we thought, "What are we going to do with him?"

Jim was so immobile. He could barely lift a dowel over his own head.

His shoulders and rotator cuffs were so blocked, from his day to day work routine, that he could barely get his arms above 45 degrees.

Jim is 57 years old and n ever in his life thought he would be able to regain the mobility he had 20 years ago.

And we're just getting started.

Jim comes in 3 times a week consistently except for one week that he was sick. 

Jim has only been training for 6 weeks!  After a recent golf lesson with his golf coach, he sent us this:

"I'm so pumped! Larry was very impressed with my form. Probably best results lesson so far! Thanks man!" 

He can actually turn with his hips!  You can watch his swing here .
He also went on to write this on Google,

"LPS is amazing! Professional and attentive. I'm past middle aged, very stiff with poor flexibility. The range of motion I have now compared to when I began is unbelievable. I can't say enough about how much they're helping me. LPS isn't just for high performing athletes, they're great for guys like me too!"

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Here is another story about GTA AM Tour A Flight player/Tour Team member, Gord Koyama.

At 56 years old, Gord came in and had over 20% body fat, was quite weak and VERY immobile.  He could barely squat to parallel. His ankles were tight, his knees were sore. He had aches and pains ALL over.

And based on the assessment, he was at a high risk for ACL tears.

We did a full nutrition & structural balance assessment with him and he came in to work with our certified coaches 3 times a week consistently.

After just a few months, Gord was down to 13% body fat, more mobile (he's squatting ass to grass!), better shoulder mobility, better body composition, and overall feels like he's got more energy for life.

He wrote on Google, 

"I've never felt better! Clance and his team provide the right level of motivation without making you feel pressured, and if you put in the time you get the results: No more aches and pains, stairs are a breeze. I'm stronger, have much better flexibility and it's paying off in every sport I play. Longer off the tee, more agile on the tennis courts, better endurance in hockey."

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And here is a crazy story with A Flight Tour player/TaylorMade Team member, Andrew Susands.

If you've played with Andrew before, you know he definitely did not require anymore distance. He's already probably one of the longest hitters on the Tour.

Andrew initial came in with chronic shoulder issues along with a number of other physiological challenges.  

His goals were to drive it longer than me (and he does already), but also to dunk a basketball.

Because of distance (from the training facility) and timing, we recommended Andrew do our online coaching program.

This program has Andrew visiting the training facility once per week and training at a gym (proximate to him) using an online app to follow his personalized training program.

After 6 weeks, he sent me this image and wrote,

"Club head speed up 3-4 mph on average, topped out here... watch out Jeremy, these guys are working me!"

That's like another 12 yards in carry distance for someone that was already so long. 

Let me put that into perspective... 

A 125 mph club head speed, if hit with decent efficiency (Smash Factor above 1.4) should get him 183 mph ball speed. Assuming average course and weather conditions, and according to Trackman, this should result in driver ball carry of 315-330 yards (a roll out of approximately 340-390 yards).

Does he need it?  Not really, but he'll make Par 4's look like Par 3's, and Par 5's look like Par 4's.

That is scary because this is just the beginning... Andrew hasn't even reached the meat and potatoes of the program yet.

What's truly important is that Andrew is now jumping higher, hitting the ball even further, and his chronic shoulder issue (that he thought would never go away) is actually going away!

You'll be seeing Andrew in Champ Flight shortly.

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We are a team of professionals relentlessly creating unfair advantages for you so that you are unstoppable in the pursuit of your dreams.

LPS Athletic Centre was founded in 2005 by Master Strength Coach Clance Laylor.  Coach Clance is 1 of 5 Master Level Strength Coaches in Canada, and 1 of 40 in the world to receive one of the highest designations in the Strength & Conditioning industry.

Never settling for status quo plus over 30 years of research & practical experience, Clance & I created the Athlete Activation System (an internationally recognized system) that helps athletes maximize and taps into athletic potential by activating higher threshold motor units transforming them into Monstas™.

Strength coaches & personal trainers from all around the world pay to learn from Master Coach Clance.

In short, you'll be in great hands regardless, and be a part of the LPS Community.

When you are part of this community of like minded individuals that will never give up on you, you'll excel whether you are a beginner with problems, or high level fit geek.

Health brings a freedom very few realize, until they no longer have it.

You get to choose to be physically & mentally healthier. 

If you were going to do it yourself alone, you would've done it already.

Book a FREE consultation by clicking on the link, or contacting me directly below to see if you are a good fit for our community.

Have an amazing week!

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